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Bachelor Party Resources

Top Three Must-Haves for an Epic Bachelor Party

Top Three Must-Haves for an Epic Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is your best buddy's last hurrah, the special event before he ties the knot, so you better send him off to married life with a bang! As his best man, your duty is to deliver the best bachelor party ever, but let's be honest, that's not that simple unless you are a natural-born party planner.

The entire bachrlor party planning can be nerve-wracking and challenging. However, when you have the top three must-haves you are halfway to that crazy blow-your-socks-off bash everyone is expecting from you:

1. A sunny destination that happens to be America's Craft Beer Capital

bachelor party craft beer

Your bro is tired of all that wedding planning pressure and he could use some time to get loose and blow off the steam.

Therefore, my suggestion is to make your bachelor party last longer than a guys' night out in the city and take your crew to San Diego for a fun-filled bachelor party weekend.

Guys, America's Finest City is one of the top bachelor party destinations, so when you want to fill your days (and nights) with fun activities, San Diego has it all:

  • Apart from the fantastic beaches and world-class surf spots, the San Diego area is home to the top craft breweries in the US, where you can go to sample the finest craft beer selection ever.
  • Your bachelor party itinerary won't be complete without some fun on the water, and what can be more fun than a booze cruise in San Diego Bay? You can book a cruise from one of the companies or rent a sailboat, yacht, or pontoon boat to celebrate with your crew in complete privacy.
  • When the sun goes down plan a guys' night out to explore the Gaslamp District's 16 blocks of pubs, bars, clubs, and other party hot spots.

2. A bachelor party-friendly vacation rental

bachelor pool party

A luxury private mansion with a big pool or a cozy beach house is another must-have if you want to make your bachelor party weekend one to remember.

Believe me, finding the perfect accommodation for your bachelor party will make all the difference, and the San Diego area, including those quaint beach communities, offers a wide range of great house rentals for every taste and budget.

Here are the advantages of renting a house for your group:

  • Access to a BBQ area, wet bar, and a spacious place to eat
  • Accommodation close to the beach or the downtown area, depending on your planned activities
  • Spacious living room for your bachelor party games and entertainment
  • Pool for some poolside fun and activities – and you can always make the party more epic by booking local pool party girls
  • You can make the house and the pool look as fun as you want with those crazy banners, floats, balloons, and other bachelor party decorations

Pro Party Planner Tip: always make sure to book a bachelor party-friendly accommodation. Not every owner tolerates parties in the house or on the property.

3. Customizable bachelor party packages

Booking bachelor party packages for your weekend can save precious time and energy. These packages are designed and created for bachelor party groups of all sizes, tastes, and budgets.

Believe it or not, booking bachelor party packages from a reliable agency will also save you a lot of money.

The top bachelor party planners in San Diego have connections and partnerships with the city’s best vendors and companies. They know everyone in the San Diego entertainment industry, and everyone knows them.

Your party planner will know the exact amount each bachelor party service costs and can make sure your crew is not price gouged. Besides, you should know that most vendors, house owners, and transportation companies supply a 10-15% discount when working with the city’s top party planners.

When planning the bachelor party, you can be sure of one thing: staying on your previously set budget is way more difficult than it seems. Unexpected expenses and fees will pop up everywhere. Still, once you tell your party planner agency the amount you can spend for your event, they will start working their magic and fill your bachelor party weekend with fun activities. And of course, you'll get the best possible deals.

Another aspect to remember is that a reliable party planner will ensure that everything is planned and booked by the time your crew arrives in San Diego.

About the author Liz Hahn is the founder and the CEO of the San Diego Bachelor Party. With a background in the entertainment industry, she has the experience and the skills to plan and deliver the ultimate bachelor party experience in the San Diego area.

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The Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

Congratulations on being selected by the Groom to plan his bachelor party!  What an honor, even though it can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Every bride dream about her wedding growing up, and every groom dream about his big bach-night. It can be both hard to come up with the ideas for a bachelor party, plan it and dealing with normal life at the same time. If you are struggling to come up with funbachelor party ideas, this guide will help organize your options. It all depends for what you are looking for so, we have made it easy and sort out our best bachelor party ideas into the following categories:

  • Bachelor Party on a Budget

  • Non-Alcoholic Bachelor Party

  • Outdoor Bachelor Party

  • Epic Bachelor Party 

Ultimately, the perfect bachelor party will be planned with your knowledge of the groom’s interest, your group's budget, time of year, and location.

Bachelor Party on a Budget Ideas

Let’s start off with the budget ideas! For those looking not to go broke on one weekend of debauchery, there are plenty of great ways to plan a bachelor party on a budget. After all, the groom just spent a small fortune on his wedding venue down payment… a perfect way to take a break from writing checks and just have a good time with his friends. Check out our fun bachelor party ideas, with your wallet in mind!

Poker Night

Well, this one can turn into a not so budget friendly one, it all depends on what you do with it. All you need is a deck of card, poker chips and some beers and you are good to go!  Everyone is busy with their crazy life, so this can be a nice way to get a break from it and catch up with friends that the groom might not have seen in a long time. There are more options than just playing poker if you want to put an extra spin to it. Here are a few bachelor party surprise ideas, you can design your own deck of cards with the grooms’ face on it or something else that's personal. You can maybe put the date of the bachelor party and the groom’s name, or even his face. It is cheap, easy and a great gift for the groom to keep after the party, here you can find more information about it. Another fun idea is to surprise the groom with strippers and play strip poker!  It is a bachelor party after all…


Pub Crawl

The best part of pub crawls?  The people and the price.  Let’s face it.  You are not attending pub crawls expecting top shelf liquor. You’re there to have an awesome time that’s going to be part memorable and part blurry. A great way to just hang out with guys, laugh and relax. You know your area best, and you know that this is the recipe for an epic and unforgettable disaster. A great way to meet all kinds of different people with the same goal for the night. Make the group stand out in the crowed and go for a theme for the night, maybe dress after the grooms favorite series or if you just want to leave the groom hanging there are great ways to dress him up. Here you can check out bachelor party theme ideas, find all the inspiration you need and get great and crazy outfits for both the group and the groom alone.

Pub Crawl


Karaoke is not only for the people who can sing, it’s also for the people who think they can sing and the ones who just accept they can’t but is up for having a good time. Although many karaoke establishments let you rent a private room, we recommend you embarrass yourselves in front of total strangers. Karaoke both challenges you and rewards you, it can feel intimidating to go up on that stage even after a few beers but when it’s on – it’s on. Here is where the stories are born that are going to be told to a lot of people for a long time. Let’s remember that it is a bachelor party and of course the groom is the target, and the song selections are endless. At the same time, a great bachelor party gift to the groom can be the whole group going up on stage together and dedicate a song for your friend, maybe have a little choreography planned. Starting to think about songs to sing? Here is a list to get the inspiration going!


Non-Alcoholic Bachelor Party Ideas

You feel like you’ve done the whole bar and club thing? There can be different reasons for not wanting to hit the bars and clubs. Don’t forget that those places can be loud and maybe some of the guys attending the bachelor party might not see the groom that often. There are different places you can go instead and still have a party going on! Check out our outdoor bachelor party ideas and rule out the alcohol.

Bachelor party riding atvs

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

We are big fans of the outdoor bachelor party, and you can make them stand out more than just hitting the local club that you’ve done so many times before. Depending on the season here are some bachelor party ideas you can consider! 



Suns out buns out! Who doesn’t love the beach? It’s simple and the guys will love hanging out with some beers and people watching. Depending on how you want it to be, it can be either crazy party day at the beach or a relaxing day to improve the tan before the wedding. Renting a beach or a lake house is a classic favorite. You can also combine it with fishing or renting jet skis!


Bachelor Party Beach



If you are tasked with planning a winter bachelor party, you should strongly consider heading to the slopes. There are awesome ski resorts all over the country and filled with great Airbnb close by. There are often other kinds of winter activities so you can make it an adventure bachelor party as well. You can combine the couple of days in the mountains with renting snow mobiles. And the best thing of all – after ski. You can find some awesome suggestions where to go here

Bachelor Party Skiing


Camping bachelor party is a great option for a group that doesn’t necessarily know each other very well. Also, a great opportunity to share embarrassing stories about the groom! Not only is it great and relaxing to get out in nature but aside from a small campsite fee, this is arguable the most budget option available for an entire weekend trip. There are many beautiful National Parks across the country and easy to look up the options you have.

Bachelor Party Camping


Is the groom an adrenaline junkie? Well, this is the perfect thing the group can do together. A unique experience that will be a memory for life! A great way to start the bachelor party before hitting the bars, and accessible almost everywhere. Nothing brings a group together like a near death experience!   


Sky diving


The best part of paintball is the camaraderie. Paintball never gets old, and this is something any groom would think is a great way to get his head out of the wedding stress. Easy to find anywhere in the country and a fun way for anyone in the group to get to know each other. You can put your own touch to it and look up a bachelor party theme for the whole group, maybe The Teletubbies vs The Disney Princesses. Preferably you will want to all be on the same team. Can you imagine how fun it would be watching a group of 30-year-old men going up against a 14-year old’s birthday party? Maybe worth looking into…

Paintball Bachelor Party

Weaponry: Shooting and Axe Throwing 

Axe throwing is definitely the new hot trend in the bachelor party world.  Your group can rent out its own space and get taught how to properly do the “Paul Bunyan”. This is probably not something the guys does every other weekend, an awesome and fun opportunity to try something new! If Axe Throwing doesn’t make you that excided, you can take the bachelor party to the gun range to unload some clips.

Axe Throwing Bachelor Party

Epic Bachelor Party Ideas

If your group of guys enjoy the finer things in life, then are you in luck.  Epic bachelor parties are the perfect way to blast cash and have a great time doing it! Here is some inspiration to make the party a memorable blur.


Rent a Villa or a Penthouse

Time to channel your inner Dan Bilzerian. There is nothing like cheers-ing with the boys at a Penthouse in Vegas or a Pool Party in Miami. The options are endless and here you can find the full guide with everything you need to know about the best bachelor party destinations.


International Bachelor Party Destinations 

International bachelor parties can at first seem super pricy because of the plane ticket, hotel nights and restaurants. However, what you spend on the ticket you can make up for by going to a place where the dollar is strong. It needs some planning with the guys, but it will be worth it! Mexico and Colombia are not too far away and great bachelor party destinations!

Bachelor Party Cabo San Lucas


Now that you have some fresh bachelor party ideas it’s time to finalize the plans. There are many alternatives and if you are still having trouble deciding, get a group e-mail chain going and put it to a vote!

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The Best Bachelor Party Games (2021 Guide)

The Best Bachelor Party Games (2021 Guide)

Looking for the best bachelor party ideas to plan an epic event. Bachelor party games are mandatory to add some excitement and lots of drinking. Whether you’re pregaming to go out or planning to spend the entire party at home, there are plenty of games to choose from that are perfect for a bachelor party.

Many of the best bachelor party games involve lots of drinking and a few props. We’ll let you know all the bachelor party supplies you need to play your favorite game. Check out our list of games to include in your bachelor party ideas to give the groom an epic night!

1. Beer Olympics

Let’s be honest, there are tons of popular drinking games that you’ve surely played in the bars or during your college years. Instead of picking just one, how about taking the beer games to the next level with the Beer Olympics!

Imagine the Olympic games except with drinking games. The Beer Olympics consists of a series of games where you split the bachelor group into two teams to compete against each other. Crazy things happen when you combine competitive games with drinking.

You can customize your Beer Olympics with as many drinking games as you’d like. Regardless, everyone is sure to be wasted by the time you’re tallying up the final score in the end. Some of the favorite games to include in the Olympic games are beer pong, flip cup, and shotgun.

Beer pong is a classic drinking game that should be in everyone’s Olympics. Use these special bachelor party ping pong balls. Play in pairs against the other team and see whose team has the most wins.

Everyone can play flip cup simultaneously – line up with each team on their respective sides and see who’ll take the victory for the round.

After you finish all the games, whichever team won most rounds gets crowned the Bachelor Party Beer Olympics champion.

2. Eating Contest

You have to eat at some point during the bachelor party, so how about turn the typical mealtime into another bachelor party game. An eating contest is a perfect way to make sure everyone fuels up appropriately for a long day of drinking. Choose your setting wisely because a fine dining restaurant might not be suitable for what’s to come.

Set up your eating contest at home, or some bars might welcome the activity. There are two ways to host a bachelor party eating contest.

  • See who can eat the most
  • Challenge to eat unusual food(s)

Everybody might be looking at the biggest person in the group as the automatic winner before you even start, but you might be surprised. Some of the popular foods for an eating contest are chicken wings or hot dogs. Be sure to have a lot of food and see who can eat the most within a given time. Make it even more challenging by restricting drinking while eating.

Eating unusual foods isn’t a challenge for the stomach but a challenge for the mind. Find the hottest hot sauce to coat your wings and see who can finish. Or find the weirdest food available, like bugs, and see who can stomach them.

Scavenger Hunt

The end of the bachelor party pregame session doesn’t always mean the end of the bachelor party games. A scavenger hunt is one of the best bachelor party games to do while you’re bar hopping around town. Unlike your childhood memories of a scavenger hunt, the bachelor party themed scavenger hunt is strictly reserved for adults.

Check out these bachelor party scavenger hunt cards to get some ideas of the things to keep an eye out for in the bars and clubs. It helps you be more social because you’re sure to interact with lots of people during the night. Split the group into teams or have everyone compete against each other.

The scavenger hunt consists of finding particular objects while exploring the town. You might be looking for a bachelorette party celebration to take photos with or find someone with a jersey for your favorite sport’s team.

The hunt gets more challenging as the night progresses. There’s something about alcohol that impairs our judgment.

See who can find the most objects by the end of the night, and they will get a prize.


Every man loves sports, so how about incorporating a few sporting activities during your bachelor party. It’s perfect for a bit of outdoor fun or even a destination during the day before the nightlife begins.

Some of the best sports games to do during your bachelor party are golfing, go-kart racing, basketball, and corn hole. You can split the group into teams or play on your own to see who comes out on top.

Spending the day out on the golf course is one of the best bachelor party ideas. It’s a place to practice your swing, get competitive, and have plenty of time to joke around with each other while waiting for everyone to finish their swings.

Go-kart racing is another fun competitive game. Head to the racing course and strap in for some high-speed fun. Try to visit the track before you start heavy drinking.

Corn hole is one of the many sports you can enjoy in your backyard. It’s something you can play while pregaming, and drinking only makes the game more interesting. Don’t forget about a prize for the winning team.

Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Start your bachelor party off with a few beers to get you warmed up to the long day of drinking ahead. When you’re ready to take it up a notch, get set up for Russian Roulette. You can bet that anything called Russian roulette won’t end well – just better hope you have a bit of luck on your side so that you’ll remember the night.

Russian Roulette is a drinking game that’s very similar to the original. It’s a game of chance where you spin a ball on a roulette wheel, and whatever it lands on, you have to take a shot of.

Unlike the real game of Russian Roulette, there are no empty chambers in this drinking game. You’ll need lots of shot glasses and fill them up with your favorite liquor and beer. Mix it up to give it a random order. Groomsmen who get lucky will only have to take a shot of beer, but someone will land on tequila.

Take turns on the roulette until all the shots are done. You’ll be more than ready to go out and party when it’s finished.

Spin the Bottle Drinking Game

Spin the Bottle is another familiar game but remember that you’re in a room full of dudes, so you won’t be puckering up with this game. Spin the Bottle is adapted into a drinking game that’s very similar to Russian Roulette.

Spin the Bottle might be a bit easier to set up than Russian Roulette since all you’ll need is an empty (beer) bottle and lots of shot glasses. Randomly fill up all of the shot glasses with different alcohol. Alter between beer and your favorite liquors. Next, organize the drinks in a circle with a random order. Make sure you have at least two or three times the number of glasses as there are groomsmen.

Grab all the groomsmen, sit in a circle, and take turns spinning the bottle to see what shot glass it lands on. Whatever you get, you have to take the shot to the head.

If you want to make the game more exciting, have drinks that look like each other. Fill some glasses with water and others with tequila. You’ll have to brace yourself for the shot because you never know what you’ll get until you take it.


Not everybody is lucky to have a Las Vegas bachelor party. Between the casinos and nightclubs, it’s one of the best places to have a bachelor party. But the good news is that you can bring a bit of the Las Vegas energy to your bachelor party anywhere. And the same rules apply: ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’

Set up a home casino during the pregame for your bachelor party. It’s always fun to include themed bachelor party decorations, so it’s a great option. A casino theme is excellent for organizing a room to have all of the bachelor’s favorite casino games.

Some of the casino games you can include are poker, blackjack, and drinking roulette. You can bring fake casino chips to exchange for drinks or bachelor party gifts. Or you can use a point system to see which groomsman is the best at casino games.

You’ll need two designated people to help run the casino. One person is the card dealer and another person to make sure everyone’s drink stays full. Because what’s a casino game night without lots of drinking?

Bachelor Party Bingo

You don’t have to wait until you’re old to enjoy a game of bingo. Bachelor party being is always fun for all parties. It’s another game that you can customize depending on your bachelor party plans – even for a quarantine bachelor party.

You can find pre-made bachelor party bingo cards, but it’s even more exciting when you make your own. You can make the game customized based on the bachelor group and what you’ll be doing. Add a few activity-based squares to get the groomsmen out of their comfort zone, and don’t forget the free square in the middle.

Some of the creative items you can add to your bingo card are making a weird phone call to the bride or getting the bartender’s phone number. You can play bachelor party bingo remote via video chat and have some items like having someone walk in the camera or someone calling your name from the other room.

As you complete each task, mark off the designated square on the card. The first one to get bingo wins the game and doesn’t have to buy a round of shots for the night.

To-Do List

We know, a bachelor party is supposed to be one night where you can forget about all your responsibilities. A to-do list is the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about, especially when you’re planning to get shitfaced for the night. But don’t worry, a bachelor party to-do list is one that the bride wouldn’t want you to complete.

Think about the most epic activities and events that could happen during a bachelor party – the crazier, the better. Once you have some things in mind, you have plenty of things to add to your to-do list. Make a list of wacky tasks like motorboat a random girl in the bar or get a lap dance in the club. Be sure to make it entertaining!

The to-do list is a collaborative effort. All the groomsmen should come up with wild things to add to the list and surprise the groom-to-be with the list during the party. His goal for the night is to complete everything on the list. If not, there should be consequences.

Don’t forget to put on a groom hat and groom sash so people won’t think you’re entirely out of your mind when you approach them with an unusual request.


Don’t worry if you’re invited to a bachelor party and don’t know the other groomsmen. The most important thing is that you know the groom. And after a game of trivia, you might even find out you don’t know the groom as well as you thought you did.

Trivia is a fun game to break the ice during a bachelor party, so it’s good to start the event with the game before everyone gets too drunk to focus. It’s the perfect game to find out how well everyone knows the bachelor and how well he knows all of his groomsmen. If you play it right, you’ll uncover some hidden secrets about the bachelor that might give insight into how crazy he might get as the bachelor party progresses.

Find some fun questions to ask the bachelor, like how he met the best man or guessing which one of the groomsmen he’s had the wildest drunken night with in the past. As the groom starts to get warmed up, throw in a few curveballs to find some dirt.

Trivia is a fun game that you can also play remotely during a virtual bachelor party.

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Bachelor Party Decorations

Bachelor Party Decorations

Looking to plan a bachelor party? One of the most important things (besides the drinks) is the decorations. The perfect bachelor party decorations can turn a bland room into a center for entertainment where the shitshow can commence. 

Party decorations can be a bit of a hassle to find the best things, but we’ve made it simple by putting together a guide to all the must-have decorations for the bachelor party. Some of the things you definitely want to include:

  • Clothes
  • Drinking accessories
  • Party games
  • Food decorations
  • Photobooth
  • Party banners
  • Balloons

Before buying decorations, figure out if you want to add a theme to your bachelor party. Some popular themes are sports or Las Vegas (check out our Las Vegas bachelor party guide if you get a chance to go!).

Remember, it could be the bachelor-to-be’s last night out with the guys, so don’t hold back in showing your immaturity to remind him of what he’ll be missing when he enters the married life.

Let’s check out how you can decorate your bachelor party!


Not everybody likes the attention or the spotlight, but during a bachelor party, it’s something that you can’t avoid. While you’re busy decorating the party venue, it’s also a smart idea to decorate yourselves with some bachelor party-themed clothing.

Let the world know you’re getting ready for a shitshow with some of the favorite clothing articles:

You can get as creative as you want when planning out what kinds of t-shirts everybody will wear. If you’re planning a bachelor party trip for a couple of days, be sure to get gear for every single night.

Hats are an excellent way for the ladies to distinguish the bachelor from the rest of the cohorts. Add a little extra flair to his hat so he won’t be missed and could potentially land him some celebratory kisses (or dances) from the ladies. Check out one of these hat and veil accessories. It’s the perfect hat to symbolize the upcoming wedding and what you’ll be looking forward to for the rest of your life.

Sashes and buttons are a must for all bachelor parties. Don’t be shy about announcing your bachelor party celebration to the world. The accessories are versatile to wear them in the day or the night, and you can easily switch them onto other clothing. You’re sure to draw a lot of attention and might even get some free shots at the bar if you’re lucky.

Drinking Accessories

It’s your bachelor party, so it might be one of the last times you can indulge in long nights of care-free drinking with the guys. While you’re stocking your house or party venue with drinks, don’t forget to include a few decorations to accessorize the drinks – as if drinking isn’t fun enough!

Some of the best drinking accessories to include are:

Drinking accessories aren’t strictly for the decoration but can have functional benefits. Everybody loves a cold beer, but no so much the cold chill on your hands while holding the can. Use the party can coolers to give you the perfect grip on your drink, so your hand stays warm, and your beer stays cold. It’s also a great way to remember which drink is yours.

Coasters are a fun decoration if you’re partying at home and don’t want the bride-to-be to see beer can marks on her favorite table when she returns. Design some fun coasters with images of the groom’s face or your favorite bachelor quote and place them around the room to use (or forget to use).

Alcohol labels attempt to disguise the drink, but we all know what’s in the bottle. Substitute your favorite alcohol label with a fun message like “Bachelor Party in Progress” or fun images to transform any regular bottle into the perfect bachelor party drink.

Party Games

There are two things that all guys love: drinking and games. While you’re planning out the bachelor party festivities, be sure to include a few fun drinking games for the pregame before going out.

Drinking games are the perfect opportunity to tie in your party theme while adding some friendly competition to the bachelor party. Some of the fun games to include at the party are:

Whether you’re hosting your bachelor party at home or in a venue, you can have a designated section for the games. Beer pong is always a hit regardless of where you’re throwing the party. Beer pong is simple to set up with red cups, a table, beer, and beer pong balls. Pick up some custom beer pong balls to give the game a slightly different look than what you were used to in your college days.

Use your imagination and come up with the best pin the “tail” game for your bachelor party. Pick a wall and hang up a poster of a beautiful woman to pin the targets on the boobs or get a cutout of the groom and challenge yourself to pin something wacky on him.

The scavenger hunt is a fun game that could last all night. Start with some fun points sheets with details on how to score throughout the night. Getting a girl to kiss the bachelor on the cheek is for rookies, but if the bachelor party gets really wild, you can earn major points with getting a girl to give him a lap dance. Hint: make sure to include visiting the strip club for the end of the night to make it a guarantee.

Food Decorations

Since you’re getting a few decorations for the drinks, why skip out on doing the same for the food. Food during a bachelor party is much more than something to fill up on but can provide some fun in supporting your theme.

There are a few things to consider when putting together the food list for your bachelor party:

  • Decorative cake
  • Fun finger foods

Cake is always a delicious treat to have for all celebrations. Surprise the groom-to-be with a special cake to kick off the bachelor party celebrations. You can easily find a bakery to buying a customized cake, either with a photo of his face or something quirkier like a cake designed as a vagina.

The best cakes won’t even be touched until you return for the night after partying, so make it nice so that it provides some decorative appeal to the party.

Aside from the cake, you’ll need some fin finger foods to munch on in between alcohol shots while pregaming to go out. It’s time to upgrade from the typical chips and dip for more suitable hor’s d ‘oeuvres like boob-shaped pastries or vagina gummies.


The most successful bachelor parties are ones that you won’t be able to discuss outside of the party circle but to ease the mind of the bride-to-be, you’ll need to show a bit of evidence of what happened. Leave the cameras behind when you go out for the night, but you can always set up a fun photo booth to show everyone before the real shitshow begins.

Photo booths are always wacky fun, so if you’ve never stepped inside of one, get prepared for embarrassing photos that show just how immature you can be. The best part about photo booths are the props, so here’s a few to consider:

  • Clothing accessories
  • Signs
  • Blow up dolls

Your party outfit is never enough when you step into a photo booth. Dress it up a bit with some of the favorite accessories like oversized glasses or wacky-colored bow ties. It also never hurts to throw on a fake mustache if you want to disguise your identity slightly.

It’s also a great opportunity to hold up some signs signifying that the photos came from the bachelor party and not a graduation party. Bachelor party signs work best if they’re obscene, so find you with the craziest text to hold up. “Kiss This” and “Bad choices make good stories” are a few that will surely define the night appropriately.

For even wilder photos that might alarm the bride-to-be, don’t be afraid to show that blow-up doll that we already know will be present at your bachelor party.

Party Banners

One of the best ways to decorate your house for a bachelor party is will banners. It’s a simple way to transform it from a simple home into a party center!

Banners can serve as a big welcome for the bachelor entering his last party in the single life, so make it good. It’s another decoration where you can get creative.

Pick out the best colors to match the rest of the decorations and find some fun messages to put as the text. It might be tempting to stick with the bachelor’s name or simply “bachelor party,” but for something clever, hang up “same vagina forever” to celebrate.

The banners aren’t just text, but can also include a few hanging streamers or swirls for a little extra flavor.

Some of the ideal places to hang your banner are:

  • Entrance
  • Central location

The entrance is always a great place to symbolize walking into the party zone. Emerge through the banner, and you’ll see where the shitshow begins.

You could also pick a central location, and they’ll be the focal point of the bachelor party. Place the games or food table beneath the sign to direct your drunken friends where to go. It will be an excellent place for photos to capture the neat decorations before the wild events of the party begin.


What’s a party without balloons? Balloons always make the perfect decorations regardless of your age. It’s also a great complement to your party banners and theme, so there’s lots of fun things you can do with them.

When you first think about balloons, the typical circular shape might come to mind, but there’s a few ways to get something more fitting for the occasion. Some of the types of balloons to consider for a bachelor party include:

  • Message balloons
  • Shape balloons
  • Letter balloons

A bachelor party deserves more than just plain balloons hanging around the room. Add a bit of fun to the decoration with some unique messages tailored just for the party. “She said no strippers” makes for an excellent slogan for the night, especially as you guys await the private dancers to arrive at the party.

Balloons have gotten much more advanced since you last had them for your birthday party – you can find balloons in all types of shapes and styles to perfectly outfit the party. If you’re going with a theme for the party, try to find some balloons to coincide with it – like a sports ball balloon, or a super-hero logo. If you don’t have a theme, you can always opt for a vagina-shaped balloon.

Take your slogan to the next level and get letter balloons to spell out the words. It will really bring the message to life, but you’ll have some fun trying to set them up so that it spells out the phrase correctly.

Party Pack

You don’t have to be an interior designer or party planner to find the perfect bachelor party decorations. Today, it’s a simple task thanks to pre-packaged party packs. Party packs have everything you need for setting up a bachelor party – even if it’s the last minute. Save yourself some time and money and grab a pack.

Party packs come with a variety of decorations and can differ significantly depending on where you purchase them. For example, these party packs give you the perfect theme of “same vagina forever” with corresponding balloons and party streamers.

Everything is already color-coordinated, so you might surprise everyone with how cohesive the party looks. The party packs take care of the main decorations, so you can focus more on buying enough beer and alcohol to last the entire party.

Do you want to take a bachelor party trip instead of planning it at home? Check out the top bachelor party destinations of the year to find some of the best places to party in the world!

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Lesbian Bachelorette Party Ideas

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Ideas

A lesbian wedding shatters all stereotypes of what marriage should look like, but have you considered how to go about throwing an epic lesbian bachelorette party. You’re not the only one stuck on ideas on how to plan the perfect party suitable for the couple, while still keeping the night as crazy as possible.

Planning a lesbian bachelorette party takes a bit of creativity, and we’ll give you an inside scoop at how you can throw a party for the books. You’ll get insights on what you should do during the party, where to throw it, and how to make your party guest list.

Follow our guide, and you’re sure to put on the wildest bachelorette party for your favorite lesbians.

How many parties?

Perhaps the trickiest thing to hosting a bachelorette party for a lesbian couple is whether to throw one party or two parties. Many lesbian couples consider themselves as two brides, meaning both are deserving of a bachelorette party. There are a few things to consider before you jump into your party planning.

Unless they explicitly tell you, you might not know what kind of party they would like. Some couples prefer to leave many of the other marriage traditions the same, such as separate parties. Hosting two parties is twice the amount of work, but also twice the amount of fun.

Two parties could be a smart idea is the two brides have different circles of friends, in which each group would do the planning individually. A bachelorette party symbolizes the last night out while single, a tradition that applies no matter who is getting married.

In other cases, you might consider hosting a joint party as a way to celebrate both of the brides-to-be simultaneously. A joint party works best when both of the brides share the same circle of friends. Instead of two small parties for each of the ladies, how about putting all your resources into hosting one epic lesbian bachelorette party.

Planning a Lesbian Bachelorette Party

Now that you know whether you’re throwing a party for one bride or two, it’s time to start the exciting planning process. You probably won’t expect planning a lesbian bachelorette party to be so fun, but you’re in for a big surprise.

A lesbian bachelorette party is a bit unconventional, so don’t be shy to sway away from some of the old traditions. There are no rules on how you should plan your party, but there are some suggestions to make it of good taste for the brides.

One of the best ways to spotlight the lesbian couple is intertwining some LGBTQ themes into the party. Some things that you can do include rainbow-colored decorations, a vagina-shaped cake, and, of course, matching shirts for everyone. Something creative you could do is decorate the doorway as if you’re entering a vagina.

Planning a party for one bride can be easier because you only have to consider one person’s favorite things. When planning a joint lesbian bachelorette party, think about what both of them like and incorporate those themes.

Before getting into some of the specific lesbian bachelorette party activities, you should first think about who will be attending the party.

Who’s on the bachelorette party guest list?

Once you announce the plans for your epic lesbian bachelorette party, the first question you’ll get is who’s coming.

Selecting the perfect group of people is just as important as planning out the best things to do during the party. If you’re planning a party for a lesbian couple, you should forget all the standards of a girls-only party.

Although the guests of honor are both ladies, doesn’t mean the rest of the guests have to be. Some of the most successful lesbian bachelorette parties invite the girl and guy friends of the brides.

You can still do your girly activities, even if straight male friends attend, they realize that they’re going to a lesbian bachelorette party, right?


It easy when both brides share the same circle of friends because you already know the main people to invite. If they have different friends, but doing a joint party, try to keep the numbers evenly balanced (planning ahead for competitive games between sides).

Not everybody attending the party has to be a bridesmaid or even lesbian. Try to have some fun and mix up the personalities. You’re there to have a great time, and the people you party with can make all the difference.

Where to host your party?

If you have an idea of some of the things you want to do during the bachelorette party and who you want to attend, you can begin the process of choosing the best place to host it.

Throwing a lesbian bachelorette party at home can be a lot of fun. Pick the bridesmaid with the best house for the party and start setting it up there. If you think the party might get a little wild for home, you could also rent a house or apartment for the day on Airbnb.

If your budget permits, how about a destination bachelorette party? You don’t have to save the travel adventure until the honeymoon and pick an amazing place to run wild.

Keep in mind that you’re planning a party for lesbians, so choose LGBTQ-friendly destinations for the most fun.


There are many places to have a destination bachelorette party such as New Orleans, San Francisco, or Disney World. These are two places where you can ensure your rainbow-colored accessories will be more than acceptable.

Your party location depends on how long you plan to have the party. A party at home would be great for one night but extended for a weekend if you plan on traveling somewhere.

It also depends on what you plan to do during the bachelorette party. Check out some of the best things to do and plan accordingly to fit as much as you can into your party itinerary.

Things to do During a Lesbian Bachelorette Party

Stuck on what you should do during the bachelorette party? Well, the good news is that we have you covered. Lesbian brides like to have fun just as much as anybody else, so with a few tweaks, any party idea can be ideal for the couple.

1. Relaxing Day at the Spa

A spa is a perfect place for relaxation while getting ready for the big day. If you’re planning a lesbian bachelorette party, consider adding it to the list of things. The spa is a neutral environment where your group of girls (and guys) can hang out.


You can spend an entire day at the spa and find packages catering to groups. Being a lesbian doesn’t mean being any less girly, so the spa is a great way to bring out your feminism.

Most spa’s not only have the actual spa treatments but also lounges that you can reserve. After a relaxing group massage, you can chill in the lounge to exchange gifts and share some laughs.

2. Bachelorette Party Games with a Twist

No bachelorette party is complete without playing a few wacky games with each other - it’s no exception for lesbian brides.

There’s only one rule to keep in mind - no penises. Most bachelorette parties feature penis-related games such as “pin the kiss,” “bachelorette roulette,” or clay sculpting. You might not have to toss these games all the way out, but a slight twist and mixed with some other classics will fill up your night with fun.

Some party games to consider instead are the “panty game,” “how well do you know the bride,” and “pin the tongue.”

Bachelorette party games are an excellent way for all the bridesmaids to interact and see how well the group knows each other.

3. Group Cooking Class

We can guarantee that the brides-to-be will be expecting amazing food during the bachelorette party. Well, how about you center one of the activities around the food prep.

Taking a cooking class with the brides is a great way to hang out during the party. Someone will need to know how to cook during the marriage, so it’s best to get a head start learning some recipes.

You can search locally for group cooking classes that invite the entire bridesmaid group to cook alongside a professional. You can stick with the wedding theme (or any other theme you choose) by personalizing the dishes you’ll be making.

Be sure to have a bit of fun during cooking and try now to wear your best clothes.

4. Party Bus/Bar Crawl

What’s a lesbian bachelorette party without a bit of alcohol. See what’s in store for the nightlife by planning out an incredible drunken adventure.

We want everybody to have a great time and taking part in the celebratory shots - a party bus gives you a designated driver and all the excuses to fully indulge in the night’s festivities.

Rent a party bus, but make sure that it has a stripper pole inside—what a way to let loose by practicing some pole dancing en route to your favorite bars.

Drop in for a drink and dance at one of the local hotspots before heading back onto the bus to the next destination. The entire city should know about the upcoming marriage by the end of the night.

5. Sunset Dinner Cruise

You can save the elaborate vacation cruise for the honeymoon - we’re talking about an intimate dinner or sightseeing cruise.

Cruises are a unique way to experience a city. If you’re planning the lesbian bachelorette party near any body of water, you’re sure to find cruises available.

Regardless if you’re hosting the party locally or traveling to a new place, sightseeing on a cruise offers a unique perspective of the city. Sit back while cruising past some of the best scenery you could ever imagine.

Many cruise operators provide dinner and sunset cruises to add a bit of romance to the party. Nothing says “almost married” better than a toast to the brides right as the sun sets below the horizon.

6. Lesbians Like to Drink Too

Some people want to have a classy bachelorette party, while others want to relive the college glory days of getting wasted with friends. Now is the perfect chance to experience it one last time before tying the knot.

Grab the brides’ favorite drinks and set up your house with lots of fun drinking games. Some of the popular games to play are beer pong, flip cup, and “drink if.”

You can even make it a friendly competition between brides. Choose sides carefully and see which bride team will be victorious after a round of games.

There should always be a prize for the bride who comes out on top. We just hope that you’re sober enough by the end of the games to remember who won.

7. Glamping with the Girls

Girls love the outdoors just as much as guys do. Since lesbians do things a bit differently, it’s time to upgrade your typical camping with a glamping experience.

Glamping is a girl’s way of showing that she can handle herself in the outdoors just as well as any guy. If the brides are nature lovers, glamping is one of the most fun things you could do.

Pack up the car and head to a remote forest, and immerse yourself into nature. Pitch tents, build a bonfire, roast s’ mores, and, of course, drink. You can add in some adventure to the lesbian bachelorette party with hiking or rafting.

In case you’re not too fond of the forest environment but still want to experience outdoors, you could make it as simple as pitching tents in your backyard.

8. Girls Night In

A lesbian bachelorette party doesn’t always have to involve a wild night while club-hopping. Some brides are more reserved and prefer to stay in. Well, how about planning a nice slumber party for the bridesmaids.

Choose one of your own houses or even rent an entire house on Airbnb to host the most epic girls night in ever.

A girls night in means you can have fun with a lot of the activities we’ve mentioned, like playing games. You could even bring the cooking class to the house and see who can make the best meal.

The trick to a successful slumber party is to see who can stay awake the longest. It can be fun to make a large sleeping palette for everyone and line up a collection of LGBTQ movies to stream all night.

Get the Merch

As always we would love the opportunity to hook up the brides to be with the most obnoxious items we could think of.  Please check out our rainbow sash, hat pack, veil, koozies, white sash, glitter banner, hologram sash, pin pack, and tutu!

Final Thoughts

Lesbian bachelorette parties are all the hype and possibly one of the most fun parties you’ll ever attend. The best part about them is finding ways to keep impressing the brides-to-be of your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Have you hosted a lesbian bachelorette party before? What are some activity ideas that you recommend adding to the party itinerary? Let us know in the comments your thoughts!

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Best Bachelor Party Destinations (2021 Edition)

Best Bachelor Party Destinations (2021 Edition)

Your bachelor party gives you one last epic run with the guys before all the responsibilities set in, so you may as well do it right.

We’ve selected the top cities to host a bachelor party across the US and even some international favorites.

Each destination is so unique that the only criteria are lots of drinking, hot girls, and plenty of places to party at night. Everything else is a bonus.

Check out an overview of the top bachelor party destinations and further explore each destination to learn how to throw the perfect bachelor party.

Las Vegas

Can you trust a list of top bachelor party destinations of it doesn’t include Las Vegas? Las Vegas is perhaps the most famous party destination in the world and top place to host the best bachelor party.

Las Vegas has everything you could ever want for a crazy party experience, regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime. And the best part is that it has a culture of keeping all the memories of the wild times buried in the vault.

Spend your bachelor party on the Las Vegas Strip for endless entertainment. It’s not hard to run into some hot girls ready to party with you.

From partying in world-class nightclubs to rooftop pool parties, thankfully, there are also the casinos to try to win back everything you spent during the bachelor party.

New York City

New York City is the bachelor party capital of the east coast. The ‘Big Apple’ continues to deliver some of the best party experiences you could ever imagine. Fall in line with the locals and visitors packing the clubs every night for a party you won’t want to end.

Fill up your daily itinerary with sightseeing some of the most famous landmarks. NYC is also a foodie haven to grab a highly anticipated hangover brunch. You’ll immediately feel the exciting energy as you make your way through the bustling city streets.

Treat yourself to a night as an A-Lister when you and the guys party VIP-style in one of the city’s top-rated nightclubs. Bottle service, great music, and not to mention, women so beautiful that you might reconsider getting married.

Los Angeles

It might be safe to assume that everyone you see in Los Angeles is a celebrity somehow - and guaranteed people will be thinking the same thing about you after seeing you in full bachelor party action.

If you’ve got the money to spend, LA is the best place to host a bachelor party. We’re talking about throwing a crazy Hollywood mansion party or cruising down Rodeo Drive in a foreign luxury car. Sure, there are other ways to experience the city, but why party in LA if you’re not going to do it big.

The great thing about LA is also the beaches. Sip some drinks and head down to Venice Beach to stroll the boardwalk. You’ll continuously run into fun - one day walking around LA, and you’ll have plenty of party invites.

Atlantic City

Many people consider Atlantic City the Las Vegas of the east, but until you’ve been, you might not appreciate how it’s crafted an identity of its own to land on the top bachelor party destinations list.

Atlantic City is essentially a casino and nightlife destination set on the beach. Summertime brings out all of the beautiful women hanging out on the boardwalk and filling up the beach. Hop in the water for some recreation like jet skiing or take a booze cruise.

Atlantic City illuminates at night from the glow of casino lights. Many of the top hotels, like Hard Rock Cafe or Harrah’s, include night clubs inside - staying at the hotel makes it easy to go from pre-game to party in minutes. And it might be hard to resist spending a few bucks every time you walk through the casino lobbies.


Miami is a city that immediately comes to mind when thinking about where to host the best bachelor party. If you thought Spring Break get wild, just wait till you’re really able to have a great time.

Miami is the party hub in the US, where everybody goes for a great time. From the moment you arrive, you’ll have plenty of eye candy walking around to satisfy your taste.

South Beach is the go-to place for party-goers. Head down to the beach and soak up the sun with a few drinks. You’ll find some of the best nightclubs in the country along the legendary Ocean Drive.

A VIP club experience is only the beginning. The best way to end the night is at one of the strip clubs where even celebrities can be seen throwing insane amounts of money at the beautiful dancers.


Prepared for upscale bachelor party experience when you host it in Chicago - just be sure to come when the weather is nice.

Chicago can be one of the most fun cities if you do it right. We recommend staying in Downtown along the Loop so that you’re near all the excitement. There are lots of restaurants, landmarks, bars, and more, all within walking distance. It makes it easy to hop around to find the best venue.

Nightlife in Chicago is one of the best in the US. You’ll find massive dance parties to scenic rooftop lounges. The locals also know how to have a great time to add even more to the party atmosphere.

All guys enjoy sports, and there’s plenty of that going on. Chicago has teams in the big four sports to check out a game or visit one of the many sports bars full of drunken cheers.

Havana, Cuba

You can almost hear the pulsating Cuban music emerging from the picture - Havana, Cuba, delivers one of the most exciting bachelor party destinations in the Caribbean. Cuba has been a sought out travel destination for decades, and now we can enjoy the incredible nightlife.

A bachelor party in Havana is more than just, well, a bachelor party. It’s fun to take a walk around the colorful streets and interact with the locals. And keep your eyes open for the iconic vintage cars lining the streets.

Have you ever seen Cuban women? Havana’s nightlife brings out some of the most beautiful women in the world to party alongside you. Just be sure to practice your moves before hitting the dance floor because the girls there love to have a great time.


To be honest, you’ll probably see Cancun on any party list, whether for Spring Break or a Bachelor Party. And after the unforgettable party experience, you might be trying to convince the bride-to-be to spend the honeymoon there.

Cancun is Mexico’s most popular beach destination, where the party never seems to end. The excellent weather year-round and beautiful scenery is more than enough criteria for an ideal party environment.

During the day, you’ll want to hang out on the beaches where you’ll never run out of drinks and fine women to see. By night, check out the nightlife scene that almost always ends up back at the beach.

One of the best things about Cancun is affordability. It’s a resort destination, so you can expect an all-inclusive experience for all of your party favors. 


Boston is a gem in New England for a crazy bachelor party experience. Avoid the harsh winters and opt to party when the weather is nice, and you won’t regret it.

The port city has a nice bay where you’ll have day cruises for drinking and lunch. Sail past the skyline while you set your course for the night.

Boston is also a major sports city, so you’ll always find some action in the sports bars at any time of the day.

Downtown Boston is where you’ll find some of the best party spots. Put on your matching bachelor party shirts and head out for a crazy turn up in the city. You’ll be talking to so many hot chicks that their accent might rub off on you.

Sosua, DR

Telling everyone that you’re visiting the Dominican Republic for a bachelor party might have obvious assumptions, but a trip to Sosua is just too good to pass up.

The Dominican Republic is known as being one of the most fun island destinations in the Caribbean. Blending the island life with a party atmosphere is the perfect recipe for a fun bachelor party.

Sosua is a resort town where you’ll be minutes away from the beach no matter where you are. Even in the day, you’ll see people hanging out - join in on the festivities with a fresh coconut and alcohol drink.

There’s one thing to say you’re celebrating a bachelor party, but things tend to turn up a bit more once they know you’re from out of town. The Dominicans are more than welcoming to give you one of the craziest party experiences.

New Orleans

Southern hospitality is more than just being friendly to visitors, but making sure they get what they came for. And if you’re looking to host a bachelor party in New Orleans, the city over-delivers.

You can’t mention New Orleans without mentioning the French Quarter. The French Quarter is a must-visit place for nightlife and entertainment. Bourbon Street extends for several blocks, but it could take all night to reach the end of the street if you’re stopping by all the bars and clubs there.

Mardi Gras happens once a year, but it seems as though the party never ends. Stop by one of the bars and grab a massive Hand Grenade drink, and hope to survive by the time you get to the bottom.

Montreal, Canada

Canada isn’t as peaceful and quiet as you’re probably imagining, especially when stepping out for the night. Montreal is one of the top party destinations in Canada and a must-visit for an epic bachelor party.

Montreal is a melting pot of people from all over, and people even speak French natively. After enough drinks, you might find yourself picking up a few phrases to impress the cute bartenders.

One thing to remember about Montreal - when the weather is nice, the people are out. You’ll have a lot of things to do during the day to keep you active while nursing your hangover.

Visit during the Summer during the busy season to have nonstop festivals and events during your trip. Partying in Montreal is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets that we just unveiled.

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia is closer than you think with only a couple hour flight from the US, but you’ll feel like you’re in a completely new world. Welcome to Cartagena, where, in the party world, anything goes.

Cartagena is in the north along the Caribbean coast, so you could only imagine how beautiful the women are - and the hot weather makes bikinis an everyday outfit.

You can host some of the most epic bachelor parties in Cartagena because of the low cost of living. You’ll be living like kings while dining on some of the best Colombian cuisines and surrounded by women.

There are no rules to how you should party in Cartagena. It’s not uncommon to have a night full of alcohol, drugs, and other things that are better off left to the imagination.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital and a premier nightlife destination on the island. Leave your passport behind since it’s not required for US citizens to visit. That makes it easy to get the Caribbean Island experience without going through any immigration hassles.

The San Juan beaches are calling your name, and you’ll run into the entire city there during the day. You might even recognize some familiar faces by the time you explore some of the nightlife.

The beach town also has a lot of historical significance to learn about while recovering from a hangover.

The nightlife in San Juan is perfect for a bachelor party to introduce Caribbean vibes. You’ll enjoy the Latin music vibes while sipping drinks strong enough to make you forget the wedding date.

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Planning a Bachelor Party?

Planning a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor Party season is just around the corner and although I am beyond excited for a weekend of debauchery with my closest friends, I am not looking forward to the shit show that is the email thread and group text chains of 30 year old men trying to plan a trip. 

I have been to my fair share of bachelor parties and one thing is always certain, they are unorganized.  From trying to pick a date that works for everyone to squaring up expenses at the end of the trip is always ridiculously frustrating.   That is until I found

The homie Peter, Guestboard’s founder, shared my same gripes and actually decided to do something about it.  Guestboard is the perfect cheat code for the Best Man that wants to throw the party of the year.   Keep all communication, budget, date and location planning under one roof.  I was surprised at how intuitive the platform was for a simpleton like myself.   So stay in the stone age or step in to the future, its up to you.  In the meantim, checkout our Guestboard for Señor Steve's bachelor to Cabo! bachelor party



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