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Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

Best Bachelor Party Ideas (2021)

Congratulations on being selected by the Groom to plan his bachelor party!  What an honor.  If you are struggling to come up with bachelor party ideas, this guide will help organize your options.  We have broken our guide into the following categories; Budget, Non-Bar, Outdoor and Baller.  Ultimately, the ideal bachelor party will be planned with your knowledge of the groom’s interest, your group's budget, time of year, and location.

Budget Bachelor Party Ideas

For those looking not to go broke on one weekend of debauchery, there are plenty of ways to plan a bachelor party on a budget.  After all, the groom just spent a small fortune on his wedding venue down payment! 

Poker Night

Gambling with the boys is a tale as old as time.  All you need is a deck of card, poker chips and some beers and you are good to go!  Poker is part of America’s history and a great way to catch up with friends that the groom might not have seen in a long time. 

bachelor party poker night

Pub Crawl

The best part of pub crawls?  The people and the price.  Let’s face it.  You are not attending pub crawls expecting top shelf liquor.  You are going to meet a lot of other people with the same mindset as you: TO PARTY!

bachelor party pub crawl


Karaoke is a great option for the more musically inclined bachelor party.  Although many karaoke establishments let you rent a private room, we recommend you embarrass yourselves in front of total strangers.  Pro Top:  Get the group together on stage to sing “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers.

bachelor party karaoke

Non Bar Bachelor Party Ideas

Just because you are not heading to a bar or club does not mean you can’t drink alcohol.  After all, who likes paying 10 times the amount for a beer than you can grab from a Costco 30 rack?  Additionally, bars and clubs are loud.  Some of the guys attending the bachelor party might not get to see the Groom that often.  They will enjoy being able to hear themselves speak.

outdoor bachelor party

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

We are big fans of the outdoor bachelor party.  Its healthy, cheap, and a good excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 40 hour work week.  Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!


Suns out buns out!  Have you seen how tiny bikinis are getting?  Grab a cooler and head to the beach.  The beach or a lake house is an ideal bachelor party destination.  Consider fishing or renting jetskis!

beach bachelor party


Not all weddings are in the summer.  If you are tasked with planning a winter bachelor party you should strongly consider heading to the slopes.  There are awesome ski resorts and Airbnbs all over the country. 

snowboarding bachelor party


Camping is a great bachelor party option for a group that doesn’t necessarily know eachother very well.  The “survival” aspect of it will bring the guys closer together.  We recommend car camping in one of our beautiful National Parks.  Aside from a small campsite fee, this is arguable the most budget option available for an entire weekend trip.

bachelor party camping


Skydiving is perfect for the adrenaline junkie Grooms.  Nothing brings a group together like a near death experience!   

bachelor party sky diving


The best part of paintball is the camaraderie.  Preferably you will want to all be on the same team.  Can you imagine how fun it would be watching a group of 30 year old men going up against a 14 year old’s birthday party?

 bachelor party paint ball

Weaponry (Shooting and Axe Throwing)

Axe throwing is definitely the new hot trend in the bachelor party world.  Your group can rent out its own space and get taught how to properly do the “Paul Bunyan”. 

bachelor party axe throw

If you’d rather go “Terminator” mode, then head out to the gun range to unload some clips!

 bachelor party gun shooting

Baller Bachelor Party Ideas

If your group of guys enjoy the finer things in life then are you in luck.  Baller bachelor parties are the perfect way to blast cash and have a great time doing it!

yacht bachelor party

Rent a Villa/Pent House

Time to channel your inner Dan Blizerian.  There is nothing like cheers-ing with the boys at a Penthouse in Vegas or a Pool Party in Miami. 

bachelor party penthouse

International Bachelor Party

International Bachelor Partiess at first might seem super pricy because of the plane ticket.  However, what you spend on the ticket you can make up for by going to a place where the dollar is strong.  Might we suggest Mexico and Colombia.

bachelor party cabo villa


Now that you have some fresh bachelor party ideas its time to finalize plans.  If you are still having trouble deciding, get a group e-mail chain going and put it to a vote!