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Bachelor Party Supplies - The Essential Checklist (2021)

Bachelor Party Supplies - The Essential Checklist (2021)

When planning a successful bachelor party, one must always be honest with themselves with what type of group will be attending the trip.  We hope that our bachelor party supplies checklist will encompass all of your group's needs.  From the tamest group of gentlemen to the rowdiest of scumbags this list is for everyone. 

Remember, all rules are meant to be broken, so don't be afraid to improvise!  You know the groom better than anyone and it is important to always make sure his wishes are met.  After all, its your responsibility to make the most out of what could be the best weekend of his life.  


It's 2020, the year of the White Claw!  Hard seltzers are the perfect bachelor party drink.  Cheap, healthy, and a lot easier on hangovers than other beverages.  Inside these magically little silver cans are your two essentials; water and liquor.  

bachelor party drinks

Often times you will end up at a bachelor party with friends you went to high school or college with so its always a good idea to grab some handles of the hard stuff, for old times sake!  We recommend grabbing some Tequila and limes as well as some Vodka and Redbull.

Disposable Camera

The worse thing you can do after a weekend of debauchery is document it on your phone.  A hack or sketchy girlfriend scrolling through a phone and the secrets of the weekend will be brought to light.  Bring a few disposable cameras.  Get the group together at the wedding to go through the hilarious photos that will ensue.

bachelor party disposable camera


Cash is king baby!  This is especially true if the bachelor party is Mexico and you may need to bribe some Federales.  Don’t forget that you don’t want your wife seeing ATM withdraws from the strip club ATM.

bachelor party supplies


You will wake up hungover.  Be the best “Best Man” you can be and have the fridge stocked full of Gatorade.  No fridge?  Leave a few bottles in everyone’s hotel room.  When the boys wake up from blacking out with cotton mouth as dry as the Sahara desert they are going to remember the guy who thought ahead.

bachelor party drinks


You are going to need it.  Just put it in the bag and thank me later.

bachelor party advil

Sun Screen and Bug Spray

It is always a good idea to throw bachelor parties where there are large groups of women in bikinis.  This requires two things: sun and summer!  If you are going to a tropical place and plan on drinking from morning to dawn, you will get burned and you will get bit.

 bachelor party sunscreen

First Aid Kit

When you get the old crew back together and add a little tequila, there is bound to be a few accidents.  Bring a first aid kit and hope you don’t need it.  This is especially a good idea if you are camping or partying in a more remote location. 

bachelor party first aid kit

Beer Bong

As American men, beer bongs are part of our history.  When you pull this bad boy out of the suit case the men will be reminded of their much younger, more innocent days, where the Naty Ice’s flowed like the rivers of Aspen.  Much cleaner than a “beer shotgun”, the beer bong is an efficient way to get the party started?  Ever beer bong white claws?  Neither have I but I think I will try one when I am done writing this article. 

bachelor party beer bong


Can Coolies

Warm beer sucks.  Make sure to keep the brewskis nice and fresh with a can coolie.  If the bride to be specifically said no strippers, then we have the coolie for you!

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

There is no I in TEAM! Break into groups and give each team a scavenger hunt.  You can pull $20 from each person and give the winner cash or decide to buy something a little more tangible for the winner.  This scavenger party does two things.  1.  It gives the bachelor the time of his life.  2.  It gives the boys that sense of competition that is oh so missing from our mundane normal lives.

Bachelor Party Hats

It is important that whatever event your bachelor party wanders into everyone immediately knows that this group of guys is a bachelor party.  We recommend bright neon trucker hats. 


The whole club will instantaneously know who is the (un)lucky groom-to-be.  A Male Veil is a great way to embarrass the bachelor.  After all, he is only going to have one vagina for the rest of his life!


You men are part of the same tribe and might as well dress the part!  The shirt tradition is something definitely inspired by bachelorette parties.  But hey, its 2020, if they can wear shirts than we can to.  If you are going to splurge on the shirts, you might want to consider these cool customizable bachelor party shirts

bachelor party tank top

Blow Up Doll with Handcuffs

They say that in the (not so far off) future, sex dolls will be so realistic that we will stop mating all together.  Until that time, these blow up dolls are the perfect bachelor party gag gift to embarrass the bachelor.  Even better, get a cheap pair of plastic handcuffs so the bachelor has drag around his new toy all weekend.

bachelor party blow up doll

Ball and Chain

If the blow up doll is a little too risqué for the groom.  Go for the more PG rated ball and chain. 

bachelor party ball and chain

Bachelor Party Decorations

If you plan to rent out a bad ass house via Airbnb or Vrbo, we recommend fixing up the place with some inappropriate decorations.  This décor makes for a great backdrop for the hilarious photos that are sure to ensue.

In Conclusion

It is important to remember that the key to a good bachelor party is the people, not the things.  That being said, we guarantee that all of the above mentioned bachelor party favors will only enhance your weekend.  Party on!