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Bachelor Party Locations

Bachelor Party Gifts Guide (2021)

Bachelor Party Gifts Guide (2021)

Bachelor parties are no longer what they used to be. They used to be some beers and hitting the strip club with your friends. Today, they can be all of that plus some extra everything. They went from a fun night out with the boys to an epic occasion for everyone to never forget. Some go further making it a destination event while some are celebrating it local style. What they have in common is making it the best night you all could wish for.

A way to thank your boys for always making those stupid decisions that are now great stories, is through gifts. There are all kinds of different types of gifts you could hand out on your bachelor party. It can be the silly and funny ones that sets the tone for the night. There are also the gifts that show appreciation and making the guys understand that they are special to you, without making it awkward out loud. Classy or funny, the gifts adds that extra touch to the party that your friends will love.

Who Gives and Who Takes?

Haha…anyway. Bachelor parties are not like the bachelorettes where it is either traditional or expected to bring gifts to the groom. You can do it if you want, up to you! But it’s not expected. However, it is a nice tradition we see starting to take shape, that the groom or the best man to give some presents to the party crew. If you’re here trying to find party ideas to give to the groom, you can also find some good ones in this guide!

To Make Them Laugh

Let’s start off with the funny ones, because that’s obviously more fun… Weddings are all serious and stressful and that’s why the bachelor party is very much needed. A tradition used to let it go and not feel like you’re crossing any lines, well there are some… These gifts will make the whole party feel like tonight is the night when the unexpected is expected, a night that will go down in history. Well, let’s start.

Even in tropical, warm or cold weather – everyone appreciates their drinks cold. These coolers will make your guys laugh and make everyone seeing these photos wish they were there.



Headed outside? Perfect to wear matching or personalized sunglasses for the special day or hide behind nighttime. Sunglasses can be funny or classy or both, you can find all kinds of information regarding sunglasses here.


If you want your crew to stand out of the crowd, not just because the way you act. This is a nice heads-up for everyone around you to see what kind of storm that is coming in. These hats will make your buddies laugh and set the tone for the night.

Bachelor Party Hats

Who does not like to get a funny shirt? Regarding bachelor party shirts, you have no idea how funny and crazy they can be. You can even personalize them, and they are a great memory for the crew to keep. Here you can read more about bachelor party shirts and you can find great selections everywhere, etsy, amazon – you name it!

Bachelor Party Matching shirts

To Add Some Class

Just because it’s classy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Even if the groomsmen aren’t smokers, cigars are a nice gift that is both personal and has a classy touch to it.

Personalized Gift Cigars

If you want to give your boys a big thank you, this manly box will even make them all feel soft inside. This is something they will keep forever and remind them of an awesome night!

Bachelor Party Gift Box

Use this personalized whiskey glass to cheers the night to come. A great present the guys can use in the beginning of the night and keep for the rest of their lives. Keep them safe before hitting the town though!

Personalized Bachelor Party Gift Glas

Are your friends’ heavy grillers? This grilling kit is a great present they both can use and will truly appreciate.

Personlized Grilling Kit

Wrap Up

As you might notice, bachelor party gifts for the crew don’t need to be expensive but will guarantee laughter, appreciation, or both. A great way to thank your guys for setting up an awesome bachelor party and for being your friend. Is it expected of you? No, it’s not but it’s a nice touch! Even non-grooms can get use out of these great ideas for gifts that can work for any occasion such as, wedding or birthdays.

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Bachelor Party Shirt Guide (2021)

Bachelor Party Shirt Guide (2021)

Trying to come up with some fun ideas for your friend’s bachelor party and make the whole group stand out in the crowed as a united force of debauchery? Or maybe you are the groom suspecting that your friends are going to make you wear stupid stuff at your own party….well, take them down with you. T-shirts are comfortable to wear, cheap and available in all kinds of different sizes. They will also add to the occasion and are a great memory for everyone to keep after the hangover is long gone. We are listing some great ideas for your personalized bachelor uniforms and clarifying some things to consider!


Bachelor Party Shirt Inspiration

When it comes to the design of the shirt you can select a pre-designed bachelor party design, or you can let your creativity go loose! When designing it on your own, you have the opportunity to personalize the shirts and make them unique. You can include the names or even childhood nicknames, the date, and if it’s a destination bachelor party you can include the city or country you’re going to. Did the groom have an embarrassing haircut growing up that he still whines about? Why not put his childhood face on there as well and show the world the masterpiece.

If you’re somewhere in the middle and not feeling up for the task to create your own clothing collection, you have solutions to it. There are for example t-shirts with different pre-designs that needs a small contribution so you can include your names and date. Easier than finding old photos and still a personal touch for everyone involved!

Here is a ton of different designs that are both pre-designed and where you have some designer input.

Matching Bachelor Party Shirts

Custom Bachelor Party Shirts

If you want to do it yourself and have customized bachelor party t-shirts you can find different alternatives everywhere and they are super easy to make. To find a wide selection of different brands, quality and price you can for example find it on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Zazzel.

Custom Bachelor Party Shirt


Sleeve alternative

The bachelor shirt doesn’t necessarily need to be a t-shirt, there can be different reasons wanting to wear a tank top. That little extra sleeve can make a big difference in warm or maybe tropical weather. Maybe you have been working hard on those biceps and want to show them off or maybe you haven’t. Tank tops are for everyone with a great selection of designs that are available everywhere!

Bachelor Party Matching Shirts

Keep in mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when you order bachelor party shirts, even if they are pre- designed or not. It needs a little bit of planning. You don’t want to be last minute if one of the shirts are missing, if the order is delayed, wrong sizing or something spelled wrong. Therefore, order it in time if something unsuspected happens. 

Before ordering the shirts, it can be a great idea to brainstorm and collect information from the rest of the groom party. Maybe the rest of the party has some great design ideas or input regarding colors, t-shirt or tank tops. You also need to get information about sizes and double-check spelling to avoid awkward situations. You can use this size chart to send to the guys to get information about their sizes. If you are ordering from an internationally based company the sizes can differ and can need a double-check with their customer service.

Size Chart Shirt Men


Don’t forget to check so everything is correct when you get the order delivered, incase there is anything that needs to be corrected. If it’s possible, it can be a good idea to let everyone try the shirts and make sure everything fits and that everyone is comfortable in their bach-uniform.

Bachelor Party Custom Shirts

Bachelor Party Shirt Designs

If you have browsed through the shirts that are pre-designed or designed in need for some contribution, you know there is a ton of alternatives. Bachelor parties is not a place to be shy but remember, if you want to design your own shirt - you are going to shown in public. Maybe not let your creativity take you away a little too far, but don’t be shamefaced either. Here is a list to give you some inspiration:

Same Vagina Forever
One Clit That’s It
*Grooms name* Found His Forever Hole … whatever your vision may be!

Bachelor Party Matching Shirts


Bachelor party shirts are inexpensive, even the shirts with a higher quality or brand. It is a great touch, will make everyone laugh and an awesome memory for everyone to keep. It is also very easy to design your own and you don’t need to be a graphic designer to get a great result. Just don’t forget to double-check the shirts in time incase something needs any corrections. Check out the pre-designed shirts and let your creativity fly!

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Plan a Gay Bachelor Party

Plan a Gay Bachelor Party

As we all already know, gays know how to party. But planning a gay bachelor party can feel both fun and somewhat intimidating. Of course, you want to throw the best bachelor party your friend could ever imagine, but at the same time you wonder if there are any dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Throwing a gay bachelor party is not a lot different from a straight one, but there are a few things to keep in mind that sets them apart. We are breaking down the planning guide for you, and a few heads-up to keep in mind.


Planning someone else’s party, whether the party is a bachelor, birthday, straight or gay - research is key. Not only do you need information about when your friend wants the bachelor party to take place, but you should also find out if this is a one-man show or if he wants to celebrate this occasion with his significant other.  Some gays want to throw one big party together, and some prefer to spend them together with their friends. It’s all individual so remember to check that one off the list!

Another thing to keep in mind is that gays have a mixed crowed of friends. This bachelor party is not beery college friends and strip club. Or maybe it is! It can be a good thing to ask your friend about who’s on the invitation list and if you don’t know them, try to find out a little bit about them. It is of course your friend’s big night before the big day, and you would probably not get the task to set this up if he didn’t think you would do a great job. Even though, it would be nice to make everyone enjoy the night as much as the groom!

Gay Bachelor Party


When you have that in place it’s time to look at your options. First of all, where should this big bash take place? Is the bachelor party going to be one local night or a few days destination party? You know your local area the best and you could through friends find out more about the top-gay-places to be. But for a destination bachelor party can need some research. Are there any good gay bars or clubs for the place you have in mind? If it is summertime, will the gay pride parade be in the area? Does the groom want one last big adventure with his friends packed with extreme sport activities? Maybe he wants to enjoy a tropical beach and getting a great tan for the wedding?

Remember that this is for your friend, and you know him better. Maybe he wants to just get together and have a good time with his closest friends or maybe he wants the whole world to know that he’s getting married. Double-check with the groom what kind of extravagance-level he has in mind.

Gay Bachelor Party

Piecing it together

When the pieces are starting to come into place, it’s time to get the décor! Fashion advice isn’t something all gays trust coming from a straight person, but even if he’s gay he can’t escape the humiliation every bachelor needs to feel on his big night!  
Here you can find the perfect touches to the party.

Bachelor Party TutuWrap it up

As you might notice there are some extra things to keep in mind when you throw a gay bachelor party, but not a big difference from a straight one. For more ideas and while having these pinpoints in mind, you can get some great inspiration through the different blog posts here


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20 Epic Stripper-Free Bachelor Ideas

20 Epic Stripper-Free Bachelor Ideas

Bachelor parties are usually known for getting drunk and hitting the strip club. If you feel like the whole traditional celebration for leaving the bachelor life is worn out and you want to be more creative, here are some awesome ideas to make the bachelor party an adventure and a great time you and your best buddies actually will remember.

1. Paintball

An activity you can basically find everywhere in the country, and you can even find indoor courses if the weather makes it difficult to enjoy it outside. A great way to get out of the wedding stress or to get back to the guy who made out with your crush back in high school.  Isn’t the bachelor party made for making the groom feel the right amount of humiliation? Why not dress him up in a chicken costume and make it rain paint?


2. Go off road

Rent dirt bikes, ATVs or dune-buggies and go off road. There are different tours you can take through deserts and forests. Before the party goes off, you can start the Vegas night with the best drug in the world…adrenaline. With Sunbuggy you can take an intense dune buggy chase tour in the dark desert with the Las Vegas Strip as your view.


3. Bungee jumping

Don’t overthink it, just let go and jump. You can find bungee jumping across America and a great way to feel unstoppable for the rest of night. Living somewhere flat? No problem, you can jump from a crane. You don’t want to be the little dude that doesn’t jump… painful roastings coming up!

Bungee Jump

4. Sky diving

If you want a bach shit crazy bachelor party, this one is for you. A great memory for all of your best friends and easy to come by, sorry. 



5. Zipline

Is bungee jump and skydiving too extreme for you, don´t sweat we got you. Zipline comes in all sizes, heights and extreme level. A fun way to kick off your weekend with your buddies or as a part of your bachelor party adventure.


6. Rent a lake or beach house

Wedding-planning-stress syndrome? Get away from all the planning with your best buds and rent a house close to the lake or the beach. Time to relax and disconnect from the world.
 Lake house

7. Fishing weekend

Fishing is life? Hook your groom up with a great fishing weekend. There are several deep fishing tours to make some memorable catches around the US or countries a flight away. Why make it complicated, time for quality time.


8. Helicopter tour

See your city from a new angle or why not a new one? If you want to add some extra spice to it you can hit to Las Vegas and shoot an M249 saw machine gun from the helicopter! Check out Gunship Helicopters for more information about their shooting packages.

Helicopter in New York

9. Massage and spa treatment  

Hey, it´s nothing wrong to get a relax-treatment. Spa treatment, saunas, jacuzzi and deep tissue massage. How does that not sound great? Wrap up your crazy bachelor party with a relaxing finish so you all can look fresh and relaxed for your big day. Is the wedding planning crazy enough to add to it? Well, here is your answer to tackle it.


10. Go-kart racing

No one said you have to grow up just because you´re getting married. Go-karts are not what they used to be. Check your local or not local locations, some hit 40 MPH and can give you the opportunity to rent the track. Possible to do indoor and outdoor incase you need to plan around surprising forecasts. A fun day for old time sake!


11. Go to Costa Rica

If you´re after a destination bachelor party adventure, Costa Rica is a great choice! Costa Rica doesn’t just have beautiful beaches, weather, scenery and great drinks. It is also has a great selection of houses with private pools to rent for different price ranges. Not only that, Costa Rica offers you a bunch of different jungle and rain forest activities, like going off road on ATVs, dirt bikes, ziplining and exotic animal tours. So everything? Everything.

Costa Rica Zipline

12. Some kind of show

A stripper free bachelor party doesn´t necessarily have to rule out seeing people on stage. Have a great laugh with one of your favorite stand-up comedians or see your favorite band – fingers crossed they´re in town. If not, chase them down! 

Stand-up Comedian

13. A week in Europe

With some planning you can make an amazing week in Europe. Perfect for the history-lovers, foodies and anyone really. It is easy and cheap to fly or take a train between different cities and countries in Europe. Depending on the season you can go skiing or swimming. Mix it up with an “unforgettable” bar crawl in Prague with their world famous beers and some pasta-eating days in Rome! 

Prauge Beer bike


14. Relax in the Caribbean

Don’t want to go that far? Hit the Caribbean! Beautiful beaches, awesome drinks and great food. Maybe rent a boat and have some fun water activities. Come back home relaxed with a great tan! What else is there to say? It´s the Caribbean.
 Caribbean beach

15. Hike a volcano
More of a madman and looking for something unique? In Guatemala you can hike up a volcano and have front-row view while another volcano has an eruption. This one is more for the adventure-seeker, it takes a couple of days to hike up and camping overnight. But do you want to win the craziest-bachelor-party price, this one is for you!

Volcano in Guatemala

16. Dress the groom up and hit town

A groom should never get away from being embarrassed during his bachelor party, even the bible says so. A great way to do it, dress him up and hit town. Maybe there are some accomplishments he needs to check off to get out of whatever he´s wearing before hitting the bar.

Man in costume

17. Camping

There are awesome locations through the States for some great camping. Good food, beers, s'mores, laughs with your best buds and campfire under the stars. Mic drop.


18. Limo service

Ride with style when you go from bar to bar. Skip the hazel and coordination that always ends up leaving some of the guys behind with Uber tonight. Hire a limo and make the rides part of the party!  Big group? The answer is spelled party bus.

Party bus

19. Paragliding

If fast speed isn’t your thing but you would like something adventurous on your bachelor party, paragliding is a great choice! Gives you a cool memorable experience with your homies and not as hard to say yes to as jumping out of a plane. 


20. Check off the bucket list

Have you checked with the bachelor what´s on his bucket list? Maybe some of the stuff on the list is something you can check off together.
 Bucket list

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Plan an Epic Sosua Dominican Republic Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Sosua Dominican Republic Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

If you’re thinking about visiting Sosua for your bachelor party, you’ll soon realize that it’s a bachelor’s paradise. With the beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women, what is there not to like about Sosua!

You’re in for an exciting bachelor party when you set out to one of the most infamous beach towns in the world. You’ll encounter the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen and are always ready for relations. Add in a weekend full of alcohol at a private villa, and it’s the perfect bachelor party scenario.

We’ve got the perfect tips for you to have an awesome time getting shitfaced in Sosua. We’ll let you know all of the bachelor party supplies that you need to gear up for one of the most insane parties you could ever imagine.

Things to Do During the Day

Sosua is a destination in the Dominican Republic as beautiful as the women that live there. You’ll soon realize that you’re in paradise, and you should take full advantage of it during your bachelor party.

The good news about Sosua is that you can have fun around the clock. So get the day started early by enjoying some daytime activities that are sure to be just as fun as the nightlife.

The best daytime bachelor party ideas in Sosua are:

  • Visit the beach
  • Walk Pedro Clisante Strip
  • Host a boat party
  • Ride Dune Buggies

Visit the beach

Sosua is located on the island’s northern coast, where you’ll find the best beaches. The beach is always a popular hangout, regardless of if you’re a local or visitor. There are several beach options, each with a different atmosphere.

Sosua beach

The most popular beach in Sosua is Sosua Beach. It has two main sections to explore. The walkway alongside the beach is lined with bars, restaurants, and shops. And then, the main beach area where you can enjoy water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

For a more laidback beach experience, visit Playa Alicia, a tranquil setting, or enjoy Kitesurfing at Encuentro Beach.

Walk Pedro Clisante Strip

Pedro Clisante Strip is a prominent area in Sosua where many shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars are located. It’s one of the areas that gives Sosua its reputation as a bachelor’s haven. It’s an excellent place to go people-watching – it’s always busy with local traffic and people handing out.

Even during the day, you’ll find lots of “mangoes,” or street girls, walking the streets. If you like attention, wear your groom hat and groom sash, and you’ll have girls calling out to you nonstop.

The best thing to do at Pedro Clisante Strip during the day is to grab a few drinks and sit along the sidewalk and enjoy the views.

Host a boat party

Sosua is definitely a party hotspot in the Dominican Republic. It’s a place designed for fun, even during the day. You don’t have to wait until the nightlife to start partying because you can have some wild experiences even with the sun up.

You can reserve a boat and host your own boat party just off the coast of the island. You’ll climb aboard a large catamaran boat and sail out, where you’ll have views of the coast, incredible music, and lots of booze. It won’t be hard to get some girls to join in on the fun!

Ride Dune Buggies and ATVs

You can walk to a lot of places in Sosua, but what fun is that? Go on a guided tour of the island on high-speed dune buggies and ATVs. It combines sightseeing with a thrill ride on the fun four-wheelers.

Cabarete Tours and Mel’ Tours are great options for booking tours. Every person will get their own vehicle as you ride around to different parts of the area – Puerto Plata, Cabarete, and Sosua. You’ll get picture-worthy views of the coast and even get some off-roading action to really kick up the vehicle in high gear.

Best Nightlife in Sosua

Nightlife is not hard to find in Sosua. In fact, most times, you’ll run right into it as soon as you step outside of your hotel. From the bars to the beach to the street life, there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your Sosua bachelor party.

We have some amazing bachelor party ideas for unbelievable nightlife in Sosua.

Best bars in Sosua

Most of the bars in Sosua have an open design that you can just walk right up to from the street. It makes it easy to walk past and scout where all the action is before entering a venue.

What makes Sosua stand out is the beach bars. Sosua Beach is a popular place to go to enjoy the nightlife. There are tons of bars lining the beach that play music and sometimes host live bands and DJs. Go to the bar to order drinks and sit in the patio areas to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. 

Many of the other bars worth checking out are along the Pedro Clisante Strip. These bars are always lively:

You can enjoy strong cocktails and the classic Presidente beer. The venues also play music all night. So feel free to dance or have some fun with the girls hanging out inside of them.

Best Nightclubs in Sosua

If you haven’t run off with one of the girls yet and still in party mode, you can find places to drink and dance until 3 AM. And you won’t even have to go too far.

Most of the nightlife action happens at Pedro Clisante. While you’re bar hopping, drop by one of the local nightclubs where you’ll have plenty of fun. The best nightclubs to visit in Sosua are:

  • Diamond Club and Lounge
  • NYC Drink
  • Jolly Roger
Classico bar Sosua

Diamond Club and Lounge is a modern disco setting. It’s a spacious venue with a large dance floor where you can vibe out to Latin hits all night long. Grab a section and a few bottles for the table and get ready for a fun atmosphere. 

There are many Dominicans who live in New York and vice-versa, so it’s no surprise to see the influence in Sosua. NYC Drink is a fun nightclub where you’ll always find events happening. It has bottle service or grab a bucket of Presidente’s to last the entire night.

Jolly Roger is another staple to the Pedro Clisante party scene. It’s foreign-owned, so it’s popular with people visiting Sosua. By day it’s a restaurant, but it stays open until 3 AM on the weekends. It’s known for host live music events and even karaoke nights. 

Girls in Sosua

Sosua girls

It’s literally impossible not to find girls in Sosua. You’ll see girls walking around during the daytime and nighttime. The street girls are called “mangoes,” so if you hear the term, you’ll be prepared for what to expect.

A quick heads up, Sosua is famous as one of the sex capitals in the world. It’s a small city where most girls are there looking for money in exchange for services. While the government tried to clean up its reputation by shutting down local brothels, the girls just relocated to other places.

If you’re looking to have fun with a girl for the night, you can find plenty hanging out on the Pedro Clisante Strip. Girls can tell that you’re a foreigner and will literally grab you as you walk by.

There are also happy ending massage parlors everywhere. Walking around the city, girls will hand you fliers for a massage session, but we all know what they’re really selling…

What are the best restaurants in Sosua?

Aside from the women, the Dominican Republic is also known for having some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean. So, it’s only right that you indulge the right way by eating at the best restaurants in town during your bachelor party.

With tourism being such a big focus in Sosua, you’ll find that many restaurants cater to foreign visitors. Be sure to mix up the typical American dishes with some of the local favorites.

Let’s check out some restaurants you should add to your list of places to eat in Sosua. 

Best breakfast restaurants

Café Cubano Sosua

Even after a late night of partying, the locals in Sosua seem to wake up bright and early. If your alarm clock doesn’t wake you, you’re sure to hear the sounds of Latin music from a corner store or motorbikes honking as they drive past. It’s the perfect signal that it’s time to head out to one of these tasty breakfast spots:

  • Café Cubano
  • New Café Restaurant
  • Charly’s Bar

Café Cubano and New Café Restaurant serve up American-style breakfasts with options such as waffles, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, toast, eggs, and great tasting coffee. Charly’s Bar is known for its great prices for such a hearty meal, and each dish comes with fresh coffee or juice.

Best places for dinner in Sosua

Looking for a place to host your bachelor party dinner? You’ll need the perfect atmosphere if you’re planning on giving out bachelor party gifts or making a toast - not to mention good food. Sosua has lots of different ambiances in each restaurant. You can find a bustling spot in the heart of Pedro Clisante or opt for a more scenic place on the waterfront.

We recommend checking out these spots for your bachelor party dinner:

  • Captain Bailees
  • Waterfront Playa Alicia

There’s plenty that you can say about Captain Bailees. It’s a hot spot for foreigners – it probably explains why so many “mangoes” hang out right outside the restaurant. But if you can push past the crowd of women (not such a bad thing), you can enjoy a varied menu of fish, chicken, pizza, and more.

Waterfront Playa Alicia

Enjoy dinner with a magnificent view of the ocean when you dine at Waterfront Playa Alicia. Pick a table on the outdoor patio and dig into a delicious steak accompanied by a cocktail.

Where to Stay in Sosua?

Sosua is a small beach town, so you’re never too far away from the main action. But the less walking that you have to do, the better. It’s just a short distance between the beaches and Pedro Clisante. You’ll spend most of your time in either place, so we recommend finding accommodation in those areas.

Sosua has resorts located right on the beach. You’ll be steps away from the most scenic part of town. Check out Sosua Bay Resort Hotel and Casa Marina Beach Resort, with the perfect amenities for a comfortable stay.

There are tons of boutique hotels around town near Pedro Clisante. It’s the main strip, so you’ll be in one of the most convenient spots. Check out the Sosua Inn Hotel, which is connected to Captain Bailee’s restaurant, or Ahnvee Resort, which is adults only. 

Many people who visit Sosua choose to stay in a rental, especially for a bachelor party. Imagine your own space to make all of the bachelor’s dreams come true. You’ll have plenty of room to put your bachelor party supplies and put up fun bachelor party decorations.

Airbnb has several great villas available like this place, and this place that go great for hosting a bachelor party.

Best Time to Visit Sosua?

Sosua is a popular vacation spot in the Dominican Republic at any time of the year. The tropical weather is one of the most attractive features of the island. All year round, it has lots of sun and hot temperatures. Sosua is located on the island’s northern coast, which gets the perfect breeze compared to the southern region.

Sosua does have a rainy season, which lasts from December to March. During these months, you will experience a brief moment of heavy rainfall, but it soon returns to the sunny skies. Some people prefer the rainy season because it’s slightly cooler.

Sosua DR Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


Let’s be honest, almost everyone comes to Sosua because of the women. It’s perhaps the biggest sex capital in the world. In fact, even women from around the country go there specifically to “work” due to how normal it is there.

If you’re not looking for that kind of environment, avoid Sosua and choose another place to host your bachelor party. But if it is, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for and more. Sosua is definitely a place you should experience as your last time being a bachelor because your future wife will surely not let you go for a leisure vacation.

Now that you have all the info and prepped with your bachelor party supplies, it’s time to start booking your trip to every guy’s favorite Caribbean destination.

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Plan an Epic South Padre Island Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic South Padre Island Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

South Padre Island is the place to be for your bachelor party! It’s a famous party destination in Texas that brings out the wild side in everyone who visits. If you’re looking for an extreme bachelor party experience, South Padre Island is sure to surpass your expectations.

South Padre Island is a small island that packs enormous party energy! Don’t forget your bachelor party supplies because you’ll put them all to great use during your party experience. From crazy beach parties to party cruises, we’ve got the best bachelor party ideas to let loose during your celebration.

Round up your bachelor party group, and let’s jump into making it the best party ever!

Things to Do During the Day

South Padre Island is a unique destination where you can have just as much fun during the day as you can at night. There’s no wonder why it makes an excellent bachelor party destination with a party atmosphere everywhere you go. You’ll have plenty of things to see and do to keep you entertained until the night arrives.

Here are a few daytime bachelor party ideas for South Padre Island

  • Hang out at the beach
  • Take a dolphin tour
  • Visit the Port Isabel Lighthouse
  • Rides at Gravity Park
  • Go on a party boat cruise

Hang out at the beach

You can’t visit South Padre Island without spending some time on the beach. It’s a small island, so you’ll never be too far away from it. Grab a cooler and other bachelor party supplies and head to the beach to spend the day.

 South Padre Island Beach

There are lots of things to do on the beach on South Padre Island. On hot days, go for a refreshing swim or rent jet skis to shred through the Gulf of Mexico. The beach stretches the entire shoreline, so there is plenty of room to spread out and toss the football or play a game of beach volleyball.

Take a dolphin tour

Visiting South Padre Island means that you get a chance to meet the famed local residents. There is a community of dolphins living off the shore of the island. Several companies offer dolphin tours to see the marine animals up close.

Reserve a tour experience with Breakaway Cruises to encounter bottlenose dolphins in Laguna Madre Bay. You’ll experience a fun boat ride and have your cameras ready to snap photos of the creatures emerging from the water.

Visit the Port Isabel Lighthouse

Take some time to be a tourist on the island so that you have something to tell the fiancé when you return home. The Port Isabel Lighthouse is the most famous landmark on South Padre Island.

The iconic lighthouse towers nearly 60-ft tall. It’s open to the public to ascend the stairs to the top and out onto the balcony. It offers the best panoramic view of South Padre Island. Be sure to stop by the visitor center at the foot of the lighthouse to learn more about it.

Rides at Gravity Park

Gravity Park dominates the island’s skyline along the coast. It’s time to add in some thrill rides to your bachelor party. You’ll be catapulted 140-ft into the air by The Rocket or soar above the ground at 110-ft on the Skycoaster. Save your meals for the end!

Gravity Park South Padre Island

If you have a competitive spirit, there’s a popular go-kart racetrack to see who can finish first. Set a wager that whoever comes in last place has to buy the first round of shots.

Go on a party boat cruise

With all of the cruises available in South Padre Island, a party boat cruise is perfectly designed for anyone celebrating a bachelor party. Companies offer party boat cruises to let you sail out into the gulf and enjoy a crazy time on the water.

The cruises last several hours, giving you plenty of time to get shitfaced out on the water. The boats allow you to BYOB.

South Padre Island Nightlife

South Padre Island nightlife is what gives the island its reputation as a party hub in Texas. What better place to host your bachelor party than a destination that’s ready to party as hard as you? Parties on the island always go until the early morning hours. There are plenty of places to stop by during your time there.

Check out some of these bachelor party ideas to experience the best nightlife.

Best bars on South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a drinker’s paradise. The entire beach is lined with bars that blur the line between beach and bar venue. You can seamlessly go from relaxing on the beach to grabbing shots at one of the best bars on the island.

While many of the bars get the party started early, by night, they become crazy nightclubs. There are many places to dance the night away on the beach to live DJs and bands.

The must-visit bars and clubs in South Padre Island are:

  • Clayton’s Beach Bar
  • WannaWanna
  • Louie’s Backyard
  • Longboard Bar
  • Tequila Sunset Bar

Clayton’s Beach Bar South Padre Island

Trust us, you can look up any South Padre Island party video, and Clayton’s Beach Bar will be prominently featured. It’s the most famous bar and is located directly on the beach. It’s open until 2 AM on the weekends, where it transforms into a massive beach party with live music and dancing. It’s the perfect place to walk around with your groom hat and groom sash.

WannaWanna has some of the best drinks on the island. It’s known for its signature Piña Coladas and frozen drinks. It also has a beachfront location with live music every night.

Louie’s Backyard is a different party vibe. It’s a sports bar overlooking the bay from the multi-level deck. It’s a fun place to drink with live music and excellent views. Stick around as the night progresses because one of the levels transforms into a vibrant nightclub!

Louie’s Backyard South Padre Island

Longboard bar features live concerts on most nights. The large venue has space indoors and outdoors to enjoy in any weather. You’re sure to see a large crowd here ready to party on any night.

A lot of people go to Tequila Sunset Bar to witness one of the island’s best sunsets. But hang around after the event, and the mellow restaurant vibe will become one of the best places to party in South Padre Island. It’s an open-air party venue that features live DJs. It has a lively atmosphere where everyone is there for a great time.

Strip Clubs near South Padre Island

Although there are tons of bars and nightlife in South Padre Island, the island itself doesn’t have any strip clubs. Luckily, you can grab a taxi or Uber to one of the nearby clubs on the mainland to continue the party. You’ll be glad you decided to go the moment you step inside.

The best strip clubs near South Padre Island are:

  • Jaguars Harlingen
  • Stilettos Gentlemen’s Club

Jaguars Harlingen is the best after-hours spot that stays open until 5 AM. Reserve a VIP table for your group for the best seat in the house to watch sensual dances from Texas’ finest. It’s an all-nude club, so you’ll see everything you’re looking for.

Stilettos Gentlemen’s Club is also a great strip club choice. The club is full of gorgeous girls who put on a great show worth every tip on stage and private dances.

Dining in South Padre Island

South Padre Island does an excellent job of providing enough restaurant options to balance out all the drinking. Since it’s a popular getaway destination for partygoers and more, there are some great options across the entire island. It’s always a great experience dining in South Padre Island, where you can find unique venues with delicious food and unbelievable views.

Let check out some must-visit places to eat when dining in South Padre Island.

Best breakfast spots in South Padre Island

We know that it will be hard to wake up in the morning after a long night of partying. Maybe the idea of a tasty breakfast will persuade you to roll out of bed and attempt the tackle the day. And besides, what better way to cure a hangover than with a hearty breakfast?

These breakfast spots are a favorite for anyone visiting South Padre Island:

  • The Grapevine Café
  • Yummies Bistro
  • Café on the Beach

Go for an excellent pick-me-up breakfast at the Grapevine Café. It’s known for its American and Mexican cuisine, so there’s likely to be something suitable for everyone. It also has some of the best coffee on the island.

Breakfast South Padre Island

Yummies Bistro has a casual breakfast setting, so feel free to walk in with your beach gear. It serves up all of your breakfast favorites like pancakes, omelets, and mimosas.

Take advantage of the beachfront location of Café on the Beach by enjoying a tasty meal with views of the sea. It gives an authentic local dining experience with dishes like eggs mixed with seafood.

Eating Dinner in South Padre Island

Dinner time is always a special time in South Padre Island. Enjoying the evening sunsets might not be your idea of a bachelor party activity, but the views from the beachfront restaurants are undeniable. It’s the perfect setting for making a bachelor party toast and giving bachelor party gifts to the groom-to-be.

Here are a few of the best venues for dinner in South Padre Island:

  • Pier 19
  • Laguna BO
  • Painted Marlin Grille

South Padre Island Pier 19

Pier 19 ranks as one of the top-rated restaurants for its views and seafood. It has an ideal location right on the pier, so it’s hard to miss it. It serves fresh seafood dishes and American cuisine. There is even a bar to grab drinks while you wait for your table.

Ask for a seat at the outdoor deck when you dine at Laguna BOB. It’s a popular bar and grill that plays live music every night for those eating in. Painted Marlin Grille has a laid-back beach shack theme. Enjoy your meal with delicious cocktails right on the bay.

Where to Stay in South Padre Island?

South Padre Island is a tiny island less than four square miles in size. It means that you can stay anywhere on the island and be near the action. Most of the hotels are located in the island’s southern region near the pier, but there are other rentals throughout the entire strip.

Staying at one of the local resorts is always a popular option when visiting South Padre Island for your bachelor party. You’ll be right in the heart of the action with perfect accommodations for celebrating.

Pearl and Beach Resort are a couple of the best local resorts, but you can also find big-name hotels to book your stay.

We recommend checking out the rentals on Airbnb. You’ll find incredible options like this condo and this condo where you can put up bachelor party decorations and accommodate the entire group in one space.

Best Time to Visit South Padre Island

South Padre Island has excellent weather all year long. The busiest time of year on the island is March-April, when many people celebrate Spring Break. It’s mainly college-aged people, so many people like to avoid these months.

But don’t worry, there will still be lots of exciting beach parties and other activities at other times during the year. It’s a great summer destination or winter escape. The best time to visit depends on the type of crowds you want to party with while you’re in town.

South Padre Island Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5 out of 5


South Padre Island is an extreme party destination only reserved for those ready for a wild time. If you’ve never been to a crazy beach party where everyone is drunk, this is undoubtedly the place to cross it off of your bucket list.

We’ve covered the best bachelor party ideas for South Padre Island. It’s a small island that makes it easy to have a great time. The lively atmosphere and scenic views everywhere you look is the perfect recipe for an excellent bachelor party experience.

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Plan an Epic San Jose Costa Rica Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic San Jose Costa Rica Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Pura Vida! San Jose is a party hotspot in Costa Rica, so start planning your bachelor party! Most people visiting Costa Rica come through San Jose, and it’s a place that you don’t want to miss.

We’ve got the perfect San Jose bachelor party ideas to have the time of your life. It’s an excellent party destination where you’ll experience beautiful weather, beautiful women, and a lively party atmosphere everywhere you go.

Bring along your favorite bachelor party supplies because you’ll definitely put them to use in San Jose. Brush up on your Spanish and get ready to have a wild bachelor party experience!

Things to Do During the Day 

When people typically think about Costa Rica, they imagine lush green rainforests. Well, San Jose is a stark contrast to that scenery. It’s the capital and largest city in Costa Rica.

The best bachelor party ideas in San Jose give you plenty of opportunities to check out the city and even the popular destinations right outside of it. It’s the perfect location to experience many of the most fun activities in Costa Rica.

Add these activities to your itinerary for a fantastic time:

  • Walk around downtown
  • Play at the casino
  • Tour the rainforest
  • Day trip to the beach

Walk around downtown

San Jose might seem like a laidback city until you get downtown when you see the liveliest area in the city. During the day, downtown is full of people working, having fun, and tourists sightseeing.

There are tons of places to check out while you’re downtown. Be sure to visit the National Museum of Costa Rica and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum to see cool artifacts. Grab a snack and enjoy it in Plaza de la Cultura, where it’s common to see street musicians, local gatherings, and more. Walk around downtown to see many boutique stores and vendors.

Make your downtown exploration even more fun with a groom hat and groom sash. You’ll definitely get lots of attention and people ready to celebrate with you!

Play at the casino

San Jose is one of the favorite casino destinations in Costa Rica. It’s known to have many of the top casinos in the country. With an exciting nightlife ahead of you, you can try to hit it big so that you’ll have some spending money for the strip club later.

Casino San Jose Costa Rica

The best casinos in San Jose are Casino Club Colonial and Casino Taormina. You’ll find all of your favorite table games like poker and blackjack – also slot machines. The casino atmosphere is always enjoyable. These venues have an updated design to enjoy gaming and, of course, a few drinks.

Tour the rainforest

You can’t visit Costa Rica without stepping foot inside the famous rain forests. A rain forest tour is an excellent way to add a bit of adventure to your bachelor party. Book a rain forest tour for your group and get ready to experience one of the natural wonders in the country. 

The rain forest is less than an hour’s drive from San Jose – it’s a great day trip activity. You’ll have lots of things to do when you arrive. Ziplining, canopy walks, nature walks, and rafting are just a few of the things to look forward to during your rain forest excursion.

Day trip to the beach

If you’re planning on spending a couple of days in Costa Rica for your bachelor party, consider taking a day trip to the beach. Even the locals need time to escape the city atmosphere, and Jaco Beach is the top beach getaway in Costa Rica.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

You can arrive at Jaco Beach in under two hours. It’s a fun beach town where you can enjoy water activities like swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and more. It’s always a vibrant atmosphere at the beach because there are always people hanging out. You’ll definitely see plenty of hot girls sunbathing.

Nightlife in San Jose

San Jose has an excellent nightlife scene which makes it an amazing city to host a bachelor party. Get ready for a night of drinking and dancing because that’s something that Costa Ricans do best!

Nightlife in San Jose is centered around the downtown area. You’re never too far from the best venue, so you can have more fun enjoying the party vibes instead of in a taxi going across town.

Let’s check out the best San Jose nightlife bachelor party ideas.

Bars in San Jose

There’s never a wrong time to start your night – especially in San Jose. Many of the bars begin to fill up immediately after the workday ends. Head downtown, where you’ll have plenty of bar options to check out. You can bar hop or find your favorite to settle down for a bit and enjoy the atmosphere.

The best bars in San Jose are:

  • La Terraza
  • Chubbs

La Terraza is the most famous bar in town. It’s a massive venue with three floors – the second floor is designated for karaoke, and the third floor has incredible views overlooking a park downtown. It’s a go-to spot for locals and visitors for amazing music and drinks.

Drinks San Jose Costa Rica

If you’re craving a familiar atmosphere, stop by Chubbs. It’s an American-style sports bar that’s a popular hangout for foreigners. It’s busiest on game day when you’ll have all of the TVs playing your favorite games. It’s open till 2 am.

Nightclubs in San Jose

The nightclub scene in San Jose is unique. It has a more local feel as opposed to the modern nightclubs you may be used to. It’s a fun way to experience something new and fun during your bachelor party. And always a great place to dance with gorgeous Costa Rican girls.

Nightclub San Jose Costa Rica

Check out these nightclubs in San Jose:

  • Castro’s Discotheque
  • PraVda Club
  • Bar The Caribbean

Castro’s Discotheque always has a party rocking until 3 am. It’s has a dance floor and plenty of tables to sit and order a few bottles for your group. PraVda Club is another place with an excellent party atmosphere and music. Bar The Caribbean is known for having the best music selection in town. If dancing is what you want to do, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Strip Clubs in San Jose

Stripclub San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the hottest girls that you can imagine. No wonder the strip clubs are always the best part of the night for a bachelor party. It will surely be a night to remember when you check out these top gentlemen’s clubs:

  • D’Pelufo
  • Tango India VIP 

The girls are truly stunning in a place like D’Pelufo. It’s the perfect bachelor party spot with VIP tables and bottle service available. It’s a modern setting to enjoy dances from beautiful women. Tango India VIP has some of the hottest girls. It’s a large venue with three levels to enjoy stage dances and private dances.

Dining in San Jose

Costa Rica has one of the best cuisines in Central America. Dining in San Jose is something to look forward to! Whether waking up early for breakfast or looking for a meal before starting the nightlife, there are more than enough options around town. You can find everything from a small local dining setting to a modern venue – and you’ll have incredible food at either option.

Let’s check out some of the places you should eat for an excellent dining experience in San Jose.

Best breakfast in San Jose

Breakfast spots are located all around San Jose, so you’ll never be too far from a great meal. If you’re in a hurry, you can run into one of the corner bakeries for fresh bread and other treats. But if you have time to enjoy the morning, we recommend these restaurants:

  • La Criollita
  • Franco
  • Café Miel Garage

La Criollita San Jose Costa Rica

La Criollita is a famous restaurant known for serving the best authentic Costa Rican food. It opens at 6:30 am, so it’s the perfect place to start your morning with a hearty meal. Order a fast or specialty breakfast, which includes Gallo pinto, made-to-order eggs, and more.

Franco is another place to get your morning started early. Sit outside and watch the city wake up while you enjoy anything from pancakes to chorizo tacos. Pair it with fresh coffee or mimosas.

Café Miel Garage is a top breakfast spot in San Jose for fresh pastries cooked daily. It also has some of the best coffee in town.

Best Dinner Restaurants in San Jose

Restaurants have the main focus of serving high-quality food for their guests. And they do so in a comfortable dining space. You could always find street food vendors or fast food restaurants for a quick bite, but take some time to sit down and enjoy some of the finest cuisines in Costa Rica.

 Nuestra Tierra San Jose Costa Rica

Here are a few restaurants to check out for dinner:

  • Nuestra Tierra
  • Furca
  • Café Rojo

If you’re looking for a modern setting to celebrate a special bachelor party dinner, you should choose a place like Nuestra Tierra. It’s the perfect place for giving out bachelor party gifts after enjoying an incredible meal. It specializes in local Costa Rican food and has a combo platter that feeds an entire table of guests.

Furca credits its rich flavors to the local-grown ingredients. It’s a popular steakhouse and also serves seafood. Café Rojo is one of the trendiest restaurants, which also hosts local cultural events. You can make your own meal to get precisely what you need to fill you up.

Where to Stay in San Jose

Most of the action in San Jose centers around downtown. It’s always a bustling atmosphere from the morning until the night. It’s also where you’ll find many of the best hotels to stay in San Jose.

Downtown is the ideal place to stay in San Jose for a bachelor party. It’s where you’ll find the best bars and clubs - also shopping malls, cultural venues, restaurants, and more. It’s entirely walkable, so it’s easy to get around.

There are several good accommodations in Downtown San Jose. A few of the best hotels to stay in are:

  • San Jose Marriott
  • The Westin San Jose
  • Hotel de Anza

San Jose Marriott and the Westin are just a couple of the international brands in San Jose. You can enjoy many of the familiar amenities, which means guaranteed comfort during your stay.

Hotel de Anza is a top choice for a unique experience. It’s an upscale hotel in a convenient location downtown with a rooftop, restaurant, and jazz lounge. You can have lots of fun without even leaving the property. 

An alternative is to rent a place on Airbnb. The platform has many houses and apartments suitable for large groups. A place like this mansion or this home would be a good fit for your bachelor party. You can even put up some cool bachelor party decorations!

Best Time to Visit San Jose 

San Jose is one of those places where the weather is a significant factor in having a great time. It’s all about timing your bachelor party at the right time to make the most of your visit.

The best time to visit San Jose is from December to April. It’s a decent-sized window where you’ll experience the beautiful tropical weather – sunny days and warm temperatures. It’s considered the dry season.

The rainy season in Costa Rica lasts from May to November. Since it’s covered in rain forests, it gets tons of rain. It can easily rain all day, so it could make you postpone some of your party plans. Keep that in mind when you’re visiting in these months.

San Jose Bachelor Party Rating – 4 out of 5


San Jose is an exotic place to host a bachelor party! The incredible scenery always puts you in a good mood to have a great time. There are tons of fun things to do in San Jose that will make it an unforgettable experience.

The good thing about partying in San Jose is that many of the best clubs, bars, and restaurants are all conveniently located downtown. It’s easy to get around, so you can fit lots of activities into one night. It’s also a very budget-friendly destination for a bachelor party.

Don’t forget your bachelor party supplies, and you can look forward to a crazy party experience!

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Plan an Epic Panama City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Panama City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Panama City is a world city where local and international influences merge. Plan the perfect Panama City bachelor party celebration to experience one of the most fun destinations in Latin America. You’re in for a real treat when you set out on an adventure to Panama.

The vibrant energy in Panama is thanks to so much foreign influence. You won’t find too many other places with a skyline like Panama City. And tucked between all of the buildings, you’ll find incredible places to party. Drinking and dancing are a normal part of life, so bachelor parties are more than welcome.

We’ve got tons of Panama City bachelor party ideas so that you’ll have the time of your life! We’ll explore things to do in the day, the best nightlife, and more. Don’t forget to bring the bachelor party supplies because things can get a bit crazy in Panama!

Things to Do During the Day

Panama City is an exciting place to visit, regardless of if it’s the day or night. The daytime is the perfect time to explore the town like a tourist. You’ll get to see what makes the city so special and the stark contrast between the old and modern areas. And you’ll definitely meet some interesting people on the way!

Here are a few bachelor party ideas for spending a day in Panama City:

  • See the Panama Canal
  • Check out the best viewpoints
  • Tour Casco Viejo
  • Visit Soberania National Park

See the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a must-visit attraction. It’s a world-famous site and responsible for making Panama what it is today. You’ll get to see massive ships passing through an intricate lock system as they pass between the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Panama City Panama Canal

The best time to visit the Panama Canal is during the morning when you have the best chance at seeing the ships. The entire process is approximately 20-minutes, where ships enter the lock system to get raised (or lowered) 85-ft before continuing the journey.

After seeing the locks in action, there is a museum detailing how the locks operate, and you’ll get to watch a documentary film about its history.

Check out the best viewpoints

It’s no doubting that Panama City has one of the best skylines in all of Latin America. There are tons of modern skyscrapers lining the coast. The good news is that there are a few excellent spots that provide the best view of the city.

Two of the best spots are Ancon Hill and Mirador Cerro Cedro. Ancon Hill is the highest point in Panama City. It’s closed to vehicle traffic, so bring your walking shoes to hike up the hill. You’ll have an incredible view and even get to see one of the largest Panama flags up close.

Tour Casco Viejo

Just a heads up, you’ll undoubtedly be back to Casco Viejo at night. But for the time being, get to know the neighborhood during the day to appreciate its historical significance. You can stop by the Panama ruins to see the destroyed city before touring the landmarks around Casco Viejo, the old town.

Casco Viejo has a unique vibe filled with narrow streets and beautiful, colorful architecture. It’s where you’ll see the Panama Metropolitan Cathedral, Arco Chato, Independence Square, and the President’s Palace.

Tour Casco Viejo Panama City Panama

Several walking tours take you to all the top landmarks. You’ll get to learn all about the neighborhood’s history while sporting your groom hat and groom sash.

Visit Soberania National Park

Tropical rainforests cover a large part of Panama. You can take a short drive from Panama City to reach the Soberania National Park. It’s the second-most visited national park and easiest to access.

You can easily spend a day hiking the trails through the rainforest. You never know what kind of wildlife you’ll encounter. The national park is home to over 100 species of mammals and more than 500 bird species.

Best Nightlife in Panama City

You’ll be more than satisfied with deciding to host your bachelor party in Panama City, thanks to the lively nightlife scene. There is one destination to keep in mind when you think about Panama City nightlife – Casco Viejo!

Casco Viejo is the local hub for nightlife. The daytime tourist destination transforms into a bustling district full of bars, clubs, and people hanging out in the streets. It’s always a good time, and we’ve got plenty of bachelor party ideas to have an incredible night.

Best bars in Casco Viejo

There are countless bars to check out in Casco Viejo. We’ll narrow down the list to give you a couple of must-visit spots that have a fun atmosphere suitable for a bachelor party. Many of the top bars in Casco Viejo have one thing in common – rooftops. It seems to attract all of the fun partygoers and beautiful ladies. 

The best rooftop bars in Casco Viejo are:

  • Tántalo Rooftop Bar
  • Selina

Tántalo boasts one of the best skyline views. The trendy bar is located atop a boutique hotel. You’ll enjoy the ambiance. It always features live performances or DJs spinning the biggest hits. Selina is a popular spot to see foreigners and locals interacting. It’s an excellent spot to start the night with great views and strong mixed drinks.

Best Nightclubs in Casco Viejo

It’s not hard to find the best nightclubs in Panama City because there are so many options. And the crowds are always a mix. Brush up on your Spanish because there will be tons of gorgeous women in the clubs.

Get ready for “la fiesta” when you visit these top nightclubs in Casco Viejo:

  • Casa Jaguar
  • Marietta
  • CasaCasco

Casa Jaguar Panama City Panama

The line outside waiting to get into Casa Jaguar should let you know that it’s one of the best nightlife spots in Panama. It’s a famous club with excellent music and dancing all night. Marietta is another modern dance club that foreigners frequent. The dance floor is always packed, so get ready to move!

CasaCasco is a unique venue with five floors. One of the floors hosts a nightclub, and the top terrace is a rooftop bar.

A general rule of thumb is to follow the music. You can walk the streets in Casco Viejo and find where all of the people are going, and that’s where you should go to celebrate your bachelor party.

After Hours in Panama City

Closing time at the nightclubs means that it’s time to take your bachelor party adventure to one of the after-hours spots around town. Panama City is where partygoers come to play, so there is always something to do.

You have two options for ending your night:

  • Casino
  • Strip Club

There are plenty of casinos in Panama City. The trick is to win enough money that you can spend in the strip club! Two of the popular casinos are StarBoy Casino and Crown Casino. Both casinos are open 24-hours. The upscale design is excellent for playing table games, slots, or testing your luck at the poker tables.

Stripclub Panama City Panama

Panama City also has some incredible strip club options. Check out Le Palace or La Nueva Grata Azul for the best adult entertainment in town. The women are some of the sexiest you’ve seen anywhere in the world. Enjoy the stage dances and find your favorite for a private lap dance.

Where to eat in Panama City?

One of the cool things about visiting Panama City is seeing all of the different influences. From the shops to the neighborhoods, there is a diverse mix. You can immerse yourself into the various cultures when you check out the restaurants.

Panama City has several excellent restaurants to choose from. You can go to a different place for every meal to have a general overview of the cuisine. Taste the local favorites and see what else is cooking in Panama.

Best breakfast spots

 El Trapiche Panama City Panama

Plan to get a hearty breakfast during your Panama City bachelor party. In case you didn’t know, it’s one of the best remedies to a hangover. We’ve got a special breakfast surprise for you, but first, give one of these places a try:

  • El Trapiche
  • Athanasiou

You can always tell an authentic local restaurant based on if the locals eat there. You’re sure to see lots of Panamanians enjoying breakfast bright and early at El Trapiche. The original location is on Via Argentina, where you can get typical Central American food. It also has fresh coffee and fruit available.

Athanasiou is a top-rated coffee shop. The menu contains everything from pancakes to omelets. It’s a diner to grab a quick meal in case you’re on the go in the morning headed to your next bachelor party activity or the airport.

If none of those places suit you, you can always visit the local IHOP. Sometimes you just need a familiar meal to kickstart the day and leave the experimenting for later.

Best dinner restaurants in Panama City

Dinnertime in Panama City is where your inner foodie will merge. You’ll get to try food from many different places around the world. Host your bachelor party in Panama City and take your taste buds on a world tour.

You have some classy venues perfect for making a toast and giving bachelor party gifts. Check out these restaurants for a delicious dinner:

  • Segundo Muelle San Francisco
  • Restaurante Makoto
  • Gauchos

Segundo Muelle San Francisco is a unique Peruvian fusion restaurant. The menu features local Peruvian dishes with a modern twist. Try seafood like fried ceviche and order the most famous Peruvian drink – pisco sour.

Next stop on the food tour in Japan with Restaurante Makoto. It’s the top Japanese restaurant known for its sushi bar. The chef-prepared meals and restaurant atmosphere give an authentic dining experience. And don’t forget to order rounds of sake for the table.

And finally, experience the flavors of Argentina at Gauchos. It’s an Argentinian-style steakhouse famous for serving the best steak in Panama. The premium cuts are all imported. Order your favorite style steak, or get a sample plate of multiple kinds.

Where to Stay in Panama City

Panama City is a decent-sized city with several parts. If you’re visiting for your bachelor party. However, it’s best to stay in the most lively neighborhoods to make it easier to get around. Most people underestimate the traffic in Panama City. During rush hour, a 20-minute trip can easily take an hour to arrive. It will surely put a dent in your bachelor party excitement, so it’s best to stay in one of these areas to avoid it:

  • Casco Viejo
  • Bella Vista

Casco Viejo is the most popular area for tourists looking to party – and that means you! During the day, it’s a calm district with lots of trendy restaurants and shops to check out. And by night, it becomes the leading party destination. It’s very safe to walk around, even at night, to get to the different venues. 

Casco Viejo has lots of boutique hotels and hostels established in Colonial-style buildings. It’s excellent for more budget-friendly accommodations.

Bella Vista is what you see when you think about the incredible skyline. It’s the coastal district filled with towering skyscrapers and modern condo buildings. It’s the nicest part of the city and very safe to walk around. It’s filled with upscale shops and restaurants. It’s a popular spot for expats and foreigners, so you’ll hear a lot of English.

You can always find great deals for places to stay on Airbnb. There are places in all parts of the city, including Casco Viejo and Bella Vista. Check out a place like this house or this apartment that makes the perfect place to put up bachelor party decorations and host everyone in one spot. 

Panama City Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


The party scene in Panama City is comparable to some of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. The fun atmosphere, beautiful women, lively music, and international influence all create the perfect setting for an incredible bachelor party. Trust us, you’ll wish you could do it all over again!

We’ve given you all of the best Panama City bachelor party ideas. It’s a party destination where all you need to do is bring the right bachelor party supplies, and you’re on your way. Let us know in the comments if Panama City sounds like the place you want to party!

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Plan an Epic Panama City Beach Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Panama City Beach Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Visit Panama City Beach for your bachelor party! It’s known to be a wild destination famous for its beaches and party life. You might’ve got a taste of it during Spring Break, so your bachelor party is the perfect time to return.

You won’t believe the Panama City Beach bachelor party ideas we have in store for you. It’s a destination with tons of water fun, beautiful ladies in swimsuits, and tons of bars for bar hopping. It will be an experience that you won’t forget.

We’ll cover all of the best spots to party in Panama City Beach, where to stay, where to eat, and some fun activities to do while you’re in town. You’ll be well equipped with the right bachelor party supplies and itinerary to become a bachelor legend in this city!

Things to Do During the Day

Panama City Beach is a fun destination filled with fun things to do during the day. Get ready to fill up your itinerary with activities and even a bit of day drinking. You are celebrating a bachelor party after all.

There is always plenty of sunshine in Florida, so here are a few daytime bachelor party ideas to check out around Panama City Beach: 

  • Visit the beach
  • Hang out in Pier Park
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Go on a cruise or tour

Visit the beach

Panama City Beach is always the most popular area in Panama City, FL. The beach extends for 27 miles, consisting of beachfront resorts, private beaches, state parks, waterfront restaurants, etc.

Panama City Beach

The main Panama City Beach is where you’ll find a lot of the action. On a sunny day, it’s sure to be packed with locals and tourists having a good time. Don’t forget your groom hat to shade your eyes. The white sand and crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico make it a scenic place to spend some time.

There are many fun things to do on the beach, including swimming, jet skiing, and tube rides.

Hang out in Pier Park

Pier Park is one of the newest attractions in Panama City Beach. It’s a massive outdoor shopping area and the perfect place to walk around in your groom sash.

Head over to Pier Park if you need a break from the beach. It’s a lively area that makes for a fun place to people watch. There are tons of retail shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. No wonder more than one million people visit it every year.

Ride in a helicopter

When was the last time you flew in a helicopter? If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve never even been in one. Well, your bachelor party is the perfect time to cross it off of your bucket list, and there are a few helicopter tour companies available in Panama City Beach.

Emerald Coast Helicopter Tours is one of the best local companies that fly up to three passengers at a time from one pier to the other. You’ll have the best aerial view of the beach and get a bird’s eye view of all the activity happening below. Be sure to have your camera because these are views you don’t get to see every day.

Go on a cruise or tour

Spending a day at the beach is great if you want to hang along the coast, but there is a vast sea waiting for you to explore it. Make reservations for your bachelor group for a daytime cruise or tour.

Some of the popular cruises and tours in Panama City Beach are dolphin tours, fishing excursions, and tours to Shell Island. These are all excellent options for spending time with the boys. And ask about bringing alcohol along for the cruise – the rules vary depending on the kind of tour.

Best Nightlife in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a top bachelor party destination in Florida. It’s famous for its nightlife where the city comes to life as soon as the sunsets. The beach atmosphere and party excitement are the perfect combination for a good night.

You’re about to discover the best PCB nightlife bachelor party ideas, so you know exactly where to go to have a great time.

Best bars in Panama City Beach

It’s not hard to find bars in Panama City Beach. There are bars lined along the entire beach. It makes it an easy place for bar hopping. You could start on one end of the beach and walk the waterfront to find where everyone is hanging out for the night.

If you need a few recommendations, it’s always a lot of fun drinking at these bars: 

  • Tiki Bar
  • Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge
  • Coyote Ugly

Tiki Bar has a fun tropical theme that fits the PCB ambiance perfectly. It’s located at the Sandpiper Beacon Resort. It’s a party spot with live music, dancing, and pool tables.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is a popular option in Pier Park. It’s known for its rum punch that’s very strong. The honky-tonk setting has a fun atmosphere and live music.

It’s common to walk into Coyote Ugly and see ladies dancing on top of the bar and seeing people lying down taking body shots. It’s one of the most popular bars to go drinking in PCB.

Nightclubs in Panama City Beach

You’re in for a treat when you check out the local nightclubs in Panama City Beach. You’ll get to party in world-class venues. You’ll quickly find out what makes PCB such a popular party destination.

The best Panama City Nightclubs are:

  • Club La Vela
  • Vibez
Club La Vela Panama City Beach FL

Did you know that Panama City Beach is home to the biggest nightclub in the US? Club La Vela is a super club with a capacity for up to 7,000 people! There are ten award-winning themed rooms and an outdoor poolside space that’s always packed. With live DJs spinning every night, prepare for lots of drinking and dancing.

It seems like the party goes on forever at Vibez – it’s open until 4 am on the weekends. It’s a modern nightclub venue perfect for reserving a VIP table and ordering bottle service for your bachelor group. It has some of the best music in PCB, playing everything from hip hop, Latin, and top 40s.

Stripclubs in Panama City Beach

One of the unspoken facts about Panama City Beach is that it has some of the most beautiful girls in Florida. If you don’t believe us, just wait until you check out the local strip clubs. You’ll be blown away by what you see. It’s the perfect way to close out a bachelor party.

Take the bachelor to these strip clubs for his rite of passage:

  • Gold Nugget
  • Show-N-Tail

Stripclub Panama City Beach

Gold Nugget has some of the most gorgeous women in PCB. It’s a premier club for adult entertainment with friendly and sensual dancers. Show-N-Tail is also a great choice, located near the waterfront. You’ll love the lap dances and see plenty of women that will make you want to return for another dance the next night.

Where to eat in Panama City Beach?

Many of the resorts in Panama City Beach have restaurants in them. But in case you want a reason to head out for breakfast or dinner, there are plenty of local options. PCB has a great selection of restaurants for any meal. Whether you’re looking for a classy place to start the night or a beachfront diner, Panama City Beach has a place to suit everyone’s tastes.

Best breakfast spots in Panama City Beach

No matter when you arrive in Panama City Beach, you should try to make it to breakfast at least once during the bachelor party. A few people in your group might not arrive in the morning, so plan a breakfast outing with the guys for the following day before everyone takes off. The best way to end a wild experience in PCB is will a delicious meal from these restaurants:

  • Another Broken Egg Café
  • The Pancakery

Let’s be honest – you might want to make reservations or arrive early at either of these restaurants. It’s common to have an hour-long wait time due to their popularity. The good news is that the restaurants have fast service, so you’ll be eating soon after sitting down.

Another Broken Egg Café specializes in egg meals, and The Pancakery serves up the best pancakes in town.

Best dinner in Panama City Beach

Dinner is the perfect time to give out bachelor party gifts if you’ve brought them along. It’s also the ideal time to start pre-gaming for the nightlife festivities. PCB has plenty of restaurants along the waterfront that provide incredible views with even better food. We’ve narrowed down the best places for dinner in PCB:

  • Sharky’s
  • Harpoon Harry’s

Sharky’s Panama City Beach

You’ll be glad that you stopped by these beachfront restaurants. Sharky’s is a famous seafood spot. You can enjoy your meal on the beachfront patio with the best view of the Gulf of Mexico. It even has live music.

Harpoon Harry’s is another well-known restaurant along the beach. It serves everything from juicy burgers to fresh seafood. Be sure to order one of the specialty drinks with your meal. 

Where to Stay in Panama City Beach

While you’re planning your PCB bachelor party, it’s important to note the different areas. The city is divided into two parts:

  • Panama City
  • Panama City Beach

Most of the action takes place in Panama City Beach, which borders the Gulf of Mexico. It’s where all of the big-name resorts are located. It’s the most popular area to stay for anyone visiting Panama City.

Panama City Beach is lined with resorts, including the Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort and the Holiday Inn Resort. During the peak travel season, rooms get booked fast, so don’t hesitate if you want to stay here. You’ll be steps away from the beach and walking distance to nightlife and dining.

Panama City is more inland, surrounded by large bays. You’d have to drive to get to the best beaches and top nightlife venues. The good thing about staying in Panama City is that it’s more budget-friendly. You’ll find all of the popular hotel chains like Holiday Inn and Hilton. 

Don’t just consider hotels when you travel to Panama City Beach. It’s a popular place for vacation rentals like villas and beach condos. You can browse local companies with listings or head over to Airbnb to book a spot. It has the perfect places to stay, like this beachfront condo and this condo, that make excellent bachelor party pads. All it needs is a couple of bachelor party decorations!

Best Time to Visit Panama City Beach

So, you’re finally convinced that you want to spend your bachelor party in Panama City Beach! The only question remaining is when you should visit. Most people plan their bachelor party around their wedding date, but true bachelors plan the wedding around their party.

Well, the good news is that Panama City Beach is a year-round destination, so anytime is a great time to visit. It’s located in Florida’s Panhandle, so there’s always nice weather for enjoying the beach and other activities.

The spring and summer are both busy travel seasons. PCB is full of visitors arriving for spring break, and you’ll find lots of parties. Summer attractions all of the vacation-goers. Peak season is great because you’ll get to experience the lively atmosphere from the beach to the clubs.

Keep in mind that June to November is considered hurricane season. You might get the occasional rain shower during the day, and things can shut down if there is a hurricane possibility. But trust us, that doesn’t stop the partygoers from having a good time in PCB.

Panama City Bachelor Party Rating - 4.5 out of 5


There’s no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time getting shitfaced in Panama City Beach. It’s famous for having beautiful beaches and the country’s largest nightclub. It’s hard to top an experience like that for your bachelor party.

We’ve given you all of the best bachelor party ideas for Panama City Beach, so now it’s up to you to make them happen. Pack your bags with all of the necessary bachelor party supplies and head down to the party central to celebrate your last moments as a bachelor!

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Plan an Epic Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Get ready to start planning your trip to Medellin for your bachelor party! You’ve probably already heard exciting things about visiting the Colombian destination, well now it’s time to consider it to host your amazing bachelor party!

We’ve got tons of bachelor party ideas for having an unforgettable time in Medellin. As soon as you land, you’ll see beautiful women, incredible weather, and a fun ambiance that’s perfect for parties. You’ll instantly thank us for convincing you to go.

Your Medellin bachelor party will be filled with long, wild nights and fun days, so pack all of your bachelor party supplies and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

If you want to leave the Medellin experience up to the pros, check out Bachelor Parties Colombia.

Things to Do During the Day

Medellin is a beautiful city that you’ll have a great time exploring. A few days during your bachelor party is more than enough time to get to know the city and do all of the fun local things.

Start your day bright and early so that you can make the most of it. We’ve got some incredible daytime bachelor party ideas for Medellin:

  • Explore Comuna 13
  • Go paragliding
  • Take a walking tour or biking tour
  • Day trip to Guatapé

Explore Comuna 13

It’s no secret that Medellin has a dark history. Comuna 13 was once one of the worst neighborhoods in Medellin. Today, you’d hardly recognize it, thanks to its significant transformation. It’s now a must-visit attraction for visitors.

The entire neighborhood is covered in colorful graffiti. The experience starts at the foot of the hill, and you’ll pass by incredible works of art drawn on every wall and home. There is a museum that highlights the neighborhood’s past and also learning about the artwork.

Art Walk Medellin

You can ride the outdoor escalator to the top to get a fantastic viewpoint of the city. Be sure to stop by one of the Michelada stands for a refreshing drink while hanging out.

Go Paragliding

Medellin has a unique layout – it’s entirely within a valley surrounded by mountains. As you make your way up the mountains, you’ll start to get scenic panoramic views of the entire city. One of the best ways to view Medellin is by paragliding.

Arrange a tour to San Felix with Paragliding Medellin for an adrenaline-rushing activity for the day. You’ll ride up to one of the best lookout points and get strapped to a parachute to fly. You’ll literally be soaring above all of Medellin with perfect views on a clear day.

Don’t worry - you’ll be accompanied by a professional during the flight. 

Take a walking tour or biking tour

One of the best ways to experience Medellin is on the ground exploration. It’s a place full of history and culture. Several tour companies offer various tours to get to know the city from a local perspective.

You’ll travel with a local guide to different parts of the city while hearing fun, interesting stories about Medellin. You can get a walking tour of El Centro to learn about the chubby statues in Plaza Botero or bike around the popular El Poblado neighborhood.

It’s a great time to put on your groom hat and groom sash as you make your way around Medellin.

Day trip to Guatapé

Guatapé Medellin

If you have a few days in Medellin, you should plan a day trip to Guatapé. It’s a popular tourist attraction less than two hours away.

The main highlight of Guatapé is the El Peñol landmark. It’s a giant rock protruding from the Earth formed by erosion. You’re able to take the stairway to the top of the rock for a fantastic viewpoint of the reservoir.

When you’re done taking in the views, head into the town of Guatapé to walk the streets and see colorful buildings. The city showcases traditional architecture, and you’ll find many local shops and restaurants to immerse yourself into the authentic Colombian culture.

Where is the Best Nightlife?

You’ll soon find out about Colombia that the locals love to have a fun time. Daytime in Medellin is mellow, but it becomes a party haven by the time the sun goes down. It doesn’t matter what day of the week you’re visiting Medellin; there’s always a place to party.

Medellin is a unique city that has multiple fun areas where you’ll find bars and nightclubs. Each has different crowds and venue types, but you can be sure that you’ll have fun no matter where you go.

We’ll give you some excellent nightlife bachelor party ideas for the following areas:

  • Parque Lleras
  • La Setenta (70)
  • Provenza

Parque Lleras

You can’t talk about Medellin nightlife without talking about Parque Lleras! It’s the go-to party destination, especially for tourists. When you arrive, you’ll find a small plaza surrounded by some of the best bars and clubs in Medellin.

Envy Rooftop Medellin

There are many hotels in Parque Lleras that have rooftop bars, such as Envy Rooftop and Panorama Rooftop. These are upscale bars that have rooftop pools, lounge seating, and panoramic views of the city.

On the weekends, the area is full of partygoers, and promoters will be calling your name to enter their venue to get a VIP table and dance all night to reggaeton hits. Prizma and Luxury Club are two of the popular spots to have a great time.

Just a heads up, you’ll see tons of girls walking around outside in the park. Most of them are working girls, so they aren’t just being nice to you.

La Setenta (70)

Parque Lleras is a place that most tourists hang out, but you can get a more local party experience at La Setenta. La Setenta is the prime party hotspot in the neighborhood of Laureles. It’s several blocks full of bars and nightclubs.

Oye Bonita Medellín

Every night is a good time on La 70. You can grab a table at popular bars like Cacique and El Tibiri. These bars have a modern look, but you’ll find many places with outdoor seating serving cheap beer.

After pre-gaming with some drinks, get ready to hit the dance floor at Oye Bonita or Jennylao, two of the top nightclubs on La 70. You’ll have a lot of pop, reggaeton, and Colombian hits that the entire club will be singing and dancing along to.


Provenza is an upscale party destination in the Poblado neighborhood. It’s definitely a place to check out with a great nightlife scene. It extends a couple of blocks, with the entire street blocked off for pedestrians only.

Provenza has fun places to drink and dance, like Vintrash and Bomboná. These are trendy places where you can find a mixed crowd and music. You can easily hop around to different bars and meet some fun people ready to party.

Strip Clubs in Medellin

You’ll see some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen while hanging out in Medellin. But visit the local strip clubs, and you’ll indeed be in paradise. Medellin has a major sex industry, so there are plenty of strip clubs to check out around the entire city.

Strippers Medellin

A couple of the favorite strip clubs in Medellin for tourists are:

Both of the clubs are located in Poblado, and you’ll find the sexiest women in town. Sit back and enjoy the stage show, and don’t hesitate to get a private dance. You’ll surely stand out and a foreigner while celebrating your bachelor party, so don’t be surprised if you’re offered full service.

Where to Eat in Medellin?

Medellin is one of the top places to visit in Colombia, with visitors from all over the world. It’s also a popular spot for foreigners to live in and many open restaurants to bring international flavors to the city. It means you’ll find restaurants to fit everybody’s taste.

You can never go wrong with stopping at a local spot to fill up on delicious Colombian food, but there are plenty of restaurants with modern settings. You can make reservations for your bachelor group to have the ideal spot for making a bachelor party toast and giving out bachelor party gifts.

 Best breakfast in Medellin

If you’re not hungover in the morning, it means that you didn’t party hard enough the night before! The best way to shake off the hangover is with a hearty meal. And who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning? Colombia is known to have the best coffee in the world.

Breakfast Pergamino Café Medellin

Head to one of these popular breakfast spots to get the best brew in town and a large plate of tasty eats:

Pergamino Café has multiple locations in Poblado, so either one of them will do the trick. It has the best coffee in Medellin prepared by baristas. It opens early for breakfast and always has baked goods available. Try one of the flaky pastries to accompany your coffee.

Café Revolucion is a popular spot for tourists. The workers speak English, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier. It serves everything from pancakes to breakfast tacos.

Best dinner in Medellin

You’ll have endless places to eat for dinner in Medellin. From the small mom-and-pop restaurants to fancy dinners, it’s up to you to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to dine in. Our recommendation is to head to Nutibara Avenue, a bustling street with tons of upscale dining options.

The best places to eat on Nutibara are:

Delirio Exquisito is a Tex-Mex restaurant with favorite dishes like tacos and burritos. It also serves sandwiches and pasta. Call ahead for reservations to get a spot on the balcony to eat. The rooftop ambiance is always excellent for a bachelor party meal.

Olivia Pizzeria is an upscale pizza restaurant that has a casual dining setting. You can order a few specialty pizzas for the table that everyone can enjoy.

Where to Stay in Medellin?

Choosing the right place to stay in Medellin can mean a big difference in how much you enjoy your trip. There are several neighborhoods and a fair share of undesirable places to be. But don’t worry, if you stick to these areas, you’ll feel plenty safe in the day or night so that you can have fun in peace:

  • Poblado
  • Laureles

Poblado is the most upscale neighborhood in Medellin, mainly because of all of the foreigners buying property there and prominent hotels. It’s the best place to stay where you’ll be in a modern part of the city with tons of restaurants, shopping malls, nightlife nearby.

You can walk to most places around Poblado, and everything is just a short taxi drive away. 

If you’re looking at getting an Airbnb in Medellin, Poblado is also the place to browse. You’ll find incredible luxury condos and mansions that accommodate large groups. Check out a place like this or this that make the ideal bachelor party pad. Add a few bachelor party decorations to make it festive for the occasion.

Laureles is another excellent option. It’s considered the middle-class area in Medellin and also near restaurants and nightlife. You’ll be within walking distance to the clubs on La 70 and restaurants on Nutibara. Inntu is one of the most modern hotels in the area and plenty of budget options along La Setenta.

Before You Visit

There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before you travel to Medellin for your bachelor party. You can have the best time ever as long as you follow these tips during your time there:

  1. Safety – Medellin is much safer than it was in the past, but stay aware, especially as you start to drink. Foreigners always stick out from the crowd.
  2. Working Girls – Medellin is one of the world’s sex capitals, and many people go for sex tourism. Girls that approach your tables and want you to buy them drinks may have other things in mind that they want to sell you.
  3. Language – Medellin is predominantly Spanish-speaking. You’ll encounter lots of foreigners when hanging out in Poblado. It’s where you’ll find the most English spoken.

Medellin Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


You can never go wrong with Colombia for your bachelor party. Medellin is one of the tourist hotspots and the perfect setting for hosting a bachelor party. It’s a unique place where it’s easy to get anything you could imagine (and more).

We’ve given you plenty of bachelor party ideas for a few days in Medellin to keep you entertained. It will surely be one of the parties you’ll bring home secrets between your trusted group of guys because it’s sure to be a crazy adventure.

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