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20 Epic Stripper-Free Bachelor Ideas

20 Epic Stripper-Free Bachelor Ideas

Bachelor parties are usually known for getting drunk and hitting the strip club. If you feel like the whole traditional celebration for leaving the bachelor life is worn out and you want to be more creative, here are some awesome ideas to make the bachelor party an adventure and a great time you and your best buddies actually will remember.

1. Paintball

An activity you can basically find everywhere in the country, and you can even find indoor courses if the weather makes it difficult to enjoy it outside. A great way to get out of the wedding stress or to get back to the guy who made out with your crush back in high school.  Isn’t the bachelor party made for making the groom feel the right amount of humiliation? Why not dress him up in a chicken costume and make it rain paint?


2. Go off road

Rent dirt bikes, ATVs or dune-buggies and go off road. There are different tours you can take through deserts and forests. Before the party goes off, you can start the Vegas night with the best drug in the world…adrenaline. With Sunbuggy you can take an intense dune buggy chase tour in the dark desert with the Las Vegas Strip as your view.


3. Bungee jumping

Don’t overthink it, just let go and jump. You can find bungee jumping across America and a great way to feel unstoppable for the rest of night. Living somewhere flat? No problem, you can jump from a crane. You don’t want to be the little dude that doesn’t jump… painful roastings coming up!

Bungee Jump

4. Sky diving

If you want a bach shit crazy bachelor party, this one is for you. A great memory for all of your best friends and easy to come by, sorry. 



5. Zipline

Is bungee jump and skydiving too extreme for you, don´t sweat we got you. Zipline comes in all sizes, heights and extreme level. A fun way to kick off your weekend with your buddies or as a part of your bachelor party adventure.


6. Rent a lake or beach house

Wedding-planning-stress syndrome? Get away from all the planning with your best buds and rent a house close to the lake or the beach. Time to relax and disconnect from the world.
 Lake house

7. Fishing weekend

Fishing is life? Hook your groom up with a great fishing weekend. There are several deep fishing tours to make some memorable catches around the US or countries a flight away. Why make it complicated, time for quality time.


8. Helicopter tour

See your city from a new angle or why not a new one? If you want to add some extra spice to it you can hit to Las Vegas and shoot an M249 saw machine gun from the helicopter! Check out Gunship Helicopters for more information about their shooting packages.

Helicopter in New York

9. Massage and spa treatment  

Hey, it´s nothing wrong to get a relax-treatment. Spa treatment, saunas, jacuzzi and deep tissue massage. How does that not sound great? Wrap up your crazy bachelor party with a relaxing finish so you all can look fresh and relaxed for your big day. Is the wedding planning crazy enough to add to it? Well, here is your answer to tackle it.


10. Go-kart racing

No one said you have to grow up just because you´re getting married. Go-karts are not what they used to be. Check your local or not local locations, some hit 40 MPH and can give you the opportunity to rent the track. Possible to do indoor and outdoor incase you need to plan around surprising forecasts. A fun day for old time sake!


11. Go to Costa Rica

If you´re after a destination bachelor party adventure, Costa Rica is a great choice! Costa Rica doesn’t just have beautiful beaches, weather, scenery and great drinks. It is also has a great selection of houses with private pools to rent for different price ranges. Not only that, Costa Rica offers you a bunch of different jungle and rain forest activities, like going off road on ATVs, dirt bikes, ziplining and exotic animal tours. So everything? Everything.

Costa Rica Zipline

12. Some kind of show

A stripper free bachelor party doesn´t necessarily have to rule out seeing people on stage. Have a great laugh with one of your favorite stand-up comedians or see your favorite band – fingers crossed they´re in town. If not, chase them down! 

Stand-up Comedian

13. A week in Europe

With some planning you can make an amazing week in Europe. Perfect for the history-lovers, foodies and anyone really. It is easy and cheap to fly or take a train between different cities and countries in Europe. Depending on the season you can go skiing or swimming. Mix it up with an “unforgettable” bar crawl in Prague with their world famous beers and some pasta-eating days in Rome! 

Prauge Beer bike


14. Relax in the Caribbean

Don’t want to go that far? Hit the Caribbean! Beautiful beaches, awesome drinks and great food. Maybe rent a boat and have some fun water activities. Come back home relaxed with a great tan! What else is there to say? It´s the Caribbean.
 Caribbean beach

15. Hike a volcano
More of a madman and looking for something unique? In Guatemala you can hike up a volcano and have front-row view while another volcano has an eruption. This one is more for the adventure-seeker, it takes a couple of days to hike up and camping overnight. But do you want to win the craziest-bachelor-party price, this one is for you!

Volcano in Guatemala

16. Dress the groom up and hit town

A groom should never get away from being embarrassed during his bachelor party, even the bible says so. A great way to do it, dress him up and hit town. Maybe there are some accomplishments he needs to check off to get out of whatever he´s wearing before hitting the bar.

Man in costume

17. Camping

There are awesome locations through the States for some great camping. Good food, beers, s'mores, laughs with your best buds and campfire under the stars. Mic drop.


18. Limo service

Ride with style when you go from bar to bar. Skip the hazel and coordination that always ends up leaving some of the guys behind with Uber tonight. Hire a limo and make the rides part of the party!  Big group? The answer is spelled party bus.

Party bus

19. Paragliding

If fast speed isn’t your thing but you would like something adventurous on your bachelor party, paragliding is a great choice! Gives you a cool memorable experience with your homies and not as hard to say yes to as jumping out of a plane. 


20. Check off the bucket list

Have you checked with the bachelor what´s on his bucket list? Maybe some of the stuff on the list is something you can check off together.
 Bucket list

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