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The Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

Congratulations on being selected by the Groom to plan his bachelor party!  What an honor, even though it can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Every bride dream about her wedding growing up, and every groom dream about his big bach-night. It can be both hard to come up with the ideas for a bachelor party, plan it and dealing with normal life at the same time. If you are struggling to come up with funbachelor party ideas, this guide will help organize your options. It all depends for what you are looking for so, we have made it easy and sort out our best bachelor party ideas into the following categories:

  • Bachelor Party on a Budget

  • Non-Alcoholic Bachelor Party

  • Outdoor Bachelor Party

  • Epic Bachelor Party 

Ultimately, the perfect bachelor party will be planned with your knowledge of the groom’s interest, your group's budget, time of year, and location.

Bachelor Party on a Budget Ideas

Let’s start off with the budget ideas! For those looking not to go broke on one weekend of debauchery, there are plenty of great ways to plan a bachelor party on a budget. After all, the groom just spent a small fortune on his wedding venue down payment… a perfect way to take a break from writing checks and just have a good time with his friends. Check out our fun bachelor party ideas, with your wallet in mind!

Poker Night

Well, this one can turn into a not so budget friendly one, it all depends on what you do with it. All you need is a deck of card, poker chips and some beers and you are good to go!  Everyone is busy with their crazy life, so this can be a nice way to get a break from it and catch up with friends that the groom might not have seen in a long time. There are more options than just playing poker if you want to put an extra spin to it. Here are a few bachelor party surprise ideas, you can design your own deck of cards with the grooms’ face on it or something else that's personal. You can maybe put the date of the bachelor party and the groom’s name, or even his face. It is cheap, easy and a great gift for the groom to keep after the party, here you can find more information about it. Another fun idea is to surprise the groom with strippers and play strip poker!  It is a bachelor party after all…


Pub Crawl

The best part of pub crawls?  The people and the price.  Let’s face it.  You are not attending pub crawls expecting top shelf liquor. You’re there to have an awesome time that’s going to be part memorable and part blurry. A great way to just hang out with guys, laugh and relax. You know your area best, and you know that this is the recipe for an epic and unforgettable disaster. A great way to meet all kinds of different people with the same goal for the night. Make the group stand out in the crowed and go for a theme for the night, maybe dress after the grooms favorite series or if you just want to leave the groom hanging there are great ways to dress him up. Here you can check out bachelor party theme ideas, find all the inspiration you need and get great and crazy outfits for both the group and the groom alone.

Pub Crawl


Karaoke is not only for the people who can sing, it’s also for the people who think they can sing and the ones who just accept they can’t but is up for having a good time. Although many karaoke establishments let you rent a private room, we recommend you embarrass yourselves in front of total strangers. Karaoke both challenges you and rewards you, it can feel intimidating to go up on that stage even after a few beers but when it’s on – it’s on. Here is where the stories are born that are going to be told to a lot of people for a long time. Let’s remember that it is a bachelor party and of course the groom is the target, and the song selections are endless. At the same time, a great bachelor party gift to the groom can be the whole group going up on stage together and dedicate a song for your friend, maybe have a little choreography planned. Starting to think about songs to sing? Here is a list to get the inspiration going!


Non-Alcoholic Bachelor Party Ideas

You feel like you’ve done the whole bar and club thing? There can be different reasons for not wanting to hit the bars and clubs. Don’t forget that those places can be loud and maybe some of the guys attending the bachelor party might not see the groom that often. There are different places you can go instead and still have a party going on! Check out our outdoor bachelor party ideas and rule out the alcohol.

Bachelor party riding atvs

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

We are big fans of the outdoor bachelor party, and you can make them stand out more than just hitting the local club that you’ve done so many times before. Depending on the season here are some bachelor party ideas you can consider! 



Suns out buns out! Who doesn’t love the beach? It’s simple and the guys will love hanging out with some beers and people watching. Depending on how you want it to be, it can be either crazy party day at the beach or a relaxing day to improve the tan before the wedding. Renting a beach or a lake house is a classic favorite. You can also combine it with fishing or renting jet skis!


Bachelor Party Beach



If you are tasked with planning a winter bachelor party, you should strongly consider heading to the slopes. There are awesome ski resorts all over the country and filled with great Airbnb close by. There are often other kinds of winter activities so you can make it an adventure bachelor party as well. You can combine the couple of days in the mountains with renting snow mobiles. And the best thing of all – after ski. You can find some awesome suggestions where to go here

Bachelor Party Skiing


Camping bachelor party is a great option for a group that doesn’t necessarily know each other very well. Also, a great opportunity to share embarrassing stories about the groom! Not only is it great and relaxing to get out in nature but aside from a small campsite fee, this is arguable the most budget option available for an entire weekend trip. There are many beautiful National Parks across the country and easy to look up the options you have.

Bachelor Party Camping


Is the groom an adrenaline junkie? Well, this is the perfect thing the group can do together. A unique experience that will be a memory for life! A great way to start the bachelor party before hitting the bars, and accessible almost everywhere. Nothing brings a group together like a near death experience!   


Sky diving


The best part of paintball is the camaraderie. Paintball never gets old, and this is something any groom would think is a great way to get his head out of the wedding stress. Easy to find anywhere in the country and a fun way for anyone in the group to get to know each other. You can put your own touch to it and look up a bachelor party theme for the whole group, maybe The Teletubbies vs The Disney Princesses. Preferably you will want to all be on the same team. Can you imagine how fun it would be watching a group of 30-year-old men going up against a 14-year old’s birthday party? Maybe worth looking into…

Paintball Bachelor Party

Weaponry: Shooting and Axe Throwing 

Axe throwing is definitely the new hot trend in the bachelor party world.  Your group can rent out its own space and get taught how to properly do the “Paul Bunyan”. This is probably not something the guys does every other weekend, an awesome and fun opportunity to try something new! If Axe Throwing doesn’t make you that excided, you can take the bachelor party to the gun range to unload some clips.

Axe Throwing Bachelor Party

Epic Bachelor Party Ideas

If your group of guys enjoy the finer things in life, then are you in luck.  Epic bachelor parties are the perfect way to blast cash and have a great time doing it! Here is some inspiration to make the party a memorable blur.


Rent a Villa or a Penthouse

Time to channel your inner Dan Bilzerian. There is nothing like cheers-ing with the boys at a Penthouse in Vegas or a Pool Party in Miami. The options are endless and here you can find the full guide with everything you need to know about the best bachelor party destinations.


International Bachelor Party Destinations 

International bachelor parties can at first seem super pricy because of the plane ticket, hotel nights and restaurants. However, what you spend on the ticket you can make up for by going to a place where the dollar is strong. It needs some planning with the guys, but it will be worth it! Mexico and Colombia are not too far away and great bachelor party destinations!

Bachelor Party Cabo San Lucas


Now that you have some fresh bachelor party ideas it’s time to finalize the plans. There are many alternatives and if you are still having trouble deciding, get a group e-mail chain going and put it to a vote!