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Plan an Epic Panama City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Panama City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Panama City is a world city where local and international influences merge. Plan the perfect Panama City bachelor party celebration to experience one of the most fun destinations in Latin America. You’re in for a real treat when you set out on an adventure to Panama.

The vibrant energy in Panama is thanks to so much foreign influence. You won’t find too many other places with a skyline like Panama City. And tucked between all of the buildings, you’ll find incredible places to party. Drinking and dancing are a normal part of life, so bachelor parties are more than welcome.

We’ve got tons of Panama City bachelor party ideas so that you’ll have the time of your life! We’ll explore things to do in the day, the best nightlife, and more. Don’t forget to bring the bachelor party supplies because things can get a bit crazy in Panama!

Things to Do During the Day

Panama City is an exciting place to visit, regardless of if it’s the day or night. The daytime is the perfect time to explore the town like a tourist. You’ll get to see what makes the city so special and the stark contrast between the old and modern areas. And you’ll definitely meet some interesting people on the way!

Here are a few bachelor party ideas for spending a day in Panama City:

  • See the Panama Canal
  • Check out the best viewpoints
  • Tour Casco Viejo
  • Visit Soberania National Park

See the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a must-visit attraction. It’s a world-famous site and responsible for making Panama what it is today. You’ll get to see massive ships passing through an intricate lock system as they pass between the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Panama City Panama Canal

The best time to visit the Panama Canal is during the morning when you have the best chance at seeing the ships. The entire process is approximately 20-minutes, where ships enter the lock system to get raised (or lowered) 85-ft before continuing the journey.

After seeing the locks in action, there is a museum detailing how the locks operate, and you’ll get to watch a documentary film about its history.

Check out the best viewpoints

It’s no doubting that Panama City has one of the best skylines in all of Latin America. There are tons of modern skyscrapers lining the coast. The good news is that there are a few excellent spots that provide the best view of the city.

Two of the best spots are Ancon Hill and Mirador Cerro Cedro. Ancon Hill is the highest point in Panama City. It’s closed to vehicle traffic, so bring your walking shoes to hike up the hill. You’ll have an incredible view and even get to see one of the largest Panama flags up close.

Tour Casco Viejo

Just a heads up, you’ll undoubtedly be back to Casco Viejo at night. But for the time being, get to know the neighborhood during the day to appreciate its historical significance. You can stop by the Panama ruins to see the destroyed city before touring the landmarks around Casco Viejo, the old town.

Casco Viejo has a unique vibe filled with narrow streets and beautiful, colorful architecture. It’s where you’ll see the Panama Metropolitan Cathedral, Arco Chato, Independence Square, and the President’s Palace.

Tour Casco Viejo Panama City Panama

Several walking tours take you to all the top landmarks. You’ll get to learn all about the neighborhood’s history while sporting your groom hat and groom sash.

Visit Soberania National Park

Tropical rainforests cover a large part of Panama. You can take a short drive from Panama City to reach the Soberania National Park. It’s the second-most visited national park and easiest to access.

You can easily spend a day hiking the trails through the rainforest. You never know what kind of wildlife you’ll encounter. The national park is home to over 100 species of mammals and more than 500 bird species.

Best Nightlife in Panama City

You’ll be more than satisfied with deciding to host your bachelor party in Panama City, thanks to the lively nightlife scene. There is one destination to keep in mind when you think about Panama City nightlife – Casco Viejo!

Casco Viejo is the local hub for nightlife. The daytime tourist destination transforms into a bustling district full of bars, clubs, and people hanging out in the streets. It’s always a good time, and we’ve got plenty of bachelor party ideas to have an incredible night.

Best bars in Casco Viejo

There are countless bars to check out in Casco Viejo. We’ll narrow down the list to give you a couple of must-visit spots that have a fun atmosphere suitable for a bachelor party. Many of the top bars in Casco Viejo have one thing in common – rooftops. It seems to attract all of the fun partygoers and beautiful ladies. 

The best rooftop bars in Casco Viejo are:

  • Tántalo Rooftop Bar
  • Selina

Tántalo boasts one of the best skyline views. The trendy bar is located atop a boutique hotel. You’ll enjoy the ambiance. It always features live performances or DJs spinning the biggest hits. Selina is a popular spot to see foreigners and locals interacting. It’s an excellent spot to start the night with great views and strong mixed drinks.

Best Nightclubs in Casco Viejo

It’s not hard to find the best nightclubs in Panama City because there are so many options. And the crowds are always a mix. Brush up on your Spanish because there will be tons of gorgeous women in the clubs.

Get ready for “la fiesta” when you visit these top nightclubs in Casco Viejo:

  • Casa Jaguar
  • Marietta
  • CasaCasco

Casa Jaguar Panama City Panama

The line outside waiting to get into Casa Jaguar should let you know that it’s one of the best nightlife spots in Panama. It’s a famous club with excellent music and dancing all night. Marietta is another modern dance club that foreigners frequent. The dance floor is always packed, so get ready to move!

CasaCasco is a unique venue with five floors. One of the floors hosts a nightclub, and the top terrace is a rooftop bar.

A general rule of thumb is to follow the music. You can walk the streets in Casco Viejo and find where all of the people are going, and that’s where you should go to celebrate your bachelor party.

After Hours in Panama City

Closing time at the nightclubs means that it’s time to take your bachelor party adventure to one of the after-hours spots around town. Panama City is where partygoers come to play, so there is always something to do.

You have two options for ending your night:

  • Casino
  • Strip Club

There are plenty of casinos in Panama City. The trick is to win enough money that you can spend in the strip club! Two of the popular casinos are StarBoy Casino and Crown Casino. Both casinos are open 24-hours. The upscale design is excellent for playing table games, slots, or testing your luck at the poker tables.

Stripclub Panama City Panama

Panama City also has some incredible strip club options. Check out Le Palace or La Nueva Grata Azul for the best adult entertainment in town. The women are some of the sexiest you’ve seen anywhere in the world. Enjoy the stage dances and find your favorite for a private lap dance.

Where to eat in Panama City?

One of the cool things about visiting Panama City is seeing all of the different influences. From the shops to the neighborhoods, there is a diverse mix. You can immerse yourself into the various cultures when you check out the restaurants.

Panama City has several excellent restaurants to choose from. You can go to a different place for every meal to have a general overview of the cuisine. Taste the local favorites and see what else is cooking in Panama.

Best breakfast spots

 El Trapiche Panama City Panama

Plan to get a hearty breakfast during your Panama City bachelor party. In case you didn’t know, it’s one of the best remedies to a hangover. We’ve got a special breakfast surprise for you, but first, give one of these places a try:

  • El Trapiche
  • Athanasiou

You can always tell an authentic local restaurant based on if the locals eat there. You’re sure to see lots of Panamanians enjoying breakfast bright and early at El Trapiche. The original location is on Via Argentina, where you can get typical Central American food. It also has fresh coffee and fruit available.

Athanasiou is a top-rated coffee shop. The menu contains everything from pancakes to omelets. It’s a diner to grab a quick meal in case you’re on the go in the morning headed to your next bachelor party activity or the airport.

If none of those places suit you, you can always visit the local IHOP. Sometimes you just need a familiar meal to kickstart the day and leave the experimenting for later.

Best dinner restaurants in Panama City

Dinnertime in Panama City is where your inner foodie will merge. You’ll get to try food from many different places around the world. Host your bachelor party in Panama City and take your taste buds on a world tour.

You have some classy venues perfect for making a toast and giving bachelor party gifts. Check out these restaurants for a delicious dinner:

  • Segundo Muelle San Francisco
  • Restaurante Makoto
  • Gauchos

Segundo Muelle San Francisco is a unique Peruvian fusion restaurant. The menu features local Peruvian dishes with a modern twist. Try seafood like fried ceviche and order the most famous Peruvian drink – pisco sour.

Next stop on the food tour in Japan with Restaurante Makoto. It’s the top Japanese restaurant known for its sushi bar. The chef-prepared meals and restaurant atmosphere give an authentic dining experience. And don’t forget to order rounds of sake for the table.

And finally, experience the flavors of Argentina at Gauchos. It’s an Argentinian-style steakhouse famous for serving the best steak in Panama. The premium cuts are all imported. Order your favorite style steak, or get a sample plate of multiple kinds.

Where to Stay in Panama City

Panama City is a decent-sized city with several parts. If you’re visiting for your bachelor party. However, it’s best to stay in the most lively neighborhoods to make it easier to get around. Most people underestimate the traffic in Panama City. During rush hour, a 20-minute trip can easily take an hour to arrive. It will surely put a dent in your bachelor party excitement, so it’s best to stay in one of these areas to avoid it:

  • Casco Viejo
  • Bella Vista

Casco Viejo is the most popular area for tourists looking to party – and that means you! During the day, it’s a calm district with lots of trendy restaurants and shops to check out. And by night, it becomes the leading party destination. It’s very safe to walk around, even at night, to get to the different venues. 

Casco Viejo has lots of boutique hotels and hostels established in Colonial-style buildings. It’s excellent for more budget-friendly accommodations.

Bella Vista is what you see when you think about the incredible skyline. It’s the coastal district filled with towering skyscrapers and modern condo buildings. It’s the nicest part of the city and very safe to walk around. It’s filled with upscale shops and restaurants. It’s a popular spot for expats and foreigners, so you’ll hear a lot of English.

You can always find great deals for places to stay on Airbnb. There are places in all parts of the city, including Casco Viejo and Bella Vista. Check out a place like this house or this apartment that makes the perfect place to put up bachelor party decorations and host everyone in one spot. 

Panama City Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


The party scene in Panama City is comparable to some of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. The fun atmosphere, beautiful women, lively music, and international influence all create the perfect setting for an incredible bachelor party. Trust us, you’ll wish you could do it all over again!

We’ve given you all of the best Panama City bachelor party ideas. It’s a party destination where all you need to do is bring the right bachelor party supplies, and you’re on your way. Let us know in the comments if Panama City sounds like the place you want to party!