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Bachelor Party Locations



Ever wondered what a place would feel like if it had bits of ancient civilizations and incredible history fully preserved? Mexico’s town of Tulum has the perfect vibe, a stunning piece of sunny paradise where Mayan lore merges with the flashy modern world. You’re about to throw a bachelor party with a different kind of adventurous vibe.

Two hours south of Cancun is the Tulum Municipality, a previously quiet village that has become one of the most exotic and accessible tourist locations in North America. Tulum is famous for turquoise beaches with shockingly soft white sands, scenic natural sinkholes (cenotes), caves, freaky nightlife spots, popular celebrities relaxing on yoga mats, amazing Mexican cuisine, and of course, the astounding Mayan Ruins. Get ready to see how the big boys lived back in the A.D. 900 century!

We’re going to share with you some amazing tips to thoroughly enjoy a unique bachelor party in Tulum Mexico. It’s a great time to bond with your guys, so grab those bachelor party supplies and get ready for the ultimate wild wonder experience.

Daytime activities in Tulum

Firstly, the weather is tropical and warm during the summer, but then again, it’s Mexico. It can get pretty hot in the dry seasons from December to May, but it’s nothing a lot of sunscreen and light clothing can’t keep in check.

Tulum is a hub of awesome daytime activities and you can never run out of places to visit, cool activities to enjoy, sights to see, spots to petty-shop or luxury-shop, and adventurous natural locations to explore. We recommend:

  • Visiting the Tulum Ruins
  • Drowning in paradise at the beaches
  • Scuba-diving or boat-riding in the cenotes
  • Shopping adventures
  • Visiting the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

The Tulum Ruins

Picture the city of Camelot from the movie Merlin. Remember how the smaller buildings encircle the mighty castle and the city is walled off with a fort, facing a sea off to one side? The Tulum Ruins are a real-life depiction.

A few kilometers from Tulum Town is the Tulum Archeological Site, one place you can’t afford to not see in a lifetime. What better way to explore this wonder than pulling up with a group of your best buds, wearing your “Same Vagina Forever” caps and rocking a bunch of other bachelor party supplies? Talk about pulling up in style!

Sitting on top of a 12-meter high cliff and facing the stunning Caribbean Sea to the west, the site is walled off to the east and remains a complete mini-city on its own. It’s not just one mossy wrecked building, but many preserved astonishing structures leading up to the grand castle. This place is architectural power, evidence of the kind of major taste the big shots had back in the day.

The pictures you’d take at this site are memories for a lifetime.

Some of the buildings on the site to explore are:

  • The Temple of the Frescoes - filled with original mural paintings and figurines of the Mayan gods.
  • El Castillo (The castle) - The most breath-taking building on the site, built across several centuries with a cool penthouse for the ruler.
  • The Temple of the God Descending – a single room reserved for the Mayan deity known as the God Descending, whose upside-down figure graces the entrance.
  • The stunning Walls of Tulum
  • The Mayan Beach - The ruins face the Caribbean Sea and one of the most striking things about the site is the white-sandy beach below.

The site is open every day from Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm, and the entrance fee is around 85 pesos (4 USD) per visitor. You’d have to go with an additional $2 if you’re bringing a professional camera. You can also hire a tour guide for 600 Pesos (30 USD).

The Beach Strip

Oh, beaches are nature’s most exotic gifts to humanity – and in Tulum, you’ll get to enjoy them with the perfect bohemian aesthetic.

About ten minutes from Tulum Town, The Tulum Beach Strip is a route that runs along all of the city’s beaches, resorts, hotels, and many restaurants and bars. Most people prefer to lodge here and enjoy their vacation than lodging in the town. This place is picture-perfect and is just as stunning in real life. Think palm tree boulevards, colorful birds, huts with sculptures, countless places to drown in tasty cuisine, cozy lodgings, and then, the water.

Tulum boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, and the top choices are:

Playa Paraiso: The sands are sugar-white, super-soft, and you’re about to melt in the sight of the turquoise waters. Be sure to take a football or something, your feet would love kicking in these sands. Paraiso beach is popular but never overcrowded. They don’t charge an entrance fee but you may spend around 100 to 500 Pesos to rent some furniture (5 to 25 USD).

Mayan Beach: This is the beach right below the Tulum Ruins and most times, tourists don’t always know which to check out first – the cute beach with white sands and beckoning waters or the ancient citadel above it.

Ziggy Beach: It doesn’t just have the coolest beach name you’ve ever heard. It’s literally super-cool in real life, with light-beige colored sands forming squishy mush with the waters, sunbeds under palm trees, and some of the most excellent food on the strip. The beach doesn’t charge an entrance fee but you’d have to spend at least 1,400 Pesos (70 USD) to gain access to services such as the bathroom, beds, food orders, furniture, game spots, and others.

Every beach in Tulum is beautiful and it’s best to go just before mid-day. Stack up those sunscreen bottles and take your bachelor party decorations because those palm tree tents are about to get lit!

Scuba-diving or boat-riding in Cenotes

Just like in Cancun, cenotes are another mind-blowing attraction in Tulum.

Pronounced (sey-no-tay), cenotes are natural sinkholes, underground caves with the ceilings blown off by nature with pools of water stored beneath. You need to actually visit to appreciate the wonder, and in Tulum, there are several top choices to explore.

Cenotes are scenic, tranquil spots where the water is surrounded by caves and caverns and you can go do everything from scuba-diving and snorkeling to boating and playing about on swings. The pictures you’d get here and going to be stunners for life.

The top choice cenotes are:

El Gran Cenote: When the sun shines through at golden hour, the water turns a shade of stunning blue that words cannot describe.

Cenote Carwash: An open-air cenote with minimal cavern enclosure, surrounded by beautiful vegetation, and truly, the water looks like pure gold during golden hours and a pretty blue at other times. It’s the least crowded cenote in Tulum with enough room for boating and fresh air enjoyment.

Cenote Calavera: A stunning cenote that’s the actual description of water beneath a cave. It’s partially covered on top with an entrance hole. There’s a swing off to the side where swimmers gain momentum before diving.

Shopping adventures

Those bachelor party gifts are beckoning because if there’s one thing you can do everywhere in Tulum, it’s to buy something. There’s a store for every budget and every item you can think of, from Mexican crafts and beachwear to jewelry and all things bright and fancy, your crew can pick up a lot of pretty stuff for your babes back home.

Shopping in Tulum is best done in the morning when you can enjoy the fresh cool air, the sight of pretty birds, and minimal crowds.

Best shops to explore:

  • Kahaal Home: Concept and interior décor store with all the right gift ideas, from handmade beddings to memorable décor pieces made of rattan.
  • MexicArte: This is the one-stop shop for all things Mexican souvenir, from cheap sculptures and necklaces to luxurious paintings and classy figurines.
  • Tulum Bazaar: The crew can agree on a meeting spot because when you hit this typical tourist market, everyone gets drawn away in different directions. From fashion, jewelry, and books to cookware, décor, and relics, the Bazaar’s atmosphere offers a unique kind of relaxing retail therapy.

The Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Pull your inner Tarzan up because he's the perfect vibe for this location (you can go fully dressed though, no loincloths necessary).

About two hours from the Riviera Maya is the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve, a preserved low rainforest that’s home to several species of beautiful animals, most notably the beautiful spider monkey and the howler monkey. The Punta Laguna is within the jungle and is also home to some of the most exotic bird species in North America.

Also, you can get a glimpse into the life of native Mayans living in a nearby village, where the people live in quaint old huts and cook aromatic dishes in the open air.

While you can walk through the reserve on your own, you should probably consider going with a tour guide. They offer a more interesting and engaging experience and they know exactly where to look to see the monkeys – and jaguars and pumas. The entrance fee is about 200 pesos (10 USD) and a tour guide charges 300 pesos (16 USD).

Best Nightlife activities in Tulum

It cannot always be day, for night is on the way!

When the sun goes down and all the adrenaline from diving into cenotes and staring at pumas has gone down, a different set of hormones take over. It’s time to relax and enjoy the bubbling nightlife scene in Tulum, when the sunny beach town turns into a hub of brightly lit bars, clubs, and lounges, offering unrestrained fun for the win!

Best Bars in Tulum Mexico

On the Beach Strip and within Tulum Town itself, bars line up the city and come alive at night – even though they are open during the day. The Middle Beach Zone is the best spot to check out if you love open-air bars with exotic aesthetics and cool music. The bars in town are more affordable and a little more relaxed - still vibey, nonetheless. Most bars require an online reservation and a small minimum spend charge. One of the best bachelor party ideas for Tulum is a night washing it down and dancing your souls out in Tulum’s fancy pubs.


Some of the best bars you’d thoroughly enjoy are:

Right on top of a roof overlooking the sea and mountains, Nana Rooftop Bar is a block away from the main street and is popularly for the wide range of buzzing cocktails they serve. The scenery is casual and relaxed here but if you’re a fan of electronic music, the DJs will keep the spirits high until your energy is through the roof.

Gitano is the elite stuff, the real deal, the spot where the class action goes down. As they say, “Start the day with a smile a finish it with a mezcal”. If you want to live this quote down to the truth, the open-air, sea-smelling Gitano is a great choice. The bar serves over 40 varieties and combos of Mezcals from the city of Oaxaca – drinks that will change your life for the night. The DJ turns things up around 10 pm every night and the dance floor is yours to let loose and get lit!

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar is the top hangout pub in Tulum Town. This is one of the most popular spots in all of Tulum with thousands of positive reviews online – people say the watermelon & lime mojito combo is to die for. Imagine what they can do with hundreds of fresh fruit combos and their exotic liquor collection.


Best nightclubs in Tulum

You think Mexicans are conservative? Reserved? Of course they are, but wait until the sun goes down in Tulum and the disco lights come on. Everyone has their demon time and Tulum people sure know how to turn up for some fun!

You and the boys are looking to make some last bachelor memories before someone walks down the aisle, and Tulum’s nightclubs have a bit of everything you need to cook up the coolest and wildest nights of your single-guy lives!

Awesome clubs to die for:

Tucked into the heart of the jungle, Confessions club has this attractively decadent feel to it. When you’re thrown into the classy décor and low red lights, with a mix of tribal, continental, and international vibes, your wild side breaks loose. Sexy female DJs, awesome drink selections, insane décor, and exotic dancers – your confessions are about to be juicy at this spot.

Bonbonniere is luxury and class, the best choice of nightclub if you’re looking to have an elegant outing with your boys and enjoy an executive feeling to the evening. The billionaire boys’ club kind of vibe. Bonbonniere is the place to enjoy the refined VIP energy. With different shades of red lingerie on glittery masks twerking up storms on the stage, super-awesome music and exotic liquor going around, you’ll spot the difference in no time.

Taboo Beach Club is super-beautiful and an excellent choice if you’re still about beaches at night. It’s the ultimate seaside experience with mouth-weathering Mediterranean cuisine, awesome music, a lit dance floor, and incredible décor. It offers a different clubbing experience where you can lounge on couches, sit on floor mats and pillows, and dance to the beats right from your spot.

Other awesome nightlife spots in Tulum

You should never run out of options for your Tulum Mexico bachelor party. The town and beach strip are bubbling with lots of amazing spots and places to unwind, de-stress, recoup, and turn it up once again. The cocktails and mezcals give life, the food goes straight to your brain’s sharpest pleasure points, the music is awesome, the people are lively, and the girls are a wonder to behold… wink!

You can explore these places during your stay:

Best Restaurants in Tulum

What exactly would you be doing in Mexico of all places, the food capital of North America, if you’re not blessing your taste buds with the juicy flavors of the cuisine? Also, if you’re drinking a lot and exploring even more, you’re going to need the energy.

Tulum has an abundance of restaurants and if you approach one or two managers, you’d certainly be allowed to give a bachelor party speech in honor of the groom-to-be. This is also a great time to present your bachelor party gifts and of course, everyone can go with his “make marriage great again” sash and “Game Over” face caps.

Best spots for breakfast and lunch in Tulum

If you’re used to skipping breakfast back home, for the sake of the relentless fun you’re about to dive into, you have to eat in the morning. Breakfast is also a great bonding activity for the bachelor party crew.

Some amazing breakfast spots in Tulum include:

At Fresco’s, it’s often hard to choose between the freshly-prepared, healthy breakfast options or the smoothies that’ll have you asking for seconds in no time. The menu offers matcha pudding, French toast, amaranth & coconut pancakes, apple and bacon toast, smoothie bowls, fruit bowls, berry-filled yogurts, and others.


Right in front of the Scotia Bank of Tulum is DelCielo, a spot with one of the most versatile and creative menus you’d see in town. The food is famously delicious with top choices like the salmon-tartine, sweet-tooth pastries, and tasty fruit bowls.

Potheads Beach Road is famed for its coffee options and egg combos – coffee so good people won’t stop talking about it online. You’re going to need one or two cups after getting on with liquor on your night out. The food is deliciously great as well, and they serve avocado toast, fruit pancakes, eggs Benedict, Palomas, breakfast burritos, croissants, and others.

Best spots for dinner in Tulum

A bachelor party dinner is a great time for the boys to talk about the day, share thoughts about the future, and connect over great foo and soft music. Some of the bars and clubs you’d explore at Tulum already offer dinner services, but if you want to enjoy some great food with minimal crowds and noise, let’s explore some fine dining options!

Macario is a contemporary Mexican restaurant that offers one of the best dining experiences in town. From the perfect décor and peaceful music to the amazing waiters and breezy service, the menu offers some of the most flavorful Mexican dishes in the area.

Nicoletta is a modern Italian restaurant with extremely attractive décor, draping lights that elaborate your experience enjoying Northern Italian cuisine. You have food options like meaty duck arancini, meatballs al Forno, crispy baby calamari, squashy bloom, and eggplant parmigiana.

Where to stay in Tulum

Before you decide where to stay in Tulum, you need to consider a few points. Excluding the Tulum Ruins, the municipality is divided into two parts: The Tulum Town and Tulum Beach strip or Beach Zone. The town and its lodgings are the better choices if you’re on a low budget or you’re not interested in the exciting life. Just quiet nights and peaceful times.

However, since you’re a bachelor party crew looking for excitement and high-energy fun, the Beach Zone is highly recommended. There are lots of budget-friendly lodgings and hotels. Tulum is an affordable vacation spot, with prices ranging from $45-$200 per night for really nice hotels. You can use a booking service to make a reservation or go through a vacation package company.

Some hotels we recommend:

Another top option would be to rent an Airbnb on the beach strip and have the space all to yourselves for privacy and freedom. The Middle Beach Zone is the best place since it’s at the heart of the city and has every spot you need close by.

Tips before visiting Tulum

The best time to visit Tulum would be between February and May when the weather is at its fairest. Other months are not so bad but the Mexican heat might be a little bothersome.

The city has a large population of people trooping in for vacations each year, so it’s definitely a tourist town, where the indigenes literally make money off tourists. You have to be careful and alert, and don’t fall for any scammy-looking offers.

Another thing to note is the seaweed on the beaches. There are lots of pretty beaches to enjoy and truly, the sand is white and stunning, but they might get covered in nasty seaweed at certain times of the year. So be sure to check each beach before you go.

In Tulum, try to have lots of Pesos in your pockets and avoid card transactions as much as possible. A tour guide is also highly recommended to help you get around the city. Lastly, avoid shady locations at night.

Tulum Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5

We're rating Tulum a 5-star because no bachelor party hosted in this place is ever a basic vibe. You're going to make memories for a lifetime, and for Instagram, the pictures are about to blow up. The beaches are stunningly beautiful, the ruins are straight out of a movie, the bars are lit, the clubs are exotic, the food is enchanting, and the people are welcoming.

Just stack up your bachelor party supplies and jet out for a few days. There are no regrets in Tulum, just fun, vibes, and brotherhood's reigniting for life!

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Bachelor Party Ideas During COVID

Bachelor Party Ideas During COVID

The bad news is that COVID canceled a lot of bachelor party plans. The good news is that there are still ways you can plan an epic bachelor party. Excuse the slight hiccup in the world of bachelor parties, but soon, you’ll be back better than ever to host an amazing party, even during COVID.

There are lots of bachelor party ideas during COVID to take your party to the next level. We’re entering a new era of bachelor parties with virtual elements and rethinking what it means to party. You have a chance now to become a pioneer for hosting a wild bachelor party during these unprecedented times.

If you’re ready to make history, check out some ideas for your COVID bachelor party.

Where to Party during COVID

The biggest question is where you can host your bachelor party. Before, you might have considered a trip out of town to one of the top party destinations, but since that’s no longer an option, you have to get creative.

There are many innovative ideas on making the most out of your bachelor party when you host it at one of the following:

  • Virtual
  • House party
  • Camping
  • Beach

Virtual Party

The COVID pandemic introduced a lot of new social norms to the world, including the way we communicate and interact with others. While online interaction was on its way to becoming the norm before, it’s now essential as people practice social distancing, working from home, etc. You can maintain the same protocols for your bachelor party by having a virtual party.

Virtual bachelor parties are one of the new additions to the modern day because of the widespread shutdowns and travel restrictions. Welcome to the future because it’s also one of the best ways to have a bachelor party.

A virtual bachelor party takes place online via video conferencing tools. Some of the popular places to host a virtual party are:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facetime

By now, we’re video conferencing experts because of working from home, but they also make great tools for hosting a virtual bachelor party. Since all of your friends might not be able to make it to your party in person, set up a room for everyone to login.

One of the biggest challenges to planning a bachelor party is deciding who to invite and seeing who can actually attend. Now, it’s no excuse to invite everyone down for a good time. Your virtual bachelor party can include all party favorites like drinking, decorations, food, etc.

Make sure to check out the craft beer crew over at Your Beer Friend.  They hand pick the best craft brews and will lead you and the boys through a virtual tasting party.

Just make sure the ladies aren’t in the same room!

House Party

With all of the clubs and bars closed, everyone is looking for a place to party. One of the exceptions is throwing a house party for a small group of friends. If the guys are comfortable hanging out at a house, it’s a great way to still throw an epic bachelor party during COVID.

House parties are always a consideration for bachelor parties, but now, they’re becoming even more popular. A house gives you a lot more flexibility and freedom than going to a club, not to mention a much cheaper option. You can get more fun for your dollar if you know how to plan a house party the right way.

A house party falls within the guidelines of COVID as long as everyone makes sure to keep their hands washed – and be sure not to have any symptoms if you’re planning to attend! With the basic guidelines laid down, everything else is up to you on how you want to party.

Something to consider is whose house will host the party. If you have a friend willing to risk his home for the shitshow, by all means, make it the destination. For those who want something different, think about renting a house on Airbnb to accommodate everyone. You can find rentals in the same city, or within driving distance, and even stay for a couple of nights to take full advantage of the space. 


Outdoors is one place that hasn’t been drastically affected by COVID. In fact, national and state parks are a growing trend in tourism. Camping outdoors is an excellent option for a bachelor party during COVID and checks off all of the requirements for having a great time.

Camping means that you’ll be one with nature as you get shitfaced with all of your friends. And ideally, you’ll have a secluded place to let the night get as wild as you want. Whether you’re visiting a local park at a designated campground or know of some cool backpacking camping spots, the outdoors is always welcoming for a bachelor party.

Grab some tents and spend a couple of days in nature. Before arriving at a campsite, be sure to stock up on food and drinks, so that you won’t have to leave to refill once you arrive. And chances are you won’t have any strippers attending the party, but there’s plenty of other fun things to do with just the guys.

Camping is one place where men are allowed to be men. Wake up and immediately start drinking, cookout over the open flames, and there are unlimited places to relieve yourself. The open fields are perfect for tossing around the football or build a massive bonfire at night to tell embarrassing stories about the bachelor.


If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, you can throw an epic bachelor party. Beaches are open and ready for you to party the day away. Most people would want to travel to a beach destination for their bachelor party, but since you are nearby, take full advantage of it.

Beaches were initially closed during the shutdown, but have since reopened. Some of the guidelines include limiting the number of people in your party, distancing from other groups, and wearing a mask if walking around. If you’re comfortable with the local rules, you’re in for some unexpected fun.

The beach gives you plenty of things to do to make it the best bachelor party ever.

  • Swimming
  • Water sports
  • Boating
  • Beach sports

Rent a boat to take out onto the water to day drink the entire time. You won’t have to worry about operating while drunk if you have a captain navigating for you. Speedboats also make for fun water activities.

Swimming and water sports are a given when visiting the beach. If the weather is nice, the water will be very refreshing and give you an excuse to take your mask off.

Play a few competitive sports on the beach like soccer, volleyball, or football. You’ll truly feel like a bachelor running around in the sand – it’s also one of the few places you’ll see some hot girls walking around in bikinis.

Things to Do

The COVID pandemic just means that you have to find a new way to experience a bachelor party. It will surely be one to remember as you’ll have a slightly different story to tell when talking about it in a couple of years.

You can have some creative fun for a COVID bachelor party by including these in your itinerary:

  • Decorations
  • Drinking Games
  • Virtual Games
  • Eating out
  • Outdoor fun


Regardless of where you’re hosting the bachelor party, decorations are a simple way to liven up the party. Although the COVID pandemic canceled all trips, you can still outfit the venue to look like your dream bachelor party destination.

Decorations work well for social distance parties to make you feel like you are somewhere ideal or get you in the party spirit. If you’re hosting a bachelor party at home or doing a virtual party, the decorations make the perfect backdrops.

Some decoration ideas to include are:

  • Party banners
  • Balloons
  • Signs

You don’t have to go overboard with decorations. Consider sending a simple party decoration pack to everyone attending the party virtually, so that it looks like an actual event. Everyone can sit in front of the banners to feel like everyone is in the same place.

For a house party setting, banners, balloons, and signs work great for transforming an ordinary house into a party venue. Forget about visiting the beach for your bachelor party and, instead, get some beach-themed or sports-themed decorations to put up.

Drinking Games

Some people will still opt for an in-person bachelor party like at someone’s house or outdoors. Since the bar isn’t an option anymore for drinking, all bachelor parties during COVID are BYOB. Visit the local store to pick up lots of beer and liquor to get the party set up for lots of drinking games to keep you entertained.

Bachelor parties can enjoy all of the classic drinking games:

You’ll have plenty of fun within your party group with these games and more – they also allow you to space out a bit instead of the small bar setting.

For those a bit more creative, you can set up an entire “Drinking Olympics” to add a bit more competition to the games. Divide into two teams and compete against each other to see who can win the most games.

If you’re outdoors, you’ll have plenty of room to run around to different drinking game stations and can add in a relay component. The possibilities are endless to find fun ways of getting shitfaced all night.

Virtual Games

Drinking games are a must for all bachelor parties! Bars and clubs will be the last venues reopening after widespread shutdowns, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t overindulge in alcohol drinking. Drinking games are something you can enjoy virtually or with a small group of friends.

If you’re practicing social distancing and hosting a virtual bachelor party, stock up on plenty of beer, wine, and liquor because you’ll need it. Everyone should have drinks to participate in the activities – the good thing is that everyone can have their favorite drinks instead of sharing the same bottles.

Some fun drinking games include:

  • Guessing Game
  • Get to know the bachelor
  • 2 Truths and a lie

There are even online gaming sites that provide a collection of games that work perfectly for bachelor parties. The games typically work by drinking every time you get an answer wrong or are the odd man out.

Unless you’re an expert on the bachelor-to-be, get your liver prepared for a long night of drinking. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about making it back home after a drunken night.

Eating Out

The best way to survive a long night of drinking is to prepare in advance with a great meal before the drinking starts. “What to eat” is a common question asked during a bachelor party, especially if you’re traveling to a new city. Dining options are limited due to a change in restaurant policies, but some alternatives might even be better than how it was.

If you’re looking for an excellent meal for the bachelor party, consider these options:

  • Restaurant eat outdoors
  • Food delivery
  • Cookout

Restaurants have found a way to reopen thanks to outdoor dining. If your group isn’t too large, sit down at a patio or sidewalk table and enjoy a restaurant meal we know you’ve been missing. It’s the perfect time to make that bachelor party toast.

Thanks to services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, you can have restaurant meals for your virtual bachelor party. Make it fun and place your orders at the same restaurant simultaneously and see whose food will get delivered first.

If you’re hosting a house party or camping, you can stock up on food at the grocery store and cookout. Choose the best person on the grill and toss on all your favorite barbecue foods – hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, etc.

Outdoor Fun

Many people rediscovered the great outdoors thanks to the impact of the COVID pandemic. Since large gatherings aren’t permitted, and most social venues closed, the outdoors are one place you can turn to for hosting a bachelor party.

You can do lots of outdoor activities if you’re having a camping or beach bachelor party. It could even be a fun idea to hit a local park to play around for a bit for some guy bonding.

A couple of ideas for outdoor activities include:

  • Sports
  • Hiking

Since all guys love sports, you don’t have to just watch them anymore, but should consider splitting up in teams and competing on your own. Parks usually have designated space for basketball courts or football fields set up. Hit the track, have a relay race, or play some volleyball if you’re on the beach.

Hiking is also a fun outdoor activity. Since many national and state parks are open, you can find some great hiking locations to explore. You might even get some great views at the end.

No need to reschedule your bachelor party if you had one approaching. Now, you can enjoy a party with your guy group in a new way. Test out some of these COVID bachelor party ideas to revive the party spirit and create some of the most epic times in your bachelor party.

Have some other ideas for a bachelor party during COVID? Let us know in the comments what you’re thinking!

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