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Bachelor Party Ideas During COVID

Bachelor Party Ideas During COVID

The bad news is that COVID canceled a lot of bachelor party plans. The good news is that there are still ways you can plan an epic bachelor party. Excuse the slight hiccup in the world of bachelor parties, but soon, you’ll be back better than ever to host an amazing party, even during COVID.

There are lots of bachelor party ideas during COVID to take your party to the next level. We’re entering a new era of bachelor parties with virtual elements and rethinking what it means to party. You have a chance now to become a pioneer for hosting a wild bachelor party during these unprecedented times.

If you’re ready to make history, check out some ideas for your COVID bachelor party.

Where to Party during COVID

The biggest question is where you can host your bachelor party. Before, you might have considered a trip out of town to one of the top party destinations, but since that’s no longer an option, you have to get creative.

There are many innovative ideas on making the most out of your bachelor party when you host it at one of the following:

  • Virtual
  • House party
  • Camping
  • Beach

Virtual Party

The COVID pandemic introduced a lot of new social norms to the world, including the way we communicate and interact with others. While online interaction was on its way to becoming the norm before, it’s now essential as people practice social distancing, working from home, etc. You can maintain the same protocols for your bachelor party by having a virtual party.

Virtual bachelor parties are one of the new additions to the modern day because of the widespread shutdowns and travel restrictions. Welcome to the future because it’s also one of the best ways to have a bachelor party.

A virtual bachelor party takes place online via video conferencing tools. Some of the popular places to host a virtual party are:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facetime

By now, we’re video conferencing experts because of working from home, but they also make great tools for hosting a virtual bachelor party. Since all of your friends might not be able to make it to your party in person, set up a room for everyone to login.

One of the biggest challenges to planning a bachelor party is deciding who to invite and seeing who can actually attend. Now, it’s no excuse to invite everyone down for a good time. Your virtual bachelor party can include all party favorites like drinking, decorations, food, etc.

Just make sure the ladies aren’t in the same room!

House Party

With all of the clubs and bars closed, everyone is looking for a place to party. One of the exceptions is throwing a house party for a small group of friends. If the guys are comfortable hanging out at a house, it’s a great way to still throw an epic bachelor party during COVID.

House parties are always a consideration for bachelor parties, but now, they’re becoming even more popular. A house gives you a lot more flexibility and freedom than going to a club, not to mention a much cheaper option. You can get more fun for your dollar if you know how to plan a house party the right way.

A house party falls within the guidelines of COVID as long as everyone makes sure to keep their hands washed – and be sure not to have any symptoms if you’re planning to attend! With the basic guidelines laid down, everything else is up to you on how you want to party.

Something to consider is whose house will host the party. If you have a friend willing to risk his home for the shitshow, by all means, make it the destination. For those who want something different, think about renting a house on Airbnb to accommodate everyone. You can find rentals in the same city, or within driving distance, and even stay for a couple of nights to take full advantage of the space. 


Outdoors is one place that hasn’t been drastically affected by COVID. In fact, national and state parks are a growing trend in tourism. Camping outdoors is an excellent option for a bachelor party during COVID and checks off all of the requirements for having a great time.

Camping means that you’ll be one with nature as you get shitfaced with all of your friends. And ideally, you’ll have a secluded place to let the night get as wild as you want. Whether you’re visiting a local park at a designated campground or know of some cool backpacking camping spots, the outdoors is always welcoming for a bachelor party.

Grab some tents and spend a couple of days in nature. Before arriving at a campsite, be sure to stock up on food and drinks, so that you won’t have to leave to refill once you arrive. And chances are you won’t have any strippers attending the party, but there’s plenty of other fun things to do with just the guys.

Camping is one place where men are allowed to be men. Wake up and immediately start drinking, cookout over the open flames, and there are unlimited places to relieve yourself. The open fields are perfect for tossing around the football or build a massive bonfire at night to tell embarrassing stories about the bachelor.


If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, you can throw an epic bachelor party. Beaches are open and ready for you to party the day away. Most people would want to travel to a beach destination for their bachelor party, but since you are nearby, take full advantage of it.

Beaches were initially closed during the shutdown, but have since reopened. Some of the guidelines include limiting the number of people in your party, distancing from other groups, and wearing a mask if walking around. If you’re comfortable with the local rules, you’re in for some unexpected fun.

The beach gives you plenty of things to do to make it the best bachelor party ever.

  • Swimming
  • Water sports
  • Boating
  • Beach sports

Rent a boat to take out onto the water to day drink the entire time. You won’t have to worry about operating while drunk if you have a captain navigating for you. Speedboats also make for fun water activities.

Swimming and water sports are a given when visiting the beach. If the weather is nice, the water will be very refreshing and give you an excuse to take your mask off.

Play a few competitive sports on the beach like soccer, volleyball, or football. You’ll truly feel like a bachelor running around in the sand – it’s also one of the few places you’ll see some hot girls walking around in bikinis.

Things to Do

The COVID pandemic just means that you have to find a new way to experience a bachelor party. It will surely be one to remember as you’ll have a slightly different story to tell when talking about it in a couple of years.

You can have some creative fun for a COVID bachelor party by including these in your itinerary:

  • Decorations
  • Drinking Games
  • Virtual Games
  • Eating out
  • Outdoor fun


Regardless of where you’re hosting the bachelor party, decorations are a simple way to liven up the party. Although the COVID pandemic canceled all trips, you can still outfit the venue to look like your dream bachelor party destination.

Decorations work well for social distance parties to make you feel like you are somewhere ideal or get you in the party spirit. If you’re hosting a bachelor party at home or doing a virtual party, the decorations make the perfect backdrops.

Some decoration ideas to include are:

  • Party banners
  • Balloons
  • Signs

You don’t have to go overboard with decorations. Consider sending a simple party decoration pack to everyone attending the party virtually, so that it looks like an actual event. Everyone can sit in front of the banners to feel like everyone is in the same place.

For a house party setting, banners, balloons, and signs work great for transforming an ordinary house into a party venue. Forget about visiting the beach for your bachelor party and, instead, get some beach-themed or sports-themed decorations to put up.

Drinking Games

Some people will still opt for an in-person bachelor party like at someone’s house or outdoors. Since the bar isn’t an option anymore for drinking, all bachelor parties during COVID are BYOB. Visit the local store to pick up lots of beer and liquor to get the party set up for lots of drinking games to keep you entertained.

Bachelor parties can enjoy all of the classic drinking games:

You’ll have plenty of fun within your party group with these games and more – they also allow you to space out a bit instead of the small bar setting.

For those a bit more creative, you can set up an entire “Drinking Olympics” to add a bit more competition to the games. Divide into two teams and compete against each other to see who can win the most games.

If you’re outdoors, you’ll have plenty of room to run around to different drinking game stations and can add in a relay component. The possibilities are endless to find fun ways of getting shitfaced all night.

Virtual Games

Drinking games are a must for all bachelor parties! Bars and clubs will be the last venues reopening after widespread shutdowns, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t overindulge in alcohol drinking. Drinking games are something you can enjoy virtually or with a small group of friends.

If you’re practicing social distancing and hosting a virtual bachelor party, stock up on plenty of beer, wine, and liquor because you’ll need it. Everyone should have drinks to participate in the activities – the good thing is that everyone can have their favorite drinks instead of sharing the same bottles.

Some fun drinking games include:

  • Guessing Game
  • Get to know the bachelor
  • 2 Truths and a lie

There are even online gaming sites that provide a collection of games that work perfectly for bachelor parties. The games typically work by drinking every time you get an answer wrong or are the odd man out.

Unless you’re an expert on the bachelor-to-be, get your liver prepared for a long night of drinking. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about making it back home after a drunken night.

Eating Out

The best way to survive a long night of drinking is to prepare in advance with a great meal before the drinking starts. “What to eat” is a common question asked during a bachelor party, especially if you’re traveling to a new city. Dining options are limited due to a change in restaurant policies, but some alternatives might even be better than how it was.

If you’re looking for an excellent meal for the bachelor party, consider these options:

  • Restaurant eat outdoors
  • Food delivery
  • Cookout

Restaurants have found a way to reopen thanks to outdoor dining. If your group isn’t too large, sit down at a patio or sidewalk table and enjoy a restaurant meal we know you’ve been missing. It’s the perfect time to make that bachelor party toast.

Thanks to services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, you can have restaurant meals for your virtual bachelor party. Make it fun and place your orders at the same restaurant simultaneously and see whose food will get delivered first.

If you’re hosting a house party or camping, you can stock up on food at the grocery store and cookout. Choose the best person on the grill and toss on all your favorite barbecue foods – hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, etc.

Outdoor Fun

Many people rediscovered the great outdoors thanks to the impact of the COVID pandemic. Since large gatherings aren’t permitted, and most social venues closed, the outdoors are one place you can turn to for hosting a bachelor party.

You can do lots of outdoor activities if you’re having a camping or beach bachelor party. It could even be a fun idea to hit a local park to play around for a bit for some guy bonding.

A couple of ideas for outdoor activities include:

  • Sports
  • Hiking

Since all guys love sports, you don’t have to just watch them anymore, but should consider splitting up in teams and competing on your own. Parks usually have designated space for basketball courts or football fields set up. Hit the track, have a relay race, or play some volleyball if you’re on the beach.

Hiking is also a fun outdoor activity. Since many national and state parks are open, you can find some great hiking locations to explore. You might even get some great views at the end.

No need to reschedule your bachelor party if you had one approaching. Now, you can enjoy a party with your guy group in a new way. Test out some of these COVID bachelor party ideas to revive the party spirit and create some of the most epic times in your bachelor party.

Have some other ideas for a bachelor party during COVID? Let us know in the comments what you’re thinking!

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Bachelor Party Decorations

Bachelor Party Decorations

Looking to plan a bachelor party? One of the most important things (besides the drinks) is the decorations. The perfect bachelor party decorations can turn a bland room into a center for entertainment where the shitshow can commence. 

Party decorations can be a bit of a hassle to find the best things, but we’ve made it simple by putting together a guide to all the must-have decorations for the bachelor party. Some of the things you definitely want to include:

  • Clothes
  • Drinking accessories
  • Party games
  • Food decorations
  • Photobooth
  • Party banners
  • Balloons

Before buying decorations, figure out if you want to add a theme to your bachelor party. Some popular themes are sports or Las Vegas (check out our Las Vegas bachelor party guide if you get a chance to go!).

Remember, it could be the bachelor-to-be’s last night out with the guys, so don’t hold back in showing your immaturity to remind him of what he’ll be missing when he enters the married life.

Let’s check out how you can decorate your bachelor party!


Not everybody likes the attention or the spotlight, but during a bachelor party, it’s something that you can’t avoid. While you’re busy decorating the party venue, it’s also a smart idea to decorate yourselves with some bachelor party-themed clothing.

Let the world know you’re getting ready for a shitshow with some of the favorite clothing articles:

You can get as creative as you want when planning out what kinds of t-shirts everybody will wear. If you’re planning a bachelor party trip for a couple of days, be sure to get gear for every single night.

Hats are an excellent way for the ladies to distinguish the bachelor from the rest of the cohorts. Add a little extra flair to his hat so he won’t be missed and could potentially land him some celebratory kisses (or dances) from the ladies. Check out one of these hat and veil accessories. It’s the perfect hat to symbolize the upcoming wedding and what you’ll be looking forward to for the rest of your life.

Sashes and buttons are a must for all bachelor parties. Don’t be shy about announcing your bachelor party celebration to the world. The accessories are versatile to wear them in the day or the night, and you can easily switch them onto other clothing. You’re sure to draw a lot of attention and might even get some free shots at the bar if you’re lucky.

Drinking Accessories

It’s your bachelor party, so it might be one of the last times you can indulge in long nights of care-free drinking with the guys. While you’re stocking your house or party venue with drinks, don’t forget to include a few decorations to accessorize the drinks – as if drinking isn’t fun enough!

Some of the best drinking accessories to include are:

Drinking accessories aren’t strictly for the decoration but can have functional benefits. Everybody loves a cold beer, but no so much the cold chill on your hands while holding the can. Use the party can coolers to give you the perfect grip on your drink, so your hand stays warm, and your beer stays cold. It’s also a great way to remember which drink is yours.

Coasters are a fun decoration if you’re partying at home and don’t want the bride-to-be to see beer can marks on her favorite table when she returns. Design some fun coasters with images of the groom’s face or your favorite bachelor quote and place them around the room to use (or forget to use).

Alcohol labels attempt to disguise the drink, but we all know what’s in the bottle. Substitute your favorite alcohol label with a fun message like “Bachelor Party in Progress” or fun images to transform any regular bottle into the perfect bachelor party drink.

Party Games

There are two things that all guys love: drinking and games. While you’re planning out the bachelor party festivities, be sure to include a few fun drinking games for the pregame before going out.

Drinking games are the perfect opportunity to tie in your party theme while adding some friendly competition to the bachelor party. Some of the fun games to include at the party are:

Whether you’re hosting your bachelor party at home or in a venue, you can have a designated section for the games. Beer pong is always a hit regardless of where you’re throwing the party. Beer pong is simple to set up with red cups, a table, beer, and beer pong balls. Pick up some custom beer pong balls to give the game a slightly different look than what you were used to in your college days.

Use your imagination and come up with the best pin the “tail” game for your bachelor party. Pick a wall and hang up a poster of a beautiful woman to pin the targets on the boobs or get a cutout of the groom and challenge yourself to pin something wacky on him.

The scavenger hunt is a fun game that could last all night. Start with some fun points sheets with details on how to score throughout the night. Getting a girl to kiss the bachelor on the cheek is for rookies, but if the bachelor party gets really wild, you can earn major points with getting a girl to give him a lap dance. Hint: make sure to include visiting the strip club for the end of the night to make it a guarantee.

Food Decorations

Since you’re getting a few decorations for the drinks, why skip out on doing the same for the food. Food during a bachelor party is much more than something to fill up on but can provide some fun in supporting your theme.

There are a few things to consider when putting together the food list for your bachelor party:

  • Decorative cake
  • Fun finger foods

Cake is always a delicious treat to have for all celebrations. Surprise the groom-to-be with a special cake to kick off the bachelor party celebrations. You can easily find a bakery to buying a customized cake, either with a photo of his face or something quirkier like a cake designed as a vagina.

The best cakes won’t even be touched until you return for the night after partying, so make it nice so that it provides some decorative appeal to the party.

Aside from the cake, you’ll need some fin finger foods to munch on in between alcohol shots while pregaming to go out. It’s time to upgrade from the typical chips and dip for more suitable hor’s d ‘oeuvres like boob-shaped pastries or vagina gummies.


The most successful bachelor parties are ones that you won’t be able to discuss outside of the party circle but to ease the mind of the bride-to-be, you’ll need to show a bit of evidence of what happened. Leave the cameras behind when you go out for the night, but you can always set up a fun photo booth to show everyone before the real shitshow begins.

Photo booths are always wacky fun, so if you’ve never stepped inside of one, get prepared for embarrassing photos that show just how immature you can be. The best part about photo booths are the props, so here’s a few to consider:

  • Clothing accessories
  • Signs
  • Blow up dolls

Your party outfit is never enough when you step into a photo booth. Dress it up a bit with some of the favorite accessories like oversized glasses or wacky-colored bow ties. It also never hurts to throw on a fake mustache if you want to disguise your identity slightly.

It’s also a great opportunity to hold up some signs signifying that the photos came from the bachelor party and not a graduation party. Bachelor party signs work best if they’re obscene, so find you with the craziest text to hold up. “Kiss This” and “Bad choices make good stories” are a few that will surely define the night appropriately.

For even wilder photos that might alarm the bride-to-be, don’t be afraid to show that blow-up doll that we already know will be present at your bachelor party.

Party Banners

One of the best ways to decorate your house for a bachelor party is will banners. It’s a simple way to transform it from a simple home into a party center!

Banners can serve as a big welcome for the bachelor entering his last party in the single life, so make it good. It’s another decoration where you can get creative.

Pick out the best colors to match the rest of the decorations and find some fun messages to put as the text. It might be tempting to stick with the bachelor’s name or simply “bachelor party,” but for something clever, hang up “same vagina forever” to celebrate.

The banners aren’t just text, but can also include a few hanging streamers or swirls for a little extra flavor.

Some of the ideal places to hang your banner are:

  • Entrance
  • Central location

The entrance is always a great place to symbolize walking into the party zone. Emerge through the banner, and you’ll see where the shitshow begins.

You could also pick a central location, and they’ll be the focal point of the bachelor party. Place the games or food table beneath the sign to direct your drunken friends where to go. It will be an excellent place for photos to capture the neat decorations before the wild events of the party begin.


What’s a party without balloons? Balloons always make the perfect decorations regardless of your age. It’s also a great complement to your party banners and theme, so there’s lots of fun things you can do with them.

When you first think about balloons, the typical circular shape might come to mind, but there’s a few ways to get something more fitting for the occasion. Some of the types of balloons to consider for a bachelor party include:

  • Message balloons
  • Shape balloons
  • Letter balloons

A bachelor party deserves more than just plain balloons hanging around the room. Add a bit of fun to the decoration with some unique messages tailored just for the party. “She said no strippers” makes for an excellent slogan for the night, especially as you guys await the private dancers to arrive at the party.

Balloons have gotten much more advanced since you last had them for your birthday party – you can find balloons in all types of shapes and styles to perfectly outfit the party. If you’re going with a theme for the party, try to find some balloons to coincide with it – like a sports ball balloon, or a super-hero logo. If you don’t have a theme, you can always opt for a vagina-shaped balloon.

Take your slogan to the next level and get letter balloons to spell out the words. It will really bring the message to life, but you’ll have some fun trying to set them up so that it spells out the phrase correctly.

Party Pack

You don’t have to be an interior designer or party planner to find the perfect bachelor party decorations. Today, it’s a simple task thanks to pre-packaged party packs. Party packs have everything you need for setting up a bachelor party – even if it’s the last minute. Save yourself some time and money and grab a pack.

Party packs come with a variety of decorations and can differ significantly depending on where you purchase them. For example, these party packs give you the perfect theme of “same vagina forever” with corresponding balloons and party streamers.

Everything is already color-coordinated, so you might surprise everyone with how cohesive the party looks. The party packs take care of the main decorations, so you can focus more on buying enough beer and alcohol to last the entire party.

Do you want to take a bachelor party trip instead of planning it at home? Check out the top bachelor party destinations of the year to find some of the best places to party in the world!

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Nashville Bachelor Party

Nashville Bachelor Party

Music and entertainment will be the least of your worries when you host your bachelor party in Nashville. “Music City, USA” is home to some of the most iconic music venues in the world where you can enjoy live music and shows daily.

Nashville is a city built for partying thanks to the famous Broadway strip of bars and the clubs tucked within Printer’s Alley. There will be endless nights of drinking, dancing, and music as you bounce from one venue to the next to find your favorite.

Nashville packs a big punch when it comes to planning a wild bachelor party. If you’re looking for one of the best nightlife destinations to party, Nashville has it all.

Let’s explore how you can make your bachelor party in Nashville the best one ever!

Things to Do During the Day

Nashville is an incredible city to experience, even during the day. The city is famous for its music and sports heritage, with many landmarks and attractions dedicated to them. Nashville tends to bring the party energy out of everyone regardless of the time of day.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend the days during your Nashville bachelor party, some fun things to do are:

  • Ride on the Honky Tonk Party Express
  • Explore Nashville’s musical heritage
  • Party Cruise on the Cumberland River
  • Check out the Nashville sports scene

Ride on the Honky Tonk Party Express

Walk around downtown Nashville on the weekend, and you’ll surely see one of the Honky Tonk Party Express buses riding past filled with people. The buses are famous for bachelor parties in Nashville to give a combined experience of daytime drinking and sightseeing.

Honky Tonk Party Express can host your bachelor party to take you around popular places like Broadway, Midtown, and past the Nissan Stadium. The open-air buses have an incredible sound system and a private bartender for serving drinks along the entire journey.

Explore Nashville’s musical heritage

Did you know that Nashville is nicknamed “Music City, USA?” Nashville is one of Tennessee’s premier music cities that boasts much of its musical heritage. Some of the most popular genres that developed in the city include country, rock n’ roll, and blues.

Nashville is home to iconic music venues like Ryman’s Auditorium, The Bluebird Café, and The Grand Ole Opry. The venues are popular tourist attractions for seeing live shows still performed or touring the venues.

To get a better appreciation of the city’s music history, take a walk down the Music Row District. You can also visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musician’s Hall of Fame.

Party Cruise on the Cumberland River

Head down to the Nashville Riverfront, a scenic green park extending along the Cumberland River. The park is a popular place for locals and tourists – locals enjoy outdoor recreation, while tourists often visit to take one of the party cruises.

Why just watch the boats cruise by when you can party on them. Climb aboard a steamboat tour for a party cruise with the Nashville skyline in the backdrop.

It’s a popular place for festivals and holiday celebrations like the 4th of July or New Years.

Check out the Nashville sports scene

Nashville is a sports hub in Tennessee – you’ll have access to several professional sports teams playing locally and other destinations for sports fans. The major sports clubs based in Nashville include the NFL Tennessee Titans, NHL Nashville Predators, and the MLS Nashville Soccer Club. The diversity of sports gives you plenty of options for finding a game happening during your bachelor party trip.

Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans, is the largest sports stadium in Nashville - a favorite stop for visitors. Take a private tour of the stadium or join nearly 70,000 fans to cheer on the home team on game day.

Nashville also has the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and museum to check out sports memorabilia.

Best Nightlife Spots in Nashville

You’ll discover why Nashville is called “Music City” while exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife. You’ll experience some of the best music venues in the country for dancing, drinking, and a night full of crazy fun.

Nashville has several popular destinations for finding the best clubs and bars in town. It’s not hard to find the best nightlife spots if you know where to look.

Best bars in Nashville

Get the night of your bachelor party started right with a few rounds of drinks at some of the top bars in Nashville. There’s only one place you should think about when preparing to head out for the night: Broadway 

Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville is the center of all the actions when it comes to the nightlife. The strip extends for several blocks and is packed with people on either side. The illuminated neon lights and music emerging from the venues make it the perfect place for barhopping.

You can’t escape live music in Nashville, so some of the spots on Broadway to check out include:

Tootsies Orchid Lounge is located across the street from the legendary Ryman Auditorium. When people leave a show at the auditorium, the first place they go is to Tootsies. It’s a venue rooted in history that showcases the best live music on Broadway.

Nashville is famous for Honky Tonk-style venues, and Honky Tonk Central is one of the largest venues along the strip. The three-story bar features live country music every night – it’s a great place to grab a drink and enjoy the local talent.

Best Nightclubs in Nashville

You won’t have to travel far to the club after checking out a few places on Broadway. Printer’s Alley extends from Broadway, which is a famous alley. Printer’s Alley was where many local print shops were located but transformed into an alley lined with nightclubs.

Printer’s Alley is the place to be if you’re looking to dance with hot girls while sipping cold drinks all night. Some of the recommended venues to visit are:

Get a taste of New Orleans when you step foot inside the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar. It’s one of the top nightclubs in the alley with its Mardi Gras-themed décor and live blues music. Reserve a table and eat Cajun food or hit the packed dance floor.

The Stage and Whiskey Bent Saloon have the best dance floors – you’ll have plenty of space for debuting your new moves, and the fun atmosphere means that everyone around you will be doing the same. The venue hosts live bands playing covers to your favorite songs. 

 Best Strip Clubs in Nashville

It will be much too early to end the night after the clubs close, so the best option is to stop by one of the local strip clubs to end a night of fun during your bachelor party. Nashville has the best strip clubs in the state where your fantasies of sexy girls become a reality.

The best strip clubs in Nashville are:

Stop by Déjà vu Showgirls after the club to be mesmerized by the sexiest women Nashville has to offer. Consistently ranked as the top gentlemen’s club, you’ll enjoy the sensual private dances from your favorite girl.

Pure Gold’s Crazy Horse gives you the southern hospitality you’ve been looking for. The fully-nude striptease shows, and BYOB means you’ll have fun as you’ve never imagined. The venue is well equipped for bachelor parties, so make reservations ahead, and the sexy girls of your dreams will await you.

Best Restaurants in Nashville 

If you know anything about the South, you should know that you’ll find some of the best food in the country. Nashville is no exception, and you’ll eat like a king during the bachelor party. The southern food favorites and the unique local restaurants make dining an entire experience.

You don’t go to the restaurant just for the food, but for the entire atmosphere. You’ll have lots of options with rooftop dining, live music, and much more.

Check out some of the best restaurants in Nashville.

Where to find the best Nashville Brunch

Brunch is the perfect time to dive into the local food scene – it’s one of the most popular meals, especially for visitors. If you can make it out of bed in time, you can enjoy some of the best cities in town at:

The top brunch spots in Nashville are:

Acme Feed & Seed is one of the largest restaurant venues in Nashville, spaced across four stories. Ascend the different levels to visit the restaurant’s sushi bar or rooftop patio. It serves up a signature chicken and waffles; order some cocktails to accompany your meal.

The trendy Southern Steak & Oyster restaurant has all of the southern and seafood favorites. Order some of the options on the breakfast menu or go straight to the oyster bar.

Fido is a former pet shop turned coffeehouse, hence its name. Feel free to come late as they serve breakfast all day, but not too late because the line can stretch outside the door on its busiest days.

Best Dinner Restaurants in Nashville

If you’re gearing up for a long night of drinking, you’ll want to be sure that you eat a proper meal for the festivities. That’s not hard to do when searching for dinner in Nashville. You’ll find plenty of excellent dinner spots along Lower Broadway to make it easy to transition from eating to party.

The unique thing about dining in Nashville is that many venues will provide live music performances to add to the ambiance. Check out these top restaurants on Broadway for dinner:

The Stillery adds a twist to your favorite foods. The specialty burgers and brick-over pizza selections are all the rave when you come to the restaurant. You’ll also get to enjoy cocktails served in mason jars.

Explore all four floors of Jason Aldean’s Kitchen. Enjoy some of the southern food classics and live music before heading to the rooftop bar for drinks to start the bachelor party night right.

Where to Stay in Nashville

It’s all about location when looking for the best places to stay for your bachelor party. Nashville is a major city, so you’ll want to pick the best spot to save you time traveling between the nightlife and your accommodations.

You’ll notice that much of the nightlife centers around the Lower Broadway, which is in the downtown district. Staying Downtown Nashville is the best option, and you’ll find lots of hotels in the area to accommodate your group. Some of the major hotel brands available in the area include Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Marriott.

Because of the popularity of the area for visitors, it’s the most expensive option for places to stay. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly or accommodating larger groups, think about staying at an Airbnb rental.

Airbnb has lots of available rentals in (or near) downtown like this house or this loft. Each place has plenty of space for all of the guys to shack up under one roof. Another benefit of getting a rental is that you don’t have to worry about disturbing other guests while taking part in bachelor party shenanigans.

Best Time to Visit Nashville

The best time to visit Nashville is anytime! The summer season is the most popular time for visitors, but because it’s the south, it never gets too cold during the winter – you can have fun here all year long.

Plan your bachelor party in Nashville for the late spring or Summer to see the city at its peak. The bars and clubs are always packed with locals and tourists, and there’s plenty of street entertainers playing music to create a festive atmosphere to the city.

The summer is also when most of the major festivals and events happen, so you’ll always find something to do in Nashville.

Nashville Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5

Nashville is one of the top places to party in the country, which is why you should have your bachelor party here. Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by live music, lights, women, drinks, and fun. It’s one of the easiest places (and budget-friendly) places where fun is waiting for you.

In addition to the nightlife, Nashville has plenty of activities during the day to suit all types of partygoers. Whether you prefer to spend your days exploring the rich cultural heritage or getting hammered on a party bus, Nashville has it all.

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Havana Bachelor Party

Havana Bachelor Party

Havana is a hidden gem in the Caribbean where you’ll have an unforgettable bachelor party experience. If you’re lucky enough to travel to Cuba for your bachelor party, you won’t regret the decision.

Havana is the capital of Cuba and a haven for nightlife and entertainment. You’ll indeed have some unmentionable nights and stories that it’s best to keep within your group of guys. Get ready for longs nights of salsa dancing with the hottest Cuban women you’ve ever seen and cruising around in an iconic vintage car.

Cuba is very welcoming to host the best bachelor party ever, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it!

Before You Visit Havana

  • Traveling to Cuba is restricted to specific cases for your visit. In your visa process, you’ll have to mention your reason for travel. While there are several available options, since it’s your bachelor party, the simplest choice will be “support the Cuban people.”
  • Cuba has several restrictions on places to stay or eat. We provide more information on finding the best options for accommodations and dining during your trip.
  • Tourists are frequent targets for scams and sex workers. Be mindful when walking around Havana, especially at night. Although it’s a relatively safe place to travel for foreigners, use caution while hanging out and drinking all night.

Things to Do During the Day

It hasn’t been too long since Cuba opened for visitors, so if you find yourself in the intriguing country, it’s best not to waste any moment of the trip. Spending your bachelor party in Cuba is exciting since you’ll have a chance to explore Havana while recovering from any hangovers from the night before.

Havana has lots of exciting things to explore and experiences that you’ll only find here. Some of the best things to do during your bachelor party trip to Havana include:

  • Explore La Habana Vieja
  • Take a classic car tour
  • Visit the beach
  • Visit a cigar shop/factory

Explore La Habana Vieja

La Habana Vieja, or Old Havana, is one of the central hubs in the city where you’ll be surrounded by the iconic architecture and see the local atmosphere. Explore the area to get an authentic glimpse of Cuba.

Walk along the cobblestone streets with vendors and small shops lining either side. You’ll undoubtedly run into street performers creating a festive atmosphere regardless of the time of day. It’s an excellent place for sightseeing some of the famous landmarks, including Plaza de Armas and the National Building.

There are walking tours available to learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage designed site.

Take a classic car tour

Cuba is an island that seems frozen in a moment of time – from the traditional and colonial architecture to the iconic classic cars populating the streets. We’ve all seen the famous images of the classic cars amidst the Cuban backdrop. Well, now is your chance to hop inside one of the cars and explore Havana the proper way.

Classic car tours take visitors around to many famous landmarks such as Christ of Havana, San Carlos de la Cabaña Fort, and Revolution Square. You’ll have time to stop off at each location for photos.

There’s nothing like cruising down the Malecon in a vintage car that creates a memorable bachelor party experience.

Visit the beach

Havana is on Cuba’s northern coast, whose shoreline runs along the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll find several beaches to hang out for the day. It’s a fun destination to grab drinks, enjoy water sports, admire the views, and see beautiful Cuban women.

The best beaches to visit in Havana are Playa Bacuranao, Playa Santa María del Mar, and Playa Guanabo. The beaches are easily accessible – a short ride from downtown and your views will quickly change from buildings to scenic coasts.

Swimming and snorkeling are some of the top activities to do at the beach. You’ll have lots of restaurants and vendors for picking up a few beach snacks and drinks.

Visit a cigar shop/factory

Cuba is famous for its cigars – one of the most sought-after delicacies from the island. Whether you’re a smoker or not, visiting the cigar shops is always a fun thing to do with a group of guys during your trip.

The cigar shops are popular tourist stops to learn more about what makes Cuban cigars so special and to smoke some of the finest cigars available. The shops provide a lounge area for sitting back and enjoying a few puffs. Some of the shops even offer food.

If you’re still intrigued by the Cuban cigars, take a cigar factory tour to see how they’re made.

Havana Bachelor Party Nightlife

Explore Havana during the day, and you’ll already start to feel the party energy emerging from the streets. So, by night, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when the town transforms into a bustling nightlife hub.

Havana nightlife is one of the most exciting parts of visiting Cuba – it has a culture of fun, drinking, partying, so you’ll get the chance to experience nightlife like nowhere else in the world.

Best bars in Havana

Havana offers a wide range of bars to enjoy during the night. If you’re looking for where the action takes place, head to Old Havana (Habana Vieja). The packed streets during the day remain the same at night, except this time, add in a bit of alcohol and a lot more Cuban music.

Some of the hotspots in Old Havana to grab some drinks are:

You can’t visit Havana without experiencing a local-style bar. La Bodeguita Del Medio is one of the most popular bars in Old Havana. The small venue showcases the best of Havana with its memorabilia-filled décor. You’ll taste the best mojitos while dancing to rhythmic Cuban songs.

Havana also offers modern-style bars, like Azucar!!! Lounge & Bar. You’ll understand why the exclamation points are part of the name when you enter the trendy bar. The delicious mojitos and daiquiris are more than enough to get the night started while overlooking Plaza Vieja.

Best clubs in Havana

Dancing is not optional when you party in Havana – it’s a part of the culture, so don’t be shy to try out a few moves on the dance floor. One of the exciting parts about night clubs in Havana is music diversity. You’ll get a taste of popular local music or Latin hits that will surely get your feet moving.

Explore some of the great music and club scenes in Havana at these venues:

Palacio de la Rumba is a Cuban disco where locals enjoying dancing all night. Order some drinks and hit the dance floor for salsa dancing with hot Cuban women.

La Gruta is a local nightclub experience with a more modern taste. The club showcases live DJs spinning the best Cuban Reggaeton music. Order a bottle for the table before heading out on the large dance floor. The club also has multiple bars.

Havana Nightlife Shows and Entertainment

If you’re spending a few nights in Havana for your bachelor party, you might have time to check out some live entertainment. Havana nightlife isn’t all about wild parties, but some other live shows and events are worth checking out to get a broader scope of the Cuban culture.

Visit these venues for exciting live performances to mix into your bachelor party celebrations:

Jazz Club La Zorra Y El Cuervo is a unique lounge experience that you’ll have to see to believe. Enter the red phone booth and emerge into one of Havana’s liveliest jazz lounges. Some of the best jazz musicians play at the club that features live music every night. Be sure to arrive early to avoid a long wait to get in – it always reaches capacity.

Havana has a few cabaret-style shows, and the Tropicana Club is one of the favorites amongst tourists. The club is an outdoor venue where you’ll see wild costumes, upbeat music, and great dancing. You might even get invited onstage to dance in the show.

Casa de la Música de Miramar is a mansion-turned-club where you’ll enjoy live salsa bands performing. Move a few chairs aside and find a beautiful Cuban partner to dance.

What to Eat in Havana?

Admittedly, Cuba won’t be the top culinary destination on your list of places to host your bachelor party, but a lot of it is due to government restrictions. There are several trade embargos in the country, so you won’t find too many international food options. Also, a lot of the locals were under food rations provided by the government.

Restaurants vary significantly in Havana – quality, government-owned vs. private, and service. It’s best to stick near the tourist areas in Havana to find the best food options.

Cuba has several popular dishes that you should give a try during your bachelor party. It might take some exploring to find your ideal restaurant to dine, but if you find these dishes on the menu, you should give them a taste:

  • Ropa Vieja
  • Picadillo
  • Arroz con pollo
  • Rice and beans
  • Cuban sandwich
  • Yuca
  • Plantains

You’ll notice that Cubans love to create a mix of dishes, typically made by adding in lots of common foods to create different meals. Rice-based dishes or soups are very popular.

Every restaurant has its own take on the dishes, but you can be sure that you’ll get an authentic Cuban meal, whether dining for lunch or dinner.

Where to Stay in Cuba?

Cuba travel restrictions also apply to where you can stay during your visit. Since your bachelor party will fall under the “support the Cuban people” travel purpose, you have limited options on places to stay.

One of the best ways to truly have a great time in Havana is to stay in an Airbnb rental. Airbnb rentals fall within the travel guidelines as you will be staying in a private residence, therefore benefiting a Cuban family.

There are many options for places to stay in Havana, like this entire house or this apartment. Be sure to read the descriptions of the places you’re considering booking through Airbnb. Although the rentals provide you with an entire space for your group, sometimes the host is present, either in the apartment or adjacent space for servicing the rental during your time there.

Most hosts know you’ll be there to party, so try to pick a place that doesn’t have a family with kids living there.

There are lots of hotels in Havana, but not all of them are permitted for US travelers. Before booking a hotel, double-check to make sure that it’s not on the restricted list. You can find the updated list on the official US Government site here.

Best Time to Visit Havana

Havana is a growing Caribbean hotspot thanks to the easing of travel restrictions to Cuba. The best time to visit Havana is from December to May.

Cuba has two seasons – dry season and wet season. Dry season coincides with the best time to visit because of the incredible weather you’ll experience during your trip. Cuba has a warm to moderate climate all year, and during December-May, you won’t get much precipitation. It’s perfect for hanging out in the Havana streets and bar hopping.

Wet season lasts from June to November – it’s also considered hurricane season. Cuba gets lots of hurricanes passing through the country, which brings lots of rain and windy conditions. Even so, July and August are a slight exception to the rule.

July and August fall within the wet season, but it the peak travel season for Havana because of the summertime tourist rush. These months are also great to plan your bachelor party around because of the local festivals like Carnival. You’ve never seen a party like Carnival in Havana, so your bachelor party will be 10x more fun.

Havana Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Havana is an incredible place for a destination bachelor party. You’ll immediately fall in love with the Cuban hospitality the moment you arrive. The overall experience of exploring a once-forbidden country during the day and having fun with the locals at night will all make the trip worthwhile.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind during your trip is the restrictions, especially for American travelers. But, if you’re able to stay within the regulations as to where you can go, see, and do, you’ll have plenty of fun during your bachelor party.

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New York City Bachelor Party

New York City Bachelor Party

New York City is a city built for legends when it comes to throwing an epic bachelor party. It’s the top party destination in the world, so you made a great choice in considering it to host such a special occasion.

NYC is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll quickly find out if you can survive in the city that never sleeps. Imagine your bachelor group at a VIP party popping champagne bottles all night surrounded by A-listers and hot women. That scenario is possible every single night when you have an NYC bachelor party.

If you’re ready to plan out the best party in the city, check out our guide for insider tips on making it the best New York City bachelor party you’ve been wanting.

Things to Do During the Day in NYC 

You’ve never been to a city like New York – a bustling city with countless things to do during the day to keep you entertained. It’s a world-famous city that you can’t help but explore anytime you visit.

There’s always something new to discover in New York, and your bachelor party is the perfect time to immerse yourself into it. You have plenty of time before the nighttime fun gets started, so here are a few things you can do to make the most of your time in NYC:

  • Go Sightseeing
  • Take a Ferry ride
  • Attend an event
  • Explore the Five Boroughs

Go sightseeing

There is something significant everywhere you look in New York – in a city with so many historic neighborhoods, iconic skyscrapers, notable statues, don’t expect to see it all in just one day. You’ll find many tours around New York to discover some of the most interesting facts about the city.

Big Bus tours are popular for going on a loop of the must-see places in Manhattan like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Wall St., the United Nations HQ, etc.

Take a ferry ride

For New Yorkers, the ferry is just another way to commute between work and home. For visitors, the ferry is a unique way to get a new perspective of the city. There are several ferries around New York to take you to landmarks, or for just enjoying a waterfront skyline view. 

The most popular ferry ride is to the Statue of Liberty. You can hop on the boat to the city’s most iconic landmark. Be sure to look back and take in the sights of the NYC skyline.

Attend an event

New York is a global entertainment capital with every kind of event going on that you could imagine. There are always events happening around town, either public or private, so you’ll always have something to do. Keep in mind that some events might require pre-planning, but you can decide the same day what you want to do and show up to it for a lot of things.

Catch a Broadway show if you’re into live theater or attend a sporting event at Madison Square Garden or the Yankee Stadium. You’ll have lots of outdoor events happening around Central Park like free live music free or catch Shakespeare in the Park at Bryant Park.

Explore the Five Boroughs

New York has five major boroughs – Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. You’ll be surprised at how different each of the boroughs are from each other. Each borough operates as its own city, so having a bachelor party in NYC is like having five-for-one.

Take a cab or the subway around to each of the boroughs to find which is your favorite. NYC is much more than the touristy areas of Manhattan – the other boroughs give you a glimpse into the real New York where the locals live and play.

A fun game to play is checking out a local bar and having a drink in each borough.

Best Nightlife in NYC

NYC is famous for being a top party destination in the world. The nightlife scene ranks among the top internationally – you’re in luck if you get the chance to visit for your bachelor party.

Get ready to experience world-renowned clubs, incredible views, and an energetic party vibe in the city that never sleeps. Having an epic bachelor party night in New York is almost inevitable, and you never know where you might end up by the end of the night.

Midtown rooftop bars

New York City has thousands of bars to choose from – so how do you decide which to visit for your bachelor party? While every bar has a distinct characteristic, it’s best to find one that offers the best NYC experience.

The towering skyscrapers give New York the best skyline in the world. The views provide the perfect backdrop when hanging out at the rooftop bars:

Many of the midtown hotels have rooftop venues to enjoy the city sights. The Refinery Rooftop is atop the Refinery Hotel, but you don’t have to be a guest to grab a few drinks. You’ll get an authentic industrial ambiance from the award-winning venue.

One of the largest rooftop bars is 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar – the bar is a two-story penthouse with indoor seating on the first level and a decorative outdoor garden on the second level. The bar features live music every night to keep you in the party spirit.

For the best view, check out Bar 54, a rooftop bar on the 54th floor of a midtown skyscraper. You’ll have incredible skyline views while enjoying drinks from the specially curated cocktail menu.

VIP Nightclub Experience

Getting VIP service is a must if you want to do your bachelor party right – and in NYC, that sometimes means a high price tag. If you’re prepared to spend a bit of cash to party like an A-lister for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you’re in the right place.

New York City is dotted with lots of upscale nightclub venues like you’ve never seen before. Skip the line and head straight to your reserved table at these venues and get ready for a night to (hopefully) remember:

Live DJs bumping the latest hits, flashing lights around the venue, and a line of hot bartenders holding massive champagne bottles with sparklers are just a few of the scenes you can expect when you arrive on the night club scene. 1 OAK is a premier club where you can easily be celebrating alongside your favorite celebrity.

Gansevoort is a multi-level rooftop club that seems to have endless rooms to explore after you’ve been drinking a bit. You’ll be surprised by the number of women flocking to your table, thinking that you’re famous. In New York, everybody wants to have a great time. 

Tao is a classy Asian-themed restaurant earlier in the night, but as the night progresses, it transforms into a wild nightclub. It has two locations in Midtown, so if you enjoyed your time there the first night, give it another go for round two on the next night.

Strip Clubs in NYC

In case you didn’t know, New York City has some of the hottest girls in the world. Where there’s money, there’s sure to be some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen – which is a big reason why you should check out the local talent at the city’s top strip clubs.

Midtown Manhattan is home to the top strip clubs in NYC where all your fantasies become a reality:

The best way to enjoy a strip club is in an upscale atmosphere so you can properly relax and enjoy the company of hot girls. Both strip clubs offer VIP services with the option of a private room. You’ll be mesmerized by the exotic dancers and enough drinks to keep the party going until the next morning.

Where to Eat in New York City?

There’s a saying that says there are so many restaurants in New York City that you can eat at a different restaurant for each meal and never eat at the same place for over 20 years. While we’ve yet to meet someone to attempt the rumor, you’ll understand where it came from when you’re walking around the city.

NYC has countless restaurants of everything you could imagine. No matter what kind of food you have a taste for, you’ll have plenty of options to dine during your bachelor party. It’s hard to avoid grabbing a quick hot dog or gyro from the many food stands around the city, but if you’re looking for a real meal, here are some places you should check out.

Boozy Brunch in NYC

Unlike many other places, day drinking is highly celebrated in New York, which is why it’s the best place for your bachelor party. Brunch takes on an entirely new meaning when you find out that it’s just a continuation of the night before.

Boozy brunch is a popular trend in NYC, where you can enjoy drinks and delicious food in a fun atmosphere. Some of the must-visit brunch spots are:

Head to the trendy TriBeCa neighborhood in Manhattan to dine at Añejo for brunch where you can sip unlimited drinks and eat bite-sized Mexican favorites for a couple of hours. As an alternative, the Lower East Side neighborhood is no less trendy and home to Pig and Khao, where you can dig into an Asian-style brunch accompanied by unlimited mimosas or beers. 

Around the world dinner in NYC

Dinner is the perfect time to check out some of the diverse food options around New York. You’ll feel like you’re transported to a new place when you arrive at the venues. You can essentially travel the world just on the food alone – and each restaurant will impress your taste buds.

If you’re down for a bit of experimenting, consider some of these delicious restaurant options:

Beginning at the northern side of Central Park, you’ll enter Harlem, one of NYC’s cultural hubs. Sylvia’s is a famous Harlem restaurant where you’ll get authentic soul food and serenaded with live jazz music.

Little Italy is another popular district in Manhattan where you’ll find the best Italian dishes. Visit Da Nico for the best spaghetti, pasta, or pizza in town.

Korean BBQ is perfect for a large bachelor party group. Korea town in Midtown is where you’ll find the best entrees authentically cooked in the center of the table.

Where to Stay in NYC

It might be overwhelming thinking about where you want to stay for your bachelor party in New York City. You’ll have to narrow down which borough, neighborhood, type of accommodation, etc. – the possibilities are endless.

Before you make reservations, think about what you plan to do during the bachelor party so that you can cut down on travel time. Also, consider how much you can budget for your accommodation. It’s best to leave most of the spending on buying more alcohol for partying.

If it’s your first time visiting New York, Midtown Manhattan is the best option. You’ll be minutes away from tourist attractions, restaurants on every block, and clubs within walking distance from your hotel.

Hotels like the Conrad Midtown and the Intercontinental are for more luxurious stays, or you can find alternative options like Marriott and Holiday Inn around the area.

Also, consider staying at an Airbnb apartment in the city to really wild out like you’re hoping for your bachelor party. Apartments like this or this are perfect for hosting a group of guys for an epic time in the city.

New York City Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5

It doesn’t get any better than a bachelor party in New York City. You’ll have everything you need to make for an epic couple of days in a city so vast. You can go from bar hopping in some of the popular neighborhoods or popping bottles in a VIP section of the club if your budget permits.

New York City has it all, and not to mention some of the hottest women to help you celebrate. If done correctly, your bachelor party will seem like a blur in such a fast-paced city where your only limitation on what you can do is based on you.

Get ready to have one of the craziest bachelor party experiences of your lifetime!

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Myrtle Beach Bachelor Party

Myrtle Beach Bachelor Party

The famous Myrtle Beach is a favorite destination for people looking to party – the perfect recipe for an epic bachelor party weekend. Host your bachelor party in Myrtle Beach to experience an incredible beach destination that’s very welcoming to visitors.

You’ll find everything you need for the best bachelor party ever – great weather, lots of bars and clubs, good food, and beautiful women. You’ll never get tired of seeing a parade of bikinis strolling down the boardwalk, and there are lots of outdoor venues to grab a drink and enjoy the sights…of the ocean…

If you’re considering a Myrtle Beach bachelor party, dive into our guide to find out how to plan out the best party ever.

Things to do during the day in Myrtle Beach

You’ll never have a dull moment during your bachelor party in Myrtle Beach. If you’re spending a couple of days in town for your party, there are plenty of things to do to fill up your itinerary.

Some of the best things to do for your bachelor party are:

  • Hang out at the beach
  • Go golfing
  • Visit a winery
  • Hop on a boat ride

Hang out at the beach

As if the name doesn’t give you any indication, Myrtle Beach is a popular beach destination. During the day, the beaches are filled with people soaking up the sun, going for a refreshing swim, or playing beach sports.

Myrtle Beach State Park is the most popular beach – a one-mile stretch of soft sand and views looking out into the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll also have the Myrtle Beach pier and boardwalk where you can grab a few drinks or snacks before heading out into the beach. Be prepared to see lots of hot women in bikinis strolling along the boardwalk, especially during the Summer travel season.

Go golfing

Myrtle Beach is a well-known golfing destination with some of the country’s best golf courses. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just looking for an enjoyable place to spend a few hours with your group, golfing is highly recommended.

Visit a nearby golf course to test out your swing and, of course, have a bit of fun riding around on the golf carts. You’ll have a few golf courses to choose between, including Grande Dunes Golf Club and Whispering Pines Golf Course.

Each of these courses provides groomed 18-hole golf courses with incredible views of the coast as the backdrop.

Visit a winery

It’s never too early to drink, especially during your bachelor party. If you’re planning the perfect trip to Myrtle Beach, you’ll want to add a visit to one of the nearby wineries to your list of things to do.

Duplin Winery and La Belle Amie Vineyard are excellent choices to find some of the best wine grown locally. The vineyards provide a complete experience for guests, including tours of the grounds, seeing the behind-the-scenes of the wine production process, and wine tasting.

Sit out on the patio and enjoy delicious wine with a side of cheese and crackers for a classy drinking experience before the wild drinking begins later.

Hop on a boat ride

Spending time on the beach gives excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean, but how about heading out into the water for great views looking back at Myrtle Beach. If you’re into water fun, there are plenty of boat ride experiences to get your adrenaline pumping, or something a bit more laidback to enjoy the sights.

Take a boat cruise along the shore to see some of the marine life, including dolphins and gators. You can also grab a few jet skis or climb aboard the banana boat for a bumpy ride. For those more daring, you’ll also find parasailing.

Best Nightlife in Myrtle Beach

When the night falls in Myrtle Beach, all family vacation-goers turn in and allow the real party atmosphere to emerge. If you think that the beach is fun during the day, wait until you see how the night unfolds.

It’s all about location in Myrtle Beach, and you’ll find the nightlife scene centered near the coast. You’ll have plenty of options of where to grab drinks, go dancing, see hot women, and much more to make it an epic bachelor party trip.

Beachfront bars

Just because it’s nighttime doesn’t mean that everyone leaves the beach. Instead, most people like to hang out on the boardwalk and check out some of the beachfront bars. Myrtle Beach has several options where you can kick off the night without having to venture too far. 

Walk along the boardwalk, and you’ll run into these popular bars. It makes it easy for bar-hopping until you find the best atmosphere to grab a few drinks.

If you’re looking for the best drinks, head over to Hurricanes Daiquiri Bar, where they serve up the best daiquiris in town. You can grab seats right on the boardwalk to enjoy people watching while sipping hand-crafted drinks. It’s also open until 2 am on most nights.

The island theme inside the 8th Ave Tiki Bar always puts visitors in a party mood. The outdoor patio right on the boardwalk is an excellent place for relaxing, sipping cold drinks, and plotting the next place to bring the party.

Myrtle Beach Nightclubs

The Myrtle Beach nightlife scene is surprisingly diverse – each club offers a unique characteristic to give you a choice of how you want to spend your night. You can go for a more local clubbing experience, or stick with an international-style club scene.

Some of the clubs worth checking out are:

The Bowery is one of the most famous night clubs and a popular spot for locals. You’ll get an authentic Southern experience when you enter the venue - it has a southern-theme and often hosts live country and rock music shows.

If you’re looking for a more modern place to party, Señor Frogs is where you want to be. You’ll see a lot of the venue because it’s also a great restaurant spot before turning into one of the hottest places to party in Myrtle Beach.

Your bachelor party is the perfect time to splurge for a VIP experience – Oz Myrtle Beach has one of the best local venues to grab a VIP table and get bottle service. The club has two floors of dancing and live DJ’s spinning top hits all night long.

Strip Clubs in Myrtle Beach

The party doesn’t stop when the night clubs close. Visit one of the local strip clubs to close out your bachelor party night – it’s the next best thing to a happy ending. Hopefully seeing hot women hanging out on the beach during the day is enough to convince you that you’ll see a bit more than just skimpy bikinis during your time in Myrtle Beach.

You’ll have the best adult entertainment when you end the night at one of these clubs:

There’s no rush to get to either of these clubs as they are open until well into the morning hours. The two clubs are also a block away from each other so you can find which has the best girls for your taste.

The clubs have the sexiest girls to put on a show for you all night. Sit back and enjoy a stage show or get a lap dance from the woman of your dreams.

What to Eat in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination that happens to have the perfect atmosphere for hosting a bachelor party. The combination is the ideal scenario for finding incredible restaurants for each of your meals during the trip.

Load up on the best local dishes to make sure you have plenty of energy to party all night long.

Best breakfast spots in Myrtle Beach

The breakfast choices in Myrtle Beach are so tasty that it’s worth the effort to make it to the local hotspots every morning (if you can). And a lot of times, many of the restaurants and diners serve breakfast all day long – so even if you stumble in late with a hangover, you’ll still get exceptional service like it’s the first thing in the morning.

If you need a fantastic breakfast to start the day, check out these restaurants:

Harry’s Breakfast Pancakes might become your go-to breakfast diner for All-American style breakfast meals. The restaurant serves the typical omelets, French toast, corned beef hash, and more, but the real appeal is their service hours. It opens up early enough that you can go straight there after a night of clubbing.

Everyone can use a nice cup of coffee to start the day, and Boardwalk Coffee House has the best in town. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee with ocean views right on the boardwalk with your favorite breakfast sandwich.

Best restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is very diverse when it comes to places to eat – there’s something for everyone! Regardless if you’re visiting with a large group or just a couple of friends, you’ll find some great options suitable for lunch or dinner.

One of the great things about having your bachelor party at an oceanfront location is enjoying fresh seafood. Sea Captain’s House is a popular restaurant with some of the best local seafood. You can dig into fresh catch with views of the Atlantic Ocean. It even has live music on most nights.

You can’t go to Myrtle Beach without stepping foot into Señor Frogs. The restaurant blurs the line between dinner setting and bar scene, especially as it gets later in the day. You’ll discover the best local Mexican dishes here while sipping great drinks all night for pre-gaming for the main event.

Where to Stay in Myrtle Beach

It won’t be hard finding accommodations in Myrtle Beach. It’s a favorite beach destination for everyone, so you’ll have lots of oceanfront resorts to choose between when making your bachelor party reservations.

Some of the best international brand hotels are located near the Myrtle Beach boardwalk so that you’ll be in the middle of the action just moments away from your hotel room. Crown Reef Beach Resort and Sun N Sand Resort are a few of the best options if you’re looking for a specialty resort vibe with views, pools, and entertainment all onsite.

One thing to consider is that you’ll have to be mindful of other guests when staying at a hotel. To truly make it an epic bachelor party with no limits, you can rent out an entire house for the guys. Stay a couple of nights in a condo like this or this, and you’ll still be minutes away from the famed boardwalk where all of your bachelor party dreams will come true.

Best Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

The best time to visit Myrtle Beach for your bachelor party is during the summer. Summer is, by far, the peak travel season. From June until August, the beaches, restaurants, bars, and clubs will be packed with party-goers and people looking for summertime fun.

One thing to keep in mind is that prices are typically higher during these months, and some venues might require prior reservations due to demand.

For an alternative, you can visit during the late Spring – late April to May is also a great time to avoid some of the rainy weather later in the year, and still nice enough to hang out on the beach and boardwalk areas.

Myrtle Beach Bachelor Party Rating – 4 out of 5

Myrtle Beach is an excellent place to hang out for your bachelor party. The beach environment is the perfect setting for relaxing days and wild nights. It’s easy to have fun regardless of the time of day.

Myrtle Beach makes it easy to find things to do since most of the excitement centers along the oceanfront area. It’s a popular destination for people looking to have a good time so you’ll feel the fun energy from the moment you arrive.

Get ready to have the best Myrtle Beach bachelor party experience!

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Cancun Bachelor Party

Cancun Bachelor Party

It’s time to take your bachelor party international by hosting it in Cancun, Mexico’s top party destination. We’ve all heard the stories about the party scene in Cancun, and it’s the perfect place for an epic bachelor party!

Day parties, scenic beaches, beautiful women, delicious food, and massive night clubs are just a few of the perks awaiting you in Cancun. The entire resort town is filled with party energy that you’ll feel the moment you land.

Everybody is ready to party in Cancun, and you’ll have lots of choices on how you spend your bachelor’s trip. Select your wildest guy friends and get ready to party in one of the party capitals of the world!

Things to do in Cancun during the day

Prepare yourself for some outdoor fun, adventure, and plenty of drinking in between activities. Anything goes when you’re visiting Cancun for your bachelor party, and there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained.

Whether you’re sobering up from the night before or mentally preparing yourself for what’s to come in the nightlife, you can enjoy some of the popular tourist activities in Cancun.

  • Visit the beach
  • Explore an adventure park
  • Snorkeling and diving at MUSA
  • Take a dip in the cenotes
  • Day trip to Chichen Itza

Visit the beach

The beach is unavoidable when you’re visiting Cancun – and if you’re staying in Zona Hotelera, you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches. Cancun is among the top beach destinations in Mexico, so you’ll see picturesque views while soaking up the sun.

Cancun is lined with white sand beach and turquoise waters to make the perfect backdrops for selfies to make the people at home jealous they missed out on your bachelor party.

Playa Delfines and Playa Forum are just a couple of the many beaches you’ll find. Whether you’re looking for busy beaches with hot girls walking around, or more secluded areas to relax, Cancun has a beach for everyone.

Explore an adventure park

The water is just one way to have some outdoor fun in Cancun; another way is by immersing yourself into a jungle experience at one of the popular adventure parks. The local adventure parks are like a theme park for adults where you’re free to let your inner child come out.

Xplor Park is the best park to find a variety of outdoor adventures. You can do everything from zip-lining above the jungle canopy, ATV riding, cave exploration, and more. Adventure parks are a fun activity to do with your group to get your adrenaline pumping.

Snorkeling and diving at MUSA

Snorkeling is a favorite local activity to explore the depths of the ocean surrounding Cancun. You can find boat tours to take you to some of the popular diving spots, but you’ll want to visit MUSA for the best underwater experience.

MUSA, or the Cancun Underwater Museum, showcases art underwater. The unique museum was established to highlight the coral life and preserve other surrounding reefs. You’ll see hundreds of underwater statues arranged in creative exhibits. And since you’re underwater, you’ll be swimming alongside the abundant marine life.

Take a dip in the cenotes

It might be hard to pull away from the scenic beaches, but there are many other places to go for a swim. Skip the hotel pool and opt to go for a dip in one of the nearby cenotes, or natural pools.

Cenotes are a unique swimming experience, many tucked within the jungles or hidden in caves. The scenic pools are perfect for a quick swim to cool off from the heat. Ride along the Ruta de Cenotes for many options – some cenotes are more developed because of their popularity or discover a hidden gem.

Day trip to Chichen Itza

Cancun is a major tourist destination that often blurs the lines between Mexican culture and international appeal. If you’re visiting for a couple of days, we recommend taking a day trip to Chichen Itza to explore some local heritage.

Chichen Itza is a Maya Ruin where you’ll see the impressive 100-ft tall pyramid called El Castillo. Drive a couple of hours outside of Cancun to reach the archeological site, which also features temples, an observatory, and even an ancient ball court.

In case you can’t make it to the ruins, you can visit the local Museo Maya Cancun to see artifacts and learn more about the Mayan culture.

Best nightlife spots in Cancun

Many people refer to Cancun as the Las Vegas of Mexico. By night, the sunny beach town transforms into a bustling nightlife haven illuminated by neon venue signs. Most tourists hang around Zona Hotelera, or the Hotel Zone, a strip lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

If you’re looking for some fun places to party in Cancun, the strip should be your first destination.

Best Bars in Cancun

Head along Kulkukan Boulevard, the main street extending to either end of Zona Hotelera, to find the best bars. The local bars are unlike any place you’ve ever been to before. The bars are a great place to start (or continue) drinking to begin the night, but once you’re there, it might be hard to leave.

Be sure to visit these bars during your Cancun bachelor party:

Both of these bars are located along the strip, so it’s easy to reach them from your hotel. If you can’t get enough of the beach, The Surfin’ Burrito is precisely where you’ll want to grab a few drinks. The bar is right on the beach so you can enjoy cheap drinks with a priceless view. And the best part is that it’s always open.

Suppose you want to get the party started early, head to Congo Bar Cancun. The multi-level venue is a destination for dancing. You’ll have plenty of room to try out your drunken dance moves while jamming to live DJ sets all night. Get the open bar option for your bachelor party and see how long you can survive before blacking out.

Most of the resorts in Zona Hotelera also have inclusive bars for their guests – some bars give great beach views while others let you swim right up from the pool.

Best nightclubs in Cancun

There’s a reason why Cancun is Mexico’s favorite party destination. You won’t believe the scale of the nightclubs here, comparable to some of the top nightclubs around the world. If you’re looking for a great party to celebrate your last days as a bachelor, check out these spots:

The City Nightclub is the largest in Cancun. The dance floor is always packed with locals and tourists vibing out to fantastic music. Get bottle service for your group, and you can party all night to pulsating beats.

Dady’ O is another major nightclub to dance away the night. The people who come here are ready to party, so feel free to show off your bachelor party celebrations. You’ll immediately feel the energy as soon as you enter the venue. There will be endless glow-in-the-dark cups going around and sexy bartenders letting you take shots from their cleavage.

Best Casinos in Cancun

The cost of partying in Mexico is significantly cheaper than most other places. You might be pleasantly surprised at your final tab after leaving the club or bar. And with the Dollar to Peso exchange rate, the prices even for bottle service seem unreal.

If you find yourself with a bit of extra cash by the end of the night, you should check out one of the local casinos to see if you can hit it big. There are many casinos in Cancun open all night to drop by after leaving the club.

Check out these casinos for some leisure gambling in Cancun:

Whether you’re a high roller or looking for low minimum bets to drop your last few pesos, you can find a wide range of games at these establishments. They offer your favorite table games, slots, and have all of the familiar casino sights and sounds to get you hype if you’re winning.

What to eat in Cancun?

Your Cancun bachelor party will surely have more drinking then you’re probably planning for. The best way to make sure you survive the trip is to eat well, and you’ll have lots of options!

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or looking for a delicious Mexican dinner, it won’t be hard to find a restaurant or food cart to grab a bite.

Cancun is a resort town, so if you’re staying at one of the resorts in Zona Hotelera, you’ll have food options onsite. How convenient to wake up and stumble down to the lobby to order breakfast. The staff is well prepared for hungover guests, especially if you tell them that you’re celebrating a bachelor party.

As you’re hanging around town for the day, stop by one of the street food vendors to try out some classic Mexican food favorites:

  • Tacos
  • Churros
  • Elotes
  • Botanas

Dinner in Cancun

After a long day of outdoor adventures and preparation for the nightlife, you’ll also have some great restaurant choices to fill you up before switching to strictly alcohol for the evening. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from along the main Kulkukan Boulevard – some of the favorite places to keep an eye out for are:

Ask the hotel staff for restaurant recommendations, and you’ll hear Mextreme as one of the best choices. The restaurant serves Mexican food as well as international favorites in a fun atmosphere. Porfirio’s Cancun also serves up a great plate of Mexican food that you can enjoy accompanied by live music every night.

Since you’re right on the coast, don’t forget to try some seafood – Captain’s Cove always has fresh seafood options with incredible views of the ocean while you eat.

Where to stay in Cancun?

Most tourists visiting Cancun stay in Zona Hotelera, or the Hotel Zone. The zone is a narrow strip extending from the mainland into the Gulf of Mexico, developed mainly for tourism.

Many top resorts like the Dreams Sands, Royal Sands, and Panama Jack Resorts offer beachfront properties and all-inclusive amenities for guests. The resorts have prime locations along the main boulevard and provide shuttle service between destinations.

An all-inclusive resort is the most popular option for Cancun accommodations, but you can also find private villas and houses to rent on Airbnb to host your bachelor party. Check out places like this or this to stay near all the action of Zona Hotelera, but with the privacy of your own space.

Tips before visiting Cancun

Cancun is Mexico’s party destination but may also be considered a tourist trap due to the number of people visiting every year. Where there are lots of drinking and partying, there’s sure to be some scams to look out for.

For the safest time in Cancun, stay near Zona Hotelera or only visit places advised by the hotel staff. Travel outside of the main tourist area, and you may quickly come across some shady areas.

Also, be mindful while partying. Sure, you’ll want to have a wild night, but you also want to make it back home in one piece. Don’t walk around with lots of money and try to use cash (pesos) whenever you can.

We typically like to recommend strip clubs to check out for your bachelor party but use extreme caution if you’re planning to head out late night to any local venues. Tourists are always an easy target.

Cancun Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5

Cancun deserves five stars all across the board when you host your bachelor party here. Nothing compares to the energy you’ll experience for the few days you’re visiting Cancun. You’ll surely come back with more secrets than stories you’ll tell anyone outside of your trusted group of guys.

Mexico is a place like you’ve never seen before, and they sure do know how to party. Cancun is a destination built for partygoers, making it the perfect place to host such an epic event.

As long as you’re mindful of where you’re at during your time in Cancun, there’s no reason why you won’t have an incredible bachelor party.

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Los Angeles Bachelor Party

Los Angeles Bachelor Party

Los Angeles is the city of dreams where your wildest bachelor party fantasies can become a reality. LA is set in a sunny California valley with incredible weather year-round making it the ideal place to party.

A bachelor party in Los Angeles will be everything you’re hoping for and more. You’ll find yourself partying in some of the top clubs in the country surrounded by women you’ve undoubtedly seen in the movies.

You’ll automatically feel like an A-lister as you embark on a few days of partying in one of the top bachelor party destinations in the US.

We’ve put together a guide to show you how to make the most of your time in LA to make your life truly feel like a movie.

Things to do during the day

We know you’re already anticipating the wild nightlife, but the sunny days in LA are perfect for getting to know the iconic city. It’s not all about the partying here, as you’ll have some incredible experiences to fill up your daily itinerary.

Be sure to add these activities to your LA bachelor party plans:

LA Live

Downtown LA is revived thanks to the LA Live experience – head to DTLA to discover city’s premier sports and entertainment complex. You can spend all day (and night) hanging around the campus filled with a variety of live entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, and more.

Check to see what events will be happening during your party dates. On a busy day, you’ll see lots of people walking the area. You can attend a game at the legendary Staples Center, or dive into the music industry history at the Grammy Museum.


No trip to Los Angeles is complete without visiting Hollywood. Hollywood is the most iconic area in the city where you’ll get to experience life on the big screen. Hollywood has a lot of places to check out dedicated to the bustling film industry.

You won’t want to miss a chance to walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – see if you can spot your favorite celebrity handprints! You can also take photos in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre or explore one of the many museums.

There are always characters strolling the streets of Hollywood and street performers, hoping for a big break.

Visit the beach

The weather always seems to be beautiful in Los Angeles, and thankfully there are a couple of popular beach options to soak up the sun. Not to mention beautiful women walking around providing plenty of eye candy! Two of the best beach destinations in LA are Venice and Santa Monica.

A lot of the action centers around the Venice Beach boardwalk where you’ll have an entire strip lined with vendors and beach shops. If you’re into sports, you can run a game on the basketball courts or drop in at the skateboard bowl. The waves are also great for practicing your surfing skills.

The Santa Monica Pier is also a favorite hangout during the day, where you get to enjoy a carnival-like atmosphere filled with rides and snacks.

Thrill Rides at Universal Studios

You’re never too old to visit a theme park, especially one like Universal Studios. Leave Disneyland for the kids and check out the park designed for adult fun!

Universal Studios teleports you into your favorite films with themed park rides and attractions. You get to immerse yourself into the fictional worlds of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, and more.

You’ll have everything from thrill rides to exploring some of the film sets used in the movies. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of restaurants and eateries in the park to grab a drink or two to make the park experience special.

Take a Tour

Whether you’re a tourist visiting LA or already live nearby, chances are, there’s a lot you don’t know about the city. In such an iconic city, it’s filled with history, art, and, of course, celebrities. You’ll find lots of specialized tours to explore some of the unusual quirks about LA.

Grab the guys and hop on a bus to tour some of the infamous historic sites, celebrity houses, and even film studio lots. You can also find tours to go behind the scenes at the LA Dodgers Stadium.

Where is the best nightlife in Los Angeles

The LA nightlife is one of the top reasons why it’s such a popular bachelor party destination. Try not to use up all of your energy during the day hanging out because the nightlife is something you don’t want to miss out on.

The goal for any bachelor party is to barely survive the night to tell about it the next day – a task easy to accomplish in Los Angeles.

Best Happy Hour Bars in LA

LA is one of the most expensive cities to host your bachelor party, but you don’t have to break the bank just yet. There are many popular happy hour spots to find great deals on drinks to get more bang for your buck.

Some of the best happy hour spots to kick off your LA night include:

Los Angeles is a creative hub; you can expect a wide range of types of bars. Each of these bars offers a unique atmosphere for enjoying drinks.

Library Bar, for example, is one library where being quiet isn’t mandatory. The library-themed bar features walls lined with books and comfortable couches. Its downtown location makes it a favorite spot for professionals after work, and the cocktail menu has plenty of options to satisfy your alcohol needs.

Perch is a rooftop bar where you’ll have incredible views of the city while enjoying some of their handcrafted drinks. If you get hungry, you can order some delectable French cuisine for the table.

Everybody loves a great saloon-style bar, and Sassafras Saloon is all the above and more. You’ll get to try your skills in mixology to create custom-designed drinks—the Old Western décor pairs well with live entertainment. 

Best Nightclubs in LA

The LA nightclub scene is where the city comes to life. The clubs are always packed with A-list celebrities, and wannabees – sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference so you may as well join in on the fun.

Book a table at one of these top nightclubs in LA for your bachelor party, and you might find your favorite celebrity celebrating at the table next to you:

Get ready for a night of dancing when you enter Exchange LA or Avalon Hollywood. Exchange LA is located in the former LA Stock Exchange Building, where you have four floors to party. You never know what to expect in the club – flashing lights, confetti falling from the ceiling, and pulsating music all night.

At Avalon Hollywood, although the name changes frequently, its reputation for a great party remains. It’s established in a historic theater, renovated for a modern party atmosphere.

Poppy is a more upscale venue where bottle service is a must to maximize your experience. It hosts many celebrity appearances and can get packed on busy nights. Step out onto the patio for a breather before heading back inside to continue the crazy night. 

Best Strip Clubs in Los Angeles

Strip clubs are one of the unspoken about activities that happen during a bachelor party, but we all know you can’t have a successful party without visiting one (or a few). LA has you covered for some mesmerizing adult entertainment and fun.

In a city full of actresses and models, you can be sure that you’ll find some of the hottest girls in the world, providing you much-needed entertainment for the night. We recommend checking out the following clubs:

Dames N’Games is adult entertainment like you’ve never seen before. It’s a topless sports bar, appealing to two of every guy’s kryptonite. Enjoy the sporty atmosphere with walls lined with TVs and sexy girls serving you drinks. You can get private dances here or attend one of their live sporting events like bikini wrestling.

Déjà vu is the perfect after-hours spot – it’s open until 6 am so you can always stop by after dancing the night away in the club. You’ll find some of the most beautiful strippers in the club. Be warned, they’re professionals and really know how to sell you on the fantasy…

Where to Eat in LA for your bachelor party?

LA is one of the top foodie destinations in the United States with food and venues for everyone. Sure, you can find plenty of restaurants serving the typical foods, but with so many options, it might be a good idea to try out a few new dishes during your visit.

You’ll have plenty of delicious meals to fill you up for lots of drinking, and to combat the hangover you’re sure to have.

Best Brunch Spots in LA

If you don’t know anything about LA, brunch is like a religion here – it’s something everybody looks forward too. LA does brunch differently where you might encounter an unexpected party while still trying to sober up from the night before.

Some of the exciting brunch spots to check out are:

You’ll have your pick of locations if you’re planning to eat at Blu Jam Café. And there is no rush to eat since they serve breakfast all day – the only rush should be to get a spot in line to get a table!

Regardless of the location, come on the weekend, and you’re sure to run into a big crowd waiting to taste their American diner favorites like eggs benedict or the Muscle Beach meal.

Redbird is a trendier brunch spot where you’ll get to experience new-age dining. They add a creative twist to your favorite American breakfast while dining in a unique, historic atmosphere. Compliment your delicious brunch with cocktails or mimosas.

Dinner with a view

Dinner in Los Angeles might not come cheap, but the dining experience is unmatched compared to anywhere in the world. You’ll find some of the most unique venues with incredible views of the city while enjoying chef-prepared meals.

Treat yourself during your bachelor party with dinner reservations at:

Head to Downtown LA to find the 71Above restaurant. As the name suggests, it’s established on the 71st floor of a DTLA skyscraper, where you’ll have unbelievable panoramic views of Los Angeles. The upscale venue is perfect for making a toast to the bachelor and a fun night ahead.

Yamashiro immerses you into the Japanese culture, surrounded by traditional décor and amazing Japanese cuisine. The best part about the restaurant is the view. It’s located atop the Hollywood Hills with views overlooking the entire city. You can plot out which side of town you’ll become a legend for the night.

Where to stay in LA for your bachelor party?

Deciding where is the best place to stay in LA depends significantly on your budget for the party. It’s Los Angeles, so you’ll find the entire range of accommodations, from budget hotels to million-dollar mansions to rent for a couple of days to everything in between.

If you’re looking for hotel accommodations in LA, you should check around Hollywood or Downtown LA. Los Angeles is infamous for its heavy traffic, so choosing a place near where you plan to spend most of your time is advised.

You can also find some great house rentals via Airbnb like this place or this place to live like a Hollywood celebrity during your bachelor party.

Los Angeles Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5

Los Angeles is arguably the best city to host your bachelor party. You’ve never experienced partying until you’ve spent a few days and nights in LA. There’s a reason why it attracts the rich and famous.

You’ll get to party alongside A-list celebrities – and perhaps feel like one in the midst of all the party shenanigans. There are countless places to hang out during the day and dance away the night.

LA is built for those looking to live the fast life for a few days, and a bachelor party is a perfect time to do it. Prepare your liver and wallet for a time well spent during your Los Angeles bachelor party.

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Louisville Bachelor Party

Louisville Bachelor Party

Louisville isn’t the most talked-about bachelor party destination, but it’s one to reconsider after discovering more about it. Louisville is one of Kentucky’s most beloved city where you’ll find some of the best nightlife, dining, and entertainment in the state.

Host your bachelor party in Louisville to experience a fun time like never before. Louisville has you covered, whether you’re looking for a high energy party with beautiful women, sipping bourbon while enjoying live music, or a cruise alongside the city skyline.

We’ve put together a guide to throwing a bachelor party in Louisville to give you an inside look at the best things to do. We’ll explore the nightlife, places to eat, where to stay, and bonus tips before your party.

Get ready to have the best bachelor party ever!

Things to do in Louisville during the day

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, so you can bet that there’s plenty of things to do to keep busy during the day. Dive into the Louisville culture by exploring the local culture through drinks, sports, and experiences. You can spend your bachelor party getting to know one of America’s favorite cities.

Some of the best things to do in Louisville during your bachelor party are:

  • Visit Churchill Downs
  • Walk the Waterfront
  • Take a Brew Tour
  • Explore NULU (New Louisville)
  • Go on a Day Cruise

Visit Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is one of the most iconic landmarks in Louisville. The historical racetrack hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, along with other races and events. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to attend one of the exciting racing events.

Churchill Downs also offers tours – visitors can walk the grounds of the track and visit the museum. The tours provide lots of historical information about the track legacy.

Horse racing is one major aspect of the local culture. The venue is a great way to experience something unique during your bachelor party.

Walk the Waterfront

If you’re looking for where the locals like to hang out during the day, stop by the Louisville Waterfront. The waterfront runs along the Ohio River with lots of pedestrian walkways and leisure space.

The Louisville waterfront is perfect for people-watching, interacting with the locals, and discovering local events. The waterfront frequently hosts events such as art and music festivals. You never know what you’ll run into while hanging out on the waterfront.

Either stroll the strip or relax in one of the green spaces. You can grab a few chairs and eat out on the lawn with a cool view of the Big Four Bridge in the background.

Take a Brew Tour

Did you know that Louisville is home to several major brew distilleries? You won’t have to search long for a good drink while visiting Louisville because there are plenty of distilleries to check out. The distilleries are great for touring while enjoying cocktails.

Some of the top distilleries in Louisville include Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Makers Mark, and Kentucky Peerless. The distilleries are open to the public to explore the behind the scenes of their processes. You’ll also get to taste plenty of fresh bourbon on each tour.

Explore NULU

New Louisville, or NULU, is the trendiest district in the city. It’s a significant contrast to the historical buildings you’ll typically see.

NULU is located at East Market District, where you’ll find a lot of boutique shops, restaurants, and people hanging outside.

Gather your group of guys and head down to the district to visit contemporary shops and eateries. It’s a popular hangout area and worthwhile to visit during your party.

Go on a day cruise 

No Louisville trip is complete without taking a day cruise. Louisville is along the Ohio River – several boat companies operate tours in the river to experience the city in a new way.

Steamboat cruises are popular for visitors. The boats are traditional American vessels with space for large groups, or you can hire a private tour. The cruise tours take you up the river for sightseeing or more specialty cruises for lunch and brunch.

 Best Nightlife in Louisville

Louisville is a favorite city for locals and tourists, especially the nightlife. You deserve a fun night or two for your bachelor party, and you’re sure to find it here. There are lots to look forward to when you venture into the Louisville nightlife scene to find the best bars, clubs, and strip clubs.

Best bars in Louisville

The good news about having your bachelor party in Louisville is being in one of the country’s bourbon capitals. Bourbon is famously made in Louisville, so there are many bourbon bars to check out during your visit.

Some of the best bourbon bars in Louisville are:

Start your bachelor party night off with great drinks and ambiance when you visit either of the venues. You’ll never run out of bourbon options after getting a glance at their drink menus. 

Bourbons Bistro and Haymarket Whisky Bar both feature over 100 bourbons each on their menus. Even bourbon connoisseurs will find something new. These are good options if you’re looking to see the most famous spots in town.

Down One Bourbon is a unique bar that offers bourbon from different eras. You can choose mixes from the pre-prohibition era to the modern-day.

Best night clubs in Louisville

Bars are an excellent way to start, but your night might not begin until you end up at the club. Louisville has several nightclub options for finding the best music, party, and beautiful women.

Check out one of these night clubs to add a bit of fun and excitement to your bachelor party:

Louisville is a popular city stop for touring artists and events, so you can always find something happening in town. You have a lot of options for live music clubs to enjoy.

Howl at the Moon is one of the top clubs in Louisville – it’s located in the 4th St. Live entertainment district and famous for its bucket drinks. The venue hosts live music events and has a fun, party atmosphere.

Cole’s Place and Club Legends also have live music performances. Check out the venues if you’re looking for a place to dance all night and enjoy delicious drinks.

Best strip clubs in Louisville

Great drinks and a fun time in the club is a sign that you should continue the bachelor party activities. The strip club is mandatory for your bachelor party – Louisville has you covered on exciting strip clubs to check out.

You’ll be seeing lots of beautiful women throughout the night, especially when you stop by these strip clubs:

Louisville offers two types of strip club experiences – upscale and relaxed.

If you’re all dressed up for the night, you should add Blue Diamond to your party itinerary. The upscale club offers excellent bottle service and VIP. You’ll see some of the hottest girls in Louisville dancing in the club.

PT’s Showclub and Foxy Lady are perfect for more relaxed strip club atmospheres. You can enjoy the show until the early morning hours. The clubs offer topless shows and dances for the bachelor.

Best Places to Eat in Louisville

A bachelor party trip should always include delicious food to accompany lots of drinking. Louisville has lots of dining options for tasting the local flavors and characteristic décor. There’s plenty of places where you’ll find your favorite dishes.

Brunch in Louisville

One thing to look forward to during your hangover morning is going out to eat brunch with the guys. Breakfast might be too much to ask for if you’re planning to have a wild night; brunch is appreciated just as much.

You’ll have several brunch options in Louisville to mix a hearty meal with drinks. Check out the brunch specials at these restaurants:

North End Café is a local favorite spot for brunch. There’s no need to rush into the restaurant because they serve breakfast all day. You’ll have great options for American-style breakfast dishes.

Bristol Bar and Grille is a booming brunch spot that has multiple locations. Be sure to bring your appetite – the restaurant features a buffet-style brunch and unlimited bacon.

Garage Bar, on the other hand, is a trendy boutique restaurant established in a renovated garage. You’ll find one of the city’s best brunches while enjoying the ham and cheese bar.

Dinner in Louisville

You’ll want to start the night with a full belly to handle all of the drinking during your bachelor party. Louisville offers a wide range of restaurants that showcase the city’s southern flare.

Instead of browsing around for the best restaurants to eat dinner in Louisville, stop by one of these, and you’re guaranteed to have a tasty meal: 

Each of these restaurants offers a unique experience compared to the others. Proof on Main celebrates its locally sourced food used in all of its products. You’ll get an authentic local taste at the hotel restaurant. 

You can start a night of drinking early when you dine in at Jack Fry’s or Butchertown Grocery. Jack Fry’s has a fresh, vintage décor with an old charm atmosphere. The restaurant serves southern food favorites.

Where to Stay in Louisville

Reserve your bachelor party accommodations in the best part of Louisville to have easy access to everything. It’s easy to navigate Louisville, but you’ll find many attractions near the downtown and waterfront districts.

Downtown Louisville and the Waterfront are two of the best places to stay for your bachelor party. You’ll find many hotel options, including high-end stays at the Galt House Hotel, or familiar accommodations at the Marriott or Hilton.

Hosting a bigger group for your bachelor party might deserve a bit more space than a hotel room. Consider renting an entire place to host the party.

Check out Airbnb for some excellent accommodations in Louisville. You can find updated apartments like this if you want to stay downtown or rent a house like this one located just outside the center.

Best Time to Visit Louisville

The best time for your bachelor party in Louisville is during the spring or summer.

Geographically, Louisville lands approximately on the border of the north and south of the US. The local climate shares elements of both regions – something to consider when planning your party dates.

The springtime and summer have incredible weather for spending time outdoors or moving between party venues. Both months are the busiest tourism seasons for the city, so you’ll get an influx of people at the hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.

Louisville hosts many of its events from around the year during the spring and summer – you can easily find things to do during the daytime or night.

Although prices are cheaper during the fall and winter seasons, Louisville gets cooler and has more precipitation. 

Tips Before Having Your Louisville Bachelor Party

Depending on the season when you’re visiting, some venues might require reservations for your party. During the busy seasons, it’s best to call in advance for restaurant or club services to accommodate everyone in your party.

The easiest way to get around Louisville is by car. Drive to Louisville or rent a car when you arrive. If you’re staying downtown, you can walk to a lot of the best things to do, but other parts of the city require transportation.

Louisville Bachelor Party Rating – 4 out of 5

Louisville is a fun place for a bachelor party - you’ll have plenty of things to do to keep your entertained. It offers a fun, yet diverse nightlife to enjoy the company of beautiful women and hand-crafted drinks.

Louisville is a seasonal city for having the best experience. Spring and summer in Louisville will have the most things to do to fill your bachelor party itinerary. You can enjoy a laidback city in the day and always find some fun parties at night.

Louisville should be at the top of your list for where to have your bachelor party.

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