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Bachelor Party Locations

Plan an Epic Cabo San Lucas Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Cabo San Lucas Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

If you’re looking for an international destination to host your bachelor party, you’ve undoubtedly already seen Cabo San Lucas appear on everyone’s list. That’s because it’s one of the top party destinations in Mexico.

Cabo is more than just a spring break destination as it brings out partygoers from around the world at any time of year. It always has great weather for you to enjoy daytime fun and unbelievable nightlife.

We’ve got tons of bachelor party ideas that will make your trip unforgettable. From modern nightlife venues with live DJs to swimming with sharks to beautiful Mexican girls, Cabo will feel like a bachelor’s paradise.

Too bad you’ll only get to experience it for a couple of days, so use these recommendations to make the most of it!

Things to do during the Day

The sunny days of Cabo are perfect for spending time outdoors. It’s a popular tourist destination – including for bachelor parties – so there are plenty of activities to keep you and the guys occupied until the nightlife parties.

Whether you’re planning to do someday drinking or looking for some wild, adrenaline-filled adventures, here are a few daytime bachelor party ideas for Cabo:

  • Hang out at the beach
  • Go on a Booze Cruise
  • Swim with sharks
  • Ride ATVs and other adventures
Hang out at the Beach

Cabo is located along the coast, so you’ll never be short on beach options. Cabo has lots of popular beaches to check out – many other them public, but some resorts also offer private beaches.

Come fully prepared for the beach with drinks, games, and other fun bachelor party supplies for a good time. A few of the best beaches to visit in Cabo are:

  • Playa Publica
  • Pedregal Playa
  • El Medano Beach

You can enjoy lots of beach activities like swimming, snorkeling, or getting a massage. The beaches are always busy, but there are some more exclusive beaches if you want a private party vibe.

Booze Cruise

You should definitely book a booze cruise for one of the days while you’re in Cabo. It’s one of the most popular things to do, especially for a bachelor party. You’ll get to have a wild daytime party out on the water, and what could be better than that?

Several companies offer booze cruises in Cabo. Climb aboard a private boat with your own navigator so that you can focus on having a good time.

The cruises all the drinking you’d like and music to create a party atmosphere. You’ll get to cruise through the marina, out to the Pacific Ocean, and past famous rock formations like El Arco.

Swim with sharks

When’s the last time you swam with sharks? Or better yet, when is the last time you had the opportunity to swim with sharks? If the bachelor is brave enough to get married, he’s surely brave enough to swim with sharks – it might be less frightening.

Cabo lets visitors swim with sharks found right off the coast. The good news is that the sharks aren’t aggressive, so it’s perfectly safe. You’ll dive right alongside hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, and makos while swimming in the open water.

You can even get some great underwater photos to prove that you did it!

Ride ATVs and Other Adventures

Just outside of Cabo is a vast natural landscape that you can explore via ATVs. ATV tours are top-rated and easy to find while you’re in Cabo. You’ll get to go on a wild ride with your groomsmen through the Mexican desert.

Cabo San Lucas ATVs
Book an ATV tour and get picked up from your accommodation to reach the grounds. After a brief rundown of operating the vehicles, hop on your four-wheeler and get ready for some high-speed action. Kick up dust clouds as you speed through the desert.

Some tour companies offer packages that include ziplining and other activities to do on the same grounds.

Best Nightlife in Cabo

Cabo is a top party destination in Mexico – there’s a reason why so many tourists come to visit. That means that it’s the perfect place to host a bachelor party. You’ll have lots of options of where to party, from wild bars, energetic nightclubs, and sensual strip clubs.

Check out these nightlife bachelor party ideas if you’re looking to have a crazy night.

Best Bars in Cabo

It’s hard to narrow down the best bars in Cabo because there are just so many to choose from. Cabo is a party central, and you can find alcohol everywhere you look. Most of the best bars are near the marina, the main tourist area. You’ll have an entire street lined with bars to hop between until you find the best atmosphere.

Cabo Wabo Cabo San Lucas
The best bars for a drink in Cabo are:

  • Cabo Wabo
  • El Squid Roe

Cabo Wabo is the most famous bar in Cabo. You can’t visit Cabo without stopping by the venue. It’s a favorite for foreigners and attracts lots of local Mexican women looking to mingle. It has a tiki-style bar, live music, and a large dance floor.

El Squid Roe is one of the biggest bars. It starts to get busy at 9 pm until it closes at midnight. It has three floors with a bar on each. The live DJ always knows how to get the party started, and you’ll see people literally dancing on tables by the end of the night.

Best Nightclubs in Cabo

As exciting as the bar scene can be in Cabo, just remember that it’s only the pre-game. The real party starts once you head to the local nightclubs. By now, you’ll already be buzzed and looking to keep the party going. Well, get ready for lots of dancing and drinking until five in the morning!

The best nightclubs to visit in Cabo are:

  • Mandala Los Cabos
  • La Vaquita

Mandala Cabo San Lucas

You can find many nightclubs on the strip, so you can head directly there after the bar. Mandala Los Cabos is a high-energy dance club that’s always packed with partygoers. Bring your groom hat and groom sash to stand out from the crowd. You can grab a VIP table with bottle service and enjoy the sights of women dancing in boxes.

La Vaquita is another favorite that you have to check out. It has two floors and is known as being one of the best destinations for dancing. After a few drinks, you’ll get to dance the night away to popular American and Latin hits.

Best Strip Clubs in Cabo

If there’s one thing you’ll enjoy about a bachelor party in Cabo is the beautiful Mexican women. From the beaches to the clubs, you’ll see some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. So, as you’re planning to make your way to the local strip clubs, be ready to be blown away by the girls.

You’ll have to check out these venues during your night out:

  • 3 Potrillos Gentlemans Club
  • Splash Cabaret

Unlike many international destinations, the strip clubs in Cabo are upscale and tailored to foreigners. You’ll feel very comfortable enjoying the talent at 3 Potrillos. From sensual pole dance shows to private dances, you’ll be treated like a VIP by stunning women.

Splash Cabaret features dozens of girls that know how to make you feel welcome. Grab bottle service for the group and enjoy plenty of eye candy inside the club. It’s also a fully nude club, so you’ll see everything you’re looking for.

Where to eat in Cabo?

Many of the bars you’ll visit to party at night are actually restaurants that also serve tasty food. You probably didn’t notice with all the party atmosphere and drinks, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you finally get a moment to relax and enjoy a meal.

Thanks to all the tourist traffic, you’ll find restaurants of all sorts in Cabo. Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican food or want to stick with the familiar American classics, you’ll have options for everyone to enjoy.

Best breakfast spots in Cabo

Wake up bright and early (if you can) to enjoy some of the tasty breakfast options in Cabo. The good news is that many restaurants serve breakfast late, so there’s never any rush. You can find many great options along the strip where many of the tourists hang out, even during the morning.

Grab breakfast at one of these spots to bring you back to life after a night of partying:
  • El Burro Loco
  • Los Barriles

El Burro Loco serves up an authentic Mexican breakfast with traditional foods. The menu has everything from scrambled eggs and chorizo to chilaquiles. With excellent prices and large portions, it’s hard to find a better breakfast spot in Cabo.


Los Barriles opens up at 8 am and serves breakfast anytime you walk through the door. It’s a favorite for visitors with its traditional American favorites like pancakes and bacon. Make it a boozy brunch with delicious cocktails to accompany your meal.

Best dinner spots in Cabo

A Cabo bachelor party means you need to fill up your itinerary with unique experiences. Since you’re in a popular beach destination, consider having dinner on the beach. Medano Beach is lined with incredible restaurants that are more than welcoming for large bachelor party groups.

You’ll have incredible beach views, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere to enjoy your party. It’s the perfect time for sharing bachelor party gifts and a toast to a good night ahead.

Make reservations at these restaurants to guarantee a spot for dinner:

  • Mango Deck
  • Office on the Beach

Ask anybody about the best place to eat and drink, and they will point you right to Mango Deck. You’ll dine right on the beach with perfect views of Land’s Ending and Lovers Beach. It has a great happy hour and some of the best food you’ll find in Cabo. Enjoy Baja Mexico favorites to Asian fusion meals.

Office on the Beach lets you eat a quality meal with your feet right in the sand. Grab some ceviche, seafood tacos, and margaritas, and enjoy the beach sights.

Where to Stay in Cabo San Lucas?

The good thing about visiting Cabo for your bachelor party is that it’s a very walkable city. You can reach many places by foot within minutes, including going from the main strip to the beach. It makes having a good time a breeze since you’ll never be too far from the next party.

With that said, you have two best options for where to stay for your bachelor party:

  • Medano Beach
  • Downtown

Your decision is highly based on your budget and the setting you want to wake up to.

Medano Beach is the most popular area to stay. It’s where you’ll find many of the resorts and villas. It’s more upscale since you’ll be steps away from the beach and can get rooms with incredible beach views.

Accommodations like Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Casa Dorada are great options.

Downtown puts you right in the center of the party district - it’s known as the nightlife hub. There are a lot of places to eat, drink, and have fun along the Blvd. Paseo de la Marina and Lázaro Cárdenas.

Downtown is also more budget-friendly with great options like Hotel Mar de Cortez and Los Milagros.

You can also find accommodations on Airbnb to rent your own space for your entire group. It’s a good option if you’ll have a lot of people. Places like this and this are great deals and perfect for putting up themed bachelor party decorations during your stay.

Cabo San Lucas Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5



There’s a reason why Cabo is a party hotspot. It attracts even the biggest celebrities to enjoy wild nights in the clubs. Your bachelor party is the perfect chance to experience one of the party capitals of the world!

It doesn’t take much to have a good time in Cabo. During the day, you’ll have the scenic beaches, and at night, a strip full of bars and clubs to get shitfaced. Trust us, just walking around with your groom hat and groom sash, and you’ll probably land free shots everywhere you go.

Cabo is a place where everyone is looking to have a good time, and these bachelor party ideas make sure you achieve it!

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Plan an Epic San Juan Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic San Juan Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Destination bachelor parties are on the rise as people look for ways to travel. If you’re still undecided on a location for the epic festivities, consider heading down to Puerto Rico to spend your bachelor party in San Juan. Time to brush up on your Spanish because it’s a place you don’t want to miss out on with an incredible nightlife scene, beautiful women all around, and lots of exciting activities to fill up your itinerary.

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. You’ll immediately feel the Caribbean island vibes as soon as you touch down. It’s a chance to combine a much-needed vacation with an epic party.

We’ve got plenty of bachelor party ideas for your trip to San Juan. You’ll discover the best daytime activities, nightlife, where to stay, and more. Round up the groomsmen and your bachelor party supplies to get ready for a wild bachelor trip to PR.

Things to do during the day

San Juan is a popular travel destination as much as it is a place to celebrate a bachelor party. With that said, why not take the time and be a tourist to get to know the city! There are many daytime bachelor party ideas to get you active during your trip before the nightlife festivities begin. 

The best things to do during the day in San Juan are:

  • Visit Old San Juan
  • Hike through the rain forest
  • Hang out at the beach
  • Tour the Bacardi Distillery
  • Ride ATVs

Visit Old San Juan

Old San Juan is one of the best tourist areas to visit. It’s the oldest part of the city and designated as the San Juan National Historic Site. There’s plenty of sightseeing to do during the day, from the colorful houses to the old fortresses.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro San Juan

Don’t forget to wear your groom hat and groom sash as you explore Castillo San Felipe del Morro or take a walk on the old city walls. You’ll have incredible views of the ocean and see some of the most historic sites on the island.

Hike through the rain forest

San Juan is approximately a 40-minute drive to El Yunque Rain Forest. It’s one of the most popular activities to do in Puerto Rico. The rain forest is a significant contrast in scenery compared to the capital. Reserve a tour to explore the wonders awaiting you in the forest.

You can go on a guided hike through the rain forest to see the diverse flora and wildlife. You’ll encounter incredible natural landmarks like waterfalls and scenic overlooks. You can even go for a dip in the water. Some tours offer activities like ziplining and ATV rides in the forest.

Hang out at the beach

The beach is a must-visit in Puerto Rico. The Caribbean island has some of the most scenic beaches you’ve ever seen. The soft white sand and blue waters are ideal for spending a day at the beach.

Playa El Escambrón and Condado Beach are two of the top beaches to check out in San Juan. You can enjoy lots of activities like swimming, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and more. And there is plenty of eye candy walking around.

Tour the Bacardi Distillery

Your bachelor party will be filled with lots of alcohol. If you can’t decide on what kind to get, how about the local favorite – Bacardi. Bacardi originates in Puerto Rico, and you’ll get a chance to tour the Casa Bacardi Distillery.

Bacardi Factory San Juan

Take a tour of the distillery to see the behind-the-scenes process of how the alcohol is made. And the best part is the taste test. There’s more than enough Bacardi to go around. Be sure to stop by the shop because a bottle of Bacardi always makes for excellent bachelor party gifts.

Ride ATVs

Get your adrenaline pumping during the bachelor party by going on a wild ride on ATVs. Gather the groomsmen together and explore the natural scenery on high-speed quads. You can find lots of ATV tours in San Juan that give you hours of fun.

The local ATV tours take you on an off-roading adventure. Leave your nice clothes behind because you’ll splash through mud and be immersed in the outdoors. Race against your friends and try to keep up with your guide as you navigate the trails. It’s the perfect time to cross off the activity from your bucket list.

Best Nightlife in San Juan

San Juan nightlife is the best on the island. With so many visitors, many of the venues cater to international visitors. You’ll have a nice mix of foreigners and locals everywhere you go. We already know that the nightlife is what you’re looking forward to. We’ll cover some of the best nightlife bachelor party ideas in San Juan.

Best Bars in San Juan

A quick travel tip to keep in mind: Puerto Ricans love to drink! You’ll never be short on bars you can check out during your trip. With so many options, how do you decide the best one? Old San Juan is a vibrant area at night with narrow streets full of cool bars. It’s a great place to go bar hopping.

A few of the top bars to grab a drink in Old San Juan are:

La Factoría is a world-renowned bar in Old San Juan, ranking as a top bar globally. People come from around the world to experience it. On the outside, you might overlook the location. Once you find where it is, you’ll have six unique bars to check out in one venue. Each bar offers something different – everything from craft drinks in a lounge or dancing and live music. 

Ask any taxi driver about Barrachina, and they’ll know where it is. It’s a cool Spanish theme with traditional décor. You have to try the signature mojitos and piña coladas.

Grab a drink at the Mezzanine and enjoy views of Old San Juan from the balcony. It’s an intimate setting that focuses on giving you the strongest drinks to start your night right.

Best Clubs in San Juan

Another quick travel tip to keep in mind: Puerto Ricans love music and dance. As you make your way around San Juan, you’ll most likely hear music at any time of the day, especially at night. San Juan has lively nightclubs where you can dance and drink while enjoying great music selections.

A couple of the must-visit nightclubs in San Juan are:

La Respuesta is a hip, trendy nightclub that brings out lots of people every night. The artistic venue is the perfect place to go for drinks. It’s a place everyone can enjoy with music ranging from hip hop to rock to salsa. There is even a live DJ and bands on select nights.

San Juan Nightclub

District San Juan sounds like a neighborhood, but it’s actually a popular nightclub. It’s a modern club venue that makes you feel like you’re in Miami or New York. It’s open late so that you can dance the night away until the early morning hours.

Best Stripclubs in San Juan

You can’t ignore the beautiful Puerto Rican girls during your trip to San Juan. You can make all your fantasies come true when you visit the local strip clubs. It’s the best way to end a wild bachelor party night.

Stripclub San Juan

There are lots of clubs to choose from, but the best ones to check out are:

There’s a reason why Frenchy’s has been around for so long. The modern club venue is comfortable, and the women are sensual – it’s the perfect combination. It gets a lot of foreigners, so the women know exactly how to treat you right.

St. Tropez Gentlemen’s Club has some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen – and lots of them! It’s a great option to surprise the bachelor with a private lap dance.

Best Food and Drink to Try in Puerto Rico

Your bachelor party in San Juan will be filled with lots of new experiences. Top off the experience with some of the local food favorites. It’s tempting to go with the typical dishes for every meal, but there’s plenty of local flavors that will delight your taste buds.

These are some of the must-try dishes in Puerto Rico:

  • Mofongo

If you need a satisfying meal, mofongo will surely do the trick. This popular Puerto Rican dish consists of mashed plantains served with meat, salad, all topped with savory garlic sauce. Stop by a few places to try it out because everyone makes it differently, and they’re all tasty.

  • Empanadas


Empanadas are a staple in Latin culture. It is a quick bite you can enjoy for any meal of the day. The base of the empanada is a deep-fried dough that you can fill with various meats, veggies, mashed plantains, crab, or all of the above. Empanadas are served in restaurants or from street vendors.

  • Seafood

Puerto Rico is an island, so you can expect it to have some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. Go for a delicious seafood meal with fish caught daily and cooked right before serving it on your plate. Oysters, crab, salmon, and more are easy to find.

  • Morcilla

Brace yourself for this one. Morcilla is a sausage made from pig intestines stuffed with rice and pig blood. Trust us, it looks and tastes way better than it sounds.

  • Lechon

Lechon is another pig dish, but instead of just one part of the pig, you’ll frequently see the entire pig roasted over an open flame. It takes hours to prepare to get the meat tender, but it’s well worth the wait. Grab a plate of some delectable slices of meat.

  • Bacardi


You’ll see Bacardi everywhere – even outside of the Bacardi Distillery. It’s the most common alcohol found in Puerto Rico and is used to make some delicious (and strong) cocktails.

  • Medalla Beer

While in San Juan, why not try the local beer? Medalla and Medalla Light are served everywhere. It delivers a refreshing taste to sip in the hot island sun. You’ll indeed have more than enough while hopping around the local bars and clubs.

Where to Stay in San Juan?

San Juan is the capital and largest city in Puerto Rico, but not so big that’s it’s hard to get around. It’s a popular tourist destination, so there are plenty of areas suitable for visitors to be able to enjoy safely.

You’ll find lots of major hotels, beachfront properties, boutique hotels, and rentals. Find a place appropriate for all of your bachelor party decorations to bring your favorite theme to life for the trip.

Two of the best areas to stay in San Juan are: 

  • Old San Juan
  • Condado

You’ll do a lot of sightseeing around Old San Juan. It’s also a popular place to stay for visitors. Many of the accommodations in the area are established in historical buildings. The CasaBlanca Hotel and Hotel El Convento are two great options for an authentic local stay where you’ll be in the heart of Old San Juan.

Condado is an excellent area where you’ll be steps away from the beach. La Concha Renaissance and Condado Vanderbilt are two of the top beachfront properties you can reserve if you want to splurge a bit during the trip.

As an alternative, check out some of the vacation rentals on Airbnb. San Juan has lots of options around the entire city. Check out a place like this or this that would be perfect for your bachelor party.

San Juan Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5 out of 5


A big part of what makes the San Juan bachelor party experience is the scenery. San Juan is a beautiful destination, from the beach views to the women. And when you factor in the excitement of a bachelor party, everyone is sure to have a fun time.

Your San Juan bachelor party will be filled with lots of fun. It’s a place where you can drink all day while hanging out at the beach and dance all night in the nightclubs. It’s also very welcoming to foreigners. Although a Spanish-speaking country, you’ll find many English-speakers since it’s a part of the US – it also means that you won’t need a passport to visit.

Pack up your groom hat and groom sash and board a flight to the destination bachelor party you’ve been searching for!

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Plan an Epic Orlando Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Orlando Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

When you think about Orlando, you probably think about Disney and theme parks. But the kids aren’t the only people having fun in Orlando. Orlando is a great bachelor party destination where you can experience all of the same magic – this time with adult-friendly activities.

Orlando is a destination for fun, and you’ll discover all the excellent bachelor party ideas for your visit. Ride adrenaline-filled roller coasters or take a boat tour through the swamps to see crocodiles. The vibrant nightlife is sure to give you a great time as you check out multi-level clubs, unique bars, and strip clubs with the hottest women you’ve ever seen.

Let’s check out how you can make the most of your Orlando bachelor party!

Things to do during the day

Visiting Orlando means you’ll have lots of fun things to do. There are tons of bachelor party ideas even for the day to make the most of the event. You’ll indeed have some unique experiences during the party, so get ready.

Some of the best things to do during the day are:

  • Theme parks
  • Orlando Watersports Complex
  • iFly Indoor Skydiving
  • Airboat Tour
  • Amway Center

Theme Parks

A bachelor party is one of the rites of passages into adulthood, but you can bring out your inner child one last time in the famous theme parks. Theme parks are one of the main attractions in Orlando. And don’t worry, there are plenty of rides that can even make grown men scream.

Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Visit one of the popular parks like Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios, or SeaWorld for a day fun of fun. The parks have lots of adrenaline-filled roller coasters and water rides. You’ll even get to see some of your favorite childhood characters watering around.

And the best part is that there are many bars inside the parks to grab drinks in between rides.

Orlando Watersports Complex

You’ll have incredible weather all year round when you’re planning your Orlando bachelor party. One way to cool off from the hot Florida sun is by visiting the Orlando Watersports Complex. The complex is a top-rated water destination to enjoy wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing, and other water sports.

Expect lots of fun when you visit the complex – and don’t worry about your skill level. The water sports complex is a place for recreation and learning. If you’re already experienced, head right out on the water and practice your flips and turns. For the rookies of the group, they have access to professionals to help get them started.

Either way, being in the water is a great way to spend the day.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

Take advantage of your bachelor party to do something you’ve never done. Not everyone has a plane at their disposal, so indoor skydiving is the next best thing. Visit the iFly Indoor Skydiving to experience the thrill of flying.

Make reservations for your group to get a personalized experience. Each of the groomsmen will suit up in special flight suits and get a crash course on how to fly. When you’re ready, you’ll enter the controlled flight chamber and soar upwards of 20-ft above the ground.

You’ll take turns for a couple of rounds lasting a few-minutes each in the chamber. It’s an enjoyable place to spend a couple of hours.

Amway Center

There isn’t just one thing to do at the Amway Center, so it’s not uncommon to visit more than once during your bachelor party. The Amway Center is the home of the Orlando Magic NBA team. It also hosts live events.

Amway Center Orlando Florida

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to catch a game in the stadium. Cheer on the home team with more than 20,000 fans, or use it as an excuse to rep your groom hat and groom sash. Be sure to check the calendar to see other events like live music concerts that may be happening.

In case you don’t have time for a game, you can always take a fun stadium tour. It’s always fun to get an inside look at a major sports stadium. You’ll get to see the locker rooms and walk on the floor.

Don’t forget to grab a drink at the rooftop bar.

Airboat Tour

Round up the guys to explore the unique landscape around Orlando. Go on an airboat tour in a nearby swamp to see one of Florida’s most famous animals.

An airboat tour is the best way to get up close and personal with alligators and crocodiles in their natural habitat. You’ll climb aboard the traditional airboats and cruises through regions like the Boggy Creek or Marsh Landing that are full of wildlife and flora. You’ll hop along the shallow waters, so keep your eyes peeled for anything lurking in the waters nearby.

Where is the Best Nightlife in Orlando?

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for – the Orlando nightlife. The nightlife is always a highlight to any bachelor party. In Orlando, you’ll have no issues finding exciting bars and clubs to drink and dance. Check out some of these Orlando nightlife bachelor party ideas.

Best Bars in Orlando

Orlando is a magical place, so it’s only right that you find some cool bars to check out around town. Orlando offers lots of bar variety for great drinks, fun, and a unique environment. The best bars to visit in Orlando are:

The One80 Skytop Lounge is located on the rooftop of the Amway Center. It’s worth it to visit the stadium just for the bar. The bar specializes in Grey Goose cocktails that you can enjoy with incredible views of Downtown Orlando. It’s an upscale lounge so dress nice.

Guaranteed, you’ve never partied in a place like the ICEBAR. It’s a must-visit bar to see the ice room with temperatures below freezing. The special bar in the ice room is great to cool off. Grab your drinks, then head to the Fire Lounge next door for dancing.

Howl at the Moon has an entertaining atmosphere and where you go to get drunk. It’s known for its bucket drinks that are full of alcohol. You’ll definitely be drunk by the time you finish it.

Best Nightclubs in Orlando

Orlando attracts people from all over the world. You have a diverse mix of people to party with. While you’re in town for a bachelor party, others are there for vacation, bachelorette parties, and more. One thing everyone has in common is that they’re looking for a great time.

The Beacham Orlando

Check out these nightclub venues when partying in Orlando:

Aero Rooftop is part of a club complex consisting of four clubs: Aero, The Patio, The Jungle Room, & 64 North. Pay cover once, and you can club hop without stepping foot outdoors. You’ll have plenty of room on the dance floor, live music in each venue, and bottle service.

The Beacham is a former movie theater converted into a night club. There are always beautiful women ready to dance in the venue. The colorful strobe lights move around the room to the beats of Hip Hop and Reggae hits.

Independent Bar is a venue with multiple floors. There’s a different party vibe on each so that you can find the best one for your group. There’s a bar on each floor and two dance floors. Visit one of the themed party nights for a great time. Your groom hat and groom sash will go perfectly with the clientele here.

Best Strip Clubs in Orlando

As if you won’t see enough beautiful girls in Orlando, end the night with a visit to the strip club. There are lots of strip clubs in Orlando, so you’ll have plenty of options. Two of the best strip clubs in Orlando are:

Thee Dollhouse is known for having the sexiest girls in Orlando. The club has a laid-back setting that’s perfect for drinking and enjoying the show. There are lots of girls to choose from for the bachelor’s lap dance.

Stripclub Orlando

Cleo’s Gentlemen’s Club is another top strip club. You’ll be entertained all night with beautiful girls dancing sensually to great music. It offers hookah and drink specials on select nights.

Best Restaurants in Orlando

Orlando is an international destination, so you can expect there to be many food options to accommodate the clientele. Regardless of what you’re craving to satisfy your hangover, you’re sure to find it in Orlando. There are a lot of delicious places to eat. You’ll also have some cool venues for making a toast to the groom and giving bachelor party gifts.

Best Breakfast Spots in Orlando

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you’re fighting a hangover from the night before. You’ll need a hearty meal to refuel for the day two activities. Head to one of these breakfast spot favorites for a good meal:

Keke’s Breakfast Café Orlando

Keke’s Breakfast Café is a popular chain restaurant in Florida. Stop in as early as 7 am for a delicious All-American breakfast. You’ll have classics like pancakes, French toast, and eggs benedict.

Hash House A Go Go is an option if you want to go directly to brunch. It’s known for its brunch specials like chicken and waffles that you can pair with a mimosa or Bloody Mary. And the best part – they serve huge portions. You won’t leave hungry.

Best Dinner Restaurants in Orlando

Orlando has several fantastic restaurants for a bachelor party dinner. Make reservations to accommodate your group. You can find great options all around the city. A satisfying meal with evening drinks is a great way to start the bachelor party festivities.

A couple of great restaurant options are:
You can never go wrong with a juicy steak for a bachelor party. Visit Kres Chophouse, a famous local steakhouse. It’s established in a historic building with an upscale atmosphere. Open the house’s favorite ribeye, and you’ll be impressed by the size and flavor.

Café Tu Tu Tango is a fun restaurant that combines good food with art entertainment. Every night you can see artists painting live. The café specializes in tapas dishes. Order lots of plates for the table and dig in! Be sure to try the craft cocktails.

Where to Stay in Orlando?

Getting around Orlando is easy with a car. Save yourself some time out on the road by staying in one of the popular areas for visitors. It’s always great when you can go from pre-gaming to the nightlife scene in a short time. Luckily, there’s a few great options in Orlando.

The best areas to stay in Orlando for your bachelor party are:
  • International Drive
  • Kissimmee

International Drive is a central hub in Orlando that’s close to everything. Various restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels line the strip. It’s one of the top places to stay where you’ll have everything within walking distance from you. There is also the I-Ride shuttle service, so you won’t even need a designated driver.

Kissimmee is a suburban area that has a lot of vacation rentals and Airbnbs. It’s a short drive to everything, so it’s an area to consider. Also, having your own place is great for putting up bachelor party decorations!

Check out a place like this or this that are spacious enough to host your bachelor party group.

Orlando Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5 out of 5


Orlando is one of the best places to host a bachelor party. We’ve covered lots of bachelor party ideas to have an incredible time in Orlando. From the daytime fun to tons of drinking at night, you’ll never have a down moment during the party.

Be sure to come prepared with bachelor party supplies because Orlando is waiting to show you a good time. And since it’s always good weather, it’s a place to party all year round. You’ll soon find out why it’s considered one of the most magical places on Earth.

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Plan an Epic Louisville Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Louisville Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Louisville isn’t the most talked-about bachelor party destination, but it’s one to reconsider after discovering all the local bachelor party ideas awaiting you. Louisville is one of Kentucky’s most beloved city where you’ll find some of the best nightlife, dining, and entertainment in the state.

Host your bachelor party in Louisville to experience a fun time like never before. Louisville has you covered, whether you’re looking for a high energy party with beautiful women, sipping bourbon while enjoying live music, or a cruise alongside the city skyline.

We’ve put together a guide to throwing a bachelor party in Louisville to give you an inside look at the best things to do. We’ll explore the nightlife, places to eat, where to stay, and bonus tips before your party.

Get ready to have the best bachelor party ever!

Things to do in Louisville during the day

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, so you can bet that there’s plenty of things to do to keep busy during the day. Dive into the Louisville culture by exploring the local culture through drinks, sports, and experiences. You can spend your bachelor party getting to know one of America’s favorite cities.

Some of the best daytime bachelor party ideas in Louisville are:

  • Visit Churchill Downs
  • Walk the Waterfront
  • Take a Brew Tour
  • Explore NULU (New Louisville)
  • Go on a Day Cruise

Visit Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is one of the most iconic landmarks in Louisville. The historical racetrack hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, along with other races and events. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to attend one of the exciting racing events.

Churchill Downs Louisville

Churchill Downs also offers tours – visitors can walk the grounds of the track and visit the museum. The tours provide lots of historical information about the track legacy.

Horse racing is one major aspect of the local culture. The venue is a great way to experience something unique during your bachelor party.

Walk the Waterfront

If you’re looking for where the locals like to hang out during the day, stop by the Louisville Waterfront. The waterfront runs along the Ohio River with lots of pedestrian walkways and leisure space.

The Louisville waterfront is perfect for people-watching, interacting with the locals, and discovering local events. It's a location perfect for bachelor party supplies like a groom hat and groom sash. The waterfront frequently hosts events such as art and music festivals. You never know what you’ll run into while hanging out on the waterfront.

Either stroll the strip or relax in one of the green spaces. You can grab a few chairs and eat out on the lawn with a cool view of the Big Four Bridge in the background.

Take a Brew Tour

Did you know that Louisville is home to several major brew distilleries? You won’t have to search long for a good drink while visiting Louisville because there are plenty of distilleries to check out. The distilleries are great for touring while enjoying cocktails.

Some of the top distilleries in Louisville include Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Makers Mark, and Kentucky Peerless. The distilleries are open to the public to explore the behind the scenes of their processes. You’ll also get to taste plenty of fresh bourbon on each tour.

Explore NULU

New Louisville, or NULU, is the trendiest district in the city. It’s a significant contrast to the historical buildings you’ll typically see.

NULU is located at East Market District, where you’ll find a lot of boutique shops, restaurants, and people hanging outside.

Gather your group of guys and head down to the district to visit contemporary shops and eateries. It’s a popular hangout area and worthwhile to visit during your party.

Go on a day cruise 

No Louisville trip is complete without taking a day cruise. Louisville is along the Ohio River – several boat companies operate tours in the river to experience the city in a new way.

Steamboat cruises are popular for visitors. The boats are traditional American vessels with space for large groups, or you can hire a private tour. The cruise tours take you up the river for sightseeing or more specialty cruises for lunch and brunch.

Best Nightlife in Louisville

Louisville is a favorite city for locals and tourists, especially the nightlife. You deserve a fun night or two for your bachelor party, and you’re sure to have lots of bachelor party ideas here. There are lots to look forward to when you venture into the Louisville nightlife scene to find the best bars, clubs, and strip clubs.

Best bars in Louisville

The good news about having your bachelor party in Louisville is being in one of the country’s bourbon capitals. Bourbon is famously made in Louisville, so there are many bourbon bars to check out during your visit.

Some of the best bourbon bars in Louisville are:

Start your bachelor party night off with great drinks and ambiance when you visit either of the venues. You’ll never run out of bourbon options after getting a glance at their drink menus. 

Bourbons Bistro and Haymarket Whisky Bar both feature over 100 bourbons each on their menus. Even bourbon connoisseurs will find something new. These are good options if you’re looking to see the most famous spots in town. If you're lucky, your groom hat and groom sash might earn you free shots.

Down One Bourbon is a unique bar that offers bourbon from different eras. You can choose mixes from the pre-prohibition era to the modern-day.

Best night clubs in Louisville

Bars are an excellent way to start, but your night might not begin until you end up at the club. Louisville has several nightclub options for finding the best music, party, and beautiful women.

Howl At The Moon Louisville

Check out one of these night clubs to add a bit of fun and excitement to your bachelor party:

Louisville is a popular city stop for touring artists and events, so you can always find something happening in town. You have a lot of options for live music clubs to enjoy.

Howl at the Moon is one of the top clubs in Louisville – it’s located in the 4th St. Live entertainment district and famous for its bucket drinks. The venue hosts live music events and has a fun, party atmosphere.

Cole’s Place and Club Legends also have live music performances. Check out the venues if you’re looking for a place to dance all night and enjoy delicious drinks.

Best strip clubs in Louisville

Great drinks and a fun time in the club is a sign that you should continue the bachelor party activities. The strip club is mandatory for your bachelor party – Louisville has you covered on exciting strip clubs to check out.

You’ll be seeing lots of beautiful women throughout the night, especially when you stop by these strip clubs:

Stripper Louisville

Louisville offers two types of strip club experiences – upscale and relaxed.

If you’re all dressed up for the night, you should add Blue Diamond to your party itinerary. The upscale club offers excellent bottle service and VIP. You’ll see some of the hottest girls in Louisville dancing in the club.

PT’s Showclub and Foxy Lady are perfect for more relaxed strip club atmospheres. You can enjoy the show until the early morning hours. The clubs offer topless shows and dances for the bachelor.

Best Places to Eat in Louisville

A bachelor party trip should always include delicious food to accompany lots of drinking. Louisville has lots of dining options for tasting the local flavors and characteristic décor. There’s plenty of places where you’ll find your favorite dishes.

Brunch in Louisville

One thing to look forward to during your hangover morning is going out to eat brunch with the guys. Breakfast might be too much to ask for if you’re planning to have a wild night; brunch is appreciated just as much.

You’ll have several brunch options in Louisville to mix a hearty meal with drinks. Check out the brunch specials at these restaurants:

North End Café is a local favorite spot for brunch. There’s no need to rush into the restaurant because they serve breakfast all day. You’ll have great options for American-style breakfast dishes.

Bristol Bar and Grille is a booming brunch spot that has multiple locations. Be sure to bring your appetite – the restaurant features a buffet-style brunch and unlimited bacon.

Garage Bar Louisville

Garage Bar, on the other hand, is a trendy boutique restaurant established in a renovated garage. You’ll find one of the city’s best brunches while enjoying the ham and cheese bar.

Dinner in Louisville

You’ll want to start the night with a full belly to handle all of the drinking during your bachelor party. Louisville offers a wide range of restaurants that showcase the city’s southern flare.

Butchertown Grocery Louisville

Instead of browsing around for the best restaurants to eat dinner in Louisville, stop by one of these, and you’re guaranteed to have a tasty meal: 

Each of these restaurants offers a unique experience compared to the others. Proof on Main celebrates its locally sourced food used in all of its products. You’ll get an authentic local taste at the hotel restaurant. 

You can start a night of drinking early when you dine in at Jack Fry’s or Butchertown Grocery. Jack Fry’s has a fresh, vintage décor with an old charm atmosphere. The restaurant serves southern food favorites. It's a great setting for giving out bachelor party gifts and making a toast.

Where to Stay in Louisville

Reserve your bachelor party accommodations in the best part of Louisville to have easy access to everything. It’s easy to navigate Louisville, but you’ll find many attractions near the downtown and waterfront districts.

Downtown Louisville and the Waterfront are two of the best places to stay for your bachelor party. You’ll find many hotel options, including high-end stays at the Galt House Hotel, or familiar accommodations at the Marriott or Hilton.

Hosting a bigger group for your bachelor party might deserve a bit more space than a hotel room. Consider renting an entire place to host the party.

Check out Airbnb for some excellent accommodations in Louisville. You can find updated apartments like this if you want to stay downtown or rent a house like this one located just outside the center. Make it even more festive with your own bachelor party decorations.

Best Time to Visit Louisville

The best time for your bachelor party in Louisville is during the spring or summer.

Geographically, Louisville lands approximately on the border of the north and south of the US. The local climate shares elements of both regions – something to consider when planning your party dates.

The springtime and summer have incredible weather for spending time outdoors or moving between party venues. Both months are the busiest tourism seasons for the city, so you’ll get an influx of people at the hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.

Louisville hosts many of its events from around the year during the spring and summer – you can easily find things to do during the daytime or night.

Although prices are cheaper during the fall and winter seasons, Louisville gets cooler and has more precipitation. 

Tips Before Having Your Louisville Bachelor Party

Depending on the season when you’re visiting, some venues might require reservations for your party. During the busy seasons, it’s best to call in advance for restaurant or club services to accommodate everyone in your party.

The easiest way to get around Louisville is by car. Drive to Louisville or rent a car when you arrive. If you’re staying downtown, you can walk to a lot of the best things to do, but other parts of the city require transportation.

Louisville Bachelor Party Rating – 4 out of 5


Louisville is a fun place for a bachelor party - we've provide lots of bachelor party ideas to keep your entertained. It offers a fun, yet diverse nightlife to enjoy the company of beautiful women and hand-crafted drinks.

Louisville is a seasonal city for having the best experience. Spring and summer in Louisville will have the most things to do to fill your bachelor party itinerary. You can enjoy a laidback city in the day and always find some fun parties at night.

Louisville should be at the top of your list for where to have your bachelor party. Pack up your bachelor party supplies and get ready for an exciting party.

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Plan a Badass Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan a Badass Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Visit Lake Tahoe for the ultimate outdoor bachelor party experience. Lake Tahoe is among the largest lakes in the US, stretched over the border of California and Nevada – prepare for state-hopping during your party.

Lake Tahoe is a hub for outdoor recreation in every season, from hiking and camping in the summer to skiing in the winter. With the popularity of Lake Tahoe, you’ll find lots of nightlife for wild parties and even casinos.

There’s nothing quite like having a bachelor party at Lake Tahoe, so keep reading to learn about the best bachelor party ideas!

Things to do at Lake Tahoe During the Day

Lake Tahoe is much more than just a lake experience – it’s a popular destination for enjoying everything about the outdoors. There’s a lot of things to do at Lake Tahoe to keep you entertained during your bachelor party.

Some of the top bachelor party ideas to add to the party itinerary include:

  • Visiting the Beach
  • Explore the State Parks
  • Winter Recreation
  • Lake Cruise

Visiting the Beach

The cool thing about visiting Lake Tahoe for your bachelor party is that you’ll never run out of options for beaches to hang out at. Beaches surround the entire coast of the lake, giving you lots of places to find a suitable beach for the day.

Lake Tahoe Beach

Some of the top beaches at Lake Tahoe include Lakeview Commons, Kings Beach, and Sand Harbor. You’ll have a new perspective of the lake at every beach, with unique views of the mountain backdrops.

You can spend an entire day at the beach so come prepared with all the bachelor party supplies that you'll need. You'll have fun the whole time – the beaches are the perfect place for swimming, lounging, beach sports, kayaking, or having a picnic.

Explore the State Parks

Lake Tahoe is an all-year-round destination, and especially popular during the summer. If you’re planning your bachelor party during the summer, the lake has lots of recreational activities awaiting you.

The lake is just the centerpiece of visiting Lake Tahoe – there are many state parks and landmarks within the lake region. Some of the activities you can enjoy at Lake Tahoe include hiking, biking, climbing, and fishing.

The must-visit state parks at Lake Tahoe are D L Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park. These are the perfect spots to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. You’ll find many designated trails for hiking and biking, taking you through the biodiverse landscape. Grab you groom hat and explore the great outdoors.

Enjoy Winter Recreation

Believe it or not, people still flock to Lake Tahoe during the winter – you won’t want to stay indoors even during the colder months. Winter recreation is one of the favorite things to do at Lake Tahoe, where skiing is among the top activities.

Skii Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is home to famous ski resorts where you’ll find some of the best slopes amidst the scenic mountain backdrop. Be sure to check out the Squaw Valley, Heavenly Mountain Resort, or the Homewood Mountain Resort for the ultimate skiing experience at Lake Tahoe.

You’ve probably heard of the legendary Squaw Valley, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960. It’s the top skiing destination at the lake where you can spend a whole day of your bachelor party on the slopes.

Feel free to bring your equipment or find some of the onsite rentals for everything you need.

Lake Cruise

You can’t visit Lake Tahoe without exploring the vast lake itself. There are lots of lake cruise companies to take you on a variety of excursions around Lake Tahoe.

Make reservations with one of the local cruise operators for everything from luxury sightseeing tours around the lake, or a booze cruise with the fellas. You can find a full day or half-day lake cruises, with some providers offering drinks or meals on board. There's never been a better time to bring out your groom hat and groom sash.

Lake Cruise Lake Tahoe

You can also charter your own boat for a more private lake cruise experience. Feel free to bring all the drinks you want on your own rental and have a fun day drinking and swimming in the middle of the lake.

Where is the Best Lake Tahoe Nightlife?

Lake Tahoe isn’t like your typical lake – because of its popularity, several nightlife venues have established around the entire lake. You’re in for a surprise when you experience the nightlife at Lake Tahoe as you hang out with other lake visitors.

It’s not often you get to experience exciting nightlife by the lake, so check out these bachelor party ideas for some of the best bars, casinos, and club venues for wild nights during your bachelor party.

Lake Tahoe Bars

If there’s one thing people like to do at Lake Tahoe, it’s drinking, so what better place to spend your bachelor party. Lake Tahoe has its own bar scene worth exploring. No matter which part of the lake you’re staying at, there’s a cool bar to check out nearby.

Some of the top bar picks at Lake Tahoe to check out are:

Each of these bars has its own characteristics, such as most of the bars at the lake.

Beacon Bar & Grill Lake Tahoe

Visit Emerald Bay Bar or Whiskey Dicks for a great drink selection and party vibes. Or start your night at Beacon Bar for live music and incredible views of the lake.

Casinos at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe isn’t the most expensive place to host your bachelor party, but visiting the casino might be a good idea for the bachelor to win back some of his wedding expenditures. Lake Tahoe has several resorts that feature full casinos with a wide range of gaming fun.

Some of the top casinos at Lake Tahoe are:

Check out these casinos for a night full of fun. Grab a few drinks and hit the slots or try your hand at the table games. Whether you win or lose, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with this unexpected addition for your lakeside bachelor party.

Nightclubs at Lake Tahoe

The bars and casinos are just the first stop on your night of fun during your bachelor party. Lake Tahoe features an exciting nightclub scene like none other.

Some of the people you’ve seen and met during the day will inevitably pop up at some point at one of the popular nightclubs.

Be sure to check out:

Opal Ultra Lunge is a resort club a go-to spot for the local partygoers – you’ll find some of the best music at the lake in this nightclub.

If you’re into live DJ sets, Peek Nightclub and Xhale Lounge are the places to be. Make reservations for a VIP booth at the Peek Nightclub and enjoy exceptional bottle service to toast to the groom-to-be. Or visit Xhale Lounge for a hookah and stylish atmosphere.

Dining at Lake Tahoe

You could only imagine the amount of food required to keep you active all day in a place as action-packed as Lake Tahoe. You must fuel your vehicles and yourself properly before you start the day’s adventures for your bachelor party.

There are many dining options at Lake Tahoe, so you’ll never run out of ideas for places to eat. And with the legacy of Lake Tahoe, there’s plenty of locally themed meals to taste.

Lake Tahoe Breakfast

You’ll want to wake up bright and early (if you can) when you spend your bachelor party at Lake Tahoe. There’s too much to see and do, so why waste the day away in bed – a hearty meal will remedy your hangover just as well.

 American Breakfast

South Lake Tahoe is a hub for fantastic breakfast restaurants. Some of the local favorites include:

You’ll find many people gathering along the southern shore, getting ready to taste some of Lake Tahoe’s local flavors. Ernie’s Coffee Shop serves up a traditional American-style breakfast all day, so it’s no rush to get there. Try one of their Big Mountain Breakfasts, and you’ll have enough food to keep you full the entire day. 

For breakfast favorites, stop by Red Hut Café or Heidi’s Pancake House. These restaurants are famous for their waffles and pancakes, respectively. Red Hut Café has two locations along the south shore with lots of specialty waffle options. And you’ve never seen a stack of pancakes like you’ll find at Heidi’s Pancake House.

Dinner at Lake Tahoe

Dinner time might be your favorite time (aside from partying) at Lake Tahoe – your dining experience will be one that you can only have here, making the event even more special for your bachelor party. 

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor destination, so one of the best things to do for dinner is to cook out. Stop by the grocery store before arriving at your accommodation so you’ll have plenty of food to cook and eat for everyone.

There are a lot of designated picnic sites with grills available to use. Or you can enjoy cooking in a traditional style over an open campfire. You have a lot of flexibility of what to eat and even where you set up your picnic. Camp out in the wilderness or go for a scenic view of the lake, or better yet, try out both!

Boathouse on the Pier Lake Tahoe

If you need a break from the outdoor lifestyle and prefer a restaurant venue, check out the menus at:

The cool thing about these restaurants is the scenic view of the lake while enjoying a classic American grill menu. Request their outdoor seating and enjoy some delicious specialty drinks alongside your meal. You won't find a better backdrop to make a toast to the bachelor and share some bachelor party gifts.

Where to Stay at Lake Tahoe

Accommodations are one of the essential elements of having a successful bachelor party. You’ll need to consider your budget, how many people are coming, proximity to things you plan to do, and how much partying you’re planning to do at the accommodation.

Lake Tahoe has lots of options for accommodations suitable for all party types. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience, a local inn, or a modern room, Lake Tahoe has it all. 

Camping is the best way to experience Lake Tahoe – there are lots of designated campgrounds where you can stay in cabins, or set up your tent for the night. The great thing about camping in Lake Tahoe is that you can have a different campsite every day of your party. Can you imagine crashing at your campsite after a long day of partying? 

South Lake Tahoe is a popular shore for major resorts. You’ll find modern accommodations at the Hard Rock Hotel or Harrah’s, offering you easy access to their lobby casinos from your room. 

For a more localized experienced, step away from the big chain hotel names and stay at an inn. You’ll have great options at Rodeway Inn or 7 Seas Inn.


You always have the option of renting your own place via Airbnb. Check out some of the large accommodations you can find for housing your entire party in one place. Places like this or this give you lots of space to sleep and party at Lake Tahoe. They are the perfect setting for your themed bachelor party decorations.

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an excellent destination for your bachelor party at any time of the year. Although it’s an outdoor destination, the experiences change depending on which season you’re visiting.

At Lake Tahoe, summertime is the busiest season with many tourists and most of the seasonal attractions at lake open. You can visit during the summer if you’re looking forward to spending time out on the lake or camping outdoors.

Lake Tahoe is also a popular wintertime destination, attracting a lot of people for skiing. You’ll have a great time during your bachelor party even in the winter when you stay at one of the ski resorts.

Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


Lake Tahoe isn’t just a place for spending time outdoors around the lake – it’s a major travel destination where you can find a lot of party excitement. You’ll have one of the most memorable bachelor party at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe deserves five stars because of the amount of fun you can expect to have at the destination. You’ll never run out of bachelor party ideas – fill up your itinerary with fun outdoor activities for the day and end the night with partying at the lake’s club venues.

Lake Tahoe has everything you need - all you have to do is bring the bachelor party supplies for the perfect bachelor party with the guys.

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Plan a Badass Scottsdale Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan a Badass Scottsdale Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Thinking about hosting your bachelor party in Scottsdale? You’re making a wise choice to hang out in Scottsdale as you’ll get to discover one of Arizona’s party hubs.

Scottsdale is located less than 30 minutes away from Phoenix, the capital, so lots of people spend their weekends hanging out in the town. You’ll find lots of locals and tourists while hanging out in the city’s prime entertainment hub, Old Town.

You’ll have plenty of bachelor party ideas to maximize your time in Scottsdale. There are lots of activities explicitly catered to having a blast during your bachelor party. If you’re looking for great weather, lots of drinking, and nightlife, then Scottsdale is the place to be!

Day time fun in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a party hub in Arizona. You won’t even have to wait until the nightlife because there’s plenty of bachelor party ideas during the day in Scottsdale to keep you in the party spirits.

Hope you’re prepared for the heat because the sun won’t be shy during the day. If you need a place to cool off, how about enjoying one of the best day parties in Scottsdale. Maya Day + Nightclub is one of the most well-known venues in the city for enjoying the outdoor pool in a party environment.

Locals enjoy the venue because it brings the excitement of Las Vegas right to them without having to travel far. You’ll have plenty of drinks flowing around, fantastic music from the live DJs, and a packed pool full of party-goers looking to have a great time.

Scottsdale is a famous golf destination, and one venue, in particular, lets you get the best of both worlds. Plan to visit TopGolf during your bachelor party for a unique way to liven up the game of golf.

TopGolf combines the fun of golf with party entertainment. The venue features a high-tech driving range for you to practice the perfect swing. When you need a break from the putting green, head over to the lounge and enjoy hand-crafted cocktails or a cold brew. You can even enjoy a delicious meal in between puts.

If it’s your first time in Scottsdale, you might consider sightseeing, but there’s a proper way to do it since you’re celebrating at a bachelor party. Scottsdale’s Old Town is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Not only does it have great sights and attractions, but it’s also known as the entertainment hub of the city.

It's a fun place to bring out your bachelor party supplies like groom hat, groom sash, and party t-shirts.

One of the best ways to explore Old Town is with the Arizona Party Bike Company!

Arizona Party Bike is a unique experience of riding on a group bicycle through Old Town while enjoying drinks along the way – think of it as an open-air party bus. Up to 15 groomsmen can sip drinks together while cruising between a few of the top pubs in the area.

Scottsdale is in the middle of the desert, so you can imagine that there’s plenty of space for enjoying your group. You’d be amazed at the kinds of mansions and villas you can rent here that are bachelor-party-friendly.

Choose one of your days in town to throw one of the craziest bachelor house parties reminiscent of your college glory days. Stock your house with lots of beer, liquor, food, and maybe even a few strippers (you didn’t hear it from us).

You’ll have access to your own private pool, golf course, or maybe even a lazy river for planning the perfect day party without even leaving home.

Best Nightlife in Scottsdale

Although the weather might be slightly cooler than the daytime in Scottsdale, the bachelor party activities will just be heating up as you experience some of the best nightlife in Arizona. Scottsdale is one of the top nightlife destinations in the state, providing you with lots of bachelor party ideas for unmentionable fun.

Private Party and Party Buses

Many people spending their bachelor party in Scottsdale rent a private villa or mansion for a couple of days. Did you know that many of these places welcome you to host your own parties? Other cities might be hard to find a suitable location, but in Scottsdale, you can enjoy your own nighttime party around your private pool.

One of the best ways to experience Scottsdale nightlife is via a party bus. Gather all of the groomsmen and climb aboard the bus designed for a great night. Enjoy music, drinks, and party lights as you bounce to some of the local hot spots. A groom hat and groom sash are essential for the occasion.

Party Bus Scottsdale


Scottsdale is a town full of fun and exciting bars, thanks to the youthful atmosphere – it’s a college town and also a hotspot for young professionals to party. You’ll find some very unique bars with different atmospheres, music, and sights, depending on the mood you’re going for during your bachelor party. Some of the favorite spots to check out are:


If you had a great time exploring Scottsdale’s Old Town during the day, you might as well plan to head back to the area to enjoy some of the best nightlife venues. Dierks Bentley’s Whisky Row gives a fun Western vibe, while sports enthusiasts will have plenty of screens and cheering fans to celebrate a victory at the Fox Cigar Bar.


Think of the Scottsdale bar scene as the pregame to the real fun. Try not to get too drunk at the bars because it’s not until later in the night that the nightclubs open up, giving you some fun places to party with your entire group. Whether you want to book VIP reservations or hit the dance floor, some of the clubs to visit during your trip are:

Maya Day + Nightclub Scottsdale

Sure, we’ve already mentioned Maya Day + Nightclub, but the pool party atmosphere quickly transforms into a Vegas-style club at night. Dance the night away to high energy DJs, and you’ll have your choice of lots of signature drinks. The weather in Scottsdale is plenty warm to enjoy the outdoor pool even at night.  Book bottle service in Scottsdale with Discotech app! You can browse upcoming events, see table pricing, buy tickets, and book tables at all the best nightclubs and pool parties in Scottsdale.

If you’re seeking a more mature crowd to party with, but still has a fun party scene, Dakota is a top choice for locals and visitors to the city. Wasted Grain gives a bit more flexibility for how to party, thanks to its three bars. Find your favorite bar and dance floor, and prepare for a night full of fun.


A word of advice: don’t let your fiancé know that you’ll be spending your bachelor party in Scottsdale with a night out on the town because if all goes as planned, you’ll inevitably end up at one of the many strip clubs in the city.

They don’t call Old Town the entertainment district for nothing – it’s where you can find a lot of strip club options for having your choice of ladies for the night. Some of the best strip clubs in Scottsdale are:

Stripper Scottsdale
You don’t have to travel all the way to New Orleans to experience the thrill of Bourbon Street because this strip club has everything you need and more. Just be sure to bring lots of cash because one dance experience in the VIP Room, and you might not want to leave.

By now, you’ve probably already seen some of the top-rated girls in Scottsdale enjoying the nightlife. If you didn’t have any luck interacting in the bars, swing by the Candy Store for a private dance from some of the city’s most attractive women. There isn’t even a dress code, so come as you are!

Where to Eat in Scottsdale?

With so much drinking and fun awaiting you in Scottsdale, it’s best to figure out where you’ll be filling your belly to sustain the bachelor party. Scottsdale is the wild west where you’ll find some of the American favorites prepared better than you could imagine. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll have delicious meals to fill up on.

Breakfast in Scottsdale

Even though you’ll be out partying every night, it’s worthwhile to wake up in time to experience breakfast in Scottsdale. Not too many places have a breakfast scene worth writing home about, but Scottsdale is part of a famous Breakfast Belt, a strip of must-try restaurants stretching from Phoenix.

Some of the best breakfast spots to check out in Scottsdale include:

These diners give you options to personalize your breakfast, or if you happen to wake up later than usual, a chance to get breakfast all-day.

Dinner in Scottsdale

While experiencing the amazing city of Scottsdale, you may as well add a Western-style dinner to the bachelor party itinerary. There’s plenty of spots to taste some of the local favorites. They also offer a fun environment for sharing bachelor party gifts and making a toast to the groom-to-be.


You’ll have the perfect western ambiance in the Roaring Fork with American food favorites cooked over an open-flame grill. To get a bit of culture, head into the Old Town to dine in at The Mission Old Town for some Latin favorites and amazing cocktails to start the evening.

Where to Stay in Scottsdale?

Scottsdale has plenty of accommodation options suitable for your bachelor party. You can find everything from hotels to villa rentals. Depending on your party size, you might prefer one accommodation style over the other. It also depends on what you’re planning to do during your bachelor festivities.

If you’re staying in a hotel, consider staying in Scottsdale’s Old Town district. You’ll be in the center of the action when you stay in the city’s entertainment hub. Many visitors to Scottsdale choose to stay here, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to finding rooms, whether major hotel chains or some of the local options.

If you’re expecting your bachelor party to get a bit rowdier (or to take advantage of some of the private activities we’ve discussed above), consider renting your own place. Scottsdale is a relatively affordable city and surprisingly accommodating for bachelor parties.

There are lots of rentals that support large parties so bring your themed bachelor party decorations to put up. Check out some of the houses just outside of the city or maybe throw a big party in this one for the groom-to-be.

It’s easy getting around Scottsdale, so even if you aren’t directly in the party hub, you can quickly get to and from your party destinations.

Best Time to Visit Scottsdale?

Let’s be honest, Scottsdale is in the middle of the desert – pretty much all year long you can expect hot, dry climate and lots of sunshine. There won’t be too many rainy days to ruin your bachelor party, but sometimes the heat might be a bit too unbearable to enjoy the outdoors fully.

If you’re planning a bachelor party in Scottsdale, the best time to visit is in the Spring to early Summer. Think about making your party plans around March to May.

The period is outside of the busy season so that you can find great deals on accommodations and activities around town. The weather is also slightly cooler than the peak summer months when it’s almost preferred to stay indoors.

Before You Visit

If your bachelor party is longer than just a weekend, consider visiting Phoenix, just a short drive away, for even more things to do during your party.

Scottsdale is among the top-rated college towns in the US. While there are lots of bars and nightlife, many of the venues cater to a college crowd. Keep that in mind when choosing the best places you want to party.

Scottsdale Bachelor Party Rating – 3 out of 5


Scottsdale is definitely a party town, but that’s essentially the main thing you’ll be doing during your visit. Since it’s the desert (and Wild West), most of the fun for locals revolves around drinking. And we've given you plenty of bachelor party ideas for drinking the entire time.

When it comes to the bar scene, Scottsdale is one of the best destinations. If you want a bit more options for venues such as upscale nightclubs or lounges, the selection is a lot fewer. Luckily with the right bachelor party supplies, everywhere becomes a fun destination.

To truly customize your bachelor party experience in Scottsdale, we recommend renting your own place and host your private parties. There are lots of great options for places to stay while utilizing the rest of the city to supplement your festivities.

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Bachelor Party Supplies - The Essential Checklist (2021)

Bachelor Party Supplies - The Essential Checklist (2021)

When planning a successful bachelor party, one must always be honest with themselves with what type of group will be attending the trip.  We hope that our bachelor party supplies checklist will encompass all of your group's needs.  From the tamest group of gentlemen to the rowdiest of scumbags this list is for everyone. 

Remember, all rules are meant to be broken, so don't be afraid to improvise!  You know the groom better than anyone and it is important to always make sure his wishes are met.  After all, its your responsibility to make the most out of what could be the best weekend of his life.  


It's 2020, the year of the White Claw!  Hard seltzers are the perfect bachelor party drink.  Cheap, healthy, and a lot easier on hangovers than other beverages.  Inside these magically little silver cans are your two essentials; water and liquor.  

bachelor party drinks

Often times you will end up at a bachelor party with friends you went to high school or college with so its always a good idea to grab some handles of the hard stuff, for old times sake!  We recommend grabbing some Tequila and limes as well as some Vodka and Redbull.

Disposable Camera

The worse thing you can do after a weekend of debauchery is document it on your phone.  A hack or sketchy girlfriend scrolling through a phone and the secrets of the weekend will be brought to light.  Bring a few disposable cameras.  Get the group together at the wedding to go through the hilarious photos that will ensue.

bachelor party disposable camera


Cash is king baby!  This is especially true if the bachelor party is Mexico and you may need to bribe some Federales.  Don’t forget that you don’t want your wife seeing ATM withdraws from the strip club ATM.

bachelor party supplies


You will wake up hungover.  Be the best “Best Man” you can be and have the fridge stocked full of Gatorade.  No fridge?  Leave a few bottles in everyone’s hotel room.  When the boys wake up from blacking out with cotton mouth as dry as the Sahara desert they are going to remember the guy who thought ahead.

bachelor party drinks


You are going to need it.  Just put it in the bag and thank me later.

bachelor party advil

Sun Screen and Bug Spray

It is always a good idea to throw bachelor parties where there are large groups of women in bikinis.  This requires two things: sun and summer!  If you are going to a tropical place and plan on drinking from morning to dawn, you will get burned and you will get bit.

 bachelor party sunscreen

First Aid Kit

When you get the old crew back together and add a little tequila, there is bound to be a few accidents.  Bring a first aid kit and hope you don’t need it.  This is especially a good idea if you are camping or partying in a more remote location. 

bachelor party first aid kit

Beer Bong

As American men, beer bongs are part of our history.  When you pull this bad boy out of the suit case the men will be reminded of their much younger, more innocent days, where the Naty Ice’s flowed like the rivers of Aspen.  Much cleaner than a “beer shotgun”, the beer bong is an efficient way to get the party started?  Ever beer bong white claws?  Neither have I but I think I will try one when I am done writing this article. 

bachelor party beer bong


Can Coolies

Warm beer sucks.  Make sure to keep the brewskis nice and fresh with a can coolie.  If the bride to be specifically said no strippers, then we have the coolie for you!

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

There is no I in TEAM! Break into groups and give each team a scavenger hunt.  You can pull $20 from each person and give the winner cash or decide to buy something a little more tangible for the winner.  This scavenger party does two things.  1.  It gives the bachelor the time of his life.  2.  It gives the boys that sense of competition that is oh so missing from our mundane normal lives.

Bachelor Party Hats

It is important that whatever event your bachelor party wanders into everyone immediately knows that this group of guys is a bachelor party.  We recommend bright neon trucker hats. 


The whole club will instantaneously know who is the (un)lucky groom-to-be.  A Male Veil is a great way to embarrass the bachelor.  After all, he is only going to have one vagina for the rest of his life!


You men are part of the same tribe and might as well dress the part!  The shirt tradition is something definitely inspired by bachelorette parties.  But hey, its 2020, if they can wear shirts than we can to.  If you are going to splurge on the shirts, you might want to consider these cool customizable bachelor party shirts

bachelor party tank top

Blow Up Doll with Handcuffs

They say that in the (not so far off) future, sex dolls will be so realistic that we will stop mating all together.  Until that time, these blow up dolls are the perfect bachelor party gag gift to embarrass the bachelor.  Even better, get a cheap pair of plastic handcuffs so the bachelor has drag around his new toy all weekend.

bachelor party blow up doll

Ball and Chain

If the blow up doll is a little too risqué for the groom.  Go for the more PG rated ball and chain. 

bachelor party ball and chain

Bachelor Party Decorations

If you plan to rent out a bad ass house via Airbnb or Vrbo, we recommend fixing up the place with some inappropriate decorations.  This décor makes for a great backdrop for the hilarious photos that are sure to ensue.

In Conclusion

It is important to remember that the key to a good bachelor party is the people, not the things.  That being said, we guarantee that all of the above mentioned bachelor party favors will only enhance your weekend.  Party on!

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