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Bachelor Party Locations

Plan an Epic Los Angeles Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Los Angeles Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Los Angeles is the city of dreams where your wildest bachelor party fantasies can become a reality. LA is set in a sunny California valley with incredible weather year-round making it the ideal place to party.

A bachelor party in Los Angeles will be everything you’re hoping for and more. With these bachelor party ideas, you’ll find yourself partying in some of the top clubs in the country surrounded by women you’ve undoubtedly seen in the movies.

You’ll automatically feel like an A-lister as you embark on a few days of partying in one of the top bachelor party destinations in the US.

We’ve put together a guide to show you how to make the most of your time in LA to make your life truly feel like a movie.

Things to do during the day

We know you’re already anticipating the wild nightlife, but the sunny days in LA are perfect for getting to know the iconic city. It’s not all about the partying here, as you’ll have some incredible experiences to fill up your daily itinerary.

Here are some bachelor party ideas to add to your LA bachelor party plans:

LA Live

Downtown LA is revived thanks to the LA Live experience – head to DTLA to discover city’s premier sports and entertainment complex. You can spend all day (and night) hanging around the campus filled with a variety of live entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, and more.

Check to see what events will be happening during your party dates. On a busy day, you’ll see lots of people walking the area. You can attend a game at the legendary Staples Center, or dive into the music industry history at the Grammy Museum.


No trip to Los Angeles is complete without visiting Hollywood. Hollywood is the most iconic area in the city where you’ll get to experience life on the big screen. Hollywood has a lot of places to check out dedicated to the bustling film industry.

You won’t want to miss a chance to walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – see if you can spot your favorite celebrity handprints! You can also take photos in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre or explore one of the many museums.

There are always characters strolling the streets of Hollywood and street performers, hoping for a big break.

Visit the beach

The weather always seems to be beautiful in Los Angeles, and thankfully there are a couple of popular beach options to soak up the sun. Not to mention beautiful women walking around providing plenty of eye candy! Pull out the bachelor party supplies set up shop at one of two of the best beach destinations in LA - Venice and Santa Monica.

Girls on Venice Beach

A lot of the action centers around the Venice Beach boardwalk where you’ll have an entire strip lined with vendors and beach shops. If you’re into sports, you can run a game on the basketball courts or drop in at the skateboard bowl. The waves are also great for practicing your surfing skills.

The Santa Monica Pier is also a favorite hangout during the day, where you get to enjoy a carnival-like atmosphere filled with rides and snacks. Everyone will want to join in the fun when they see you with your groom hat and groom sash.

Thrill Rides at Universal Studios

You’re never too old to visit a theme park, especially one like Universal Studios. Leave Disneyland for the kids and check out the park designed for adult fun!

Universal Studios teleports you into your favorite films with themed park rides and attractions. You get to immerse yourself into the fictional worlds of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, and more.

You’ll have everything from thrill rides to exploring some of the film sets used in the movies. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of restaurants and eateries in the park to grab a drink or two to make the park experience special.

Take a Tour

Whether you’re a tourist visiting LA or already live nearby, chances are, there’s a lot you don’t know about the city. In such an iconic city, it’s filled with history, art, and, of course, celebrities. You’ll find lots of specialized tours to explore some of the unusual quirks about LA.

Hollywood Sign

Grab the guys and hop on a bus to tour some of the infamous historic sites, celebrity houses, and even film studio lots. You can also find tours to go behind the scenes at the LA Dodgers Stadium.

Where is the best nightlife in Los Angeles

The LA nightlife is one of the top reasons why it’s such a popular bachelor party destination. Try not to use up all of your energy during the day hanging out because the nightlife is something you don’t want to miss out on, especially with these bachelor party ideas.

The goal for any bachelor party is to barely survive the night to tell about it the next day – a task easy to accomplish in Los Angeles.

Best Happy Hour Bars in LA

LA is one of the most expensive cities to host your bachelor party, but you don’t have to break the bank just yet. There are many popular happy hour spots to find great deals on drinks to get more bang for your buck.

Some of the best happy hour spots to kick off your LA night include:

Los Angeles is a creative hub; you can expect a wide range of types of bars. Each of these bars offers a unique atmosphere for enjoying drinks.

Library Bar, for example, is one library where being quiet isn’t mandatory. The library-themed bar features walls lined with books and comfortable couches. Its downtown location makes it a favorite spot for professionals after work, and the cocktail menu has plenty of options to satisfy your alcohol needs.

Prech Los Angeles

Perch is a rooftop bar where you’ll have incredible views of the city while enjoying some of their handcrafted drinks. If you get hungry, you can order some delectable French cuisine for the table.

Everybody loves a great saloon-style bar, and Sassafras Saloon is all the above and more. You’ll get to try your skills in mixology to create custom-designed drinks—the Old Western décor pairs well with live entertainment. 

Best Nightclubs in LA

The LA nightclub scene is where the city comes to life. The clubs are always packed with A-list celebrities, and wannabees – sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference so you may as well join in on the fun. Your groom hat and groom sash will make you the life of the party.

Book a table at one of these top nightclubs in LA for your bachelor party, and you might find your favorite celebrity celebrating at the table next to you:

Get ready for a night of dancing when you enter Exchange LA or Avalon Hollywood. Exchange LA is located in the former LA Stock Exchange Building, where you have four floors to party. You never know what to expect in the club – flashing lights, confetti falling from the ceiling, and pulsating music all night.

At Avalon Hollywood, although the name changes frequently, its reputation for a great party remains. It’s established in a historic theater, renovated for a modern party atmosphere.

Poppy is a more upscale venue where bottle service is a must to maximize your experience. It hosts many celebrity appearances and can get packed on busy nights. Step out onto the patio for a breather before heading back inside to continue the crazy night. 

Best Strip Clubs in Los Angeles

Strip clubs are one of the unspoken about activities that happen during a bachelor party, but we all know you can’t have a successful party without visiting one (or a few). LA has you covered for some mesmerizing adult entertainment and fun.

In a city full of actresses and models, you can be sure that you’ll find some of the hottest girls in the world, providing you much-needed entertainment for the night. We recommend checking out the following clubs:

Dames N Games

Dames N’Games is adult entertainment like you’ve never seen before. It’s a topless sports bar, appealing to two of every guy’s kryptonite. Enjoy the sporty atmosphere with walls lined with TVs and sexy girls serving you drinks. You can get private dances here or attend one of their live sporting events like bikini wrestling.

Déjà vu is the perfect after-hours spot – it’s open until 6 am so you can always stop by after dancing the night away in the club. You’ll find some of the most beautiful strippers in the club. Be warned, they’re professionals and really know how to sell you on the fantasy…

Where to Eat in LA for your bachelor party?

LA is one of the top foodie destinations in the United States with food and venues for everyone. Sure, you can find plenty of restaurants serving the typical foods, but with so many options, it might be a good idea to try out a few new dishes during your visit.

You’ll have plenty of delicious meals to fill you up for lots of drinking, and to combat the hangover you’re sure to have. We have a list of places that make great venues for sharing bachelor party gifts and a toast after the meal.

Best Brunch Spots in LA

If you don’t know anything about LA, brunch is like a religion here – it’s something everybody looks forward too. LA does brunch differently where you might encounter an unexpected party while still trying to sober up from the night before.

Some of the exciting brunch spots to check out are:

You’ll have your pick of locations if you’re planning to eat at Blu Jam Café. And there is no rush to eat since they serve breakfast all day – the only rush should be to get a spot in line to get a table!

Regardless of the location, come on the weekend, and you’re sure to run into a big crowd waiting to taste their American diner favorites like eggs benedict or the Muscle Beach meal.

Redbird is a trendier brunch spot where you’ll get to experience new-age dining. They add a creative twist to your favorite American breakfast while dining in a unique, historic atmosphere. Compliment your delicious brunch with cocktails or mimosas.

Dinner with a view

Dinner in Los Angeles might not come cheap, but the dining experience is unmatched compared to anywhere in the world. You’ll find some of the most unique venues with incredible views of the city while enjoying chef-prepared meals.


Treat yourself during your bachelor party with dinner reservations at:

Head to Downtown LA to find the 71Above restaurant. As the name suggests, it’s established on the 71st floor of a DTLA skyscraper, where you’ll have unbelievable panoramic views of Los Angeles. The upscale venue is perfect for making a toast to the bachelor and a fun night ahead.

Yamashiro immerses you into the Japanese culture, surrounded by traditional décor and amazing Japanese cuisine. The best part about the restaurant is the view. It’s located atop the Hollywood Hills with views overlooking the entire city. You can plot out which side of town you’ll become a legend for the night.

Where to stay in LA for your bachelor party?

Deciding where is the best place to stay in LA depends significantly on your budget for the party. It’s Los Angeles, so you’ll find the entire range of accommodations, from budget hotels to million-dollar mansions to rent for a couple of days to everything in between.

If you’re looking for hotel accommodations in LA, you should check around Hollywood or Downtown LA. Los Angeles is infamous for its heavy traffic, so choosing a place near where you plan to spend most of your time is advised.

You can also find some great house rentals via Airbnb like this place or this place to live like a Hollywood celebrity during your bachelor party. And set it up with bachelor party decorations with your favorite theme.

Los Angeles Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


Los Angeles is arguably the best city to host your bachelor party and these bachelor party ideas show you exactly how. You’ve never experienced partying until you’ve spent a few days and nights in LA. There’s a reason why it attracts the rich and famous.

You’ll get to party alongside A-list celebrities – and perhaps feel like one in the midst of all the party shenanigans. There are countless places to hang out during the day and dance away the night.

LA is built for those looking to live the fast life for a few days, and a bachelor party is a perfect time to do it. Pack up your bachelor party supplies and prepare your liver and wallet for a time well spent during your Los Angeles bachelor party.

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Plan an Epic Louisville Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic Louisville Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Louisville isn’t the most talked-about bachelor party destination, but it’s one to reconsider after discovering all the local bachelor party ideas awaiting you. Louisville is one of Kentucky’s most beloved city where you’ll find some of the best nightlife, dining, and entertainment in the state.

Host your bachelor party in Louisville to experience a fun time like never before. Louisville has you covered, whether you’re looking for a high energy party with beautiful women, sipping bourbon while enjoying live music, or a cruise alongside the city skyline.

We’ve put together a guide to throwing a bachelor party in Louisville to give you an inside look at the best things to do. We’ll explore the nightlife, places to eat, where to stay, and bonus tips before your party.

Get ready to have the best bachelor party ever!

Things to do in Louisville during the day

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, so you can bet that there’s plenty of things to do to keep busy during the day. Dive into the Louisville culture by exploring the local culture through drinks, sports, and experiences. You can spend your bachelor party getting to know one of America’s favorite cities.

Some of the best daytime bachelor party ideas in Louisville are:

  • Visit Churchill Downs
  • Walk the Waterfront
  • Take a Brew Tour
  • Explore NULU (New Louisville)
  • Go on a Day Cruise

Visit Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is one of the most iconic landmarks in Louisville. The historical racetrack hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, along with other races and events. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to attend one of the exciting racing events.

Churchill Downs Louisville

Churchill Downs also offers tours – visitors can walk the grounds of the track and visit the museum. The tours provide lots of historical information about the track legacy.

Horse racing is one major aspect of the local culture. The venue is a great way to experience something unique during your bachelor party.

Walk the Waterfront

If you’re looking for where the locals like to hang out during the day, stop by the Louisville Waterfront. The waterfront runs along the Ohio River with lots of pedestrian walkways and leisure space.

The Louisville waterfront is perfect for people-watching, interacting with the locals, and discovering local events. It's a location perfect for bachelor party supplies like a groom hat and groom sash. The waterfront frequently hosts events such as art and music festivals. You never know what you’ll run into while hanging out on the waterfront.

Either stroll the strip or relax in one of the green spaces. You can grab a few chairs and eat out on the lawn with a cool view of the Big Four Bridge in the background.

Take a Brew Tour

Did you know that Louisville is home to several major brew distilleries? You won’t have to search long for a good drink while visiting Louisville because there are plenty of distilleries to check out. The distilleries are great for touring while enjoying cocktails.

Some of the top distilleries in Louisville include Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Makers Mark, and Kentucky Peerless. The distilleries are open to the public to explore the behind the scenes of their processes. You’ll also get to taste plenty of fresh bourbon on each tour.

Explore NULU

New Louisville, or NULU, is the trendiest district in the city. It’s a significant contrast to the historical buildings you’ll typically see.

NULU is located at East Market District, where you’ll find a lot of boutique shops, restaurants, and people hanging outside.

Gather your group of guys and head down to the district to visit contemporary shops and eateries. It’s a popular hangout area and worthwhile to visit during your party.

Go on a day cruise 

No Louisville trip is complete without taking a day cruise. Louisville is along the Ohio River – several boat companies operate tours in the river to experience the city in a new way.

Steamboat cruises are popular for visitors. The boats are traditional American vessels with space for large groups, or you can hire a private tour. The cruise tours take you up the river for sightseeing or more specialty cruises for lunch and brunch.

Best Nightlife in Louisville

Louisville is a favorite city for locals and tourists, especially the nightlife. You deserve a fun night or two for your bachelor party, and you’re sure to have lots of bachelor party ideas here. There are lots to look forward to when you venture into the Louisville nightlife scene to find the best bars, clubs, and strip clubs.

Best bars in Louisville

The good news about having your bachelor party in Louisville is being in one of the country’s bourbon capitals. Bourbon is famously made in Louisville, so there are many bourbon bars to check out during your visit.

Some of the best bourbon bars in Louisville are:

Start your bachelor party night off with great drinks and ambiance when you visit either of the venues. You’ll never run out of bourbon options after getting a glance at their drink menus. 

Bourbons Bistro and Haymarket Whisky Bar both feature over 100 bourbons each on their menus. Even bourbon connoisseurs will find something new. These are good options if you’re looking to see the most famous spots in town. If you're lucky, your groom hat and groom sash might earn you free shots.

Down One Bourbon is a unique bar that offers bourbon from different eras. You can choose mixes from the pre-prohibition era to the modern-day.

Best night clubs in Louisville

Bars are an excellent way to start, but your night might not begin until you end up at the club. Louisville has several nightclub options for finding the best music, party, and beautiful women.

Howl At The Moon Louisville

Check out one of these night clubs to add a bit of fun and excitement to your bachelor party:

Louisville is a popular city stop for touring artists and events, so you can always find something happening in town. You have a lot of options for live music clubs to enjoy.

Howl at the Moon is one of the top clubs in Louisville – it’s located in the 4th St. Live entertainment district and famous for its bucket drinks. The venue hosts live music events and has a fun, party atmosphere.

Cole’s Place and Club Legends also have live music performances. Check out the venues if you’re looking for a place to dance all night and enjoy delicious drinks.

Best strip clubs in Louisville

Great drinks and a fun time in the club is a sign that you should continue the bachelor party activities. The strip club is mandatory for your bachelor party – Louisville has you covered on exciting strip clubs to check out.

You’ll be seeing lots of beautiful women throughout the night, especially when you stop by these strip clubs:

Stripper Louisville

Louisville offers two types of strip club experiences – upscale and relaxed.

If you’re all dressed up for the night, you should add Blue Diamond to your party itinerary. The upscale club offers excellent bottle service and VIP. You’ll see some of the hottest girls in Louisville dancing in the club.

PT’s Showclub and Foxy Lady are perfect for more relaxed strip club atmospheres. You can enjoy the show until the early morning hours. The clubs offer topless shows and dances for the bachelor.

Best Places to Eat in Louisville

A bachelor party trip should always include delicious food to accompany lots of drinking. Louisville has lots of dining options for tasting the local flavors and characteristic décor. There’s plenty of places where you’ll find your favorite dishes.

Brunch in Louisville

One thing to look forward to during your hangover morning is going out to eat brunch with the guys. Breakfast might be too much to ask for if you’re planning to have a wild night; brunch is appreciated just as much.

You’ll have several brunch options in Louisville to mix a hearty meal with drinks. Check out the brunch specials at these restaurants:

North End Café is a local favorite spot for brunch. There’s no need to rush into the restaurant because they serve breakfast all day. You’ll have great options for American-style breakfast dishes.

Bristol Bar and Grille is a booming brunch spot that has multiple locations. Be sure to bring your appetite – the restaurant features a buffet-style brunch and unlimited bacon.

Garage Bar Louisville

Garage Bar, on the other hand, is a trendy boutique restaurant established in a renovated garage. You’ll find one of the city’s best brunches while enjoying the ham and cheese bar.

Dinner in Louisville

You’ll want to start the night with a full belly to handle all of the drinking during your bachelor party. Louisville offers a wide range of restaurants that showcase the city’s southern flare.

Butchertown Grocery Louisville

Instead of browsing around for the best restaurants to eat dinner in Louisville, stop by one of these, and you’re guaranteed to have a tasty meal: 

Each of these restaurants offers a unique experience compared to the others. Proof on Main celebrates its locally sourced food used in all of its products. You’ll get an authentic local taste at the hotel restaurant. 

You can start a night of drinking early when you dine in at Jack Fry’s or Butchertown Grocery. Jack Fry’s has a fresh, vintage décor with an old charm atmosphere. The restaurant serves southern food favorites. It's a great setting for giving out bachelor party gifts and making a toast.

Where to Stay in Louisville

Reserve your bachelor party accommodations in the best part of Louisville to have easy access to everything. It’s easy to navigate Louisville, but you’ll find many attractions near the downtown and waterfront districts.

Downtown Louisville and the Waterfront are two of the best places to stay for your bachelor party. You’ll find many hotel options, including high-end stays at the Galt House Hotel, or familiar accommodations at the Marriott or Hilton.

Hosting a bigger group for your bachelor party might deserve a bit more space than a hotel room. Consider renting an entire place to host the party.

Check out Airbnb for some excellent accommodations in Louisville. You can find updated apartments like this if you want to stay downtown or rent a house like this one located just outside the center. Make it even more festive with your own bachelor party decorations.

Best Time to Visit Louisville

The best time for your bachelor party in Louisville is during the spring or summer.

Geographically, Louisville lands approximately on the border of the north and south of the US. The local climate shares elements of both regions – something to consider when planning your party dates.

The springtime and summer have incredible weather for spending time outdoors or moving between party venues. Both months are the busiest tourism seasons for the city, so you’ll get an influx of people at the hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.

Louisville hosts many of its events from around the year during the spring and summer – you can easily find things to do during the daytime or night.

Although prices are cheaper during the fall and winter seasons, Louisville gets cooler and has more precipitation. 

Tips Before Having Your Louisville Bachelor Party

Depending on the season when you’re visiting, some venues might require reservations for your party. During the busy seasons, it’s best to call in advance for restaurant or club services to accommodate everyone in your party.

The easiest way to get around Louisville is by car. Drive to Louisville or rent a car when you arrive. If you’re staying downtown, you can walk to a lot of the best things to do, but other parts of the city require transportation.

Louisville Bachelor Party Rating – 4 out of 5


Louisville is a fun place for a bachelor party - we've provide lots of bachelor party ideas to keep your entertained. It offers a fun, yet diverse nightlife to enjoy the company of beautiful women and hand-crafted drinks.

Louisville is a seasonal city for having the best experience. Spring and summer in Louisville will have the most things to do to fill your bachelor party itinerary. You can enjoy a laidback city in the day and always find some fun parties at night.

Louisville should be at the top of your list for where to have your bachelor party. Pack up your bachelor party supplies and get ready for an exciting party.

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Plan a Badass New Orleans Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan a Badass New Orleans Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

New Orleans is a gem of the south, known for its nightlife and culture. Plan your bachelor party in New Orleans for the perfect combination of crazy party life, delicious food, and plenty of things to do while you recover from your hangover.

Your New Orleans bachelor party will be one you hope to remember with southern-style hospitality. It’s easy to have a great time since everything is easy to get to – you won’t miss out on anything when you party here.

We’ll cover all of the best bachelor party ideas in New Orleans, from the nightlife to the food, to where you’ll find the best accommodations. Use our guide when planning your New Orleans bachelor party, and you’ll be a Bourbon Street legend when it’s all said and done.

Things to do in New Orleans during the day

You’ll be glad that you decided to host your bachelor party in New Orleans the moment you lay eyes on the city. The historic town has lots of unique architecture, intimate streets, and the mighty Mississippi River to explore.

The nightlife in New Orleans can get extremely crazy, so you can spend the daytime in the city recovering from the night before.

Some of the best New Orleans bachelor party ideas for the daytime are:

  • Explore the French Quarter
  • Take a steamboat river tour
  • Listen to live music performances
  • Experience Mardi Gras
  • Attend a sports game

Explore the French Quarter

The French Quarter New Orleans

The French Quarter is to most iconic place in New Orleans – you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of the quarter in both the daytime and night. Most people know the French Quarter for being the center of nightlife in New Orleans, but there’s plenty of fun to enjoy during the day. Tour the area with your groom hat and groom sash and enjoy the sights.

For starters, it’s the oldest district in New Orleans, so you’ll be walking the streets lined with historic architecture. The entire neighborhood is a National Historic Landmark.

Enjoy the city vibes at Jackson Square, a central location of the French Quarter with a lot of locals hanging out, vendors selling souvenirs, and street entertainment. Grab a drink and walk the streets where it seems to be a party even during the day.

Take a steamboat river tour

New Orleans is situated along the Mississippi River – it’s popular for steamboat tours of the city. Climb aboard one of the historic steamboats and cruise down the river with magnificent sights of the New Orleans skyline and learn about the city’s history.

The steamboats offer a variety of experiences for tourists, including dining on board, checking out the steam room, and even live music.

Listen to live music performances

The atmosphere is New Orleans is filled with music, especially when walking around the French Quarter. Since it’s hard to avoid it, you may as well add live music to your bachelor party itinerary and check out the local talent.

Jazz music is a staple in the New Orleans culture, so there are always jazz performances happening around town. Some of the best places to find live music shows are in the French Quarter or at Frenchmen Street.

Depending on when you visit, you might even come across a jazz music festival happening – these are definitely worth checking out to enjoy a combination of great music and excellent food.

Experience Mardi Gras 

Speaking of festivals, Mardi Gras is world-famous and hosted annually in New Orleans, typically in February. Mardi Gras is one of the best festivals in the world where the streets are filled with costumes, floats, and people ready to party. The city-wide festival is a must-see if you get the chance to.

Mardi Gras Festival

If you can’t plan your bachelor party during Mardi Gras, you should take some time to experience the remnants of the festival. The city hosts a major Carnival a couple of weeks before Mardi Gras, or you can check out Mardi Gras World for exhibitions about the festival and see where the iconic floats get made.

Attend a Sports Game

Whether you’re a fan of one of the local sports teams or not, attending a sporting event in New Orleans is still something to do. The major teams in New Orleans include the NFL’s New Orleans Saints and the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.

Each of these teams is a high performer in their respective sports, so you’ll get high energy from the fans at the games. You’ll also get a chance to hang out in the legendary Mercedes-Benz Superdome or the Smoothie King Center.

What could be better than live sports and drinks at the game?

Best Nightlife in New Orleans

There’s only one place to consider for nightlife when you have a bachelor party in New Orleans – the French Quarter. The French Quarter is a legendary destination for high-energy nightlife where tourists and locals gather together for an awesome night out.

You’ll find most of the best nightlife venues in New Orleans throughout the French Quarter and, more specifically, along the Bourbon Street strip. Bourbon Street gives you 13 blocks of nonstop partying from the best bars and nightclubs in town.

Here are some bachelor party ideas to get shitfaced in New Orleans.

Best bars on Bourbon Street

Partying in the French Quarter is like no other place in the world – you’ll be surrounded by historical architecture with two- and three-story buildings – people can be seen on balconies from either side enjoying drinks, great company, and lively music. The entire atmosphere is ideal for a great night out.

You’ll be surprised to find that there are world-famous drinks served at the bars in the French Quarter. To discover the signature favorites, visit:

The first iconic drink to try in the French Quarter is called the Hurricane, originally crafted by Pat O’Briens. Pat O’Briens is on Bourbon Street, where the Hurricane is the most ordered drink at the bar. You can enjoy the delicious mix of passion fruit, lime, and rum from the outdoor patio while watching the street fill up as the night progresses.

Hand Grenade Drink New Orleans

The next iconic drink you need to try in the French Quarter is the hand grenade. It’s easy to spot people along Bourbon Street with the hand grenade, served in large green cups that people take with them out onto the streets.

You can find the Hand Grenade drink at Tropical Isle, which has multiple locations, including one on Bourbon Street. The tasty blend of liquors can be enjoyed frozen or regular and will get the job done by the time it’s finished.

Best Clubs on Bourbon Street 

The bars are an excellent place to find some great drink options, but Bourbon Street also has several club venues for continuing the party. You’ll have a great time during your bachelor party just walking in between places – choose a night to wear matching bachelor party shirts and get prepared for a lot of action on the streets.

After some outdoor fun, check out some of the club action at these spots:

As their names suggest, both of these venues are on Bourbon Street, making it convenient to club hop to experience them both. Beach on Bourbon has a packed house every night where you can enjoy live music and endless dancing.

The Swamp Bourbon Street New Orleans

Head over to The Swamp to enjoy some of their drink specials and enjoy the street sights from the wrap-around balcony. Where you’re drunk enough, go downstairs and see how long the groom can last on the mechanical bull.

You’ll have plenty of fun at both of these venues and the perfect crowds to enjoy the experience with.

Best Foods to try in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for a lot of things, with food being among the top. There’s lots of signature foods that you must try when you visit New Orleans.

Most people might search for the best restaurants to eat at in New Orleans, but if you’re familiar with the city, you’ll know that you should instead look for the best places to find the signature dishes.

There’s plenty of specialty foods to try in New Orleans, and you’ll be more than satisfied as you continue the day drinking.

Some of the iconic New Orleans foods to try during your bachelor party include:

  • Po’boys
  • Gumbo
  • Beignet
  • Crawfish/seafood

The po’boy is a traditional sandwich that originated in Louisiana – popular styles of the sandwich consist of either roast beef or catfish on French bread with other toppings. Be sure to visit NOLA PoBoys for the best po’boy in New Orleans.

NOLA Poboy New Orleans

NOLA Poboys is on Bourbon street amidst all the action, so it’s easy to find while partying on the strip. The restaurant has more than 45 varieties of the sandwich so everyone in your party group will find something they like, especially if you like spicy food. Compliment the sandwich with their signature red beans and rice side.

New Orleans is also famous for gumbo – prepare to taste some of the best gumbo in the world during your bachelor party. Gumbo Shop is a local favorite for finding authentic gumbo served the way it should be – very spicy on delicious rice. Order it with seafood or other meat combinations. Their restaurant also has lots of other Creole food to try.

You’ll quickly notice the significant French influence throughout the city. From the architecture to the food, New Orleans preserved all the best parts of the heritage for you to enjoy. Stop by Café Du Monde French Market for breakfast to taste the iconic beignet – a delicious, powdery pastry.

The café is a staple in New Orleans, serving authentic French favorites since the mid-1800s. And the best part is that it’s open 24-hours in case you find yourself out partying until the sun rises.

New Orleans is a hub for fresh seafood, and many people make it a mission to find the best crawfish in town. Cross off New Orleans-style crawfish from your bucket list when you visit the Oceana Grill. Feast on the best crawfish you’ll ever taste, along with their seafood favorites from the outdoor courtyard dining area. Consider it for the setting to make a toast, take group photos, and give out some bachelor party gifts to the groom.

Where to Stay in New Orleans?

Based on the top things to do in New Orleans and where you’ll find most of the nightlife action, you’ll definitely want to make reservations to stay at accommodation in the French Quarter.

The French Quarter is the most popular tourist location in the city, and you’ll find plenty of hotels to book – hopefully, one able to sustain your bachelor party festivities. As it’s a historic district, you’ll find a refreshing mix of modern hotels next to hotels established in historical buildings.

There are plenty of top name brand hotels in the French Quarter, like the Holiday Inn or the Crowne Plaza. For a unique stay, check out some of the heritage hotels such as the Andrew Jackson Hotel or Hotel St. Pierre. The heritage hotels give you an authentic stay, and some rooms might even hold secrets.

The one downside to staying in hotels is being mindful about their noise policies. If you’re visiting New Orleans for your bachelor party, you should already expect to get a noise violation – or two – if you did the party right.

If you want to avoid the issue, consider booking a stay at a nearby Airbnb house rental. You can have the whole place for your group when you somewhere like here or here, and it’s still easy to access the nightlife and day time fun in the French Quarter. There's lots of space to store your bachelor party supplies and put up bachelor party decorations for your favorite theme.

Best time to visit New Orleans for your bachelor party

New Orleans is in the southern US, so it has excellent weather all year-round, even during the winter months. The summertime is always a good time to catch a lot of the local music festivals and beautiful weather for hanging outdoors in the French Quarter.

To have the craziest bachelor party in New Orleans, visit during February to coincide with Mardi Gras or Carnival. Over a million people visit New Orleans to attend the Mardi Gras parade, and there’s endless parties during the night.

New Orleans Bachelor Party rating – 5 out of 5


New Orleans is already known for being a party center – factor in the excitement of a bachelor party, and you’re in for a wild ride. Having a bachelor party in New Orleans is a recipe for a good time both day and night.

New Orleans deserves a five-star rating for bachelor parties because of all the great bachelor party ideas to have a good time. Bourbon Street in the French Quarter is where most of the party action happens. Take a simple walk down the street at any time of the day, and you’ll find everything you’re looking for, from drinks to music to girls. It's the perfect city to show off your bachelor party supplies like a groom hat or groom sash in public.

Plan your bachelor party in New Orleans, and hopefully, you’ll remember the crazy nights to tell about it.

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Plan an Incredible Miami Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Incredible Miami Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Miami should already be at the top of your bucket list, but visiting for your bachelor party might be one of the best decisions you'll make before tying the knot. Miami is a party haven in the US and a must-visit for your last bout as a bachelor.

Miami attracts the most beautiful women, VIP clientele, A-List celebrities, and you have an opportunity to party with them all. You'll have the time of your life in Miami from the pristine beaches to the top nightclubs in the country.

Our Miami bachelor party guide will give you the scoop on the best bachelor party ideas to plan the best bachelor party in Miami. We cover the best places to party, where to eat, and where you'll find some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Get your bachelor party supplies ready and prepare to have the bachelor party you've always dreamt about!

Things to do in Miami during the day

Miami is on the southern tip of the sunshine state, so you'll have the combination of incredible weather and long, sunny days to enjoy during your bachelor party.

In Miami, the party seems to never end, with just as much fun and entertainment available during the day as you'll find at night. Some of the best bachelor party ideas during the day in Miami include:

  • Visiting the beaches
  • Hang out in Little Havana
  • Take a Day Cruise
  • Go Sightseeing in Miami
  • Go to a Daytime Pool Party

Visiting the Beaches

Miami and beaches are synonymous whenever you talk about the destination. Visiting Miami's many beaches are one of the best places to hang out during your bachelor party – the good thing about Miami is that you'll have plenty of beach options to choose between.

 South Beach Miami

The most popular beach in Miami is South Beach – the soft white sands and clear blue water attract everyone from solo beachgoers to celebrities to relax on the shores. Take a dip in the ocean to cool off or take a stroll down the South Beach Avenue with your groom hat and groom sash to find lots of bars and restaurants to grab a drink.

If you're looking for a different setting to enjoy beach activities, try out Miami Beach, North Beach, or Crandon Beach.

Hang out in Little Havana

A unique quirk about Miami is the heavy influence of Latin culture on the city. Many people from Latin America established communities here, the most prominent being Little Havana.

Little Havana is the hub of Miami's Cuban culture. The city showcases a lot of the Cuban heritage, and Little Havana is a place to see the center of it all.

You can spend an entire day hanging out in Little Havana – taste authentic Cuban cuisine or pop into a bar to enjoy some Cuban drinks and music. You'll feel like you're in Cuba while walking around the district.

Take a Day Cruise

If you think Miami is a scenic destination, just wait until you see it from the water. Taking a day cruise is one of the favorite activities to do in Miami for a bachelor party.

Charter a private yacht or make reservations for a Miami boat tour to get an oceanfront view of the metropolis. You'll have a lot of fun with your group while enjoying drinks, laughs, and memories out of the water. It's also the perfect time to take some incredible photos of your trip.

Yacht Miami

Go sightseeing in Miami

You might be thinking about partying the entire time that you're in Miami, but if you get a free day, take some time to explore the city attractions. Miami is a beautiful city with lots to offer in terms of urban life and culture. You'll quickly realize why celebrities flock to Miami.

Book a Miami sightseeing tour or take a self-guided tour of the city to create your own itinerary. Some of the must-visit destinations include Star Island, the Wynwood Art District, and the Miracle Mile.

Star Island is full of celebrity mansions, one's you wish were available for rent to throw a bachelor party. Miami also has a bustling art scene – the Wynwood Art District is essentially an outdoor exhibition with lots of graffiti work and art galleries throughout the district.

Just a heads-up: you'll have to be dressed in your best outfit before hitting the nightlife scene, so swing by the Miracle Mile, the top shopping avenue in Miami, to pick up some new threads for the nightclubs.

Go to a daytime pool party

Miami nightlife isn't the only time to party. During the summertime, you'll always find daytime pool parties happening around the city. Check out some of the parties hosted by the Shore Club South Beach, Mondrian South Beach, or The Clevelander, for a wild day time party experience.

Bring your swimming trunks, but sometimes the best place to enjoy the party is by the bar or on the pool deck.

Experience the Miami Nightlife

Miami is famous for being one of the top nightlife destinations in the world. Travelers come from all over to experience the wild nightlife excitement in one of the most scenic cities you've ever visited – which is why it's the best place to host your bachelor party.

Get ready for long nights filled with excitement you can't even imagine. Let's dive into some of the best nightlife bachelor party ideas, from bar hopping to the top night clubs in the country.

Beach Bars in Miami

Nikki Beach Miami

Every city has bars, but Miami adds a bit of flair to the bar scene with venues established along the oceanfront to enjoy incredible views and atmosphere. Take advantage of the location and spend some time visiting some of the best beach bars in Miami:

You'll be spending a lot of time on South Beach during your Miami bachelor party, and luckily, you'll have a great selection of bars along the strip. Nikki Beach Miami is a popular bar on South Beach with a cabana bar where you might catch glimpses of celebrities. And stick around for after-hours because it turns into a nightclub. The ladies will love seeing you in a groom hat and groom sash.

River Yacht Club is for the most exclusive of guests – if you've budgeted for renting a yacht during your trip, you can cruise right up to the dock entrance of the bar and grab a few handcrafted drinks before heading continuing your nightlife adventures.

Best Nightclubs in Miami

Miami's nightclub scene is among the top in the world – you haven't partied until you've experienced the local nightlife.

Be sure to dress in your best before checking out the Miami nightlife scene because it's just as much or an event as it is a party. You're in for a night of fun memories that you'll hope to remember by the morning.

The best nightclubs in Miami for your bachelor party are:

If you want to party like a celebrity, head over to Club LIV on Miami Beach. The megaclub is famous for hosting A-list stars on any given night. Grab a VIP table for the most exclusive experience at the club.

If you're looking for a place to dance, check out Story or Club Space. Story always has a packed dance floor and the perfect atmosphere for keeping your feet moving. Flashing lights around the entire venue complement amazing music to keep you in a trance all night. Club Space ranks among the top Miami dance clubs that invites you to a space-like atmosphere. You just might walk in on a night with a 35-hour live DJ marathon.

Best Strip Clubs in Miami

We'll let you in on a (little) secret: where there are celebrities, there's always beautiful women. Miami is a hub for people looking to spend money on nightlife entertainment, including at strip clubs – where there's money, beautiful women are sure to follow.

Miami Stripclub

You'll see some of the most beautiful women in the world in Miami, and you'll get to see many more of them when you visit some of the local strip clubs during your bachelor party.

Save some time in the early morning hours to stop by the top strip clubs in Miami:

BT's Gentlemen's Club has more than enough eye candy for your party. It's a fully nude strip club with over 50 dancers, so you'll have plenty to choose from for a private dance for the groom.

If you leave a nightclub late, you can spend the after hours at Club LEXX, which provides strip club entertainment until 5 AM every night.

Best Restaurants in Miami

Miami is known for its legendary nights of partying, but it's also where you'll discover some fantastic restaurants. Dining in Miami attracts a lot of foodies looking to explore a city blended from different cultures. You can find almost any type of cuisine locally. Check out some of these restaurant venues for a place to make a toast to the bachelor and give out bachelor party gifts.

Brunch in Miami

A night of partying deserves a hearty breakfast in the morning – but that's only if you wake up in time for it. You should plan for a delicious bachelor party brunch to hopefully celebrate a night full of wins.

Some of the Miami brunch hot spots to check out include:

Head to South Beach to find two of the best brunch spots in Miami. In a district that has it all, you'll find the perfect food to ease the pain of your hangover with a nice meal.

Juvia has a fantastic rooftop dining location with views over the entire South Beach. It serves up American-style brunch favorites. While 11th Street Diner also has American brunch favorites, you can enjoy it in a classic retro-American style diner. And the best part is that it serves breakfast all day.

Dinner in Miami

The restaurant selection in Miami can take you around the world without ever leaving the city. Use your bachelor party as an opportunity to discover some of the cultural delights in Miami and taste food from around the world.

Satisfy your worldly palette by having dinner at one of these restaurants:

You'll find a heavy Cuban influence in Miami, and you can get the best authentic food at Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Ocean Drive. The restaurant features Cuban food and drinks to enjoy in an Old Havana atmosphere with memorabilia décor.

La Ventana is a favorite Colombia restaurant where you can try one of their signature Bandeja Paisa meals or fresh seafood.

Habitat serves the best Spanish food in Miami that you can enjoy on the outdoor patio. It also has an extensive wine collection to start off before the real drinking starts for the night.

Where to Stay in Miami

The trick to having the best bachelor party experience in Miami is picking a convenient place to stay during your party. Ideally, you'll want to be in one of the busy areas with lots going on so that it's easy to get from your hotel to the party no matter how drunk you might've gotten during the pregame.

Some of the best areas to stay in Miami for your bachelor party are:

  • South Beach
  • Downtown

South Beach is one of the hot spots in Miami, especially for finding hotel accommodations. Ocean Drive is the iconic strip with nearby hotels such as the Delano Miami and Loews Miami Beach Hotel. It's recommended because you'll also have easy access to the beach.

Downtown is also a great place to find accommodation. You'll find many of the big-name hotel brands here, including Hilton, Marriott, and more. It's another popular district nearby a lot of nightlife entertainment. 

When you stay in a hotel, you have to be mindful of noise to avoid disturbing other guests. If you want a Miami bachelor party with no limits, check out some of the Airbnb options like this or this. You'll have the whole place and plenty of room bachelor party decorations!

Miami Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5 


Bachelor parties are meant to bring out your wild side, one you've been suppressing from your wife-to-be – and hope to keep hidden after marriage. Since you have one last chance to get it all out before the big day, Miami is the perfect place to do it.

Miami is full of bachelor party ideas to experience the beautiful scenery to beautiful girls, and everyone is ready to have a great time. You'll get to party in some of the top clubs in the US and live the high life during your entire party experience. And with the right bachelor party supplies, the party will never end.

Miami is a place where cash is king, so if there's room in the budget, splurge on a trip for one of the most exclusive bachelor parties ever.

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Plan an Incredible Chicago Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Incredible Chicago Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Most people refer to Chicago as the ‘Windy City,’ but for some, it’s recognized as one of the best places to throw a bachelor party. Chicago is a major city where you can find crazy parties, great dining, and entertaining things to do during the day.

We’ve explored Chicago to bring you some of the top bachelor party ideas in Chicago.

Whether you’re looking for the best nightclubs in town, where to stay and eat, or even which of the local strip clubs will give you the best experience, keep reading to find the best way to throw a Chicago bachelor party.

Things to do During the Day

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the US, with so many things to do to keep locals and visitors entertained. You’ll never run out of bachelor party ideas in Chicago for your bachelor party. To keep the party rolling well into the daytime, some of the things you should explore are:

  • Navy Pier
  • Chicago Loop
  • Go Sightseeing
  • Day Cruise in Lake Michigan

Navy Pier 

One of the top places to hang out in Chicago is the Navy Pier. The Navy Pier is a hub for culture and entertainment, providing the perfect area to hang with the boys. The pier includes ride attractions, places to eat, shopping, and cultural venues.

Navy Pier is like an outdoor theme park with fun games that you can enjoy. There are carnival-style attractions or check out some of the tech upgrades like virtual reality. You can’t visit the Navy Pier without a ride on the Centennial Wheel, which has fantastic views of the Chicago skyline.

Navy Pier Chicago

You can also find lots of local events happening throughout the year at Navy Pier, so check the calendar before you visit and be sure to take advantage of it.

Day Cruise in Lake Michigan

While visiting Navy Pier, you can’t miss out on taking a day cruise in Lake Michigan. Several companies offer day cruise experiences for seeing the incredible skyline, having lunch on the lake, or even an adrenaline-filled speed boat ride. You can even bring along a few bachelor party supplies.

Chicago Loop 

The Chicago Loop is serviced by the city’s L-train, riding in a loop around Downtown Chicago. If you want to get to know Chicago, take a ride on the train - hop off at some of the points of interest along the way. You’ll see some of the impressive architectural structures during the loop, so keep your eyes open for some interesting sights.

Some of the best sights along the loop include the Willis Tower, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Riverwalk, and Grant Park.

The Loop is a popular place to spend some time during the day to experience the Chicago city life. Drop by a local bar and grab a few drinks then stroll the streets filled with activity. It’s not hard to find something to do in the district, and the L-train makes it easy to get around.

Go sightseeing

Discover the iconic city of Chicago with a sightseeing tour to some of the unique destinations. Whether you’re taking memorable photos or vlogging about the bachelor party, a sightseeing tour will be a great way to find those perfect photo ops.

The Big Bus Tour Company operates tours in Chicago, or you can take a self-guided tour to explore at your own pace.

Willis Tower Chicago

One of the must-visit destinations in Chicago is the Willis Tower, the tallest building. The Willis Tower has an observation deck at the top to give you a sweeping view of the city. There is also a glass box attraction with a glass floor looking directly to the Chicago Streets from 110-stories high.

Millennium Park is another place you should visit along your city tour. The park is an excellent place to relax and get prepared for the day. You’ll find the famous Cloud Gate monument in the park, giving you one of the most iconic photos taken in Chicago.

Walking around with your groom hat and groom sash will let everyone know why you're in town.

Best Nightlife in Chicago

Chicago is one of the best cities in the US for nightlife – it is a popular destination for partygoers, making it the perfect place to have your bachelor party.

There are countless places to party in Chicago, so we’ll explore some of the best bachelor party ideas to get you started. And knowing Chicago, you might start your night at one of these venues and take a complete detour to have one of the wildest nights you could imagine.

Best Bars in Chicago

What better way to experience a scenic city like Chicago than at one of the numerous rooftop bars? Chicago has tons of skyscrapers and hotels that feature some incredible rooftop bar experiences with great drinks overlooking the cityscape.

Be sure to check out:

You’ll find delicious handcraft drinks and bar favorites at each of these venues. And the view is one of the best parts. You’re in for a surprise when you ascend to these venues because you’ll also find a rooftop pool.

You can only imagine when you combine a pool, bar, and rooftop in one experience…

Best Nightclubs in Chicago 

Hope you’re ready to party all night long because the nightlife in Chicago is top rated. You’ll make the right choice for having your bachelor party in Chicago because you’ll easily find the best nightclub with beautiful women, great drinks, amazing music, and overall stylish ambiance.

Some of the nightclubs to check out when you party in Chicago are:

Whether you plan your night to go to one club or club hop throughout the night, you won’t regret adding either of these clubs to your itinerary.

Stereo Nightclub has a high-end atmosphere with live DJ sets to keep the dance floor packed every night. You’ll also find some great drink options.

PRYSM Nightclub Chicago

If you really like to party, we recommend going to PRYSM Nightclub or Underground – you can party until 4 am or 5 am on Saturdays. Make reservations for bottle service at PRYSM and drink the night away to z mesmerizing sound and light system. The Underground is the place to go is you want to hit the dance floor. It has a fun and energetic crowd accompanied by great music all night long.

Best Strip clubs in Chicago

You can’t have a bachelor party without stopping by the strip club after a long night of partying. Explore some of the local favorite strip clubs to find seductive women that might make the groom reconsider getting married.

Some of the best strip clubs in Chicago are:

Rick’s Cabaret Chicago is one of the best strip clubs in the city. You’ll find more than 100 girls ready to make sure you have a night to remember. It’s also next to the PRYSM Nightclub so you can easily go to both on the same night.

The Gold Room is an upscale venue where beautiful topless girls provide you with friendly service all night. Your groom hat and groom sash might earn you extra special attention.

Call ahead to make reservations at the Polekatz Chicago Gentlemen’s Club – tell them you’re coming for a bachelor party, and you’ll receive an extra special experience. There are multiple stages where dancers give tip-worth pole performances. Make sure to check out the Champagne Room. 

Best Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is a top foodie destination in the US. Whether you’re looking for a place to dine for brunch or dinner, you’ll find some of the best restaurants you could imagine. Chicago has the entire range of restaurants, from upscale dining to neighborhood hot spots.

You’re sure to eat like a king during your bachelor party in Chicago.

Brunch in Chicago

As wild as the nightlife can get in Chicago, we skipped right to brunch – you’ll probably be partying throughout the breakfast hours anyway. Chicago is a unique city for brunch because of the number of choices you have – if there’s one city to find the best brunch, Chicago is a top contender.

Some of the best brunch spots to check out in Chicago include:

If you get the chance, opt to dine in at The Smith. The sleek wooden décor makes it one of the coolest places to eat in River North. The dining room full of hungry brunch-goers chow down on a mix of brunch favorites – you’ll find something for everyone, from omelets to churro waffles.

Paradise Park is one of the trendiest brunch spots in Chicago. The fun atmosphere is perfect for continuing the party during your bachelor party with unique features like lights and a disco ball. Head over to the restaurant in Wicker Park to sober up on their special breakfast pizzas or classic chicken and waffles combo.

Dinner in Chicago

If brunch sounds tasty, just wait until it’s time to taste dinner in Chicago. If you’re looking for an excellent location with lots of restaurant options, check out the Navy Pier. Navy Pier has a wide range of dining venues where you can even find some authentic Chicago eats.

Two of the favorite restaurants at the Navy Pier are:

Giordano’s is famous for its authentic Chicago-style stuffed deep-dish pizza. Grab a few pizzas for your party, and you’ll be more than satisfied with a city classic.

Offshore Rooftop and Bar is the largest rooftop venue in the US – you’ll have amazing views of the Navy Pier, Chicago Skyline, and Lake Michigan while enjoying a meal prepared by an expert chef. The venue also has a full-service bar to get you started on drinks early for the night. Take a moment to make a bachelor party toast and surprise the groom with bachelor party gifts.

Where to Stay in Chicago

Chicago is a major metropolis, so a general search of “where to stay in Chicago” can place you anywhere in the greater city area. For your bachelor party, you want to make sure that you’re in the center of everything to make it easy to get from your accommodation to the party.

Some of the best areas to stay in Chicago to narrow your search include:

  • Downtown
  • Navy Pier

Downtown is the business center where you’ll find a lot of the high-rise buildings. Many of these are office spaces, but there’s a fair share of name-brand hotels. It’s a popular place to stay for visitors, so you’ll find many high-end hotel accommodations like the Hyatt Place Chicago or The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

Although you might spend a bit extra staying in the downtown district, you’ll save on transportation because everything is accessible via the Chicago Loop L-train.

There’s also plenty of daytime fun and nightlife near Navy Pier, so it’s an excellent option for finding a hotel. Be sure to get one of the rooms with a view when booking a stay at the W Chicago – Lakeshore or other nearby options.


If fancy hotels aren’t the vibe you’re going for during your bachelor party, check out some of the apartment and house rentals via Airbnb. Places like this, and this will give you plenty of space for starting (or ending) the party at home with enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. It's always fun to put up bachelor party decorations of your favorite theme.

Best time to visit Chicago

The best time to visit Chicago for your bachelor party is in the Summer. You’ll have the most fun in the city with perfect weather, and most things are open for the season.

The summer is the busiest season in the city when a lot of people come to visit. Most of the best outdoor events happen during these months, so you’re always sure to run into something exciting.

If you can, try to avoid having your bachelor party during the winter. Chicago gets extremely cold winters, and a lot of the seasonal activities and attractions are closed. You’ll miss out on your chance to take advantage of the Navy Pier and the rooftop venues.

Chicago Bachelor Party Rating – 5 Stars


It’s hard to top a bachelor party hosted in Chicago – the ‘Windy City’ is one of the most fun cities in the country for any occasion, especially a bachelor party.

We give Chicago five stars because of everything that the city has to offer, from the nightlife to the things to fill up your day. The right bachelor party supplies will make it even better. Chicago is also a very scenic destination with beautiful women and views to compliment your party experience.

You won’t regret having your bachelor party in Chicago, and we’re glad to provide you with a few bachelor party ideas to make the most of it.

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Plan a Badass Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan a Badass Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Visit Lake Tahoe for the ultimate outdoor bachelor party experience. Lake Tahoe is among the largest lakes in the US, stretched over the border of California and Nevada – prepare for state-hopping during your party.

Lake Tahoe is a hub for outdoor recreation in every season, from hiking and camping in the summer to skiing in the winter. With the popularity of Lake Tahoe, you’ll find lots of nightlife for wild parties and even casinos.

There’s nothing quite like having a bachelor party at Lake Tahoe, so keep reading to learn about the best bachelor party ideas!

Things to do at Lake Tahoe During the Day

Lake Tahoe is much more than just a lake experience – it’s a popular destination for enjoying everything about the outdoors. There’s a lot of things to do at Lake Tahoe to keep you entertained during your bachelor party.

Some of the top bachelor party ideas to add to the party itinerary include:

  • Visiting the Beach
  • Explore the State Parks
  • Winter Recreation
  • Lake Cruise

Visiting the Beach

The cool thing about visiting Lake Tahoe for your bachelor party is that you’ll never run out of options for beaches to hang out at. Beaches surround the entire coast of the lake, giving you lots of places to find a suitable beach for the day.

Lake Tahoe Beach

Some of the top beaches at Lake Tahoe include Lakeview Commons, Kings Beach, and Sand Harbor. You’ll have a new perspective of the lake at every beach, with unique views of the mountain backdrops.

You can spend an entire day at the beach so come prepared with all the bachelor party supplies that you'll need. You'll have fun the whole time – the beaches are the perfect place for swimming, lounging, beach sports, kayaking, or having a picnic.

Explore the State Parks

Lake Tahoe is an all-year-round destination, and especially popular during the summer. If you’re planning your bachelor party during the summer, the lake has lots of recreational activities awaiting you.

The lake is just the centerpiece of visiting Lake Tahoe – there are many state parks and landmarks within the lake region. Some of the activities you can enjoy at Lake Tahoe include hiking, biking, climbing, and fishing.

The must-visit state parks at Lake Tahoe are D L Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park. These are the perfect spots to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. You’ll find many designated trails for hiking and biking, taking you through the biodiverse landscape. Grab you groom hat and explore the great outdoors.

Enjoy Winter Recreation

Believe it or not, people still flock to Lake Tahoe during the winter – you won’t want to stay indoors even during the colder months. Winter recreation is one of the favorite things to do at Lake Tahoe, where skiing is among the top activities.

Skii Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is home to famous ski resorts where you’ll find some of the best slopes amidst the scenic mountain backdrop. Be sure to check out the Squaw Valley, Heavenly Mountain Resort, or the Homewood Mountain Resort for the ultimate skiing experience at Lake Tahoe.

You’ve probably heard of the legendary Squaw Valley, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960. It’s the top skiing destination at the lake where you can spend a whole day of your bachelor party on the slopes.

Feel free to bring your equipment or find some of the onsite rentals for everything you need.

Lake Cruise

You can’t visit Lake Tahoe without exploring the vast lake itself. There are lots of lake cruise companies to take you on a variety of excursions around Lake Tahoe.

Make reservations with one of the local cruise operators for everything from luxury sightseeing tours around the lake, or a booze cruise with the fellas. You can find a full day or half-day lake cruises, with some providers offering drinks or meals on board. There's never been a better time to bring out your groom hat and groom sash.

Lake Cruise Lake Tahoe

You can also charter your own boat for a more private lake cruise experience. Feel free to bring all the drinks you want on your own rental and have a fun day drinking and swimming in the middle of the lake.

Where is the Best Lake Tahoe Nightlife?

Lake Tahoe isn’t like your typical lake – because of its popularity, several nightlife venues have established around the entire lake. You’re in for a surprise when you experience the nightlife at Lake Tahoe as you hang out with other lake visitors.

It’s not often you get to experience exciting nightlife by the lake, so check out these bachelor party ideas for some of the best bars, casinos, and club venues for wild nights during your bachelor party.

Lake Tahoe Bars

If there’s one thing people like to do at Lake Tahoe, it’s drinking, so what better place to spend your bachelor party. Lake Tahoe has its own bar scene worth exploring. No matter which part of the lake you’re staying at, there’s a cool bar to check out nearby.

Some of the top bar picks at Lake Tahoe to check out are:

Each of these bars has its own characteristics, such as most of the bars at the lake.

Beacon Bar & Grill Lake Tahoe

Visit Emerald Bay Bar or Whiskey Dicks for a great drink selection and party vibes. Or start your night at Beacon Bar for live music and incredible views of the lake.

Casinos at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe isn’t the most expensive place to host your bachelor party, but visiting the casino might be a good idea for the bachelor to win back some of his wedding expenditures. Lake Tahoe has several resorts that feature full casinos with a wide range of gaming fun.

Some of the top casinos at Lake Tahoe are:

Check out these casinos for a night full of fun. Grab a few drinks and hit the slots or try your hand at the table games. Whether you win or lose, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with this unexpected addition for your lakeside bachelor party.

Nightclubs at Lake Tahoe

The bars and casinos are just the first stop on your night of fun during your bachelor party. Lake Tahoe features an exciting nightclub scene like none other.

Some of the people you’ve seen and met during the day will inevitably pop up at some point at one of the popular nightclubs.

Be sure to check out:

Opal Ultra Lunge is a resort club a go-to spot for the local partygoers – you’ll find some of the best music at the lake in this nightclub.

If you’re into live DJ sets, Peek Nightclub and Xhale Lounge are the places to be. Make reservations for a VIP booth at the Peek Nightclub and enjoy exceptional bottle service to toast to the groom-to-be. Or visit Xhale Lounge for a hookah and stylish atmosphere.

Dining at Lake Tahoe

You could only imagine the amount of food required to keep you active all day in a place as action-packed as Lake Tahoe. You must fuel your vehicles and yourself properly before you start the day’s adventures for your bachelor party.

There are many dining options at Lake Tahoe, so you’ll never run out of ideas for places to eat. And with the legacy of Lake Tahoe, there’s plenty of locally themed meals to taste.

Lake Tahoe Breakfast

You’ll want to wake up bright and early (if you can) when you spend your bachelor party at Lake Tahoe. There’s too much to see and do, so why waste the day away in bed – a hearty meal will remedy your hangover just as well.

 American Breakfast

South Lake Tahoe is a hub for fantastic breakfast restaurants. Some of the local favorites include:

You’ll find many people gathering along the southern shore, getting ready to taste some of Lake Tahoe’s local flavors. Ernie’s Coffee Shop serves up a traditional American-style breakfast all day, so it’s no rush to get there. Try one of their Big Mountain Breakfasts, and you’ll have enough food to keep you full the entire day. 

For breakfast favorites, stop by Red Hut Café or Heidi’s Pancake House. These restaurants are famous for their waffles and pancakes, respectively. Red Hut Café has two locations along the south shore with lots of specialty waffle options. And you’ve never seen a stack of pancakes like you’ll find at Heidi’s Pancake House.

Dinner at Lake Tahoe

Dinner time might be your favorite time (aside from partying) at Lake Tahoe – your dining experience will be one that you can only have here, making the event even more special for your bachelor party. 

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor destination, so one of the best things to do for dinner is to cook out. Stop by the grocery store before arriving at your accommodation so you’ll have plenty of food to cook and eat for everyone.

There are a lot of designated picnic sites with grills available to use. Or you can enjoy cooking in a traditional style over an open campfire. You have a lot of flexibility of what to eat and even where you set up your picnic. Camp out in the wilderness or go for a scenic view of the lake, or better yet, try out both!

Boathouse on the Pier Lake Tahoe

If you need a break from the outdoor lifestyle and prefer a restaurant venue, check out the menus at:

The cool thing about these restaurants is the scenic view of the lake while enjoying a classic American grill menu. Request their outdoor seating and enjoy some delicious specialty drinks alongside your meal. You won't find a better backdrop to make a toast to the bachelor and share some bachelor party gifts.

Where to Stay at Lake Tahoe

Accommodations are one of the essential elements of having a successful bachelor party. You’ll need to consider your budget, how many people are coming, proximity to things you plan to do, and how much partying you’re planning to do at the accommodation.

Lake Tahoe has lots of options for accommodations suitable for all party types. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience, a local inn, or a modern room, Lake Tahoe has it all. 

Camping is the best way to experience Lake Tahoe – there are lots of designated campgrounds where you can stay in cabins, or set up your tent for the night. The great thing about camping in Lake Tahoe is that you can have a different campsite every day of your party. Can you imagine crashing at your campsite after a long day of partying? 

South Lake Tahoe is a popular shore for major resorts. You’ll find modern accommodations at the Hard Rock Hotel or Harrah’s, offering you easy access to their lobby casinos from your room. 

For a more localized experienced, step away from the big chain hotel names and stay at an inn. You’ll have great options at Rodeway Inn or 7 Seas Inn.


You always have the option of renting your own place via Airbnb. Check out some of the large accommodations you can find for housing your entire party in one place. Places like this or this give you lots of space to sleep and party at Lake Tahoe. They are the perfect setting for your themed bachelor party decorations.

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an excellent destination for your bachelor party at any time of the year. Although it’s an outdoor destination, the experiences change depending on which season you’re visiting.

At Lake Tahoe, summertime is the busiest season with many tourists and most of the seasonal attractions at lake open. You can visit during the summer if you’re looking forward to spending time out on the lake or camping outdoors.

Lake Tahoe is also a popular wintertime destination, attracting a lot of people for skiing. You’ll have a great time during your bachelor party even in the winter when you stay at one of the ski resorts.

Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


Lake Tahoe isn’t just a place for spending time outdoors around the lake – it’s a major travel destination where you can find a lot of party excitement. You’ll have one of the most memorable bachelor party at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe deserves five stars because of the amount of fun you can expect to have at the destination. You’ll never run out of bachelor party ideas – fill up your itinerary with fun outdoor activities for the day and end the night with partying at the lake’s club venues.

Lake Tahoe has everything you need - all you have to do is bring the bachelor party supplies for the perfect bachelor party with the guys.

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Plan an Epic San Diego Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Epic San Diego Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

San Diego is a popular city in California for hosting an amazing bachelor party. San Diego has everything you need to give the groom one of the best, last nights as a single man.

You'll have enough bachelor party ideas to celebrate all day long. Day time fun consists of enjoying the outdoors with lots of sunshine. Nighttime festivities will take you to some of the unique places to party in California (and possibly out the country).

You’ll have one of the most unforgettable experiences during your San Diego bachelor party.

With so much to do and so little time to do it all, we’ve put together a guide to help you plan out the perfect party – everything from where to find the best local eats to where are the best parties.

Get ready for your San Diego bachelor party!

What to do in San Diego During the Day?

It seems like the sun is always shining in San Diego – spend your days hanging out around the town or enjoying the outdoors. There are lots of bachelor party ideas to fill up the daytime during your bachelor party.

San Diego is a premier destination for leisure, with attractions from the coast to the historic town. Some of the things to do during the day are:

  • Explore Gaslamp District
  • Enjoy outdoor recreation
  • Go to the beach
  • Take a San Diego Harbor Cruise

The Gaslamp District in San Diego is the famous historic district stretching over 16 blocks in downtown. The entrance to the district is marked by an arched landmark, signifying the beginning of your adventures in one of the most popular neighborhoods in San Diego.

People enjoy visiting Gaslamp District to explore the restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, and more. It’s also the top nightlife destination, so we’ll cover that a bit later. Enjoy a leisure stroll along the strip and visit some of the local shops to get an authentic San Diego experience, flanked by some of the city’s historic landmarks.

With the fantastic weather, you’ll have during your bachelor party, why waste it indoors – there are lots of fun outdoor recreational things to do during your bachelor party.

San Diego is located along the shore, with lots of cliffs leading down to the water. It’s the perfect landscape for hikes along the shore cliffs or mountains surrounding the city.

Some of the best places to go for a hike are at Cowles Mountain, Torrey Pines State Park, or the hike to “Potato Chip Rock.”

In addition to hiking experiences, there are several urban parks for hiking, sightseeing, and climbing. Don't forget to wear your groom hat to block out the sun.

La Jolla Beach San Diego

You can’t visit San Diego without spending time at the beach. The beach is one of the favorite leisure activities to do in the city – it’s a great place to go after a challenging hike to cool off and enjoy the water.

Whether you want to lounge in the sun to recover from a wild night or go for a dip in the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has several beach destinations to check out.

Two of the top beaches in San Diego are Coronado Beach and La Jolla Cove Beach. In the peak season, you’ll find lots of people hanging out at the beach, but the beaches are large enough to have space for everything from tossing around a football to going snorkeling. Unpack you bachelor party supplies and have some fun.

San Diego is a major port city with cruise ships leaving from the ports to venture into the Pacific Ocean. Save these major cruises for a honeymoon, but if you’re just visiting for a bachelor party, you can enjoy some of the San Diego Harbor cruise options.

San Diego Harbor cruises take passengers around the harbor for a guided sightseeing tour of the San Diego skyline and other oceanic sights.

Where to go for the best San Diego Nightlife

San Diego is home to one of the most exciting nightlife scenes in California. The nightlife will be one to remember, but probably not speak of to the bride-to-be. If you’re looking to have a great nightlife experience during your bachelor party, then San Diego is the place to be.

We’ll explore some of the best bachelor party ideas to see the best bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs.


Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to check out the Gaslamp District during the day because you’ll barely recognize it by the nighttime. The Gaslamp District is one of the best places for nightlife in San Diego, with a lot of venues to check out.

There’s never a dull moment in the unique bars of the Gaslamp District. Some of the best to check out are:

Gaslamp Quarter San Diego

If you enjoy great drinks with live music, you should drop by Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub and the Tipsy Crow. Tipsy Crow is one of the more popular bars thanks to the multi-level entertainment venue with live music and comedy.

Visit The Nolen bar for one of the best viewpoints overlooking San Diego. San Diego is a beautiful city illuminated at night – you can enjoy the views from the rooftop bar and lounge. It makes for an excellent backdrop for photos in your groom sash.


The great thing about the San Diego nightlife being centered around one location is that you only have to worry about catching a ride once. The Gaslamp district is very walkable, and you can quickly bounce between bars and clubs to find the best suitable atmosphere.

Omnia Nightclub San Diego

San Diego has several club options to give you different experiences at each venue. Some of the best nightclubs to visit in the Gaslamp District are:

If you’re planning to have a big group for your bachelor party, everyone will have a great time at Onyx Nightclub. The club venue plays a mix of music from hip hop to house to live DJ sets.

The Rumba Lounge is for Latin music-lovers – the Latin club features multiple club rooms for enjoying a mix of Latin hits.

One of the trendiest places to party in San Diego is at the Omnia Nightclub. The venue has a stylish interior décor with a packed dance floor playing music until early in the morning.

Strip clubs

 San Diego Stripper

Visiting the strip club during your bachelor party is a rite of passage before you get married. The good news is that San Diego has a great choice of strip clubs. If you’re looking for a great way to end the night, you should stop by:

Little Darlings Lemon Grove caters to bachelor parties – get the entire group together to get VIP bottle service at this adult entertainment club. You can enjoy private dance until 3-4 am on any night you choose.

One of the unique things about being in San Diego for your bachelor party is the location. In just 30-minutes, you can reach the US-Mexico border. What a way to add to the bachelor party experience by visiting one of the favorite strip club destinations, Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club in Tijuana.

Best Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego has a balanced mix of day time fun and nightlife adventures. To keep up with the pace of the city, you’ll need to eat well during your bachelor party. Fill up your stomach with great local eats so that you’ll be able to hold your drinks better. 

Brunch in San Diego

One of the things to look forward to during your bachelor party in San Diego is brunch. San Diego is a trendy city with lots of modern brunch venues – you’ll be surprised at the cuisine creativity. Brunch gives you the best of both worlds – great drinks and eats to start of your day.

Check out some of these great brunch options in San Diego:

If you haven’t realized by now, you’ll be spending a lot of time is the Gaslamp District. Not only is it a great party destination, but you can make your way back there when you’re ready for brunch.

Café 21 is one of the most popular brunch venues in the Gaslamp district. Bring lots of patience because it’s known to have extensive lines. You can always get a head start by waiting at the bar and tasting some of the excellent drink choices.

To get a breakfast break from the district, check out the Parkhouse Eatery or the Breakfast Republic. Both of these brunch spots are highly ranked among the locals to find specialty dishes or classic American favorites.

Dinner in San Diego

Treat yourself to delicious restaurant venues around San Diego – a popular foodie destination. Some of the country’s most creative restaurants are located in San Diego, so there’s plenty of places to go whenever you get hungry. Make reservations for your group for space to give out bachelor party gifts and make a toast.

We recommend eating at the following restaurants:

 Top of the Market San Diego

San Diego is located along the coast, so you should take advantage of the vibrant seafood scene. If you’ve been sightseeing around the city, you might’ve already heard about the famous Fish Market. The Top of the Market restaurant is located above the Fish Market. The sea-to-table upscale dining gives you some of the freshest fish available in San Diego to enjoy.

Beat the nightlife crowds to the Gaslamp District as you discover some of the tasty local restaurant options. San Diego is a very diverse city, with a restaurant scene showcasing it. You can find authentic Spanish dishes at Café Sevilla of San Diego or some delicious Japanese fusion food at the Taka Restaurant.

Where to Stay in San Diego

When thinking about where to stay in San Diego, consider how many people will be joining the festivities with you. If you’re expecting a modest size party, then you have several hotel options. If you’re planning something a bit bigger, think about renting your own place.

San Diego is a popular tourist destination, so there are many hotels around the city. Two of the best places to stay are in the Gaslamp District or Harborview.

The Gaslamp District is centrally located and where you’ll find many of the top things to do in San Diego. Staying in the Gaslamp District makes it easy to get between party venues and your hotel with little travel time. That way you can spend more time partying.

Staying in the Harborview district is also a great option. You’ll have great views of the water and also nearby many of the outdoor recreation like the harbor experiences or visiting the beach. It’s not too far from the Gaslamp District, so you can enjoy a quieter neighborhood while still having easy access to the fun.

Many people spending their bachelor party in San Diego choose to rent their own house. You can find lots of great house options on Airbnb for staying in San Diego. 

Check out a place like this or this where you can put up some bachelor party decorations. You will plenty of space to party and sleep for all your bachelor partygoers.

Best time to visit San Diego

So, when should you plan to host your San Diego Bachelor Party? Anytime!

San Diego is a great place to have your bachelor party because of the amazing weather all year-round. You’ll have plenty of hot days and lots of sunshine during your entire trip.

Keep in mind that the peak travel season in San Diego is during the summer months. Places get a lot busier, but that can be good or bad depending on what you want to do.

The Gaslamp district nightlife because much more vibrant during the summer with locals and tourists exploring the district, but the beaches will also be more crowded due to the influx of people.

San Diego Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5/5


San Diego is the perfect place for hosting a bachelor party. These San Diego bachelor party ideas give you combination of partying, scenery, and activities during the day to keep your mind off of the hangover.

We’ve ranked San Diego so high on the scale because of the variety of things to do during your bachelor party. Some destinations are strictly for partying, while others you’d wish had more to do during the night. In San Diego, you’ll have fun around the clock to maximize your time during your party.

With the perfect bachelor party supplies, you're in for an amazing time.

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Plan a Badass Denver Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan a Badass Denver Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Get ready for an action-packed bachelor party in Denver. Denver is a popular bachelor party destination with unique offerings only found here. You’ll get your official Mile High welcome when you embark on some of the exciting bachelor party ideas for daytime and nightlife adventures in Denver.

Denver is a favorite destination to explore the outdoors – there are many parks and outdoor attractions for nature-lovers. You can mix in a bit of nature with enjoying the vices of your choice when you visit Denver.

(Almost) everything is legal in Denver, so you have no restrictions on what you can do at your bachelor party.

We’ve created the best bachelor party guide in Denver so that you can make plans for the best party ever. You'll even get insight to some bachelor party supplies to bring along.

If you’re thinking about hosting your party in Denver, keep reading to find out how to create unforgettable memories!

Things to do during the day in Denver

Spending time in the Mile High city for your bachelor party can be a lot of fun – you’ll find yourself thoroughly entertained no matter the time of day. Before getting ready to explore the Denver nightlife, there are some bachelor party ideas that you should add to your Denver bachelor party bucket list.

  • Sports
  • Explore outdoors
  • Brewery and marijuana tours

Denver is a major sports city, with teams in each of the big four sports. The city has shown promise for the sports franchises with several national titles and hopes for more.

Busch Stadium Denver

One of the things to do on your bachelor party in Denver is to explore the local sports culture. Two ways to accomplish it is with tours of the stadiums or going to a game.

Depending on when you have your bachelor party, you might be able to check out a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field, the Denver Broncos at Empower Field, or the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center.

You can cheer on the teams with tens of thousands of fans at every game. It's the perfect venue to wear your groom hat and groom sash. If you don’t make it to a game, there are plenty of sports bars to hang out in and feel the same amount of energy while enjoying some local brew.

Denver is called the Mile High City because of the city’s elevation. Its high altitude is thanks to the surrounding mountain ranges – it’s a popular place for outdoor recreation.

Rocky Mountain Denver

When the weather is great in Denver, you’ll find a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. You have a lot of options for things you can do for your bachelor party to immerse yourself in the outdoor scenery.

Some of the nearby parks to explore are Red Rocks Park, Chatfield State Park, or if you’re up for a drive, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Enjoying the outdoors is a great place for wild activities and drinking with your partygoers. Favorite activities to do are hiking, rock climbing, camping, and sightseeing. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes because you’re in for an adventure at either of the parks.

Everyone has their vices, and what better time to bring them out than at your bachelor party. Denver is becoming well-known for brew tourism and marijuana tourism – it has a bustling industry for them both, and you get the chance to see them up close.

There are lots of brew tours in Denver, taking you to breweries, including the Blue Moon Brewing Company, the Great Divide Brewing Co, Wynkoop Brewing Company, and more.

Your bachelor party will already consist of lots of drinking, and the brew tours let you get behind the scenes of some of your favorite beers to see the production process – and even have a chance at taste testing.

Marijuana tourism is also very popular in Denver since it was the first place to legalize recreational use in the US. Just like brew tours, the marijuana tours take visitors to some of the favorite dispensaries in Denver to see behind the scenes of their operations and discover the other reason why it’s called the Mile High city.

Where is the best nightlife in Denver?

In Denver, the day doesn’t end when the sun goes down, especially for your bachelor party – in fact, the best part of the day be might be starting. Denver nightlife is vibrant, revealing a city full of high energy venues to hang out.

Whether you’re looking for a bar scene or nightclubs to celebrate your bachelor party, we’ll take a look at some of the best bachelor party ideas for nightlife in Denver.

  • Sports Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Stripclubs/Afterhours

Sports Bars

Sports in Denver are a significant part of the city identity, so you can expect to find lots of unique sports bars to kick off the night. Sports bars are fun for watching the games, pregaming, or enjoying some of the delicious food served.

Some of the top sports bars to check out during your time in Denver are:

Coors Field is home to the Colorado Rockies – after each victory, join the fans at the Jackson’s Denver bar, a popular sports bar near the ballpark. The bar will be packed with people and plenty of drink options to keep your spirits flowing. The bar also has a rooftop patio with great views of the ballpark and city.

Skiing is a popular pastime for Denver locals, and the Stoney’s Bar and Grill gives visitors a ski-resort theme atmosphere with live music.

Nightclubs in Denver

Bars in Denver are a great place to start the night, but there’s plenty more nightlife to enjoy for your bachelor party. Hopefully, you’ve saved up some energy because there are a few nightclub spots you don’t want to miss:

Your bachelor party might be a mix of guys with different tastes, so you can cater to everyone at a venue with lots of options. Club Vinyl lets you party on four floors with a dance floor on each one. The Church Nightclub is a church-turned-club with different music playing in each room.

If you enjoy music, one club to party at is Temple Nightclub. The club has one of the best sound systems in the city combined with mesmerizing lighting. You can always find live DJ sets playing at the venue.

Strip Clubs and After hours

You can’t have a successful bachelor party without at least going to a strip club on one of the nights. Lucky for you, Denver has several excellent options for strip clubs or after-hours partying.

Two of the favorite local spots are:

Stripclub Denver

Diamond Cabaret is one of the larger strip clubs in Denver and opens until 4 am. You’ll have an excellent selection of women for private dancing or enjoying the stage show. For after-hours entertainment, you can go upstairs to the Diamond After Dark experience.

As an ode to the city’s reputation, the Mile High Men’s Club is one of the newest strip clubs in Denver. The upscale strip club features stylish décor on two stories for a luxurious atmosphere and beautiful women. You might even get special treatment if they spot you with your groom hat and groom sash.

Where to eat in Denver

Lots of drinking during your bachelor party is almost a given when you visit Denver. If you’re looking for a way to soak up some of the alcohol or to satisfy your munchies, Denver has lots of tasty places to eat that will do the trick.

In between partying like rock stars, you can dine like a king for all meals of the day. We’ll take a look at some of the best places to go for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

Breakfast and Brunch

The morning time is an interesting time for any bachelor party. Most of it is spent trying to recap the events from the night before and checking your bank account to make sure you didn’t make any drunken mistakes.

If your account is still in good standings, sober up a bit from that hangover by eating some great food at these places:

Denver has several restaurants catering specifically to the breakfast and brunch crowds. In fact, these restaurants are only open from 7 am to 2-2:30 pm, so you have a small window to taste some of Denver’s best.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery Denver

Snooze an A.M. Eatery is a famous spot for unique breakfast options. We suggest dining in to enjoy the retro-style ambiance. If you’re looking for region-specific meals, Lucile Creole Café serves up the best creole brunch in Denver, and Sassafras American Eatery is a favorite for southern-style breakfast.


Make sure to get a decent meal every night that you’re planning to party in Denver – the best way to prevent a hangover is to prepare for it before you start drinking.

Denver has lots of fantastic dining options to give you an authentic local experience. We recommend eating at the following places:

Prepare yourself for a packed restaurant at Linger, a top-rated place to eat and a local favorite. You should make reservations for your group to ensure you get in, and the food will not disappoint. Don’t forget to check out the rooftop lounge where you can make your toast to the bachelor and give out bachelor party gifts.

Let’s be honest: you’ll probably be visiting the breweries for the beer, but they’re also great places to eat. Visit the Denver Beer Co, for example, for a great selection of food trucks to accompany your brew flight.

Where to Stay in Denver

Denver is the capital and largest city in Colorado. The metropolis has lots of places to stay. Unlike many bachelor party destinations, Denver doesn’t have a concentrated place where most of the action happens. You’ll most likely be traveling around the city to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Some of the best places to stay in Denver are in the Downtown or Central. You’ll find a lot of hotels open in these districts and easy to get around from them.

If you’re expecting a large group for your bachelor party, or want more privacy for your party, consider renting a house on Airbnb. You can find places like this or this that have enough space for your entire group and amenities for having a house party or grilling out at home. Feel free to put up your favorite bachelor party decorations.

One of the unique things about having your bachelor party in Denver is enjoying the outdoors. You might want to consider camping out one night during your stay in Denver. There are lots of campgrounds, such as at Cherry Creek State Park, where you can stay overnight in a tent or RV.

Best time to visit Denver

Thinking about hosting your bachelor party in Denver? The best time to visit the city depends on what you plan to do. Denver is a year-round destination with varying attractions based on the season.

Denver has great weather during the Spring and Summer months. You’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, sunny days, and find a lot of events happening around town. Summer is the busy season for Denver, so reservations might be necessary when going to the popular venues.

Did you know that Denver is a popular winter destination? You can still enjoy the outdoors during the Denver wintertime – it’s a famous ski and snowboard destination with lots of designated resorts for the sport.

Denver Bachelor Party Rating – 4.5/5


Denver is a great choice for hosting your bachelor party. Consider it a gentlemen’s retreat as you get to experience a city designed for the boys. You'll be well prepared for the mile high adventure with bachelor party supplies in hand.

From sports to nature, you’ll feel like a man again as you enjoy many of these bachelor party ideas. Denver has a lot of different things to do to keep your entire bachelor party entertaining, even while nursing your hangovers.

As for the nightlife, Denver transforms into an epicenter for fun. The unique clubs and beautiful women are more than enough to keep you captivated every night. You taste some of the best drinks in the US, thanks to the trendy local brewery scene.

If you have high expectations for your bachelor party, Denver is a city that’s sure to deliver.

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Plan an Incredible Atlantic City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Plan an Incredible Atlantic City Bachelor Party (2021 Guide)

Atlantic City is one of the top party destinations in New Jersey – some consider it the Vegas of the East Coast. Casinos, beaches, beautiful women, and pool parties are just a few bachelor party ideas you can look forward to in Atlantic City.

If you’re planning your bachelor party in Atlantic City, we’ll give you all of the insights to making it the craziest party ever. Get ready for a weekend full of drinking, partying, eating, all with incredible scenery as the backdrop.

Atlantic City is one of the best places to host your bachelor party, and you’re about to discover why.

Things to do in Atlantic City during the day

Atlantic City is one of the most scenic places to visit in New Jersey with plenty to do during the daytime hours. With the sun at its peak and a city full of attractions, it’s the perfect time to get some groomsmen bonding time before the nighttime adventures begin. Check out a few of these daytime bachelor party ideas in Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City beach is one of the biggest attractions to the city - the beach extends for four miles of shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an excellent place for outdoor recreation and enjoying the various water activities.

Atlantic City beach is free and open to the public, so you can spend a bit more on bachelor party supplies for entertainment. There are lots of resorts lining the beach where you can rent beach chairs or lay a blanket down and lounge in the sand.

There are lots of things you can do at the beach like swimming, learn how to boogie board, beach sports, and more.

After spending some time hanging at the beach, you should also take a stroll along the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. The boardwalk extends for the length of the beach, giving plenty of sights and attractions along the walk.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

The boardwalk has lots of casinos, bars, restaurants, beach shops, and more. You can find everything you need without even leaving the beach. It’s also a great place for people watching. It's the ideal setting to show off your groom hat and groom sash.

During the summertime, the boardwalk hosts free concerts at Kennedy Plaza. Many public gathering events such as parades occur here – depending on when you come for your bachelor party, the boardwalk can get very lively.

The beach isn’t the only place to find water action in Atlantic City – there are several venues where you might come across a wild pool party happening. Many of the top hotels have indoor and outdoor pool experiences, providing the perfect destination for a daytime party. 

Some of the popular pool destinations in Atlantic city are at Harrah’s Resort and the Water Club Hotel. These places have some of the best pools and frequently host events. The best part is the poolside bars to grab a beer or cocktail.

With the vast ocean in front of you, you can bet that there are cruises available to get a unique Atlantic city experience. Make reservations for an Atlantic city cruise to climb aboard a ship and sail the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic City Cruises company provides a variety of cruise experiences for guests. You can find cruises for sightseeing the AC skyline or even seasonal dolphin sighting cruises. Drinks are more than welcome on the cruises, especially during happy hour.

Atlantic City Cruises

If your budget permits, you can even set up a private cruise event for just you and the guys to personalize your Atlantic City experience.

Where is the Best Nightlife in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is famous for its nightlife – it’s one of New Jersey’s premier destinations for having amazing nights. AC earns its reputation at a top nightlife destination for the US thanks to the numerous clubs, casinos, more. There's plenty of bachelor party ideas to have an epic night in Atlantic City.


Casinos in Atlantic City are always open, giving you the perfect place to start (or end) your night. Try your luck at some of these top casinos and hopefully your winnings cover the long night ahead:

The casinos are a popular destination and provide lots of entertainment for locals and tourists. AC is one of the top casino destinations in the US with all of the familiar casino favorites – slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.

Casino Atlantic City

With so many casino options, if you don’t have luck in one of them, you can always try another. You will come across several casinos right along the AC boardwalk. Others might require a taxi to reach.


One of the great things about visiting Atlantic City for your bachelor party is that you’ll be surrounded by spirits almost anywhere you go. Most of the hotels, casinos, and even pools have bars that serve amazing drinks.

If you’ve made it to the nighttime in Atlantic City, you’ve definitely already had a few drinks by now. The bar should still be one of your destinations for the night as you surely wouldn’t want to miss the unique atmospheres at the following bars:

Atlantic City is probably the furthest place from the real wild west, but the Wild Wild West Bar makes it seem otherwise. It’s a unique bar and casino that features indoor decorations to render an old western town.

Wild Wild West Bar Atlantic City

If you’re looking for the best drinks in town, visit The Irish Pub – the traditional décor of the pub is complimented with some of the best beer and whiskey in AC.

You can’t make a ‘best bar’ list for Atlantic City without incorporating the beach. The Vüe is one of the best rooftop bars in the city where you can party for your bachelor party with fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.


In a city that attracts so many party-goers, you can expect Atlantic City to deliver when looking for the best nightclubs to check out for the night. The local nightclubs offer unique experiences, some of which only possible in a place like AC.

If you missed your chance to hit a daytime pool party, don’t worry because The Pool After Dark lets you enjoy the nighttime vibes at Harrah’s Pool. Party under the moonlight from the glass ceiling while enjoying illuminated decorations and live DJ action all night.

HQ2 Nightclub Atlantic City

HQ2 Nightclub is one of the upscale clubs in Atlantic City. You get the chance to party Vegas-style with a large dance floor and VIP sections for you and your groomsmen.

Stop by Tropicana Atlantic City for the resort club called Anthem Lounge. You might be surprised that such an energetic dance club could be inside of a hotel – it makes it easy to reach the party if you’re staying at the hotel.


Stripclubs are one of the most unspoken activities that go down during every bachelor party – but since you were already curious about it, we’ll let you in one a couple of spots to check out while you’re in AC.

If you’re on the search for the most gorgeous women in Atlantic City, you’ll indeed be satisfied with Bare Exposure. The BYOB adult entertainment club has plenty of girls with exclusive VIP or Champagne Room experiences.

Atlantic City Strip Club

Visit The Horse AC if you’re really trying to have a crazy night. It’s a well-known all-nude bar, so make sure you have loyal groomsmen with you who won’t tell the bride.

Best Restaurants to Dine in at in Atlantic City

Most people who talk about Atlantic City for your bachelor party rave about the incredible nightlife experiences. The local food scene is often overlooked, but that’s because most people are just getting over their hangover from the night before or looking forward to the night ahead.

Don’t miss out on some of these great food choices while in Atlantic City.


You can forget about waking up bright and early during your bachelor party. That’s why we skipped right to lunch to bring you the best places to check out. Don’t worry; you can still grab those breakfast favorites later in the day.

Brittany´s Cafe

Hit the Atlantic City boardwalk to find two of the best places to dine at for brunch. Enjoy All-American food favorites with fresh-squeezed mimosas or savory omelets at Brittany´s Cafe. Maria’s Luncheonette serves breakfast all day – try one of the house specialty Belgian waffles or French toast.


Before heading for a night out on the town, you might want to fill up on some delicious eats so you can survive the night. There are lots of great places to eat for dinner in Atlantic City – some unique, others familiar.

Some of the best spots to eat dinner on your bachelor party are:

Treat yourself to dinner in a nice ambiance when you visit Kelsey’s. It’s a soul food restaurant that serenades its guests with live music and decorative style.

You’ll probably end up on the Atlantic City boardwalk for everything during your party. There are lots of places to eat so we’ll make it easy to choose from.

LandShark Bar and Grill Atlantic City

LandShark Bar and Grill is known for its famous foot-long hot dogs and other American favorites. And we’ve all been to Hooters, but what better way to enjoy a plate full of wings? Dinner is a great time to give bachelor party gifts and make a toast to a fun night ahead of you.

Where to Stay in Atlantic City

Atlantic City, NJ, isn’t the largest of cities, but whether you’re close to the lively part of town or not can significantly impact your experience.

Before browsing for hotels in Atlantic City, we recommend two of the following criteria – on the boardwalk or a popular casino. Most of the things you’ll want to do in Atlantic City during your bachelor party occur in one of the two places.

If hitting the casinos is one of your top priorities, check out our best casino section to choose your favorite. All of the casinos in Atlantic City are part of the resorts – you can shorten your transit time with just an elevator trip downstairs when you stay at Harrah’s or the Borgata.

Caesars Palace Atlantic City

If you’re looking forward to the beach experience during your bachelor party, you should stay at one of the resorts along the boardwalk. The AC boardwalk is very lively, and you’ll be just steps away from the beach. Some of the favorite AC boardwalk resorts are Tropicana and Caesars. And feel free to put up a few bachelor party decorations in the room to make it festive for the occasion.

Best Time to Visit Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a popular spring break or summertime destination. You’ll find the biggest crowds and events happening during the late spring and through the summer.

The beach is one of the biggest attractions, so you should wait until the weather is nice enough to get the full AC experience. There are lots of outdoor pools, cruises, and rooftops to check out if you’re patient.

Visiting Atlantic City in the Autumn is also a good time to visit. The city will be a bit calmer than in the summer months, but some people prefer it to be less crowded.

Try to avoid visiting during the winter because most of the AC fun will be shut down for the season due to cold weather and precipitation.

Before you visit

Check the weather. Atlantic city has peak visitor times when most of the activities are available – during the spring to early autumn.

Family-friendly environment. Although you can find beer and drinks nearly everywhere you look, Atlantic City is still a family-friendly destination. Public consumption of alcohol isn’t permitted, so keep that in mind while drinking on the boardwalk or beach.

Leave the cameras at home. In a place like Atlantic City, there’s sure to be some crazy and unexpected moments. As tempting as it might be to capture the moment for the memories, some things are best kept between your groomsmen.

Atlantic City Bachelor Party Rating – 5 out of 5


We highly recommend visiting Atlantic City for your bachelor party. It’s a destination designed for fun and suitable to bring your favorite bachelor party supplies. And you have all the best bachelor party ideas to get you started.

Atlantic City is a resort town full of casinos along the beach. If you come when the weather is nice, you'll be in paradise. The local atmosphere promotes having a good time – there are always club events, concerts, pool parties, and more to fill up your itinerary.

An unforgettable bachelor party is guaranteed when you visit Atlantic City.

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