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Best Bachelor Party Destinations (2021 Edition)

Best Bachelor Party Destinations (2021 Edition)

Your bachelor party gives you one last epic run with the guys before all the responsibilities set in, so you may as well do it right.

We’ve selected the top cities to host a bachelor party across the US and even some international favorites.

Each destination is so unique that the only criteria are lots of drinking, hot girls, and plenty of places to party at night. Everything else is a bonus.

Check out an overview of the top bachelor party destinations and further explore each destination to learn how to throw the perfect bachelor party.

Las Vegas

Can you trust a list of top bachelor party destinations of it doesn’t include Las Vegas? Las Vegas is perhaps the most famous party destination in the world and top place to host the best bachelor party.

Las Vegas has everything you could ever want for a crazy party experience, regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime. And the best part is that it has a culture of keeping all the memories of the wild times buried in the vault.

Spend your bachelor party on the Las Vegas Strip for endless entertainment. It’s not hard to run into some hot girls ready to party with you.

From partying in world-class nightclubs to rooftop pool parties, thankfully, there are also the casinos to try to win back everything you spent during the bachelor party.

New York City

New York City is the bachelor party capital of the east coast. The ‘Big Apple’ continues to deliver some of the best party experiences you could ever imagine. Fall in line with the locals and visitors packing the clubs every night for a party you won’t want to end.

Fill up your daily itinerary with sightseeing some of the most famous landmarks. NYC is also a foodie haven to grab a highly anticipated hangover brunch. You’ll immediately feel the exciting energy as you make your way through the bustling city streets.

Treat yourself to a night as an A-Lister when you and the guys party VIP-style in one of the city’s top-rated nightclubs. Bottle service, great music, and not to mention, women so beautiful that you might reconsider getting married.

Los Angeles

It might be safe to assume that everyone you see in Los Angeles is a celebrity somehow - and guaranteed people will be thinking the same thing about you after seeing you in full bachelor party action.

If you’ve got the money to spend, LA is the best place to host a bachelor party. We’re talking about throwing a crazy Hollywood mansion party or cruising down Rodeo Drive in a foreign luxury car. Sure, there are other ways to experience the city, but why party in LA if you’re not going to do it big.

The great thing about LA is also the beaches. Sip some drinks and head down to Venice Beach to stroll the boardwalk. You’ll continuously run into fun - one day walking around LA, and you’ll have plenty of party invites.

Atlantic City

Many people consider Atlantic City the Las Vegas of the east, but until you’ve been, you might not appreciate how it’s crafted an identity of its own to land on the top bachelor party destinations list.

Atlantic City is essentially a casino and nightlife destination set on the beach. Summertime brings out all of the beautiful women hanging out on the boardwalk and filling up the beach. Hop in the water for some recreation like jet skiing or take a booze cruise.

Atlantic City illuminates at night from the glow of casino lights. Many of the top hotels, like Hard Rock Cafe or Harrah’s, include night clubs inside - staying at the hotel makes it easy to go from pre-game to party in minutes. And it might be hard to resist spending a few bucks every time you walk through the casino lobbies.


Miami is a city that immediately comes to mind when thinking about where to host the best bachelor party. If you thought Spring Break get wild, just wait till you’re really able to have a great time.

Miami is the party hub in the US, where everybody goes for a great time. From the moment you arrive, you’ll have plenty of eye candy walking around to satisfy your taste.

South Beach is the go-to place for party-goers. Head down to the beach and soak up the sun with a few drinks. You’ll find some of the best nightclubs in the country along the legendary Ocean Drive.

A VIP club experience is only the beginning. The best way to end the night is at one of the strip clubs where even celebrities can be seen throwing insane amounts of money at the beautiful dancers.


Prepared for upscale bachelor party experience when you host it in Chicago - just be sure to come when the weather is nice.

Chicago can be one of the most fun cities if you do it right. We recommend staying in Downtown along the Loop so that you’re near all the excitement. There are lots of restaurants, landmarks, bars, and more, all within walking distance. It makes it easy to hop around to find the best venue.

Nightlife in Chicago is one of the best in the US. You’ll find massive dance parties to scenic rooftop lounges. The locals also know how to have a great time to add even more to the party atmosphere.

All guys enjoy sports, and there’s plenty of that going on. Chicago has teams in the big four sports to check out a game or visit one of the many sports bars full of drunken cheers.

Havana, Cuba

You can almost hear the pulsating Cuban music emerging from the picture - Havana, Cuba, delivers one of the most exciting bachelor party destinations in the Caribbean. Cuba has been a sought out travel destination for decades, and now we can enjoy the incredible nightlife.

A bachelor party in Havana is more than just, well, a bachelor party. It’s fun to take a walk around the colorful streets and interact with the locals. And keep your eyes open for the iconic vintage cars lining the streets.

Have you ever seen Cuban women? Havana’s nightlife brings out some of the most beautiful women in the world to party alongside you. Just be sure to practice your moves before hitting the dance floor because the girls there love to have a great time.


To be honest, you’ll probably see Cancun on any party list, whether for Spring Break or a Bachelor Party. And after the unforgettable party experience, you might be trying to convince the bride-to-be to spend the honeymoon there.

Cancun is Mexico’s most popular beach destination, where the party never seems to end. The excellent weather year-round and beautiful scenery is more than enough criteria for an ideal party environment.

During the day, you’ll want to hang out on the beaches where you’ll never run out of drinks and fine women to see. By night, check out the nightlife scene that almost always ends up back at the beach.

One of the best things about Cancun is affordability. It’s a resort destination, so you can expect an all-inclusive experience for all of your party favors. 


Boston is a gem in New England for a crazy bachelor party experience. Avoid the harsh winters and opt to party when the weather is nice, and you won’t regret it.

The port city has a nice bay where you’ll have day cruises for drinking and lunch. Sail past the skyline while you set your course for the night.

Boston is also a major sports city, so you’ll always find some action in the sports bars at any time of the day.

Downtown Boston is where you’ll find some of the best party spots. Put on your matching bachelor party shirts and head out for a crazy turn up in the city. You’ll be talking to so many hot chicks that their accent might rub off on you.

Sosua, DR

Telling everyone that you’re visiting the Dominican Republic for a bachelor party might have obvious assumptions, but a trip to Sosua is just too good to pass up.

The Dominican Republic is known as being one of the most fun island destinations in the Caribbean. Blending the island life with a party atmosphere is the perfect recipe for a fun bachelor party.

Sosua is a resort town where you’ll be minutes away from the beach no matter where you are. Even in the day, you’ll see people hanging out - join in on the festivities with a fresh coconut and alcohol drink.

There’s one thing to say you’re celebrating a bachelor party, but things tend to turn up a bit more once they know you’re from out of town. The Dominicans are more than welcoming to give you one of the craziest party experiences.

New Orleans

Southern hospitality is more than just being friendly to visitors, but making sure they get what they came for. And if you’re looking to host a bachelor party in New Orleans, the city over-delivers.

You can’t mention New Orleans without mentioning the French Quarter. The French Quarter is a must-visit place for nightlife and entertainment. Bourbon Street extends for several blocks, but it could take all night to reach the end of the street if you’re stopping by all the bars and clubs there.

Mardi Gras happens once a year, but it seems as though the party never ends. Stop by one of the bars and grab a massive Hand Grenade drink, and hope to survive by the time you get to the bottom.

Montreal, Canada

Canada isn’t as peaceful and quiet as you’re probably imagining, especially when stepping out for the night. Montreal is one of the top party destinations in Canada and a must-visit for an epic bachelor party.

Montreal is a melting pot of people from all over, and people even speak French natively. After enough drinks, you might find yourself picking up a few phrases to impress the cute bartenders.

One thing to remember about Montreal - when the weather is nice, the people are out. You’ll have a lot of things to do during the day to keep you active while nursing your hangover.

Visit during the Summer during the busy season to have nonstop festivals and events during your trip. Partying in Montreal is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets that we just unveiled.

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia is closer than you think with only a couple hour flight from the US, but you’ll feel like you’re in a completely new world. Welcome to Cartagena, where, in the party world, anything goes.

Cartagena is in the north along the Caribbean coast, so you could only imagine how beautiful the women are - and the hot weather makes bikinis an everyday outfit.

You can host some of the most epic bachelor parties in Cartagena because of the low cost of living. You’ll be living like kings while dining on some of the best Colombian cuisines and surrounded by women.

There are no rules to how you should party in Cartagena. It’s not uncommon to have a night full of alcohol, drugs, and other things that are better off left to the imagination.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital and a premier nightlife destination on the island. Leave your passport behind since it’s not required for US citizens to visit. That makes it easy to get the Caribbean Island experience without going through any immigration hassles.

The San Juan beaches are calling your name, and you’ll run into the entire city there during the day. You might even recognize some familiar faces by the time you explore some of the nightlife.

The beach town also has a lot of historical significance to learn about while recovering from a hangover.

The nightlife in San Juan is perfect for a bachelor party to introduce Caribbean vibes. You’ll enjoy the Latin music vibes while sipping drinks strong enough to make you forget the wedding date.